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Guestbook Entries in 2014:
Message 1,114:

Dear Mike, I have just discovered your website, after nostalgically googling Hadrian's Wall, which I walked in the summer with my Mum. (We got rained on crossing the crags as well. Blazing sun for two days, then got to Housesteads and it rained from then on!) I am always looking out for places to go walking, especially in Leicestershire where I am currently living, and the nearby Peak District. Your site is so well organised I can see quite a few places I have not yet been. I'll be trying these walks out very soon! Thank you.

From: Michelle Barnet
Location: Leicester Country: England
Date: Friday 19 December 2014
Message 1,113:

Dear Mike, We are a family based in London (kids are 10 and 8). We would love to take a lovely ramble as a family through somewhere with outstanding natural beauty, and maybe combined with a lunch or dinner somewhere nice. The challenge is that we are based in London and would like to avoid having to stay the night somewhere — so a day trip would be ideal. We do have a car and are willing to drive a couple hours or so each way. I would so appreciate your recommendations and any advice you can give without putting you to any trouble.

'I designed a day walk with a pub on the Ridgeway for Raphael'

From: Raphael Grunschlag
Location: London Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 December 2014
Message 1,112:

Mike, Just a quick word of thanks for your website, in particular The Complete Guide to the Yorkshire Dales - Top 30 Waterfalls. I used this as the basis for a photographic tour in the first week of November. The weather was perfect and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I reckon I visited under half of the falls mentioned, thus leaving sufficient remaining for further trips in the future. Thanks again for your efforts!

From: Stuart Lamb
Location: Country: Wales
Date: Friday 28 November 2014
Message 1,111:

Hi Mike, A friend and I went on our first trip to the Lake District this weekend. Thanks to your site we found the Hawkshead to Lake Windermere walk which proved to be absolutely amazing! Thank you for a great website.

From: Sabina Goth
Location: London Country: England
Date: Monday 24 November 2014
Message 1,110:

Just found your site and wanted to say that I love all your photos, thank you for sharing them x

From: Lesley Cuandu
Location: Bedford Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 November 2014
Message 1,109:

So we're in the Lakes for the week, its been pouring it down since the weekend but with a fine forecast for today, I was keen to make the most of it. Where better to turn than the Walking Englishman's website. My husband and eldest son were tackling Stickle Ghyll and me and my youngest son (8 year old) were looking for a circular walk that was not too strenuous. We chose the Elterwater/ Skelwith Bridge walk and it was simply stunning! With all the rain, the waterfalls were amazing and we loved both the quiet woodland parts and the busier river walk back to Elterwater (we think we did the walk in reverse). Thankyou Mike, time and time again your walks save others the trouble of planning and wondering about the time involved. We look forward to tackling more of your walks soon.

From: Oli and Claire Hampson
Country: England
Date: Thursday 29 October 2014
Message 1,108:

Just done your Howgills Fells walk this morning. Another great route, thanks.

From: Tony Lowe
Country: England
Date: Thursday 22 October 2014
Message 1,107:

Found you page on Google and it is a great help for our training for the 3 Peaks challenge next year. We completed the Loughrigg Fell and Rydal Water walk last week as a starter and we are looking forward to doing many more (1 a week is planned). Thanks for a great site

From: Tony Lowe
Country: England
Date: Tuesday 30 September 2014
Message 1,106:

Hi Mike. I just wanted to thank you. Went with my teenage boys for a walking holiday in Peak District and followed your recommended walks. Interesting, diverse and accurately described. Also, with your gpx files on our phones and with the gpx viewer app that superimposes the walkers current position over the gpx route, we did not get lost once. Keep up the good work - it is a big world out there and you need to cover it all :)

From: Dusko Delic
Country: England
Date: Friday 05 September 2014
Message 1,105:

I have done several walks in the Southwest in Dorset, Somerset and Devon with Alison Howell's Foottrails tours. I can highly recommend their organization. I loved the walking and often "daydream" about more walks in England, especially Yorkshire. I just recently found your site and it has added mightily to my daydreaming! Thank you for the time and effort you spend recording your walks and providing the small maps for reference, and for the effort you spend in linking to resources and trip groups. I have met many nice folks on the paths out for a stroll. In some places I have found that sense of connection to history you mentioned in one of your descriptions, while knowing my feet are but the most recent of the eons. My ultimate daydream is to walk the Ridgeway. Ah, some day! I wish you and all your fellow walkers happy trails and continued enjoyment of the unique national treasure that is the foot path network in England. There is nothing like it in the USA. Americans have a hard time getting their minds around the wonderful experience of being in the English countryside on a path created before cars and trains for the benefit of the people to go from place to place across private lands.

From: Diane Spears
Location:Memphis, Tennessee Country: USA
Date: Thursday 07 August 2014
Message 1,104:

Love this site. I always check your route before setting off.

From: Steve Harradine
Location:Wetherby, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 23 July 2014
Message 1,103:

Howdy, from Fort Worth, Texas. Looking forward too more information about, walking vacations in Great Britain. Also I did worry about hotel accommodation on a daily basis, and the needs of health care if anything to happen and equipment or storage. Should one rent an automobile or travel trailer?

'I replied to Julia recommending she seek advice from a walking vacations specialist such as Absolute Escapes'

From: Julia Montalvo
Location:Forth Worth, Texas Country: USA
Date: Saturday 19 July 2014
Message 1,102:

Hi Walking Englishman, I am a huge fan of the website, using your walks at least once a week.

From: Olly Nunn
Location:Horsforth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 20 May 2014
Message 1,101:

Hi Mike, would you be willing to put my walk on your site. I am doing a challenge for Help the Heroes. I am doing the National Three Peaks but with a difference, walking to each one at a total of 407 miles and a grand height of over 11,000 feet. I am trying to raise awareness and let people know if they wish to sponsor me. This is registered with the Help the Heroes site and BMY charity and with Just Giving.

'I was happy to promote Andrew's effort on my social media sites. If you wish to contribute please go to Andrew's Charity Walk'

From: Andrew Wilkinson
Location: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 07 May 2014
Message 1,100:

Hi Mike, I have done a few of your walks and yesterday did your Standedge Trail and Oldham Way walk, which my 3 friends and I enjoyed immensely. I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you.

From: Graeme Bromley
Location: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 06 May 2014
Message 1,099:

Hello, I am singer songwriter Nat Johnson, and my new single "DOG" came out yesterday, along with a brand new animated video. It was inspired by the many happy dog walkers in Rivelin Valley Park and is about how walking - especially with a dog - can help us to relax. Here's the video I have also written a short essay on walking in Sheffield for the 'Storying Sheffield' project, which you can read here If you like the video, I'd be incredibly grateful if you would consider sharing it with other walkers to help me along my path! If you think you might make your Facebook and Twitter followers smile with it, you'll be doing me a huge favour by helping me to get the song out wider for people to hear. Many, many thanks! Nat

'The song is lovely. I shared Nat's video and story on social media as well as showing the message and links here'

From: Nat Johnson
Location: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Monday 06 May 2014
Message 1,098:

Hello Mike, After reading your website extensively before doing the "Coast to Coast walk" about 1.5 years ago and being a Facebook "follower" for some time now, I think it is time to drop a quick Email. First of all I would like to thank you for the help and pleasure in planning the trip your website has provided me with. By now I have written a book on my hike, which is - as I am - German. It's called "Durch das Herz Englands - Schritt für Schritt von Küste zu Küste". It is a travelogue interwoven with extensive background information, however, aiming primarily not to be a subsidy of a guidebook, but to entertain and to inspire. As far as I know, it is not only the only book properly dealing with the Coast to Coast walk and all the related background information (Wainwright, infos on all history, nature, culture of all the areas the walk leads through) in German, but also - with 372 pages including photos - the most detailed one in any language. This is why I would be very glad if you would consider including my book in your literature/walk journal list. Thank you very much and best regards, Erik.

'Please click on the link in Erik's message to find details of his book'

From: Erik Lorenz
Location: Country: Germany
Date: Sunday 13 April 2014
Message 1,097:

Hi, I notice you provide GPX files for your walks. This makes me think I might use them with one of my Garmin GPS devices (an old eTrex, and a newer wrist unit whose name I don't recall); or perhaps my iPhone plus some mapping app. I am reasonably handy with my gadgets, but even with a bit of Googling I haven't seen an obvious way to use them. Most of the iPhone solutions seem a bit weak -- not sure if they will work in areas that can't download maps on the fly. The eTrex seems a bit old although not impossible with the BaseCamp software and the right cable. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. And if my current equipment is not right, is there another gadget you would recommend? Thanks for a brilliant site. We're basing out 28th wedding anniversary trip on your North Yorkshire Moors walks in early May, staying at a nice B&B in Yarm. All the best, Andy

'I sent Andy details on how to convert GPS files for his devices'

From: Andrew Swartz
Location: Yale Country: USA
Date: Saturday 12 April 2014
Message 1,096:

Hi, Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and informative list of LDW's. I have done the C2C and will be doing it again in September this year, I have also done the Cleveland Way, Lyke Wake Walk and the Tabular Hill Way. My plan is to do at least one LDW each year, your website is perfect for assisting with my planning. Can you add the "Silver Links Way" to your list, it is one that I have done about 5 times now and is a moderate walk in the way of difficulty. The official start point is from Grimsby and ends in Louth, a total of 25 miles, I think it is worthy of being added to your site. Please see this link for further details.

From: Shaun Lee
Location: Grimsby Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 April 2014
Message 1,095:

Hi, I have enjoyed you site. Thank you. I thought my own blog of my C2C that I completed in 2012 may be of interest to you. I am coming back later this year to do it all over again as I enjoyed it so much.

From: Paul Hinchcliffe
Location: North Tamborine, Queensland Country: Australia
Date: Sunday 06 April 2014
Message 1,094:

Thanks for The Hole of Horcum walk. We went and did this walk and followed your route. We had absolutely brilliant weather with clear blue skies and full sunshine! Can't believe it was this nice in March! A beautiful walk with a good mixture of woodland and open moors. We did as you recommended and had a well deserved pint when we got back to the village. Thanks again for another spot on walk.

From: Chris Bennett
Location: Stockton on Tees Country: England
Date: Monday 24 March 2014
Message 1,093:

Hello, We walked your Penhill and Templar's Chapel route in Wensleydale yesterday with a detour to the Burton ancient field system. It was a great walk. Thanks for the inspiration.

From: Hannah Walker
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 24 March 2014
Message 1,092:

Hi Mike, thanks for the tip on the Lindley/Norwood Edge walk, we did half of it as the start of a couple of days break in Harrogate for my partner's birthday - lovely views, and best of all, the sun shone as requested! Cheers, Ally.

From: Ally Baker
Location: Spalding Country: England
Date: Wednesday 19 February 2014
Message 1,091:

Hi Mike, Me and nine lads from work completed your Settle Waterfalls & Caves walk, a really complete walk. Not great conditions today but we all enjoyed it. I am planning to do a few more of your walks before attempting the 3 peaks later this year. Cheers Andy.

From: Andrew Rhodes
Location: Bradford Country: England
Date: Wednesday 19 February 2014
Message 1,090:

Hi Mike, I am British by birth but have lived for many years in the Netherlands. I am making my first visit this May to Yorkshire, and have found your website an amazing source of information. I cant wait to get my boots on reading through some of your walks. Great Work!! Thank you.

From: Elaine Springford
Location: Vlaardingen Country: The Netherlands
Date: Tuesday 18 February 2014
Message 1,089:

Read through your Elterwater and Waterfalls walk. it looks like just what we need for our wet stay in the Lake district. Looking forward to it tomorrow. hopefully with minimum use of waterproofs. Thank you.

From: Stephanie Grimshaw
Location: Accrington Country: England
Date: Monday 17 February 2014
Message 1,088:

Hi, youe readers may be interested in an interesting walk. All you require to know about Dartmoors' Ancient Boundary Walk may be gleaned from our web site link below - Dartmoor Ancient Boundary Walk. All the best.

From: Ian Kirkpatrick
Location: Dartmoor, Devon Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 February 2014
Message 1,087:

Your website is wonderful and I use it a lot. One query - you write this on the 'A walk to Cat Bells from Little Town' page: "....we head continuing north down the ridge, now with the crowds only to veer off to the left halfway down Skelgill Bank to follow a track down due west to the bottom of the fell". On the Explorer map I cannot see this above path. Can you clarify the position of the eastern path off the fell please Mike?

'I sent the OS explorer tile to Paul and explained that the black hatched lines on the map, one of which I followed, are all paths leading off Catbells which are there but not officially marked in green hatching as official rights of way'

From: Paul Heppleston
Location: Brassington Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 February 2014
Message 1,086:

Hi Mike, just wanted to say thanks for such a great website! My friends are I are all aged 21-22 have done many of the walks you have shared in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. I am planning on doing the walk from Sutton Bank in the North York Moors tomorrow. Although I don't think the weather will be anywhere near as good as when you did it in 97! Keep up the good work!

From: Joe Holliday
Location: Goole Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 February 2014
Message 1,085:

Hi, I have assembled a set of country path walks from Leeds to Skipton, each of the eight stages starting and ending at a bus stop on the X84 route. If you could spare the time you could check it out at dickdowning.wordpress.com Many thanks for developing such a great website.

From: Dick Downing
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 17 January 2014
Message 1,084:

Mike, I have recently visited your website and was impressed with the quantity and quality of walks that you present. Great narrative and fantastic photos. You really are fortunate to live in part of Britain with so much terrain. I too love walking and have created my own website where the walks are accessible for free. The theme, though, is different from The Walking Englishman site as it concentrates on routes along one of the UK's oldest heritage railways, the Bluebell Railway. If you are interested please visit www.bluebellrailwaywalks.co.uk. I really enjoyed browsing your site and will certainly be checking back in before I and my family return to the Lakes this year.

From: Brian Akehurst
Location: East Grinstead Country: England
Date: Thursday 16 January 2014

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