Five Degree West Challenge

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Statistics and Files
Start: Cowal Peninsula
Distance: 290 miles (466 km)
Grid Ref: NS124676
Climbing: 19,500 metres
Walk time: 120-150 hours
Days: 24-30

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (1:25,000)

Summary: The Five Degree West Challenge is an arduous undertaking and designed only for those with the necessary navigational skills and long distance walking expertise. The five degree west line of longitude runs along the spine of Scotland, in a south to north direction from the southern tip of the Cowal Peninsula to Cape Wrath. The route attempts to follow the five degree line as closely as possible, deviation has to be minimised and the line must be contacted at least once every day of the walk. A specific route is outlined but this can be varied and the walker can try to follow the 5 degree line even more closely. I reiterate, the route is demanding, this challenge is tough. There is almost 20,000 metres of ascent; there are mountains to cross, forests to negotiate the way through and bogs to plod through. If you attempt the walk and complete it then you are a hero. If you decide to take up the challenge then I wish you good luck.

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