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Guestbook Entries in 2006:
Message 215:

Great site with plenty of walks for beginners to attempt. Do you have any starting in Driffield?

"I replied informing Kris of a few local options "

From: Kris Egleton
Town/City: Driffield, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 29 December 2006
Message 214:

A delightful website. There is a selection of walks to suit people of all ages and ability. You are to be congratulated for enriching the lives of others by helping them enjoy the countryside that makes our beautiful country so special. Thank you.

From: A Walker
Town/City: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Saturday 23 December 2006
Message 213:

Great Walks took our platoon up everyone enjoyed it great days out for all.

From: Rob O and Bennett
Town/City: Catterick Garrison Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 December 2006
Message 212:

What a wonderful find when I found your website. Your walks are going to keep me busy for the next few years. A beautifully designed website and really informative. Keep up the good work and who knows you may inspire non-walkers to enjoy our beautiful English countryside.

From: Stuart Mortimer
Town/City: Halifax Country: England
Date: Saturday 09 December 2006
Message 211:

Yours is a wonderful site and a great resource. I regularly walk in my area, the Washburn Valley North Yorkshire and I am impressed that you have also discovered and described my favourite walks. One warning to readers though the Timble Inn has been closed for a couple of years now though building work has just begun.

From: Richard Bailey
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 December 2006
Message 210:

What a great website. I can't wait to go out a try the walks out. Regards.

From: Matty C Foy
Town/City: Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 01 December 2006
Message 209:

Super website. Have tried several of your walks and invariably have managed to veer off in some slightly wrong direction often adding a good mile to the journey. Not as a result of your directions I hasten to add. However I am a bit nervous of the lonely moor ones so perhaps you should do some guided tours. Interesting to see familiar faces from the pubs and other places in Knaresborough on your photos. Looking forward to doing more in the future.

From: Lorna Newman
Town/City: Knaresborough Country: England
Date: Wednesday 22 November 2006
Message 208:

Very useful site. I will use it again and again.

From: Dick Funnell
Town/City: Kington Country: England
Date: Sunday 12 November 2006
Message 207:

Mike you have a great site. I have recently moved in with my girlfriend in Cookridge and was stunned to see the wonderful walk around Horsforth. My girlfriend Cathy is originally from Horsforth and has a hair dressing salon just off Town Street and even she was surprised by such an excellent walk. Living where we do as you yourself admit is incredibly fortunate because of all the wonderful walks within a few minutes drive. Our Sundays are extra special now. Whether it's gentle walking from Burnsall up Troller's Gill or bogtrotting over Bingley and Ilkley Moors getting togged up helping Cathy prepare her amazing picnics and calming the poodles down in the back seat of the car Sunday's are guaranteed to be the best day of the week. And now we have found your site our Sundays are going to get better and better. Cheers.

From: Nick Lee
Town/City: Cookridge, Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 09 November 2006
Message 206:

Hi Mike, Just returned from our lovely weekend away and thought I would let you know how much we both enjoyed the Harewood Walk. The weather was fine with only a slight bit of drizzle but that did not bother us at all. We started at the big gates at Wike and soon passed some mountain bikers coming towards us, the views of the house from the start are very impressive. The walk had some lovely views but most impressive was a big stag with his herd running up the rolling hills along side us then stopping dead when they saw us and quickly ran away sensing danger !! I was lovely to see especially in the flesh. Thanks very much for the walk we really did enjoy it and will go back and take the children. Our next one will be either Brantingham & Elloughton or the Welton Walks, a bit closer to home.

Thanks again

From: Vincent Knapp
Town/City: Brough Country: England
Date: Monday 30 October 2006
Message 205:

This site is very interesting and beautifully scenic.

From: Betty Graham
Town/City: Goole, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 October 2006
Message 204:

About to do a couple of Blencathra routes this weekend, 28 October 2006, including Sharp Edge. It is my brother's 50th birthday and a family-free weekend walking in the Lakes is my present to him. Planning a double ascent of Blencathra via Hall's Fell and then down, across and up Sharp Edge. The story and photos of your scramble up Sharp Edge was a great insight into what lies ahead. Looking forward to it even more. Here's to you.

From: Steve Hughes
Town/City: Hexham, Northumberland Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 October 2006
Message 203:

Hello, Just wanted to ask a question about the Harewood Walk in the Leeds/Harrogate section. My wife and I are planning on going away this weekend and I wanted to take her on a short walk (about 2 hours) with some nice scenery, water etc. Saw the Harewood walk and thought this would be a good one to do , not too long and pretty. Just wondered do you actually go into the grounds of Harewood House and therefore do you have to pay to do the walk. We just wanted a relatively short walk so we can do some other things later in the day and was not going to visit the house itself, so though it would be a relatively expensive walk. By the way, the website is fantastic with some great walks on, I have enjoyed browsing through them and have printed some off with hope of doing some locally around Hull and when we go away also. Thanks again.

"I replied informing Vincent the walk did not require admission fees"

From: Vincent Knapp
Town/City: Brough Country: England
Date: Monday 23 October 2006
Message 202:

Thank you for your excellent walking suggestions. We spent 3 weeks in the Yorkshire Dales in September and found your website extremely helpful. The Conistone Dib and Mossdale Scar walk was our favorite.

From: Elsbeth Guido
Town/City: Zurich Country: Switzerland
Date: Thursday 19 October 2006
Message 201:


What a great site! I was struggling to identify a walk of the right length and degree of challenge for a pal who was visiting me to walk on the Yorkshire Dales. Oh, it had to be circular too! Then I found "The Walking Englishman" and the solution was at hand. Last weekend (early October) we walked the Mastiles & Malham Tarn itinerary and had a great time. To be honest, I did not expect to be joined by so many others (we must have come across perhaps 100 other walkers during the day) and the trudge along a busier than expected metalled road at the end was a bit of a dull slog, but views up on the hills were magnificient and I would encourage others to take this one on. The going underfoot was pretty good as this site says. Note of caution - when leaving Malham Tarn to head for the farm, follow in the direction of the only row of telephone poles and they'll take you there (the intial path away from the tarn is indistinct). Once at the farm take time to get the map and compass out - there is a coming together of several paths here and it can be confusing picking up the right one. A lovely day and a great blow. Thanks WE for helping us have a splendid time. The world was put to rights too...always a bonus! Robert & Andrew
From: Robert Black
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Tuesday 10 October 2006
Message 200:

Hi, Just been looking at your excellent web site. I am currently checking out the highest hills in England in preparation for doing fifty peaks to celebrate my partner's 50th birthday. Hoping to start this week with the first one (Blencathra hopefully - but if not possible, maybe something closer to home).
From: Richard Farmery
Town/City: Yorkshire Dales Country: England
Date: Tuesday 10 October 2006
Message 199:

Hello and congratulations on the website. I have found the perfect walk for my girlfriend and I on here, thanks very much! I was wondering if you could recommend somewhere for us: We'd like to do the 'Settle Caves and Waterfalls Walk' walk on a Saturday within the next few weeks and was looking for somewhere to eat after the walk - we will also have a small dog with us we'd like to take in if possible. I have never been to Settle and am keeping the day a secret so wanted to be sure we can eat somewhere and take our little dog in with us. So it's a bit of a challenge but do you know of anywhere? Thanks again.

"I replied recommending the Naked Man cafe "

From: Kenny Grant
Town/City: Pudsey Country: England
Date: Friday 06 October 2006
Message 198:

Hi. Do you have any suggestions for an alternate "Coast to Coast" walk?
"I replied recommending the Southern Upland Way"

From: Al Byron
Town/City: Abbotsford, BC Country: Canada
Date: Friday 22 September 2006
Message 197:

This fabulous site helped me enormously on completing the Wolds Way last week. This trail comes highly recommended, it's so scenic and peaceful, my camera was on overtime and I saw less then 10 people all week! As a novice moocher it was ideal level for me; well signposted and a few moderate climbs. Keep up the good work, I am currently searching your site for my next adventure.
From: Steve Teal
Town/City: Beverley Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 September 2006
Message 196:

Hello Mike, You may recall I emailed you in January this year asking your advice for the Coast to Coast walk. Well we completed it and I have copied our Sherpa message board report on how we got on in case you've not seen it. It was a wonderful experience (despite my blisters!) and the time spent in the Lake District was just superb. We plan to return to Yorkshire when weather is promising to walk again those stretches that were in low cloud! Thanks for your helpful advice. The Sherpa Report follows:

"All I can say is that if there is another walk of 200 miles that contains the variety of landscape that this walk contains - I would love to hear about it. Myself and Clara got off to a bad start - day one was ok (just a minor drenching at the end of the day). The next three days were a total washout - we basically did not see anything of the Yorkshire moors. Glaisdale to Ingleby was just low cloud, high winds and persistent heavy rain. From there things improved, until Nine Standards when it just threw it down all day! It turned out to be a really challenging day. Water water everywhere - becks flooded, spending time up and down bank looking for places to do a leap across...... it really was good fun though. After that, and the boring bit Ingleby to Richmond, the weather changed. Our highlight was the Lakes. We set off from Shap in rain but within a couple of hours it finally ceased and we spent 5 glorious days in sunshine through to Patterdale, Grasmere, Stonethwaite, Black Sail Hut and Ennerdale. Our final day to St Bees had cooled slightly but stayed dry and once we'd dipped our boots in the sea and thrown the Robin Hood's Bay pebble we set off to catch the train to Whitehaven for our overnight stay at Waverley Hotel. This proved an excellent choice. Despite the squelching boots on days 2, 3, 4, and 9 and Clara's blisters, we battled on and she was as chuffed as me to put a C2C pin badge on Tilly hat at the end of our memorable walk. We planned the C2C ourselves, booked all accommodation by walkers' recommendations from Sherpa website and were not disappointed. Everyone made us very welcome and special thanks go to the B&B's who dried us out! Our stay at Black Sail Hut was everything we'd imagined. It was wonderful to sit out after our evening meal in the grand company of Pillar, Great Gable and Haystacks, to watch the shadows on the mountains and see the sun setting. This memory alone will stay forever. Gold star goes to The Greyhound at Shap for the best evening meal of the whole trip. We are now both proud members of this elite C2C club. If anyone reading this is considering doing the C2C, please stop to wonder if East to West may be a better way...... I did for a good while, and having now done the trip, am convinced that East to West is Best. I couldn't contemplate not having the Lake District as the climax to the crossing. Alan & Pam (Rompin Donkey & Clara)"

From: Clara Dawes
Town/City: Coventry Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 September 2006
Message 195:

Well Done mate, a great site that makes me want to get out walking. I am going to take my other half plus three kids on some of your best Peaks walks in October - well bits of it. Keep up the good work. Your US visitors need to set up an equivalent.
From: Kevin Byrne

Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 September 2006
Message 194:

Hi, We have just used your site to look at the lovely views we have missed out on having come back from Crinkle Crags today. A total washout and not a mountain view in site for the entire weekend. We camped at in Langdale valley and had a good time though. Thanks, a great site, you a have gone to a lot of effort!
From: Mark Boardman
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 September 2006
Message 193:

Thanks for putting together a wonderful website. We’ve been to the UK to walk during Christmas and New Year for the past four years and this year we’ll visit the Yorkshire Dales. Can’t wait to get there, looks lovely!
From: Susan and Mitch Cohen
Town/City: Fairfax, Virginia Country: USA
Date: Thursday 31 August 2006
Message 192:

As a "new walker" I found your site both interesting and the links to other sites very helpful. Keep up the good work.
From: David Coughlin and Family
Town/City: Formby Country: England
Date: Sunday 27 August 2006
Message 191:

Firstly a great site. I had read a newspaper article here in Canada on it and was keen to find out more. My wife and I are planning to walk in 2007 or 2008. Your site is wonderfully comprehensive and the suggested maps will be a great help. Happy walking/ hiking.
From: Ian Nicholson
Town/City: Kelowna BC Country: Canada
Date: Friday 18 August 2006
Message 190:
Really interesting site for all hillwalkers. Me and my mate did the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge a few weeks ago - 6 hrs 38 mins- and we live in Norfolk where theres no hills to practice on!! Keep up the good work.
From: Jon Howes
Town/City: Norwich Country: England
Date: Tuesday 15 August 2006
Message 189:

Excellent site, entertaining and very informative. Your links from Long Distance Paths helped me a great deal in preparing for the Pennine Way. A little walk you don't seem to have done as yet, though I bet you've done loads of bits of it.
From: Phil Northall
Town/City: Stockport Country: England
Date: Monday 14 August 2006
Message 188:

Exciting site! Will start laying plans to get to England someday for 'the walk'!
From: Richard M Freeman
Town/City: Opelika, Alabama Country: United States
Date: Sunday 13 August 2006
Message 187:

Hi, Last night I arrived back from camping with a friend at Pooley Bridge. She wanted to climb Hellvellyn . I hated walking until I retired 3 years ago and joined a club. Now I love it but am useless at climbing and am always at the back. Conditions were great last Friday so I thought I would give it a go as it was something I could show off about to my fellow ramblers! We got over Striding Edge and I froze when I saw folk scrambling up the mountain .It took us all our time to get over and I said I never wanted to see the place again.However yesterday we thought we would have another go via a different route.Had it all mapped out and somewhere along the line we lost the track????? We ended up at a dam over the stream and a sheep pen, which you may know? Straight ahead was Hellvellyn so we decided to climb it and did succeed. A bit scary when my feet were slipping at times and I was on all fours on the grass. I was praying I would get to the top without being rescued by helicopter. It must have looked strange to folk on the top when 2 heads bobbed up. I havent a clue what that climb is called we did but I wont be doing it again. I could not sleep last night for thinking what a totally irresponsible thing to do for a woman of 63. It was worth it though even though my rambling friends will think I am telling porkies ! Sorry this is so long but just found your site and thought I would add to it. Next stop Everest ???
From: Pat Fawcett
Town/City: Tyne and Wear Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 August 2006
Message 186:

My partner got a card for his birthday of Barden Waterfall, Barden Woods, Cottingley, Bradford... We immediately went to find it (as I had lived in Bradford 20 years and did not know the beauty existed!) It is amazing!! I saw your Posforth Gill waterfall on this site, and wondered if its the same one (although, on the picture I took, it looks far more spectacular-lots of water cascading).. Great site Though, I will be searching for waterfalls everywhere I go now!
From: Sam Britton
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 August 2006
Message 185:

Hi, We have just used your site to look at the lovely views we have missed out on having come back from Crinkle Crags today. A total washout and not a mountain view in site for the entire weekend. We camped at in Langdale valley and had a good time though. So thanks, a great site, you a have gone to a lot of effort!
From: Mark Boardman
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Thursday 04 August 2006
Message 184:

Hello. I came on this website to have a look at some easy walks to do on holiday because me and my family nearly always do hard walks every year. We do at least 2 easy walks but the rest to me are hard. I hate going up up and up like when we went up Haystacks and I am not so keen on heights. Neither is my mum. Well I enjoyed looking at your site. Thanks.
From: Jodie Bacon
Town/City: Market Weighton Country: England
Date: Thursday 03 August 2006
Message 183:

Hi Mike. Just wanted to say thanks for your honest write up on the Yorkshire Dales 3 peaks walk. I completed the Three Peaks challenge yesterday (29/07/06) with five of my colleagues from work. It was my first attempt and managed it in 10 hrs and 5 mins! Not bad for a beginner eh?! It was an ideal day for walking and had cooled down just enough to make walking in such beautiful countryside a pleasure! Keep up the good work. An excellent website and one I will be recommending to my friends and family.
From: Richard Dimon
Town/City: Carthorpe Country: England
Date: Sunday 30 July 2006
Message 182:

Hello, I have accommodation in West Heslerton, the last stretch of the Wolds Way. I provide transport to and from the Wolds Way (very steep hill). I have two double rooms and offer bed and breakfast. I enjoyed reading your site and feel that the Wolds Way is not very well known. The views are fabulous and it is very interesting. Anybody interested in accommodation can call me on 01944 728364 or Mobile: 07891 190384.
From: Gillian Wilson
Town/City: West Heslerton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8RZ Country: England
Date: Wednesday 26 July 2006
Message 181:

Heya... Amazing Site, I am doing the Three Peaks walk soon and your information helped with the planning and really got me in the right frame of mind, Thanks!!
From: Drew McLoughlin
Town/City: Ellesmere Port Country: England
Date: Thursday 20 July 2006
Message 180:

Great site! I just came across this gem today after looking to see what others thought about Snowdon having recently done it and have to say it's really informative. My site is at Walkerstalk and I'd love it if you gave some feedback on what you think.
From: John Richardson
Town/City: Derby Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 July 2006
Message 179:

Hi, I am 13 and I went with my dad to the Yorkshire Dales. We stopped up this pass in the middle of nowhere in the tiny hamlet of Woodale. The signal was rubbish but the b+b breakfast and lady who ran it was great. lv Hannah Daykin xxx
From: Hannah Daykin
Town/City: Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Friday 07 July 2006
Message 178:

Thanks for a very valuable site, from which I have been able to recommend some walks when asked.
From: David Cook
Town/City: Newcastle on Tyne Country: England
Date: Wednesday 05 July 2006
Message 177:

I have looked at your site many times and thoroughly enjoy the pictures and the text. Myself I have walked the Pennine Way twice a few years ago. I am going to read all your guest book entries now.
From: Susan Bainbridge
Town/City: Cleckheaton Country: England
Date: Friday 30 June 2006
Message 176:

Hello, I just wanted to note down my thanks for the site. I am a student who has just completed A-Levels and I am looking for a series of moderate walks to do in the local area over the summer with a few friends. I am finding this site extremely useful and its really well presented, so thanks :)
From: Andrew
Town/City: Darlington Country: England
Date: Wednesday 28 June 2006
Message 175:

I emailed Mike to ask if he knew of any map reading courses and he kindly offered to take me out locally and show me the ropes with map and compass, I had a brilliant day Mike, you are an excellent teacher with good music taste, and I really appreciate your time and patience.
From: Karen Jarvis
Town/City: Cleckheaton Country: England
Date: Monday 19 June 2006
Message 174:

I like your site. I especially like the Scafell Pike walk and plan to do this in July this year.
From: Matt Varn
Town/City: Banbury Country: England
Date: Saturday 17 June 2006
Message 173:

I did the Coast-to-Coast alone last summer and made good use of your site beforehand - the detailed info was much appreciated and I was well prepared. I had the time of my life and can't say enough about the walk. I live in a beautiful part of the USA but the scenery along the C2C surpasses anything I have ever encountered (as does the beer, come to think of it) Can't wait to do it again. Many thanks for a great site!
From: David Vickery
Town/City: Cushing, Maine Country: USA
Date: Friday 16 June 2006
Message 172:

Hi everyone, On 13 June 2006 I turned 25! Oh yeah I also climbed The Old Man at Coniston! It's the first mountain I have ever climbed and I hope it is not the last! It took us about five hours to climb and get back down. We were staying at Coniston hall campsite and we'll be going back before the summer is out to climb Scafell Pike. I always thought walking was for old people! How wrong was I? On our way up we met a family, the eldest member was the Grandfather at 75 with his tiny 5 year old grand daughter who was leading him back down. I have definitely got the hill walking and mountain climbing bug now! Take care all. Gary x
From: Gary Cleeve
Town/City: Portsmouth Country: England
Date: Thursday 15 June 2006
Message 171:

This is a great site and I am finding it very useful for me and the family. Thanks.
From: Lee Hodnett
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 15 June 2006
Message 170:

Hi Mike, Said we were going to do the Dalesway & we did! Began last Sunday and finished Thursday. Just brilliant! The Dales and Lakes are our favourite places in the world, so to combine the two in one walk was fantastic. Best bits- The stretch from Grassington to Kettlewell, the aroma of wild garlic, the view of the three peaks, Dentdale, Dent, the people we met, the peace and quiet, the moors, the Howgills, the sound of running water, the beer, compeed! the stone seat at the end, the list is endless. Worst bits- Pete realising at the the top of a hill he'd left his walking pole at the bottom and me losing my mascara somewhere between Holme Hill & Gayle Moor!!! All we can say is there maybe some glamourous looking sheep over yonder! Seriously though, a truly wonderful time we had and a highly recommended long distance walk we will never forget. One we first heard of on your website. Thank you.
From: Alison Toker and Peter Whittaker
Town/City: Keighley, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 10 June 2006
Message 169:

Just completed Bolton Abbey walk, I found your information very useful and I look forward to further walks in the area. Thanks.
From: Keith Halsall
Town/City: Blackburn Country: England
Date: Tuesday 06 June 2006
Message 168:

Well done for a great site. I am walking the south west coast path, but there are many more I wish to do one day.
From: Clive Hain
Town/City: Slapton, Devon Country: England
Date: Monday 05 June 2006
Message 167:

Great site - filled with loads of humour. How do your mates feel about your map reading comments?? Thanks for all the good tips and pictures.
From: Peter Coville
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Friday 02 June 2006
Message 166:

Very impressive and most comprehensive site. We visited Gordale Scar for the first time last year and this year we are bringing our hillwalking club to see Gordale Scar. We intend going to visit Malham Cove and also Malham Tarn. Last year we had great weather, I just hope the weather is great on 10.6.06.
From: May Raeburn
Town/City: East Kilbride Country: Scotland
Date: Tuesday 30 May 2006
Message 165:

Great Site full of loads of info. I was looking for the Three Peaks Walk as I am doing it for charity on the 3th June and I think its going to kill me. Lol.
From: Mark
Town/City: Exeter Country: England
Date: Monday 29 May 2006
Message 164:

Very impressive site
From: Paul Lovelady
Town/City: Ormskirk Country: England
Date: Friday 26 May 2006
Message 163:

Thanks for the site – there is some really good information on it. I have just set up my own site with the exploits of a myself and a group of friends. Its inspired by the Ken Wilson Big Walks book so the site is called bigwalksclub.co.uk. There is some British walking as well as reports from walks in Europe such as the GR20 as well as a bit of climbing. Have a look, their are some good pictures on the site. Thanks again for your efforts – am ticking off the walks round Harrogate where I live at the moment.

From: David Galsworthy
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Thursday 25 May 2006
Message 162:

I have put the ** on Nidderdale in the 'where we live' box as we are in the process of converting a barn in the hilly heart of Nidderdale (where we have completed a cottage which we would like to run as a rather swish holiday cottage in the next year or so). What a great web site for us mere mortals. As a former athlete, (world champs and Olympic Games back in the days when Noah was interested in sailing and kept animals in pairs), I still run (slowly) over the fells and pages like yours are the ideal thing that keep me enthused to get the kit on and come back muddy. Keep up the good work as it will soon be so near to my doorstep, that I will be out of the doors and onto the fells within minutes. That's better than winning the lottery as it will feel like a good result every day.
From: Steve Sowerby
Town/City: Nidderdale Country: England
Date: Tuesday 23 May 2006
Message 161:

Excellent site that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. Many of my familiar Lakes and Dales walks from past 30 years are included. Makes me want to get the Scarpas on!
From: Simon Tabel
Town/City: Ilkley, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 23 May 2006
Message 160:

Thank you for advertising the Sue Ryder Care Wheatfields Hospice Stoodley Stagger sponsored walk. It was great to find someone so willing to help by advertising the walk. The site is very useful and a great resource for charities looking to advertise walking events. I will recommend this site to friends and colleagues. Thanks again for your support.
From: Lucy Walker
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 17 May 2006
Message 159:

I was after a short walk near Harrogate and after looking at your website I went on the Eccup reservoir walk today (12/5/06). I too saw a Red Kite but did not manage to get a picture. Many thanks, keep up, the good work.
From: John Beckett
Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Friday 12 May 2006
Message 158:

Hello! my name is Amy Mitchell and I am 15 years old. I live in Catterick and lovvvvvvve the Lake District! I lovvvvvve your website too! It rocks!!! Thanks and cya soon! bye bye =)
From: Amy Mitchell
Town/City: Catterick Country: England
Date: Friday 12 May 2006
Message 157:

I wudlike go to Great Britain this year. I wudlike to see place crash site. In the crew my cousin ; Sergeant J.A.Tokarzewski- Front Air Gunner, in II war. Please send; information about the area crash - Buckden . Thankuju.

Note - I have contacted Jan John with more information. See the Buckden Pike Walk
From: Jan John Tokarzewski
Town/City: Warsaw Country: Poland
Date: Wednesday 10 May 2006
Message 156:

Genuinely the best website I have ever seen and all the better for you being a Rhinos fan too. Keep up the great work!
From: Paul Steele
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 09 May 2006
Message 155:

Mike - I have just been spending a restless Sunday afternoon after a somewhat late Saturday night/ Sunday morning looking at your website. I must admit the content is an excellent standard and contains very useful information. I am planning a long weekend away at Cockermouth in a few weeks time, and I would welcome your advice as to a flat walk for my young family and my goodself. Sincere Regards

From: Craig Topley
Town/City: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 May 2006
Message 154:

Just had a few days in the Dales and followed your Gordale Scar and Malham Cove route. Thanks for the inspiration and I will visit your site next time Im planning a few days away. In fact after reading about the Welsh walks I think its going to have to be sooner rather than later!
From: Paul Clarke
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Saturday 29 April 2006
Message 153:

We were going to have a 'first time' country walk.I have heard of a few walks that lead around the Wolds.But they all seem a little long. I have Four children aged 10,11,14 and 16 and would like to take them along. We wondered if you could maybe suggest a walk. We live Coniston, East Riding of Yorkshire and don't mind the drive to the Wolds area. Is there anything we could start on that would be a 2-3 hour all round and maybe 1-2 hours there and 1-2 back? Hope u can help.

(The Walking Englishman found a few walks which Patricia found suitable)
From: Patricia Chaffey
Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Thursday 27 April 2006
Message 152:

Thanks for the great information, especially on the waterfalls. I have a few pictures on my website of a few of the gorgeous Yorkshire falls....
From: Neil Burton
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 27 April 2006
Message 151:

Hi there!! I would like to say thank you for this great homepage! Me and my girlfriend are studying in Leeds for 1 year. As we love walking we were looking for some options around Leeds. Next to some books we bought we found your website. This site is really super and recently we chose your walks instead of the books. By now we already walked in Eccup, Fewston, Brimham Rocks and the Almscliff Crag today! It was very good weather and we enjoyed every minute of this walk. Thanks again and go on like this with your website!!!!

PS: Perhaps one suggestion for further improvement. It would be great if there would be a sort of a "overview map" where all the walks around Leeds/Harrogate are marked. (The Walking Englishman replied that this was a great idea and therefore overview maps will appear in each section in the near future)
From: Chris G
Town/City: Iserlohn Country: Germany
Date: Saturday 15 April 2006
Message 150:

Hi there! Thanks for this site full of things you ought to know about walking in England. While planning a trip to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales this was a great help to make my choice of where to go. Nice to see, that we did not go the wrong ways during our last stay in Snowdonia and the Lake District in the past years ... funny that I found almost all of our walks right here again. Go on with that ... I'll have a look again from time to time. Regards from Southern Germany
From: Thomas
Town/City: Radolfzell/ Bodensee Country: Germany
Date: Friday 14 April 2006
Message 149:

Enjoy visiting your site as I am becoming a keen walker and welcome such a web site with stacks of information. Recently visited Eccup Reservoir on the outskirks of Leeds. Delighted to spot my first Red-Kite and many other varieties of wildlife. Enjoy your future rambling!
From: Graham Nelmes
Town/City: Old Farnley, Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 12 April 2006
Message 148:

Hi Mike, Hope you're well. Haven't had the chance to do much walking this winter due to work commitments and decorating at home. The withdrawal symptoms are kicking in so Pete (my partner) and I have planned our Dalesway walk for the beginning of June! We're doing it over five days and accommodation has been booked. I really can't wait! The only thing left to do is to get fit so we're starting by good old Pen-y-ghent next Good Friday. A bit of a personal tradition, we always do Pen on Good Fridays! Anway, I'll let you know how we went on with the Dalesway. Just one more thing - if you're ever up on Ingleborough, say "Hi" to the friendly (and greedy) sheep for me!! Take care and happy walking.
From: Alison Toker
Town/City: Keighley Country: England
Date: Saturday 8 April 2006
Message 147:

Hi Mike. Last year's walking was good. In the spring I did a 500 km circuit in SW France and then in the fall I did the Coast to Coast in the UK, followed by 200 km on the St Jacques de Compostelle to the Spanish border and then walked across Spain to Finisterre on the Atlantic Ocean for a total of 1,500 km. I spent 6 weeks in Feb/March of this year in Thailand. This was mostly a backpacking/travel adventure but I did manage to be guided up a 2,195 m mountain and did lots of hill tribe trekking. My wife, who enjoys walking 10-12 km per day, and I will do an 8-day, 60 mile stroll in the Cotswolds this August. I will then take the ferry to Cherbourg and walk to Paris via the Contentin Peninsular, the landing beaches and the river Seine following in the footsteps of Henry V before Agincourt. God willing, I'll continue the walk from Paris to the Med the following year. I continue to enjoy reading about your latest walks on your wonderful web site.
From: James Bucknall
Town/City: Quebec Country: Canada
Date: Saturday 1 April 2006
Message 146:

The finest walking website on the 'net! When you are in Wales again why not try the North ridge of Tryfan (photo opportunity at the Connon) followed by Bristly Ridge and on to the Glyders( more photos, the Cantilever, Castle of the Winds and the Snowdon Horseshoe in the distance!) Come down via Devils Kitchen and you will have, in my opinion, one of the biggest days out in Wales! Your website has inspired me to get off my backside and go up my local fells in the lakes. Keep up the good work!
From: Paul Barber
Town/City: Millom Country: England
Date: Friday 31 March 2006
Message 145:

HEY! The Walking Englishman is the best web site I have seen for ages. I am going to do a Hiking - Tour through the Lake District from May- June and this site helps me a lot...! Because it´s my first Hiking - Tour through the Lake District. Keep writing. Best Wishes.
From: Ursula Daniels
Town/City: Munich Country: Germany
Date: Friday 31 March 2006
Message 144:

Great Site
From: Diane Shaw
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 31 March 2006
Message 143:

My husband and I walked the South West Coastal Path from Whitsand Bay to Fowey two years ago. The walk from Looe to Polperro/Fowey was unbelievably hard (all those steps near the end) as we missed the shortcut and had to walk the coast. I KNOW how long, thirsty (not enough water) and sore I was. To add insult to injury, Cows were on the path when arriving in Polperro. These ones got out of the way – unlike a walking trip in the past. I appreciate your writings and will read them all. We are continuing south from Fowey in May 2006. Thank you!
From: Colleen Tanzy
Town/City: Orlando Country: United States
Date: Thursday 30 March 2006
Message 142:

The best walks website I have seen for ages. Keep up the good work.
From: Ros Tyrrell
Town/City: Trefriw Country: Wales
Date: Thursday 30 March 2006
Message 141:

Thanks for a terrific site - lots of practical info and inspiration for us long-distance planners. Happy trails!
From: Leanne Good
Town/City: Los Angeles Country: United States
Date: Tuesday 28 March 2006
Message 140:

I loved your tale and photos of Jack's Rake. I have looked at it so often across Stickle Tarn but have never dared to try it, although I have done a lot of scrambling. Is that final bit before the top very exposed? Your website is excellent.
From: Susan Ironside
Town/City: Oxford Country: England
Date: Friday 10 March 2006
Message 139:

I think your website's spot on. Very informative with great pictures. Going to attempt to replicate the Lake District walks. Cheers for providing such great routes.
From: Mike Williamson
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Thursday 09 March 2006
Message 138:

I am in the process of planning the Coast to Coast. I will be accompanied by my wife on this little jaunt. We are in our early sixties, and have done the West Highland Way, The Cumbrian Way, The Dales Way, and now want to do something a little different. After reading your account of the walk, it certainly sounds "different". Thanks for the story and pictures. Hope we can do it, although I have broken the stages up into smaller ones where possible.
From: Derek Nadin
Town/City: Carleton, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 02 March 2006
Message 137:

Discovered this excellent site today after a weekend walking in the Langdale and Buttermere areas. Went up the pikes via Jacks Rake, bit tricky when there is snow and ice around. However perfectly do' able. We go up as a group, a mixture of experienced, and novice walkers, so this site will be very useful for determining our next expedition in October 2006. Nice one.
From: Anthony Majerski
Town/City: Rochdale Country: England
Date: Monday 27 February 2006
Message 136:

Thank you for the website as it has helped me to find new walks for me to do, as well as the groups of people that I take onto the moors, dales and Peak District, as I am training to be a mountain leader at college.
From: Garry Wright
Town/City: Leeds, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 13 February 2006
Message 135:

Off to the Yorkshire Dales in a few weeks. Your guide should be very useful. Love the photos.
From: Jean Blythe
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Sunday 12 February 2006
Message 134:

Another one man expedition on 04/02/06 this time up to Pavey Ark via Jakes Rake. What can I say - Jake's Rake was certainly an experience I will never forget - hairy? very - exhilerating? extremely - would I do it again - mmm may need to think about that one. The day was clear and the majesty and graceful beauty of the lakeland countryside was exemplified by this outstanding walk.
From: James Clegg
Town/City: Tring Country: England
Date: Monday 6 February 2006
Message 133:

Hi again Did your lovely Mastiles Lane and Malham Tarn walk yesterday after some poor success 2 weeks ago with you Wildboar Fell walk (the route was hampered by thick fog and incredibly boggy ground, so we don't think we exactly kept to your plan...). Yesterday was also a little fog/cloud bound but we were able to work it out. Praise be to the compass and 1:25000 O/S's. This is a lovely loop with some really interesting sights en-route. The road-bash at the end was a little disappointing (and hard work with our rigid soles), but the Tennant Arms in Kilnsey more than compensated. Unfortunately, a less than kindly patron made sure a pole we left by the car was safely and securely retained in his posession... Ho-hum. Back to www.alpkit.com for some more superb carbon poles.
From: Matt Deaves
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Monday 6 February 2006
Message 132:

Hi, I have got similar hobby. In this year I am going to traverse the south coast of Spain. Good luck Great Walker :-)
From: Andrew
Town/City: Paris Country: France
Date: Saturday 4 February 2006
Message 131:

Dear Walking Englishman, We are lazy Leeds students who decided we should drag ourselves out of bed for a country adventure!!! We stumbled upon your website today and found treats galore. We have decided that for our first adventure we are going to embark on the (relatively easy) Timble and Swinsty Reservoir Walk this weekend! We will let you know how it goes!! Eternal Thanks.
From: Charlie and Aly xxx
Town/City: Leeds, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 3 February 2006
Message 130:

Just visited your site for the first time and have to say how good it is. I look forward to lots of walks using your comprehensive list.
From: Allan McEvoy
Town/City: Burnley Country: England
Date: Thursday 2 February 2006
Message 129:

I used this site to source my 'yomp' up to Scarfell Pike - it was my first time on this kind of one man 'expedition' (21/01/2006) I was humbled by the fellow walkers I met and their knowledge of the fells in general. Tremendously uplifting experience - although my aches and pains tell me otherwise. Would be interested in joining other walkers on similar excercises. clegg_james@hotmail.com
From: James Clegg
Town/City: Tring, Herts Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 January 2006
Message 128:

Did you wonderful "Malham Cove, Malham Tarn and Gordale Scar Walk" route at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every part except for the ascent of the falls in Gordale Scar. These, unfortunately were impossible due to the volume of water coming over both the lower and upper falls (despite my being an experienced climber - we had no gear, you see). We just retraced down to the next footpath pointing towards the Cove, joined on at the road heading North-ish enough and met up with the route again at the cross-roads. Maybe a good 'winter' addendum to the route??? Otherwise, a real gem. Thank you. Kind regards.
From: Matt Deaves
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Monday 16 January 2006

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