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Guestbook Entries in 2002 and 2003:
Message 29:

Just Visiting Pete & Lou for the weekend, they showed me your website. I am going to forward this to a friend who visits the UK often and is a walker in the Yorkshire area. Could be in your neck of the woods next summer, e mail me if you are still talking to me...... Sue

From: Sue Welsh
Town/City: Bedford Nova Scotia Country: Canada
Date: Mon Dec 8 14:06:21 2003
Message 28:

Nice site. Keep it up!

From: Paul Rooney (http://paulrooney.netfirms.com)
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Mon Dec 1 13:46:08 2003
Message 27:

Excellent site. Good clear information and good reviews

From: Jeff Chapman
Town/City: Hull East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sat Nov 29 15:23:01 2003
Message 26:

Hi Mike, Now I know that at least someone else looks at my site besides my friends. Thank you for your kind comments - very kind comments. As compared with your site I feel BRILWALKS is a bit amateurish. One of these days, when I am not to busy, I'll have to redesign it and see if can use some of the clever bits you've got on yours. Hopefully early in the new year I will be able to add a few more walks. Unfortunately, or is it fortunately, I retire from the local County Council back in March but in September I was asked to do some disabled audits and since then I have been very busy, although I still get the odd walk in. Tomorrow I am off with Anne to Bredon Hill near Evesham and in the next fortnight the "boys" are off on another excursion. Probably somewhere in the Cotswold. Thanks again for your comments and I'll try an find an appropriate place on my website for you.

From: Barry Riley (http://www.brilwalks.com)
Country: England
Date: Thu Nov 20 10:04:01 2003
Message 25:

Re: Wolds Way. Sorry my friend did not take the camera, but I did see a beautiful sunrise from "The Bridge". It was worth all the pain Your site is an inspiration, take care John Paul Rose

From: John Rose
Town/City: Beverley East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sat Nov 1 18:28:03 2003
Message 24:

Wotcha Mike - well finally got round to checking out the site yesterday and was much impressed. Good info, precise descriptions and a seasoning of humour for good measure. Really liked the Sharp Edge one, what a shame I missed it. Got my photos back so will try and get a few scanned and on their way to you . Back in the city, so must get back on the case, rejoining the rat race. Anyway hope to see you next time I am up. Have fun - smile - Spud

From: Spud
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Thu Oct 30 10:47:35 2003
Message 23:

I am enjoying the Walking Englishman web site - a friend and I are planning this walk for 2005. I know it sounds like a long time off, but I'll not be retiring until Jan. 2005. We are relatively fit for 64 and 66 yr old women. My question is which direction would you recommend walking since you have gone both ways. Most information I have read says go W to E because of prevailing winds, sun, and being fresh for the mountains. However, I have read that going E to W saves the best to last and you are more experienced in walking by the end. What is your advice? Thanks, Lynn Brickels

From: Lynn Brickels
Country: England
Date: Tue Oct 7 16:59:13 2003
Message 22:

Dear Mike, First of all congratulations on your recent marriage -or perhaps not so recent now!! I am sure you're still enjoying that honeymoon period. Sorry not to have been in touch for a while but we have taken a while to get use to this 'ere country especially now that we are living down in the South. We are based in Southampton which is a pretty non descript place. I am doing a masters in engineering for development while Zee keeps us in house and home!We have half an eye on the south downs way a nice little five dayer that starts from Eastbourne and ends in Winchester, though there is very little literature about it. There's also a nice day walk which follows the Itchen river from Southampton in land up to Winchester. Not sure when we will fit the former in with the nights closing in, but the latter looks good. What walks do you have planned for the winter. Sorry not to have got up north, but it took us ages just to get used to the UK after 3 years in Nepal. Keep well and in touch and say hi to Deke when you see him, All the best, Chris and Zee

From: Chris and Zarina Brewer
Country: England
Date: Tue Oct 7 15:30:09 2003
Message 21:

Hi Walking Englishman Just visited your site via Google, great views I did the Beverley 20 about a year ago, but plan to go again soon I live in Beverley and agree with you the walking is flat I enjoyed the Hole of Horcum but I start from the car park at the top and walk down the hole and up to Levisham and back across the moor Take care my friend, John Paul Rose

From: John Rose
Town/City: Beverley East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wed Oct 1 10:10:44 2003

Message 20:

29 Sept 2003 Hi Michael The walk is tempting. I just returned from my Dales Way walk from Ilkley to Bowness and would like to get back on the plane and return for another excursion in this beautiful area. For the most part we had fantastic weather. Stayed in B&B's and treated ourselves to the Fairfield in Bowness at the end of the walk. It's the greatest as are the hosts, Ray and Barb. Once again thanks for your help in getting me on the right track for my first attempt at a long walk. It was fantastic! Regards Alice

From: Alice Benkley
Town/City: Lexington Ma Country: USA
Date: Mon Sep 29 13:57:10 2003
Message 19:

Hi Mike, We enjoy reading your walk reports and your regular emails. My wife said "Well why don't you email and tell him", so I am. We always look forward to our short and intermittent visits to UK and hope to be back again in another year or two. We have done the C2C and WHW on our two previous visits and some shorter sight-seeing day walks. last year we did Milford Track in NZ which is somewhat closer for us! We are thinking of Offa's Dyke next although we do love the Dales and may just come back there. Who knows? Anyway, keep enjoying yourself and your new wife as I guess winter is coming over there. In 3 weeks time we will be touring outback Queensland with friends from UK (with whom we did WHW) in 40C++ and I am sure they will compare it with home in London. I hope they survive! It is too hot to walk here except in winter. Thanks again. If you ever want to come to Brisbane let us know. Kerry and Nancy Connell

From: Kerry and Nancy Connell
Town/City: Sydney Country: Australia
Date: Sat Sep 27 5:36:54 2003
Message 18:

Hello Mike Congratulations on a splendid site. you might want to rectify the the mistake of naming the Blessed One's first name as Arthur.Its Alfred Wainwright.....as you have no doubt already been informed. Happy Trails Nature Is The Best Dave

From: Dave Hartley
Country: England
Date: Sun Sep 14 18:51:49 2003
Message 17:

Hi! Im Guy the webmaster from guy-wilson.co.uk/c2c, just wishing to thankyou for your link to my website on your walkingenglishman.com website. I am currently in the process of gathering some links together and will include yours in exchange! Thanks for linking to the site! Also like to compliment you on your great walking site! Thanks very much.

From: Guy Wilson
Country: England
Date: Sun Jul 27 23:52:55 2003
Message 16:

Hello Mike, I am planning to do The Dales Way walk. I have left it very late in terms of booking accommodation, I want to go sometime during the second two weeks in August. So my first problem will be where to stay, my second problem is what to take. Your site is excellent and it's given me a list of possible places to stay, could you also give me a detailed list of what I should take. I have no long distance walking experience but have a bit of common sense so on my list I have maps, comfy boots, walking stick, water, sun cream, hat etc etc. Is there anything I shouldn't forget? Any help / advice you could pass on would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Russell.

From: Zan Stott
Country: England
Date: Sun Jul 27 20:21:13 2003
Message 15:

Mike Thanks for your very kind words on my c to c memory lane site. Yes it really is almost 10 years ago - might redo it in ' 04 - has anyone done it using a zimmer frame? My walking exploits were replaced by budget flights to Europe and indeed off to Rome on Saturday for a weekend - not forgot the walking though and spent last weekend at Robins Hoods Bay - still very lovely and such great weather. How lucky are we to be members of such an exclusive club - C to C walkers ! all the best Phil P.S. your site looks excellent - will look through it all in the next few weeks.

From: Phil Mortiboy
Country: England
Date: Tue Jul 17 20:29:18 2003
Message 14:

Hi Mike, we had a wonderful time in Cornwall and have enjoyed every day. One of the most enjoying things was the accommodation in St. Just, were we met Nancy and Danny. They offer in the Old Sunday School (www.oldsundayschool.co.uk) a wonderful B&B If there is any possibility to forward this recommendation to walkers I would be grateful. Nancy and Danny, Thanks again for hosting us. Your house was one of the highlights of our walk. Hope the contact to to Mike and the walkers association helps. Kind regards.

From: Manfred Schaefer
Country: Germany
Date: Sun Jul 13 17:01:09 2003
Message 13:

Mike It's perfect! Exactly what we are looking for. Thank you so very much!!! If you ever need information on travel in the U.S I will be more than happy to help. Best regards Alice

From: Alice Benkley
Town/City: Lexington Ma Country: USA
Date: Wed Jul 9 22:36:58 2003
Message 12:

Good Morning Mike! Talked with my son who pointed out that the purpose of our walk in England is, in addition to walking in scenic areas, to also experience time in charming villages. What do you think about our choosing the Dales Walk which you did in April. Our only concerns are whether or not there are villages where we can stop if we choose not to go 20 miles in a day. Since we have two weeks we can spread the walk out a bit and too we really do like exploring villages. Would we be okay on this walk with baggge transfers? Once again many thanks for your help. I love your web site! Best regards Alice

From: Alice Benkley
Town/City: Lexington Ma Country: USA
Date: Wed Jul 9 14:10:11 2003
Message 11:

July 7, 2003 Dear Mike May I please ask for your help in deciding how to plan a walking tour in Yorkshire. I keep vacillating between renting a car and taking round trip walks or just following one of your itineraries. I am a "fit" American senior, an anglophile (lived in Suffolk several years) and a dedicated walker. My adult son will be traveling with me. We have joined the Ramblers Association. Should we choose a route and just keep moving. Prefer not to travel with a group as we would like to do this leisurely with the option of exploring villages as we move along. We have two weeks planned for this journey, leaving the U.S. on or about October 1st. One concern is coping with a backpack to carry all I need for this trip. If I follow one of your itineraries and book accommodations as recommended is it possible to have baggage transferred? Do I have to make reservations in advance? I shall be very grateful for any recommendations and advice you can give me to get a better focus on how to plan this. I will be flying to London and can travel by train to wherever you suggest. I have been to York several times (last time was disappoined as it seemed to have lost its charm in favor of a "Disney" like atmosphere.) Have also been (many years ago) to Harrogate and Knaresborough. There is so much information on your web site that I feel I must apologize for bothering you but it has been frustrating trying to figure out a basic plan. Thanks so much Mike. Appreciate any comments. Alice Benkley Lexington, Massachusetts E-Mail: benkleya@rcn.com

From: Alice Benkley
Town/City: Lexington Ma Country: USA
Date: Mon Jul 7 21:48:33 2003
Message 10:

Dear Sir, Thank you for your website, which I very much enjoyed. We are the new owners of the Arncliffe Arms in Glaisdale. Since aquiring the Arncliffe Arms last year we have undertaken a complete refurbishment project in order to bring the facilities up to a very high standard, including 6 ensuite Bed & Breakfast rooms, a restaurant, games room and function room, hoping to attract people to the Area with our facilities. We hope that at some time when you do the coast to coast again, you may consider staying at the Arncliffe once more (We still have Kareoke from time to time!). In the meantime would there be any possiblity of updating the details about the Arncliffe or even creating a link to our website? It would be greatly appreciated if this could be done as we are very keen to attract walkers as much as possible. Please feel free to view our own website at www.arncliffearms.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Julie Wilson Admin Manager Arncliffe Arms, Glaisdale

From: Julie Wilson
Tue Jun 17 14:31:54 2003
Message 9:

Thanks for the reply Mike. Might see you out on the hills some time, just look for the guy panting for breath with tongue hanging out. Take Care Russell

From: Russell Lees
Town/City: Glasgow Country: Scotland
Date: Tue Jun 3 21:08:06 2003
Message 8:

Hi Mike, Really enjoyed a browse around your site, I`ll be adding a link from my own walking website based in Scotland. Keep up the good work. PS Maybe you could add a link to my site as well thanks. "Walking in Scotland with Russell Lees" http://homepage.ntlworld.com/russlees thanks again, Russell Lees Glasgow,UK

From: Russell Lees
Town/City: Glasgow Country: Scotland
Date: Mon Jun 2 21:37:00 2003
Message 7:

Hi Mike, Laurence here. I am working in Singapore at the moment, far from my home town of Lincoln. Being a bit bored at work today, I tapped 'cornish coastal path' into Google search engine. My wife and I did the whole walk from Welcombe Mouth round via Lands End to Plymouth in the 90's. Also, myself, my best pal and my nephew did (part of the) the Hartland Quay to Newquay bit when I was between jobs last year - much boozing also done on that trip, and enough ammo for a whole year's worth of piss-taking! It might sound very strange, but of all things English, I really miss the walking, esp the cornish path. So when I found your excellent account of your Plymouth to Lands end walk, I was delighted, and not a little nostalgic. I was transported straight back to the fantastic days when we sweated our way around that lovely path. Your comments rang so true about it not being a doddle - most people I tell that to don't believe me how bloody gruelling it can be with a full pack on, and certainly on a par with most of the English hill walks. When I was planning the walk, I totally under-estimated how long it would take us, and we had to split the walk over 3 years holidays - the first year, we ended up posting half of our camping gear back home (very embarrasing) Anyway - just thought I'd let you know that somebody really does appreciate your efforts - keep it up mate, an excellent website indeed. By the way - I really would try the North coast bit - it is different again from the South - wilder, more rugged, windier, opportunities for surfing, more rises/falls per day also. I think you would love it - we've always walked with the sea to our right. If you do it - try and stay one night at the Hartland Quay Hotel - absolutely stunning scenery, good beer, and very welcoming. Best Regards Laurence.

From: Laurence Rusiecki
Country: Singapore
Date: Wed May 21 3:54:00 2003
Message 6:

Hi Mike, I'll check with the other Tim, but I am sure he will agree. Thanks for your kind words about the site. We haven't updated the website for some time, but those pages still bring in a few hits. I took a look at your site - I must say the pictures are excellent - well taken, bright and a good size. I'll read the words when I get a chance. We did the walk twice too - mainly because we had some friends who wanted to do it, and it was easier to go along than explain likely pitfalls ! Plus we had always said we wanted to do it again - you forget the pain and remember only the views, experiences and B&Bs ! Our last walk was 'Wicklow Way' in Ireland. Very pleasant, although it was more undulating so we found it quite hard. I think we were not as fit - we had not trained up for the 8 day walk as we underestimated the terrain, expecting dear old Ireland to be kind to us. Tim Reeves.

From: Tim Reeves
Country: England
Date: Wed Feb 5 09:13:08 2003
Message 5:

Hi Mike, Happy to have your link. It seems like a long time ago now but we still have very fond memories of the walk. Last year we did the West Highland Way in June and the Milford track in NZ at Christmas, but I have not put them on my site yet.... I will check out your site in more detail when I get time. Kerry

From: Kerry Connell
Town/City: Sydney Country: Australia
Date: Tue Feb 4 21:08:19 2003
Message 4:

Hi Mike, You have a nice and informative web site. I have enjoyed your report very much. You did the south coast. I am planning a tour starting at Morwenstow or Padstow westbound. Do you have any recommodations for me? What will be the best time of year outside British shool holidays? Where can I get more informations? Kind regards Manfred from Germany e-mail: manfredschaefer@gmx.net

From: Manfred Schaefer
Country: Germany
Date: Sat Jan 11 17:59:54 2003
Message 3:

Hi Michael, Just browsing through your web site. What wonderful pictures and such beautiful commentary. My partner Mike was born in Bombay and his family have worked for British Airways for many years (we both still do) so he had travelled all over the world but never much in Britain. I introduced him to the highlands of Scotland (my parents are scottish and now live in St Andrews)and he fell in love with them. Even though we could fly up to Scotland very cheaply, Mike loves driving up so he can take in the scenery along the way. We mainly go up the M6 though we do occasionally come up the East side and have stopped off at Northallerton on route. We even crossed from the A1 to the M6 (I think) over the moors earlier this year and they are certainly breath taking. Neither of us are regular walkers, but we do enjoy them when we can. We have have stayed a few days in the Lakes before and I can now see that we will have to try the Yorkshire Dales next. Hopefully we will be in Northallerton for the planned school reunion March 2002 - it would be a great opportunity to take in the scenery for ourselves. Thanks for letting us in on your wonderful walks. best regards Heather (nee Duncan - Class of '69)

From: Heather Pegado
Country: England
Date: Sun Aug 4 21:03:40 2002
Message 2:

I plan on visiting Carlisle in September in hopes of walking Hadrian's wall from Carlisle to Newcastle. I understand there will be a new trail open in 2003, and I was hoping to write a travel article previewing the new trail. Any suggestions on sources of maps or other information? Do you have any first hand experience in walking this area? I understand the middle portion is best preserved, but I was hoping to follow most of the path of the wall if it can be identified.Thanks for your help. Jim James A. Kohlstedt Kohlstedt & Teske, L.L.C. 2100 Clearwater Drive, Suite 102 Oak Brook, IL 60521 Direct: 630-571-0797 Fax: 630-571-0795 E-mail: Jim@ktlawpro.com Website: www.ktlawpro.com

From: James A Kohlstedt
Country: USA
Date: Fri Jul 19 14:48:21 2002
Message 1:

Hi, I felt free to add a link to your Coast-to-Coast site on mine http://volker-gringmuth.de/coast-to-coast (it's in German only I am sorry). Nice pictures you've got! bye, Volker

From: Volker Gringmuth
Country: Germany
Date: Sun Jul 7 13:49:17 2002

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