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The Lake District is a popular holiday destination, it is famous for its lakes, forests and mountains. Historically split between Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, the Lake District is now entirely in Cumbria. All the land in England higher than 3,000 ft (910 m) above sea level lies within the National Park, including Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. It also contains the deepest and longest lakes in England, Wastwater and Windermere. Many walkers, hikers and lovers of the natural environment are drawn to the attractions of the Lake District and some, such as those listed below are inspired to write about their passion for the area.

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Dave and Angie Walsh - In the 50th Anniversary year of The Pennine Way follow Dave & Angie Walsh’s 21 day journey with their Working Cocker Spaniel Fudge along the backbone of England. Their blog details the planning process, their day to day journey plus lessons learned from undertaking this fantastic experience.

Kevin Blount - As Kevin puts it in his conclusion to the report "We always knew it was going to be a tough walk and it was, but it was also everything I’d always hoped it would be – a tremendously enjoyable and satisfying walk ending with a sense of achievement and a great store of memories to get me through many a rainy day ahead. Actually quite a few of the memories are of rainy days, but they were special ones!" Quite a feat in the miserable season that was summer 2012!

Stephen Young - 1965 and the Pennine Way opens. In May of that year an eighteen-year-old from Surrey, Stephen Young, decides to take on the challenge. Stephen’s essay written for the 50th anniversary recalls the tribulations, the excitement and, of course, the rain as he goes on a walk that will change his life.

Caitlin Whitaker - Follow the adventures of a wonderful 13 year old young lady who completed the Pennine Way in 2013 while raising money for charity. It's such an achievement to complete the Pennine Way at 13 years old and all for your enjoyment in Caitlin's super blog of her walk.

Catherine and Andy - Andy suffered four days into the walk and his recollections of the emotions he went through and nearly giving up before determining to carry on reminded me of similar occasions on my long distance walks.

Chuck Veylupek - A wonderful addition to the list of journals covering the Edale to Kirk Yetholme epic, this one by an enthusiastic and entertaining American who did the walk in 2012. He titles his blog 'Cloud Pennine' and subtitles it ...a boggy blog chronicling my Pennine Way slog in late 2012. Great stuff!

Pennine Walker - Pennine Walker, aka James is a native Californian who completed then Pennine Way in 2004 when he was 63 years old, a fantastic achievement. He was joined by a friend Brian. This is a textual journal only.

Barb and Charl - The poor couple did very well to complete the Pennine way in what they describe as one of the wettest summers ever in the UK. A poignant report. Well done you two for sticking with it.

Pete Stott - This is an excellent piece of work from Pete chronicling two Pennine Way walks, the first in 1963 and the second in 2000. A very detailed record with lots of great stories during those epic travels. I do think this work is good enough to put into a book.

Tom Read - Tom Read is a bass player, mathematics teacher, freelance writer, hill walker and radio amateur. He is also the author of a super piece of work on journaling the Pennine Way walk he did with his son Jimmy in 2006.

Mo and Dave - These two intrepid walkers completed the Pennine Way in 2006 in support of Cancer Research UK. Well done to them and to a fun packed journal.

Claire James - Claire completed the Pennine Way in 2005 when 10 years old and this journal is a fantastic record of her walk which I am sure will remain as a treasured memory for her. Truly inspirational.

Phil Northall - As Phil puts it 'Pennine Way Story relates the tale of my epic, fun filled attempt to nearly walk the whole of the 268 mile national trail along the "backbone "of England'.

Kim Osborne & Dil Owen - A journal of the walk completed in 2000 by, as Kim puts it 'A Penny Wine' By Bikes Moron & Wild One (Or 'Pennine Way' By Kim Osborne & Dil Owen). Great stuff.

George Tod - George is the man with the animated walking boots on his web page and this report is of his 1994 - he did it three years earlier & was so captured by it that he just had to go back and do it again. This time though he walked from north to south, just for a change and to look in the opposite direction to last time!

George Tod - And here is the story of George's first expedition in 1991 done in the traditional manner.

Pete the Free - Dedicated to the memory of Ned Philpott, a great character and walker who would have enjoyed the challenge. Pete has put together a good Pennine Way journal from 1993 with lots of photos.

Ian Fisk - New Zealander Ian has written a nice record of his journey carried out in 1991.

Ian Steel - Ian gives a report on the walking detail and then a personal reflection following completion of each day during his 1995 walk.

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