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Guestbook Entries in 2005:
Message 127:

Just stumbled across this site this afternoon and what a breath of fresh air it is compared to what else I have seen. I am designing my own website on walking/real ale in the peak district and can appreciate what a great job you have done here. Nice layout and stunning pictures that make me long to go walking. Keep up the good work!

From: Y8C
Town/City: Mansfield Country: England
Date: Tuesday 27 December 2005
Message 126:

As a relative newcomer to walking I have visited lots of sites in the last twelve months and yours is by far and away the best. Thank you.

From: Malcolm Anderson
Town/City: Harrogate, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 19 December 2005
Message 125:

Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

From: Sergej Brin
Town/City: New York Country: USA
Date: Sunday 18 December 2005
Message 124:

Congratulations on a wonderful site. I was so impressed, I have included a link on the Olicana Telephone Company (OTC) website. Despite the name, this is nothing to do with telephones but is a non commercial fun site of a group of friends walking together for 20 years plus. The notes of our activities might give others ideas and there are links to various sites with good walking ideas (now including yours). If you would like to include a link on your own site this would be appreciated. Walking Group Web Site The OTC would like to include links to any other similar "fun" non commercial sites.

From: John Kelly
Town/City: Wharfedale Country: England
Date: Saturday 17 December 2005
Message 123:

I like your Striding Edge walk. I did it too and it was great. I went yesterday to the striding edge. I had no clouds, just sunshine and minus 1 degrees. I definitely want to come back. I like your website and the Photos are great. See u on Striding Edge :-)

From: Peter Bass
Town/City: Braunschweig Country: England
Date: Monday 14 November 2005
Message 122:

Do you mind if I add a link to your site from my father's website. I think your site is very good and has lot of excellent information on it. My father's site is Walking Experiences

From: Ricky Burns
Town/City: Lanarkshire Country: Scotland
Date: Monday 14 November 2005
Message 121:

What a great little find. I have only recently started using the internet to research walks and this is a gem. I know I will be coming back to it time and time again. Thanks.

From: Guiser
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 5 November 2005
Message 120:
Hi, We are just on the verge of a week in Bishop Thornton with our two young daughters and I have just discovered your website. Thanks.

From: Stephen Williams

Town/City: Barrow in Furness Country: England
Date: Friday 21 October 2005
Message 119:
Greetings Mike, and well done for a brilliant site! I am a fellow Horsfordian like yourself, although I am originally a Morleian (from Morley...!). I have to agree with you that Horsforth and its environs provides some lovely and varied walks. I live at the top of the twin hi rise blocks near to the woodside and the amount of woodlands and fields surrounding the place is amazing considering we are only a few miles from the centre of Leeds. Indeed its the major reason I made Horsforth my home, alas every green space in Morley has fallen foul of developers of both housing estates and industrial units. I regularly enjoy walking my dog in Clayton wood, Hawksworth Wood, Cragg Wood, Ireland Wood, Newlay Wood, Hunger Hills Wood, Calverley Woods to name but a few ! ! Also might interest anyone reading this now is an interesting time to visit Lindley Reservoir as it appears to have been empty for several weeks and as such the mud at the bottom of the reservoir is now covered with a carpet of new grass! Myself and my dog were able to walk right across the bed with no danger of sinking, must be due to the summer drought but it does make for an unusual site, I wonder what Thurscross reservoir is like as the sunken village might be making an appearance! Anyway just wanted to say hello and say thanks for a great site! I have been inspired by many of your walks. Keep on walking!

From: Johnny

Town/City: Horsforth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 15 October 2005
Message 118:
Hi Mike, I think your website is just great... beautifully done, easy to navigate and great content. This is definitely a site I will return to many times in the future! My husband, 12-year old daughter and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee in the USA. We recently returned home from a 14 month trip to Europe, including 11 weeks in Great Britain. We first got interested in long-distance walking in England, and have done a couple of long-distance walks in Europe over the past few years. On our recent long trip, we tackled the Coast-to-Coast walk. I am a regular contributor to a website called "Slow Travel," and my trip report (journal) of our Coast-to-Coast walk has just been published there. I saw the "links" page on your website and really enjoyed reading others' stories of their C2C experience. I thought our story may be of interest to you also. Our daughter was 11 years old at the time of our walk, so it was a real accomplishment for her. The Coast to Coast walk was one of the highest point of a year full of high points, though our trip was not without its challenges! We did meet some wonderful people on the walk, and stay in touch with several of our C2C friends. Here's a link to my report on the Slow Travel website. Thanks again for your great website. We plan to walk in England again, so I know where to come for ideas and information.

From: Kathy Wood

Town/City: Knoxville, Tennessee Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 11 October 2005
Message 117:
I would just like to compliment you on your site which is both good to look at, easy to use and full of information. My husband and I (sounds a bit royal) have walked many long distance paths in the UK at Wanadoo Members and Wanadoo Members and I was searching around for a few more when I came across this site. I was particularly interested in the Wolds Way. The photos are great.

From: Barbara Rance

Town/City: East Bergholt, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Monday 3 October 2005
Message 116:
It's official! Old Boy of 46 completes Jakes Rake. Superb scramble and not half as bad as I expected. Completed on October 1st in, and amongst Langdale showers, creating a series of mini-waterfalls to contend with. The scariest ( not the hardest ) is more or less near the top when you realise the drop! However, it's a must do. Best advice is rather like a chippies method of thinking - measure twice and cut once! I have now got the Ciccerone guide to scrambles in the southern lakes, so roll on the next. Thanks for a cracking website and I'll keep you posted on my scrambling progress. Regards. Tim

From: Tim Gillott

Town/City: Offton Country: England
Date: Sunday 2 October 2005
Message 115:
Hi there. I am strictly a novice walker (having only walked Malham, Simon's Seat and Thruscross routes) and have been looking for a few ideas of places to go in my native Yorkshire. Your site is a fantastic resource which I intend to come back to for my exploration of a county I have lived in for 36 years but never explored! Keep up the good work; it's a cracking site!

From: Paul Naylor

Town/City: Skipton, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 27 September 2005
Message 114:
This is absolutely 'THE' best site I have found to get information on the highs and lows of walking in the Lake District. Keep on trekking guys.

From: Donna Moor

Town/City: Gosport Country: England
Date: Tuesday 27 September 2005
Message 113:
I have just come back from Ambleside in the Lake District. I followed 2 of the walks from the Walking Englishman and they were both excellent. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

From: Mark Shepherd

Town/City: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Monday 26 September 2005
Message 112:
Great website. Finding this site was the inspiration for my planning the Coast to Coast walk and sure enough I am going for it in three weeks time from east to west. If it's half as good as it reads here then I'll be happy. Keep up the god work.

From: Rick Souter

Town/City: Grimsby Country: England
Date: Tuesday 9 August 2005
Message 111:
I like the bit of the site on 'Roseberry Topping'. I am not even in my teens yet and I have already been up billions of times! I go up with my dad (David) used to live in Loftus, (a place near there) so he used to go up as a child as well. There are lots of different paths up and down the hill so me and my family explored them. We once ended up 4 miles away from the hill following a rout. Yes the hill is a enjoyable walk for all the family.

From: Bethany

Town/City: Tadcaster, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 3 August 2005
Message 110:
As a relative old boy setting off to do the Rake in a months time thanks for the inspiration. Shame my extension lead does not extend to Langdale - might have to print off your description. I'll update you when I get back.

From: Tim Gillott

Town/City: Offton, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 July 2005
Message 109:
Hi, I have to congratulate you on a fantastic website - you really bring the experience of your walks to life. I have done a fair few of the walks on here (mainly before finding this site!) and I have to say you have hit the nail on the head. One point that I'd like to raise, is that I like knowing when you completed the walks, not to the day or anything but month and year would be great. Can't give a reason why, but for me I like knowing when you did the walk - strange I know, sorry. Anyway, I look forward to reading and seeing some more of your walks.

From: Richard Law

Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Monday 25 July 2005
Message 108:
Hi Mike. Thanks for the website, it's been a Godsend! As being some of the luckiest people on the planet, living only half an hour from the Dales and an hour from the Lake District, my partner and I set off on rambles whenever possible. We've done quite a few of yours now, all brilliant, the last being Moughton Scars, Crummackdale. Awesome! Cheers.

From: Alison Toker

Town/City: Keighley, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 July 2005
Message 107:
Hi, I found your site while browsing stuff about the Mosedale Horseshoe. I walk every other Sunday with my 13 year old son Connor, We are lucky to live near the lakes, (hour and half drive to Wasdale for example). We did the Mosedale Horseshoe on Sunday 3rd July including the high level traverse to Pillar Rock. Just wondered if you knew about the short cut down from Dore Head instead of climbing or going round Yewbarrow. It is a very steep scree run, not very pleasant, but it drops you down into Mosedale very quickly. Excellent site though, good detail, down to earth and humorous as well! Just looking again for an idea for this Sunday. See you on the hill sometime!

From: Bill Kendall

Town/City: Barrow in Furness,Cumbria Country: England
Date: Wednesday 13 July 2005
Message 106:
Great site with lots to view and ideas for walking or just enjoying at computer. Will return regularly to site highly recommend to all walkers.

From: Tom McGhie

Town/City: Harrogate, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 13 July 2005
Message 105:
Hi Mike, Before World War 2 I was a keen all-year-round cyclist and covered among others the Yorkshire Dales. Now in my mid-eighties I am an armchair traveller and I really enjoy reading of your travels, word by word, and pictures and maps to boot. Thank you for that. I am sure you give pleasure to lots like me. Best Regards.

From: Harry Burnell

Town/City: Adelaide, South Australia Country: Australia
Date: Monday 11 July 2005
Message 104:
With a surname of Hebden your site was one that came up as I searched for information on family history. I will say that the walk looks awesome, filled with interesting sites & history. Would love to do it. Great site. Well done!

From: Ken Hebden

Town/City: Nixa, Missouri Country: USA
Date: Friday 08 July 2005
Message 103:
I wish to congratulate you on an extremely interesting and truly inspiring site. I found it by accident while searching for references to Crackpot Hall on the Keld to Reeth section of the C2C walk. Like you I have done the C2C twice, alone in 1999 (Although you're never alone for long on the C2C!) and with my son in 2002. On the second occasion weather forced us to take a low route and we missed the lead mining areas which the high route runs through. So tomorrow, that's where we're headed to make a more leisurely exploration of the area - hence the hit on your site. I'll surely take a look at your other walks. With a daughter at University in Plymouth the Cornish Coast Path is calling!

From: Bob Harris

Date: Sunday 03 July 2005
Message 102:
We went looking for information on hiking trails in Britain - who could ask for more than this wonderful site. You've created an outstanding resource - easy to understand and a pleasure to use, thank you.

From: R Bruce Germond

Town/City: Rhinelander, WI Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 28 June 2005
Message 101:
Like many others I found your excellent site when using Google. The layout, maps, and photographs and details of times and grading are first rate and site navigation could not be easier. I know I will be a regular visitor when planning future walks for personal forays and club walks. I have already recommended the site to friends and hopefully others will use it.

From: Eric C

Town/City: Congleton Country: England
Date: Saturday 11 June 2005
Message 100:
Excellent website. My walking pals are about to undertake Scafell Pike via Scafell as per your website. We love challenging walks and are always on the look out for new ones. We used to do the Lyke Wake Walk every year but to be honest it is not a very exciting walk.

From: Paul Ashton

Town/City: Leeds, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 3 June 2005
Message 99:
Myself and friends had a marvellous walk at 'The Hole of Horcum' over the weekend, thoroughly enjoyable! Having finished the walk we decided to have a well earned drink in 'The Horseshoe' pub in Levisham (as suggested on your website). This must be the most unfriendly public house in the North York Moors, presumably they think you may only visit once and therefore they can treat you with complete lack of respect and distain - a somewhat sour end to an otherwise brilliant day! Beware of 'The Horseshoe' - lovely pub, awful attitude!!!!!

From: Lucy Rushworth

Town/City: Harden, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 31 May 2005
Message 98:
Found your site by accident whilst trying to get information about an essay I am writing. Just e-mailed you about it. I actually intend to read all of your site, even though I am already green with envy. Having a slowly healing shattered pelvis, I cannot get to the places you visit, but I do try and I shall make use of your visits to get the enjoyment I miss for myself. Keep up the good work. I get a lot of benefit from it. Thanks.

From: Jim Farrell

Town/City: Carlton, Goole, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 23 May 2005
Message 97:
Discovered your website by accident. I am doing the Coast to Coast in August with three friends and thoroughly enjoyed reading your reports. I found it very informative and helpful. I have passed on your address to others and I know they will enjoy your website as much as I have. I will let you know how we got on when (and if) we all complete our walk. Only one of us has done it before, so it is a challenge for us. We have planned to complete in thirteen days walking. Thanks again for a good read.

From: Brenda Mathews

Town/City: Holton Le Clay N E Lincs Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 May 2005
Message 96:
Super site. I am inspired and want to do all of the walks. The accommodation guide is pretty special too. I will be back to this site again and again perhaps to let you know how I have got on with your walks guide. Cheers

From: Renee Hasselquist

Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Monday 16 May 2005
Message 95:
I liked your site because I will be walking up Mam Tor soon as part of my school challenge. I am in year 7 and I found your site interesting!

From: Chloe

Town/City: Leicestershire Country: England
Date: Sunday 15 May 2005
Message 94:
Love your site, I am a local resident who loves the East Yorkshire area and have walked most of it over the last few years. Keep up the good work !!

From: Mick Oxley

Town/City: Driffield Country: England
Date: Friday 13 May 2005
Message 93:

Just looked at your Scafell route. Looks great so I am going next week to give it a go. Well done with the web site and keep it going

From: Dex

Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 12 May 2005
Message 92:

2nd visit to your website and I am so envious. Not only is the website brilliantly put together but you have done so many fantastic walks..the green eyed monster is approaching! Any more Lake District walks to come?

From: Steve Pearce

Town/City: Thatcham, Berkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 12 May 2005
Message 91:

First visit to your website which I think is excellent. Thank you. Jane.

From: Jane Collins

Town/City: Country: USA
Date: Sunday 1 May 2005
Message 90:

Wow - what a find, I have just stumbled upon your site by chance ! I must say what a pleasure on a wet day like today to look at all those beautiful accompanying photos of places in readiness for a 'more perfect' walking day. You are giving a lot of inspiration as well as food for thought. Well done and happy walking to everyone.

From: Margaret Waterhouse

Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 April 2005
Message 89:

Hello Mike Congratulations on your excellent site, just discovered. I wish I'd kept diaries (not usually) and photo collections (haphazard) of my walks. I see I have done much that you have, including three coast to coasts* and most of the Yorkshire LDPs, but my footsteps will remain mostly unrecorded. I like your dales circular, which I will do once I have finished the Lakes Ridges (Tom Calvert, Leading Edge Pub.), which I can now manage in weekends (moved back to Yorkshire).

From: Iain Connell

Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 20 April 2005
Message 88:

You have constructed a visually appealing and informative website which is a thorough pleasure to view. The area we know well. The walks we have yet to fully experience.

From: Nick Fordham

Town/City: Pool in Wharfedale, Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 9 April 2005
Message 87:

Popped up Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake and had a stroll over the Langdales the other weekend after a mate found your site on Google. It was a cracking day out and one of the most visually rewarding walks I have done in a long time. Keep up the good work.

From: Steve Pitchford
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 8 April 2005
Message 86:

Excellent web site and very informative record of your walk on the Wolds Way. I am going to walk it in May this year along with a group of friends and your journal has whet my appetite for an interesting walk. Did the South Downs Way in 2004 which was my first long distance walk and I fell for it hook line and sinker so can't wait for this years. Thanks for the information.

From: Steve Calderbank

Town/City: Burnley Lancashire Country: England
Date: Friday 1 April 2005
Message 85:

Walking in England was the most fantastic thing. It was stunning and gorgeous. Thanks for the memories.

From: Milly Adams

Town/City: Lismore Country: Australia
Date: Friday 18 March 2005
Message 84:

A great website -- nice layout, loads of content. Keep up the good work!

From: Andy Bannister

Town/City: Chenies Herts Country: England
Date: Sunday 20 February 2005
Message 83:

Hi just had to say what a fantastic site you have made I have been in internet companies now for 5 years and dabbled myself in making my own. What started it off was a joke bet, so I decided to make a site for Teesside expats. Hence me finding you, looking for Roseberry Topping walks The set up of your site is absolutely fantastic. Precise. Well structured. No side tracking. One exact subject on one amazing site. And everything a walking enthusiast needs. Which I am not by the way. But I have been inspired to use my next vacation home to do this if I can manage to persuade my partner a walking holiday won't kill her. I was so impressed how you haven't cluttered up pages and how well structured the site is. You should be put up for an award. And the fantastic thing is it can be a living document for classic British walks. If I was the guy who said 'yeah' or 'nay' I'd have it in every library. And every tourist office. Thanks for the experience. I am off to persuade my girlfriend we have to get walking.

From: Chris Wade

Town/City: Maastricht Country: Netherlands
Date: Tuesday 15 February 2005
Message 82:

I was delighted to find your page as I am a genealogy buff. My 2nd great-grandfather Robert Pashby was born in Brantingham on 20 Sept 1804. It looks like a lovely place.

From: Cathy Patterson

Town/City: Portland Oregon Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 1 February 2005
Message 81:

Many compliments on the site. I am planning on going on some of the walks over the next few weeks. I agree the descriptions are excellent and the climbing graph gives you a feel of how tricky its going to be even if some do look scary. I am itching to get out there and have as much fun as you seem to have had. Keep up the good work.

From: Darren Ormshaw

Town/City: Doncaster Country: England
Date: Tuesday 1 February 2005
Message 80:

The pictures of the Dove Dale walk are brilliant. They remind me of the walk I had in the Peak District during last years visit to England. They make me wish I was back there. Thanks.

From: Billy Thorne

Town/City: Dallas Texas Country: USA
Date: Fri Jan 21 01:17:27 2005

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