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Message 1,404:

Hi, what a fantastic site - I've been looking for a range of walks trying to plot them myself but this makes it so much easier. It would be even better if there was a handy hint on where to park (unless I've missed it) - love the fact that they are circular too. Cow and Calf is the first I'm going to try at the weekend.

From: Wendy Evans
Location: Halifax Country: England
Date: Wednesday 22 March 2023
Message 1,403:

Just wanted to say thanks for your site. Used it a few times and just downloaded gpx files for the Smugglers Way and the Saints Way. Going to link the ends with the SWCP, that we did in 2019, and do a 100 mile circular from home.

From: Simon Dennett
Location: Looe Country: England
Date: Friday 10 February 2023
Message 1,402:

We have just enjoyed your circular walk from Bolton by Bowland. Excellent walk and full of interest. Thank you for sharing.

From: Clare
Location: Uttoxeter Country: England
Date: Saturday 04 February 2023
Message 1,401:

Hi Mike, thank you so much for this brilliant website. Came across it by accident while searching YET AGAIN for good local walks! Now I finally have a list I can work my way through without travelling too far from home. Thank you for this fantastic content.

From: Lisa Ashton
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 January 2023
Message 1,400:

Hi Mike, Nice to meet another fellow walking Englishman. My name is also Mike and I have just started a blog called HikerHero. My plan is to go on fun hikes and then blog about them to inspire others to go on their own adventures. I recently posted my first article - My Clarendon Way walk. A two day hike from Winchester to Sailsbury. It was my first ever Long distance hike and I really enjoyed it. I wouldd love to have a big site like yours one day so putting myself out there to try and grow. All the best.

From: Mike McLeish
Location: London Country: England
Date: Saturday 21 January 2023
Message 1,399:

Spencer from Belgium here. Spent last week in Aberystwyth and I did one of the walks on your website: Devil's Bridge, Ystumtuen and Coed Rheidol National Nature Reserve. I enjoyed it loads. Just wanted to check in to say "hi" and to thank you for the great content on your website. Hope to be back in the UK soon. Thanks again and all the best from Belgium!

From: Spencer Pieters
Location: Wetteren Country: Belgium
Date: Saturday 24 September 2022
Message 1,398:

Hello Mike, we just wanted to say how great your website is. My wife and I have just done the first (of many) one of your walks. It was wonderful, and despite living within close proximity of the area, we never realised such wonders were there for our enjoyment. Thank you and best wishes.

From: Paul and Noreen Hamnett
Location: Tamworth Country: England
Date: Monday 12 September 2022
Message 1,398:

Dear Walking Englishman, your website is great and I am sure that it is appreciated by many people. I just wanted to let you know that there are also some nice walks in the vicinity of York. I have produced some leaflets about these walks which you can find here: Exploring York and a guide to wildlife sites around York. Kind regards.

From: Guy Wallbanks
Location: York Country: England
Date: Sunday 31 July 2022
Message 1,397:

Thought I’d just drop a message to express my appreciation for producing such great content over the years. We often check your site for ideas when we’re on the lookout for new walks. Me and my partner most recently rambled along your Downham Circular trail and loved it. Funnily enough, you were one of the sites which inspired me to start my own hiking and adventure blog! I created The Walking Northerners last year to record my outdoor ventures and shed a light on some of the hidden gems dotted around Britain. Thanks for the inspiration Mike, keep on doing what you’re doing!

From: Reece
Location: Lancashire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 19 July 2022
Message 1,396:

You Sir are an absolute legend! I have been using your route as suggestions for walks for many years, maybe not so much recently as I tend to plan a lot of my own. But when I started out walking I used to browse your walks extensively. This gave me confidence in taking on trails and fells a like. You have been an inspiration to my walking. Thank you.

From: Ashley Walden
Location: York Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 April 2022
Message 1,395:

Hi, just wanted to say Mike what a great site this is, I'm truly grateful for you introducing me to some great walks including the amazing Tryfan! All the best, take care.

From: Rob Williams
Location: Cambridge Country: England
Date: Monday 11 April 2022
Message 1,394:

Hi Mike, We have done quite a few walks from the website and they've been really fantastic, so just wanted to say thanks!

From: Emma and Bob White
Location: Wirral Country: England
Date: Saturday 12 March 2022
Message 1,393:

Absolutely love your website, mate! Great walking guides, and your routes are all-round fantastic. Take care.

From: Sebastian Straszak
Location: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Date: Friday 21 January 2022
Message 1,392:

I just wanted to offer huge thanks for your efforts in building and curating the site. Whilst my wife and I are experienced in walking all over northern england, we rarely agree on a destination for a day out. Curiously we often end up on your site which leads to inspiration and mutual agreement on the next day’s adventures. Thanks for helping us stay married!

From: Tim Leigh
Location: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Sunday 02 January 2022

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