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Alfred Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk across Northern England is regarded as one of the best long distance walks in the world. It is some claim but there is no doubt the walk has significant prestige and is one of the most walked of all. Indeed the walk attracts more footfall than any other walk in Great Britain and despite the anomaly that it is not a National Trail it is more popular than any of them. Of the many people who walk the route each year a good number of them make the effort to travel to England from all over the world and you will find journals from people of many nationalities on this page. The walk is special and memories are forged during the walk which compel people to record them. New friendships are made too, such is the camaraderie the walk perpetuates. Read about such experiences here.

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Dave and Angie first walked the Coast to Coast Path in 2012 and since then they have completed both The Dales Way and The Pennine Way. They find walking Long Distance Paths enjoyable and addictive and with the opportunity to do The C2C walk again, this time with our dog Fudge, it was too good to miss. Theylearnt much from their 2012 crossing and hope that reading this 2016 journal will aid the planning process and provide an idea as to what to expect on the long walk. As they say "It is a fantastic experience and thoroughly enjoyable."

Danny Woodgate - From Danny's report "It was nine months worth of planning, lots of walks out, and plenty of kitting out for the big day. As the day got nearer I felt a huge swell of support from pretty much everybody I seen. Family, friends, work, church, everybody was wishing me all the best. Well this was it, all in the name of charity, and remembering Grandad - failure was not an option, we were there to do him proud!"

Pete Lockey - A lovely report with excellent photographs of the journey. Pete summarises the walk "All in all a very enjoyable trip, with surprisingly good weather, only 2 hours of drizzle over the entire trip. Bits that particularly stood out were most of the Lake District, the lead mining bits between Keld and Reeth, and the high moors on the Cleveland Way. I could definitely be persuaded to do it again (which is always a good sign), although next time I'll try the other direction!"

Tim and Tim - One of the Tim's, Tim Reeves and his wife Catherine did the Coast to Coast Walk in September 1998. There are lovely informative records of each stage of the walk on this super site.

Paul Hinchcliffe - Fifty six year old Paul wrote "Having retired at the end of March I have now started on working through the (ever increasing) bucket list. No.1 on the list is to complete the Coast to Coast walk across the UK. This is a 300 Km walk from St.Bees on the west coast to England to Robin Hood Bay on the east coast. At a medium pace this should take about 15 days of walking, taking me through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors". Here is his story.

Paul Hinchcliffe - Paul walked the Coast to Coast again in 2014 for more personal reasons. He writes "I have taken the opportunity to remember my dad on this walk. Both my Mum and Dad had attempted the C2C many years ago, but being a little unprepared for the size of the challenge they completed the first 2 days, then travelled by bus for the rest of the way. I know Dad would have been particularly disappointed. Unfortunately Dad passed away before Deb and I visited the UK. He would have been thrilled to know that we were travelling around ‘his’ country. Deb and I have now visited UK 3 times in the past 7 years and each time we think a lot about Dad, especially when we are in Yorkshire. Dad spent much of his boyhood living in Deal, Kent. So before starting the C2C this time we visited Deal and I collected 17 pebbles from Deal Beach. On each pebble I wrote his name and the year he was born and year he passed away ‘Arnold 1934 – 2004'. I then threw one pebble into the sea at St.Bees, another into the sea at Robin Hood’s Bay and the remainder I placed in different spots across the walk". This is the story.

James and Joyce Zonana - A lovely and passionate report from two Americans who fell in love with the Coast to coast during the summer of 2012.

Marji and Jim Robinson's 2012 Coast to Coast Walk - As Marji says "We decided to try the Coast to Coast walk in England. We read about this walk many years ago in National Geographic magazine and it has been on our bucket list. This will be luxury hiking in that we will be staying in B&B's all across the country. We will be carrying our gear on our backs" And so they did, this being their trail journal.

David Ashby - David says in his introduction "It's interesting to see the huge number of on-line accounts that have sprung up since, this really is a walk, an adventure that seems to resonate with people. At the time the C2C seemed to be described as a moderate walk, yet has since seemed to be viewed as more of a tough and exacting trek. Perhaps it's the fashion. Make no mistake, it is a tough walk, you will ache and bits will hurt that have never hurt before. The trick is simply not minding this" A brilliant summary of the walk and a brilliant read.

Brian Downing - Brian's report of the walk which he did with his wife Gail in the company of a small walking group is just full of fantastic pictures. An inspiration to do the walk indeed.

Pete Stott - Pete's report is of the walk he did in April 2007. On his site are reports of other Long Distance walks including the Pennine Way and the Dingle Way in Ireland.

Catherine Bryan and Kate Moss - It is clear Catherine and Kate had a great time on the walk which was done in 2005 to celebrate Catherine's 50th birthday.

Ian and William Savage - Father and son report of a crossing made in 2006. A dedicated father and son who enjoyed a fantastic experience together.

Brian Garrod and Raika - Brian and his devoted Alsatian Raika did the Coast to Coast as a fund raising challenge for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Read the report of their journey.

Gordon Laing - As Gordon titles this, it is 'Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk - A gourmet guide...'. He certainly provides comprehensive information amidst his detailed record of the walk done in 2004.

Thomas Courtney - Thomas had done the walk once before in 1989 with his wife Marilyn and the impression it left compelled him to do it again in 2004. Here is is record of that journey.

Ian Ashworth - A nice report from one of the earliest on the web. This one was carried out in 1991.

Ian Fisk - Ian hails from New Zealand and he is clearly an enthusiastic walker. This report is one of the most comprehensive you will find anywhere about what you need to do in preparation for walking the Coast to Coast.

Melvyn, John and David Daly - This is truly moving and inspirational. There are three reports of the walk by three male generations of the family, Melvyn's report from 1980 when he was 70, his son Johns walk done in 2004 when he was 60 and his son David's record of the walk done a year earlier in 2003. Amazing and one that must be bookmarked.

George Tod - George Tod is a walking icon on the web. His walking boots on his home page tell you everything you need to know about him. Enjoy his thoroughly interesting reflection of the walk.

Tales From The Coast To Coast Walk - This is a novel which follows a variety of walkers, and would-be walkers, on the first half of the 190 mile Coast to Coast Walk across Northern England. Anyone who has spent time on trails and getting lost in mountains will recognise most of the characters and the incidents which bring about achievement, confrontation and change. There is reference to navigational hazards, cattle hazards, sheep hazards and, last but not least, something the guidebooks omit, stile hazards.

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