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Guestbook Entries in 2004:
Message 79:

I thought I would drop a note in this guestbook to compliment the site. The walks are the best personal descriptions I have come across on the web. Not just bland descriptions of where to go and put your feet. These are real and make me feel as if I am doing the walk. Have you ever thought of writing a book. I would. Excellent and well done.

From: John Fitzgerald

Town/City: Fowey, Cornwall Country: England
Date: Wed Dec 15 18:07:20 2004
Message 78:

A fantastic site Walking Englishman. Well done. I originally hail from Leeds and am now living in Belgium where there is good chocolate but a lack of good walks. I have walked many of your routes in your Leeds and Harrogate section and your reports make me feel so nostalgic. Keep adding to them and I will keep reminiscing. I will most definitely choose one to walk when I am back over visiting in Leeds. Thanks.

From: Susan Forrester

Town/City: Antwerp Country: Belgium
Date: Mon Nov 22 14:16:21 2004
Message 77:

Thank you for an informative site that is clear and easy to navigate around. I live in North Yorkshire and as you comment in some of your walks, it makes you glad that you are lucky enough to live amongst such scenery. To us, Nidderdale is a well kept secret with some stunning walks - we can walk for hours and not meet anyone. Our favourite place is Scarhouse Reservoir - so atmospheric. Thanks again - and please keep adding to the walks! Penny

From: Penny Hull

Town/City: Harrogate N Yorks Country: England
Date: Mon Nov 1 12:03:50 2004
Message 76:

Nice site! It shows some excellent pictures of the nice surroudings. I am 16 and enjoy cycling around the Stainburn area but find it very difficult to judge the bridleways around the area, does anybody know where I could find any information about the decency of such bridleways, or just cycling in general in the area. This site was extremely helpful since it shows the nice villages E.G. TIMBLE which I aim to visit on bike. Good information!

From: Jamie Furlong

Town/City: Harrogate N Yorks Country: England
Date: Sat Oct 30 23:53:06 2004
Message 75:

Hello Mike, I plan to do the Coast to Coast next August/September. The story of your 1999 voyage is by far the best that I have read to date. I did my Masters degree at the University of Guelph in 1963 after completing my Bachelors in the UK so it was nice to see it mentioned in your article. Cheers, James

From: James Bucknall
Town/City: Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec Country: Canada
Date: Fri Oct 22 01:34:39 2004
Message 74:

Brilliant revamp to site, Mike. The Dales Celebration Way encompasses all the best attractions of the Yorkshire Dales. All the best, Steve

From: Steve Giles
Town/City: Leeds Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thu Oct 14 13:38:31 2004
Message 73:

I like to get up to the Peak District most weekends. I have enjoyed a couple of the walks you describe. Thanks. John

From: John Roberts
Town/City: Leicester Leicestershire Country: England
Date: Tue Oct 12 15:42:40 2004
Message 72:

Great site. Informative, useful and inspirational, as well as being a pleasure just to browse.

From: Robert Habron
Town/City: Huddersfield Yorkshire
Country: England
Date: Fri Oct 8 20:03:36 2004
Message 71:

Thanks for providing such an excellent site. Your report on Cornwall is very good reading. It has really given me the inspiration to get off my backside and do some walking on the Cornish Coast Path. Thanks, George

From: George Parker
Town/City: Exeter Devon Country: England
Date: Thu Oct 7 9:18:32 2004
Message 70:

Climbed Jacks Rake last Sunday 26 Sept on a weekend trip to the Lakes from London with the lads. It was a great climb. I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen it on your site. THANKS

From: Stephen Lovell
Date: Mon Sep 27 20:13:52 2004
Message 69:

Fun having a look around. Interested in your Jacks Rake progress. I keep taking about going up that way ..... but still waiting. It was good to see photos from along the route. Cheers

From: Sandy Saunders (http://www.thewalkzone.co.uk)
Town/City: Denmead Hampshire Country: England
Date: Thu Sep 23 16:58:08 2004
Message 68:

Hello fellow Englishman. Love your site. It's an inspiration to get out there. Went to Simons Seat recently, it's better than any photos can show. Just to feel that moorland breeze on your face is a tonic. Better than any doc can offer.

From: Pete
Town/City: Leeds Yorks. Country: England
Date: Fri Sep 17 11:11:20 2004
Message 67:

Some great walks, have had hours of fun and hard work trying them out.

From: Dave Smart

Town/City: Hull E Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wed Sep 1 10:01:01 2004
Message 66:

A wonderful site, I wish I had the expertise (and dedication) to do the same. I do however enjoy my walking, mostly on my own. I hope to do more next year on my retirement. keep up the excellent work-enjoy your walking -good health.

John Day
Mon Aug 9 21:00:07 2004
Message 65:

Thanks for creating such a comprehensive website. I have really enjoyed reading about your walks, particularly the long distance routes. I am looking forward to a time in my life when I can spend two weeks or longer walking in such beautiful areas. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Dales Way walk as I love walking anywhere in the Yorkshire Dales. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

David Morgan (www.morgs4mountains.co.uk)
Undy Monmouthshire Country: Wales
Mon Aug 9 11:43:10 2004
Message 64:

Great site! My partner and I setting off on the C2C soon and we can hardly wait, your pictures have added to the excitement!! Last year we did the Cleveland Way and know all about the pain and euphoria... Bring it on!

North Lincolnshire
Mon Aug 2 22:11:49 2004
Message 63:

I really enjoyed reading your Pavey Ark story. I climbed it with my dad when I was 9. I have never forgotten it and I never ever will. My dad is an experienced hillwalker (but not a climber) but he said we could do it. It was a blistering hot day and I was wearing pumps. Looking at your photos took me back to that day. I remembered the early stages and the protection that the ridge gave. I felt the lump in my throat as if it was yesterday when you described the drop at the exposed part. I really got the wobbles when I saw climbers with ropes at the bit where you had to use your arms to get over a step... I haven't had the courage to go back since.....rock climbing is not my thing. I certainly wouldn't feel safe taking my children (I am 38 now) and I wouldn't recommend anyone to take their children either or to climb it in ANYTHING but the driest of days (I can imagine it would get very ugly in the wet). But I felt safe with my Dad......and it is an exhilarating and incredible memory. Thank you for your account.

Sean Flude
Mon Aug 2 11:01:09 2004
Message 62:

Hello Sir, my name is Brent Hannam, I came across your website after looking for information on the sunken village, West End. I have been tracing my family tree and have raced them back to the village that was flooded by the reservoir. I was wondering if you could possibly send me a couple of photos that you took on your travels through the village. I will be making up a website for my family and would like to add your pictures, all credit to go to you of course. Thanks for your time, Kind regards, Brent Hannam

Brent Hannam
Blenheim Country: New Zealand
Mon Jul 26 17:17:27 2004
Message 61:

A truly great site with stunning photo's. An inspiration to prospective web site builders.

B Weston
Anglesey Country: Wales
Sat Jul 17 9:05:40 2004
Message 60:

Hello out there, I found this site by accident, but I am glad I did. Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site. Thank you, I'll be back!

From: Mr Jeweller
Town/City: Pheonix Arizona Country: USA
Date: Thu Jul 15 18:55:36 2004
Message 59:

Thanks for the insights. A Terrific website! We start the C2C on Saturday heading east. Having done the PW in 2002 we are looking forward to a few less bulls and a lot less mud. Your pictures at least keep that dream alive.

From: Paul and Dawn Titley
Town/City: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Date: Wed Jul 7 17:56:32 2004
Message 58:

Hey! I have just come back from actually walking the Three Peaks with a friend and her family. It was very enjoyable but yet very very tiring, Unfortunately I couldn't make it up the last peak (Ingleborough). By the time I finished the second I was so tired but it was an amazing experience. I think this website is very good and I am impressed. Hopefully I will do the 3 peaks next year but I am sure I will enjoy the experience.

From: Ben Forester
Country: England
Date: Mon Jul 5 23:17:09 2004
Message 57:

Cool site.

From: Greengrass
Town/City: Beverley E.Yorks Country: England
Date: Sun Jul 4 22:08:59 2004
Message 56:

A very interesting well structured site. Keep up the good work.

From: Perez Corey
Town/City: Monroe NJ Country: USA
Date: Sun Jul 4 12:23:40 2004
Message 55:

Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again!

From: Linda T
Town/City: Prattville Al Country: USA
Date: Sat Jul 3 7:41:23 2004
Message 54:

Greetings from your cousin. Stumbled on this site looking for something else! Most impressed. Go walking myself (must be a gene thing) but mainly in Scotland. Kept thinking about setting up a site, I suppose if I do I will now have to do to the same high standard as yourself!

From: John Burn
Town/City: Felixstowe Suffolk Country: England
Date: Fri Jul 2 14:11:30 2004
Message 53:

Hi, I have a walking website - 'Striding Edge - a photo diary of Lake District fell walks'. I have enjoyed exploring your site and would like to set up a reciprocal link. Regards, Sean

From: Sean (http://www.stridingedge.net)
Town/City: Cumbria Country: England
Date: Thu Jun 17 23:23:28 2004
Message 52:

A wonderful web site.

From: Mark (http://www.hill-tribe.com)
Town/City: Pennsylvania Country: USA
Thu Jun 17 12:47:23 2004
Message 51:

You make the England walks so interesting. I am going to be travelling to walking in the north of your country in August. I would like to do some walks in the Yorkshire Dales as your records make it sound so fascinating. I am looking so much forward to it. Thank you for making my appetite more for the walks. I will do your Three Peaks and maybe stay in Settle. You have a very good site and maybe you will add my home walking location in the Black Forest one day. There are some good mountains like Feldberg and Belchen to walk on and I think you would like them. Albrecht Foerster

From: Albrecht Foerster
Town/City: Freiburg Country: Germany
Date: Mon Jun 14 15:25:14 2004
Message 50:

Your web site is beautifully done and very easy to access. I am hoping to take a walking tour in the UK next summer and seeing the photos from all over England and Wales has made it difficult to choose one as a favorite! Thank you for sharing all your memories and doing the hard work to establish a web site. Best wishes, Susan Woldt

From: Susan Woldt
Town/City: Dallas Texas Country: USA
Date: Sat Jun 5 21:17:24 2004
Message 49:

This is a great site Walking Englishman (nice title too!) You are a lucky man to live where you are, the walking areas you cover make fantastic reading and the descriptions are fab, not just the usual go there turn left at post sort of stuff. I like the way you tell the stories. Pictures are great too. So much great work for an individual. Thanks for putting it onto the web. I will be looking in on your 'latest news' updates often to read about the new walks and follow in your footsteps when I can.

From: Dave Brown
Town/City: Boroughbridge North Yorks Country: England
Date: Fri Jun 4 7:52:50 2004
Message 48:

Great site from a great business lecturer! hope you have many happy years walking.

From: Rick Symons
Town/City: Elloughton (Nr Hull) East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wed Jun 2 17:57:30 2004
Message 47:

We love England (we lived in London for a year in 1996-97)and love to walk so I found your site most interesting. We are returning this summer and will have time for a 5 day walk. What area is your favorite and hopefully not so crowded in July 10-16? Thanks, Phyllis

From: Phyllis McCulley
Town/City: Houston Texas Country: USA
Date: Sat May 29 0:47:17 2004
Message 46:

Hi there, Looked in on your excellent site while browsing walking sites in England. I am planning a vacation walking in the Yorkshire Dales and your reports have made me look forward to the trip. your reports are great and I will make sure to do one or two of the walks you describe when I am over in England this summer. Keep up the good work. It's a great site you have and a great hobby too. Regards to you, Don

From: Don Simons
Town/City: Denver Colorado Country: USA
Date: Sat May 22 16:39:11 2004
Message 45:

We were delighted to meet you good folk in York yesterday in the coffee bar and to discover that you are a "Grumpy Old Man" as well. This is a fascinating site and I shall make sure to come back to it often. Good luck and I hope we bump into each other again. Take care. Rob and Toni

From: Rob Danes
Town/City: Newton-upon-Rawcliffe North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sun May 9 21:23:36 2004
Message 44:

Hi Walking Englishman, Thanks for providing walks in the East of Yorkshire. Your descriptions of the walks in the area have inspired me to walk the areas in the Wolds just west of Hull. Last week I followed your map to the letter and did the Brantingham one. It was just as good as you described it and luckily for me it was a brilliant sunny day that made it all the more enjoyable, especially now the trees are in full blossom. Next time its Welton. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Cheers, Steve

From: Steve Tinning
Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Tue May 4 20:59:55 2004
Message 43:

The Wolds Way description took me back a long time..! Very nostalgic..thanx.

From: Mark Kierznowski
Town/City: Johannesburg Gauteng Country: South Africa
Date: Wed Apr 28 3:09:31 2004
Message 42:

Nice website, lots of good information and a few ideas for my own site, keep up the good work.

From: Mark Mowbray (http://www.pooleybridge.com)
Town/City: Blyth Northumberland Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 12 19:45:43 2004
Message 41:

Hello, as others have said on your site I'd like to add my comments. Thanks for providing such a good site. The stories are just the ticket relating the fact that walking is supposed to be fun. And like you, I am into Long Distance Footpaths. Your own designed walk 'The Yorkshire Dales Long Distance Footpath' looks very interesting. You appear to have put a lot of thought into the route. I might just try it out myself. Keep up the good work. All the best, Phil

From: Phil Robinson
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Sun Mar 7 15:09:02 2004 Message 40:

Hi. Just passing through. Came across you off a link on another site. Nice site.

Regards, Stephanie

From: Stephanie
Town/City: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Sun Mar 7 14:13:06 2004
Message 39:

Nearly 600 walks in here... I must say that I liked your walk up Chrome Hill from Buxton... I must do that some day. Regards, David. p.s: I also have www.coastwalk.co.uk which is a subset of the above.

From: David Cotton
Town/City: Cambridge Country: England
Date: Mon Mar 1 17:23:27 2004
Message 38:

Excellent site. Your site has just given me some motivation. Well you see I am a fell runner living in the wrong end of the country. I am currently in training for a Bob Graham Round (72 mile, 42 peak Lakeland 24 hour challenge) and can only get to the Lake District about once a month, so I have to make do with the beach and East Yorks countryside. It's very beautiful but very flat. Looking at your Wolds Way section I realise those small hills aren't exactly Cumbria or Snowdonia but would probably make a good 24 hour challenge. So keep up the good work!

From: Jonathan Steele
Town/City: Hornsea, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Fri Feb 27 9:42:00 2004
Message 37:

Very nice Mike, the site has proved very helpful with the assignments. Keep up the good work.

From: Liam Julian
Town/City: Hull East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tue Feb 17 11:11:22 2004
Message 36:

Hello Mike, We just enjoyed browsing through your site, which contains a lot of detailed information and is certainly a fine component of the walking network. The photos of Jacks Rake are a good example (we remember it well), many people find themselves wondering if they could tackle such a scrambling route but can't get an accurate picture of what is involved, those pictures give a clear idea. It's also good to see a wide mix of areas and types of walk - mountains, coastal and National Trail, which mirrors our ideas exactly. Keep up the good work and all the best with the site.

We have our own site (url below) that we have called 'Walking and Backpacking in Britain', which is actually just England and Wales at the moment, in which we concentrate mainly on backpacking trips in mountainous and remote regions and exclusively wild camping, which has received little coverage on the Net. We camp on the mountain summits all year round and have captured some inspiring sunsets and dawns. We have a growing list of trip reports, accompanied by outline maps, over 400 static photos and other sections including an expanding gear section. We recently added the result of our most ambitious project - interactive moving panoramas (360-degree and partials). An example of both can be found on the recent 'High Street' trip from December.

Regards and good walking

From: Vivien and Geoff (http://v-g.me.uk)
Country: England
Date: Mon Feb 16 18:09:38 2004
Message 35:

Nice site. Good photos and you all look like you are enjoying yourselves, exactly what walking is all about. I will be visiting again and probably try a few of the routes you describe.

From: Pete G
Town/City: Northampton Country: England
Date: Sat Feb 14 16:04:04 2004
Message 34:

A very interesting site - I will be visiting again. Walked round Eccup reservoir yesterday - do you know where I can get a map/walks around that area (north Leeds).

From: Diane Hazelgrave
Town/City: Leeds West Yorks Country: England
Date: Mon Feb 2 19:03:53 2004
Message 33:

Great site, well done. I am planning to do the coast to coast this year so I enjoyed checking out your info about that walk plus your details of the dales way which I backpacked a couple of years ago. All the best. Kev

From: Kev Flint
Town/City: Bolton Lancashire Country: England
Date: Sat Jan 24 20:29:52 2004
Message 32:

Congratulations on an excellent website. All the best for 2004.

From: Mark (http://www.hill-tribe.com)
Town/City: Lake District Country: England
Date: Mon Jan 19 11:50:49 2004
Message 31:

Dear Mike, My 'Pub in the Middle' Walks web site will be available shortly. Hope you will try some of my walks even though they will be a bit shorter than what you are used to. It may give you more time in the excellent Yorkshire Dales pubs. I'll be leaving Bishop Burton soon, if I don't see you before I go, all the best Steve

From: Steve Giles
Town/City: Leeds West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sat Jan 10 20:23:36 2004
Message 30:

Hi, you have a very great site, I like it. Anyway you are a very great photographer, nice picture. Keep it great.

From: Endah Kurnia Wirawati
Thu Jan 1 14:44:28 2004
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