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Guestbook Entries in 2011:
Message 808:

Dear Mike, A friend and I are contemplating a (very) long distance hike around the perimeter of the main Island of Great Britain. We intend to heavily document the trip and hopefully encourage more people to get to get out walking and get to know our island a little better. In all honesty... we haven't done much walking. We've completed a few very challenging mountain hikes in New Zealand and walked on a casual basis with the family growing up in Yorkshire, but I wouldn't put us in the 'experienced' category. So we are looking to take as much advice from the real walkers of England as we possibly can. We would be enormously appreciative if you could help us with the following questions: Do you think this trip is possible? Where would you begin planning for a trip such as this? Best regards.

'Chris and I have exchanged a good few emails on planning his big walk'

From: Christopher Dabbs
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 12 December 2011
Message 807:

Hi Mike, What a brilliant site! I am sorry to trouble you and please do feel free to ignore this plea. We are on our way to Richmond for our 5th wedding anniversary. We love walking (we spent our honeymoon in Snowdonia with a memorable climb up devils kitchen). We are new to the Dales some have been strolling through your site with glee. Forecast tomorrow is good and would like to do a 4-5 hr walk that is up high. I was thinking about staying north so that we did not end up with long drives and was looking at Dodd Fell and Wether Fell. The trouble is you make all your walks sound great I can't work out which to do. We would probably then do a shorter walk on Sunday with a different feel. I would love your advice. If I can make a donation to the site in return please do let me know how. Many thanks in advance.

'I gave Ed a couple of walk options from near Richmond, one for good weather and one for not so good. He ended up doing Dodd Fell and Wether Fell and thoroughly enjoyed it'

From: Ed Haddon
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 02 December 2011
Message 806:

Hey there Mr Walking Englishman. Adam Gallimore here. I have spoken to you on Facebook a few times and have strolled a few of your walks, which I have found most enjoyable. On your site I have noticed that you encourage people to send their walks to you so that you can add them to your site. The other day myself and good friend David Connor took part in the 6 Dales Challenge; We completed the 25 miles in 7 hours 50 minutes. Before hand I google'd and constructed a map of our route; Google maps using the satellite option is fantastic for this and real easy to use. I also have the official route directions and photographs which I took along the way. I was wondering if you would be interested in them? You can either publish them as they are or maybe even walk the route for yourself and then publish it as your version of the walk. I will try to email all the literature to you by the weekend and then leave the rest up to you. Keep up the walking and the good work Mike.

From: Adam Gallimore
Town/City: Lancashire Country: England
Date: Monday 14 November 2011
Message 805:

Hello Mike, I have recently bought a Garmin erex gps which I find fantastic. I have bought a computer lead and registered with anquet maps where I get my maps. I have looked at some of your walks (which I have quite a few over the last few years) and would like to down load your waypoints into my gps. I have downloaded easy gps and tried to import a .gpx file without success, can you help. Regards.

'I advised Stephen to right click the .gpx files and save them to his computer before uploading to his GPS device'

From: Stephen Pendlebury
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 05 November 2011
Message 804:

Hi Mike, long overdue congrats on your completion of the 1000 mile walk (although I think I left a comment on Facebook). I am now looking forward to reading your day by day account of your journey with great interest. Seems ages ago since I contacted you about the Yorkshire waterfalls and I still haven't got to see Cote Gill yet but have done plenty over the last year or so. just read day 3 so will check in for updates regularly.

From: Colin Gregory
Town/City: Richmond, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 31 October 2011
Message 803:

Hi, After hearing all about your walks on Radio 4 I spoke to my husband (a non- exerciser!) about having a go and miraculously he said yes!! He is suffering from a mild depression at the moment, having given up smoking a year ago and gaining weight. In fact, he's never felt worse ironically. I am sure that getting out and getting moving would be great. Although we live in beautiful Wiltshire and have lots of walks, I think a plan and change of scene would be great. What's your advice for a beginner please? I know we simply need to get out and do it, but like many men a goal and a plan of action would help him focus. Any tips please? Especially about footwear. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance.

'I advised Jackie on a walk plan for her husband and on suitable footwear too'

From: Jackie Beckett
Town/City: Wiltshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 12 October 2011
Message 802:

Dear Mike, I am the lady you met on a train to Lairg who had a nasty cow incident. You kindly passed on a message for me to Mike Salter also doing the Cape Wrath Trail. He has now published the above book and I thought you might be interested. It has 28 pages, numerous photos and costs £3.50. More details on his website: www.follypublications.co.uk Hope everything is going well with you. Best Wishes.

From: Anne Ling
Town/City: Hampshire Country: England
Date: Monday 10 October 2011
Message 801:

Hi Mike, I post my trips on www.bushcraftusa.com as that is where I have a large number of friends: lots of good stuff on the forum, as long as you can ignore their occasional lapses into politics in the General Discussion section. Of course, the main audience is in North America, but they have a lot of informal gear reviews and I correspond with the members in the EU. You can find me under steve_t I will work on the board next week, most likely, as this is a busy time of year for business. Having just done a stint in SE Finland, I am off to the Arctic in two weeks time, so you can expect a post on that. How would walk descriptions go on your site(s)? All the best,

From: Stephen Tupper
Town/City: Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 05 October 2011
Message 800:

Thank you for your recommendation. I did the first bit of the Coast to Coast and it was amazing nice!

From: Ard Karsten
Town/City: Midwoud Country: Netherlands
Date: Friday 23 September 2011
Message 799:

Hello, I have been looking at your site with a view to using some of the walks as part of my training for a charity I am doing up Kilimanjaro in March of next year. I have a good level of fitness but have not walked hills or fells since I was 18 (Duke of Edinburgh) and am now 42 so quite a while ago. I live in Radlett and will hopefully be able to get to the lake district for a couple of weekends before my climb. Can you suggest some suitable walks either in the lake district or anywhere closer to home that would help me in my training. I really need 3-5 hour circular walks with a decent asent. I look forward to hearing from you.

'I contacted Sue and suggested five of my Lake District walks which she appreciated'

From: Sue Maughan
Town/City: Radlett Country: England
Date: Wednesday 21 September 2011
Message 798:

Hello, I am interested in finding out if Mike Brockhurst gives talks to groups? I am organising a 'Getting Outdoors and Closer to Nature' conference at Dalby Forest on 19th October and am looking for a speaker who could give a half hour talk with 15 minute question time on walking. Please could you let me know if Mike could be an option and if he was interested in attending, how much would his fee be? Many thanks.

'I contacted Caroline, made arrangements to deliver the speech and did it for nothing'

From: Caroline Geldard, Business Support Coordinator, The National Trust
Town/City: Dringhouses, York Country: England
Date: Tuesday 20 September 2011
Message 797:

Hello Mike, Last week we had a day off work and headed off to do the Staithes coastal walk, after seeing it on your website. We caught a beautiful day for it and really enjoyed it. I'd never been to this stretch of coast before and found it to be an excellent walk. The only complaint my wife had was that when we arrived back at Staithes the butchers was shut and she couldnt get her lemon curd! Nevermind! Anyway just wanted to thank you again for an excellent website. Cheers, Chris.

From: Chris Bennett
Town/City: Stockton on Tees Country: England
Date: Monday 12 September 2011
Message 796:

Fifteen years or so ago I started to do quite a lot of walking, but unfortunately my career took over and the walking ceased. Most of my friends continues and some have bagged all the Munroe's. However I am nearing retirement and have just started local walks to get in training for a huge amount of walking when I retire next year. The real issue. I have obviously discovered your excellent site. Fantastic, the work you have done on the site and clearly you have enjoyed the walking to make it all possible. I note that in relation to the walks you have provided Memory Map routes and .gpx files. Question, will the files of walks on your site copy across to hand held GPS's other than Memory Map. Appreciate you thoughts and experience. Kind regards.

'I advised Russell that .gpx files will work on most GPS devices including Memory Map, Garmin and Magellan'

From: Russell Adcock
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 08 September 2011
Message 795:

Here is my suggestion for adding to your website: Wye Valley Walk. We completed this earlier this year and my log is here: http://www.whitecottage.org/wyevalleywalk.htm. Individual walks can be found on my walking log pages which reference my routes and photos on http://www.everytrail.com/profile.php?user_id=333.

'I added the walk to my Long Distance Paths list'

From: Mike Elcock
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 05 September 2011
Message 794:

Hi, We are coming up to Brimham Rocks for the week on Sat 3rd September, and wondered if you would be so kind as to recommend some easy/moderate walks that would allow us to take our dogs. I grew up near Harrogate but left in 1984 and moved near to the New Forest. So probably places that I used to walk will no doubt have changed and there will probably be more restrictions on where you can walk with dogs. Would greatly appreciate your help. Kind Regards.

'I replied - Hi Pauline, Otley Chevin, Bolton Abbey and Brimham Rocks are all dog friendly as long as the puppy is kept under control (which I am sure it will be). As for the moors the grouse hunting season has now started but I was on Skipton Moor last week and met lots of people walking their dogs. The heather is out in bloom there too so you should be able to enjoy it. Start where I started my walk at Addingham on this walk http://www.walkingenglishman.com/leedsharrogate33.html but follow the moor track to Skipton moor and back (the north side). Views are stunning too. An alternative is to walk a little way from Bolton Abbey towards Simons Seat and back. My local Harrogate walk is another lovely one you could enjoy with the puppy.'

From: Pauline Goodband
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 31 August 2011
Message 793:

Hi, We are coming up to Brimham Rocks for the week on Sat 3rd September, and wondered if you would be so kind as to recommend some easy/moderate walks that would allow us to take our dogs. I grew up near Harrogate but left in 1984 and moved near to the New Forest. So probably places that I used to walk will no doubt have changed and there will probably be more restrictions on where you can walk with dogs.

'I recommended some good family and dog friendly walks in the area to Pauline'

From: Pauline Goodband
Town/City: New Forest Country: England
Date: Tuesday 30 August 2011
Message 792:

I have just received a Google alert which led me to your feature on the Boudicca Way on the Walking Englishman website. What can I say apart from a massive thank you for completing the walk and submitting such a great review of it. It was so nice reading another persons view of the walk and area of countryside surrounding it, I am sure it will help inspire many others to give the Boudicca Way a go! Thank you once again.

From: Steve Falvey
Town/City: Suffolk Country: England
Date: Friday 26 August 2011
Message 791:

Firstly just wanted to say what am excellent website you have produced. I have recently undertaken an ascent of Kinder Scout after reading your route although real bad weather prevented its completion. (I mean unsafe bad weather, make no mistake I am not a fair weather walker and can often be found in my tent wild camping in sub zero conditions) I did reach the top but had to descend via the route I came. Your website then inspired me to chuck a load of gear in the car and head to the Lakes, for after the highest point in Derbyshire I fancied a crack at Scafell Pike. I'd never been to the Lakes before and was suitably impressed, wet weather and cloud obscured some views but it was superb. I am now perusing your site for more ideas of where to go. It was whilst doing this that I decided to email you. I feel the Trent Valley Way would be a good addition to your long distance section. I personally have only walked the section from Nottingham to Newark which is perhaps 30 mile at a guess. I believe it stretches much further in total. It is my aim to follow the Trent from Nottingham where I reside (although proudly Derbyshire born) to the Humber Estuary. Anyway enough about me, I just wanted to let a fellow walker know about a good route they may not be aware of. Whilst the route is pretty flat and therefore easier walking than say the lakes, the scenery is great and varied. The easy terrain allows bigger distances to be covered, and allows a good walk when perhaps a niggling injury prevents more arduous terrain being an option. I did the Notts to Newark stretch in 2 half days carrying a 90 litre pack with camping gear and found this easier than the Scafell trek. I am sure there's a complete route on the internet and if you'd like any more info let me know. Yours, James.

From: James Tuck
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Tuesday 23 August 2011

Additional information on the Trent Valley Way (provided by Ken Brockway)

"The Trent Valley Way was a route devised by Nottinghamshire County Council, Douglas Macdonald if my memory serves me right. Hence the route only follows the Trent through Nottinghamshire. There are sections where the river, which is navigable, had a towing path which is now public so the route follows the river bank. In other places the Way strays well away from the water course which offers a little variety. Looking for flattish walking see Viking Way or Boudicca Way"
Message 790:

Hello, First, congratulations on the effort you made to obtain the waterfall photograph during your Goathland walk. However I am afraid that I must point out an error: The photo is labeled "Thomason Foss." Actually it is a photograph of Water Arc falls which lie approximately 100 metres upstream of the real Thomason Foss. The adventurous route you took after taking your photograph caused you to miss seeing Thomason Foss. If you were to walk east from Beck Hole along the North bank of the Murk Esk, the path rises to the NYMR and then forks. Your route (in reverse) was the left (higher) branch. The right (lower) branch drops down to the river and Thomason Foss. Another photographer correctly identified Water Arc falls. It is a common mistake to confuse these falls - in fact I have just had to point this out to my friend Frank Firth who runs the Yorkshire Walks web site.

'I put the error right on the webpage and advised Ray accordingly, also thanking him for pointing it out'

From: Ray Brown
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 23 August 2011

Message 789:

Hi, I have just posted a trip report and pictures from my Coast to Coast walk at the end of July, which may be of interest for your link collection: http://www.c8h10n4o2.org/walking/ctc/index.html All in all a very enjoyable trip, with surprisingly good weather, only 2 hours of drizzle over the entire trip. Bits that particularly stood out were most of the lake district, the lead mining bits between Keld and Reeth, and the high moors on the Cleveland Way. I could definitely be persuaded to do it again (which is always a good sign), although next time I'll try the other direction! Cheers

From: Pete Lockey
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 19 August 2011

Message 788:

Hi Mike, I completely missed your blog about the 1,000 mile walk... sounds absolutely amazing and well done. Thanks a lot for getting back to me its much appreciated, hopefully you can help with another query. I will be (attempting) to run The OMM in October and wanted to get some navigation practise before I go. Can you recommend any good longish walks (15 - 20 miles) in the Yorkshire area which can be difficult to navigate? Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work with the website, its proved such a good resource for me.

From: Matt Livesey
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 16 August 2011

Message 787:

Hello Mike, I visit your site a lot looking at various walks to do (The site is great and very helpful) I live in Derbyshire and visit the Lake District a lot. I was just wondering If you knew of any taxi services in Keswick that do pick up for hikers as I am keen on doing some long ridge walks rather than doing a circular walks with a pick up at the end.

'I replied to Chris that there were taxi services in Keswick who pick up hikers'

From: Chris Sadler
Town/City: Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 10 August 2011

Message 786:

Hello Mike, I write for JLife magazine, an a4 glossy magazine which focuses on the local community in LS17- an area of Leeds. As part of the August issue of the magazine, I am writing a piece about top walks in Yorkshire, for our readers to try in the summer. I am hoping to feature Eccup Reservoir as the 'best for local" walk. Would it be possible to email me a couple of pictures of the reservoir, as featured on your website? If so, would they require creditting? Hope to hear from you soon.

'I replied to Georgina and provided all the necessary material'

From: Georgina Burkoff
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 13 July 2011

Message 785:

Hello, My partner and I are going to the Yorkshire Dales in August and we are staying in Muker. I was just wondering if there was any walks you would suggest and any waterfalls that are close by? Thanks

'I advised - There are lots of waterfalls nearby. Take a walk around Keld, there are fantastic waterfalls nearby'

From: Steph Johnson
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 07 July 2011

Message 784:

Hello! I was looking through your website, in particular the walk guide through to Mossdale Scar. I was hoping to hike that way. Would you mind me asking, is there any accomodation as close as possible to Mossdale? I have googled some places, but it shows general hotels in Conistone or Grassington. I was hoping for somewhere a bit more easily accessible to Mossdale. Thank you for your time, best wishes, Shezi

'I advised Grassington was ideal as it was at the start of the walk'

From: Shahrzad Mohamadi
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 July 2011

Message 783:

Hi, I have been following your walk on Facebook. Very inspirational. I will be travelling to the UK for a bit of a vacation and I came upon your page. I booked a walking holiday in the Cotswolds and given this is my first walking holiday I need a bit of simple guidance and advice. I wonder if you would be able to suggest the kind of hiking boots you would recommend for this part of the country. Also would you suggest raingear and of what kind? I am coming from Canada and we just don't get the same rain. I am thinking of purchasing the raingear once I arrive (I will be in Oxford for a few days). I would like to pick up the boots this week to work them in. Thanks for posting - I am throughly enjoying it. Hope I can work my way up to a real "walk" one day.

'I advised - When in the UK go to Go Outdoors or Cotswold. Either company will give you professional advice on your clothing and boots. FYI I use a Berghaus Paclite jacket and Meindl Burma boots'

From: Marla
Town/City: Country: Canade
Date: Monday 04 July 2011

Message 782:

Hi, We walked the Shropshire Way this year and really enjoyed it, it's rolling country side was a pleasure to walk, it is 140 miles long, and is a circular walk, we started at Shrewsbury and walked to Bridges 16 miles, then Bishops Castle 13 miles, then Clun 12 miles, then Stokesay 12 miles, then Ludlow 10 miles, then Cleedownton 12 miles, then Wenlock Edge 14 miles, then Ironbridge 11 miles, then High Ercall 15 miles, then Wem 14 miles, and then back to Shrewsbury 15 miles. The southern part of the walk was the nicest and better for signs that is the part from Shrewsbury to Wenlock edge part after that signs are few and not very good to spot, but if you can read a map and use a compass, it's a lovely walk. Hope you will like it to.

From: Glen Walker
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 21 June 2011

Additional information on the Shropshire Way (provided by Ken Brockway)

"The Shropshire Way was originally devised by the Ramblers Association many years ago and the exact route, using public rights of way and permissive paths, has differed from publication to publication over the years. About 3 years ago the council were able to allocate additional funding for a project to improve the Shropshire Way in the South of the county which is the most popular part. The project carried out improvement to the route by replacing stiles with gates wherever possible, improving waymarking, amending the route where it was held to be advisable and beneficial and to create circular walks off the Way. Once the work was completed a new guide was published and was also made available on our website. Since then we have been seeking additional funding to carry out a similar project on part, if not all, of the Northern section. This has now been successful and we are currently seeking a project officer to undertake the work on a two year project. Once the project is completed a new guide for the improved Northern section will be published. The work will include improved waymarking"
Message 781:

It was great to meet you on your 1,000 Mile Walk and Gail and I wish you all the best with your walk. We are also going to make a £20 donation to your charity. Once again, I am very pleased to have met you and what you are doing is inspirational. I will keep in touch and monitor your progress.

From: Tom Mills
Town/City: Dundee Country: Scotland
Date: Sunday 19 June 2011
Message 780:

Hi Mike, Really like your walking site. Do you make a living from your website or do you also have another job? I am thinking about doing something similar on cycling and ideally would like to do it full-time eventually, but am wondering if it will ever generate enough money. Many thanks,

'I advised Leigh that my site generates money to cover the costs but that I have a day job too which is crucial to me'

From: Leigh Walker
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Thursday 16 June 2011
Message 779:

A walk to Simon's Seat from Bolton Abbey 'where a substantial stone bridge stands serving no purpose but to allow Strid walkers to cross and go back along the Strid on the other side. It must have had a more profitable role at one time?' FYI The 'bridge' is in fact carrying a water pipeline for Bradford Water Works. The pipe stretches round Earl Seat and heads off to Grimwith Reservoir.

From: Don Langley
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Thursday 16 June 2011
Message 778:

Dear Mike, Congratulations on completing your version the Cape Wrath Trail! Noted as the hardest trail in GB. Can't wait to read your book on it. After all your adventures and many liaisons the memory of Chris and I on the train to Lairg must be very distant. However, thank you for giving my message to Mike Salter and we did see him just South of Crask so to our relief we knew he had completed it safely too. We had a great time in the Ben Armine mountain range spotting on our 3rd day one of your favourite Golden Eagles. We thought of you again as Loch Choire Bothy nearly took off in 125mph gusts. We wish you every success, happiness and happier feet on the rest of your journey.

From: Anne Ling and Chris Baines
Town/City: Hampshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 15 June 2011
Message 777:

Hello Walking Englishman, I have been asked by my church walk co-ordinator to confirm the postcode and directions to the Langdale carpark to start the Pavey Ark walk. We got the route from your website. When I put Rossett, Langdale into Google maps it said the nearest national trust car park is in Seatoller. I phoned the National Trust and quoted the car park grid reference from your4 page but it did not correspond with their car parks. They gave me two possible alternative references as follows...NY285062 (Dungeon Ghyll) and NY295064 (Stickle Ghyll). Although according to Google Maps these car parks are miles away from Rossett in Great Langdale. The grid reference on your website is NY293063. On our last walk we had one car at a different carpark, that's why the walk leader wants to make sure everyone knows where to go this time. Thanks.

'I pointed Mark to the correct carpark at Stickle Ghyll'

From: Mark Grainger
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 10 June 2011
Message 776:

Hi, I came across your site and wondered if I could ask some questions. My partner and I want to walk for about 4-5 days in Lakes District in mid August. We want some challenge but nothing absurd, I am 64, she is 55. I think I read that you were recommending Keswick as a base…if that better than walking town to town? What is the difference, walking-wise, between the Windermere/bowness and Ambleside area and Keswick? We are looking for something self-guided, with bed and breakfast lodging. Many thanks for what advice you can lend.

'I advised on a few options which Michael appreciated'

From: Michael Posner
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 06 June 2011
Message 775:

Hi there, Firstly thank you so much for the content on your website. As a (fairly) young walker I have found the routes on your site extremely helpful as an introduction to the amazing walks around my area of North Leeds. I will always check this site first and I have quickly exhausted many of the routes. Last weekend I decided to tackle the Yorkshire Three Peaks using your route, it was a successful trip and we completed the walk in 9:20 hours. However, we noticed groups we were overtaking early on joined us at a later stage... like they were taking a shortcut. Are there a few different routes to complete the Three Peaks and do the majority of people choose this evidently shorter walk? I really enjoyed the walk and this is for my own knowledge rather than the competitiveness of completion times. Thanks.

'I advised on a few options to shorten the route'

From: Matt Livesey
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 06 June 2011
Message 774:

Hi Mike My husband found your website when he was looking into walks in Yorkshire (we've got a week in the Dales to look forward to later in the year) – what an amazing site, it's obvious that a huge amount of work has gone into it. If it's not too cheeky, I wondered if you would consider adding a link to my blog on your links page? Have a look at http://stileguru.blogspot.com/ We mainly go walking around the Chilterns and countryside around London, although we have also squeezed in a week in Cornwall earlier this year Have just had a couple of months off walking (due to boring domestic stuff) so knowing that a few more people are looking at it would spur us into action again! All the best.

From: Vicki Davis
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Thursday 02 June 2011
Message 773:

Hi Mike, I hope that you are well, my name is Nancy Hopkins and I am the Visitor Economy Officer for Cheshire East Council. As part of my role I am responsible for the promotion of a number of websites including www.discovercheshire.com www.discoverthegritstonetrail.co.uk and www.discovercheshirepeakdistrict.co.uk. Our websites feature interactive mapping for a number of walking, cycling and riding routes across Cheshire and we also have a site dedicated solely to the Gritstone Trail. All of the walks on the site have been tried and tested by the rangers in Cheshire East and Cheshire West, and public rights of way are assured. I was wondering it if would be possible for you to link to some of our Cheshire walks from your site, and possibly add a reciprocal link to your site? We will, of course, link back to your site (which I thought was fab!) Many Thanks,

From: Nancy Hopkins
Town/City: Knutsford, Cheshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 May 2011
Message 772:

My six year old has done up to 5-6 miles before, and has handled some difficult climbs. We will be staying in Reading for 2 weeks, and plan on visiting as much of the UK as we can. Of course, we are planning to stop at Stone Henge, Bath, and Loch Ness..... ...but really we haven't made any definite plans, we were just going to go and see where it takes us. I can tell you that every time we travel, my husband and I plan these typical/expensive tours and all we hear about when we get home is the exciting free hike we went on....LOL!!! So with that, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

'I replied - Kim, By what you say, I guess you must try to get to the Lake District or the Peak District. If you go to the Lake District visit Keswick and walk to Skiddaw. If you go to the Peak District go to Dovedale and walk there. However, if I were to recommend one walk for you and your family then it must be this one: Malham Cove, Malham Tarn and Gordale Scar Walk You will all love it if you do but to do it you must visit Yorkshire. '

From: Kim Cannon
Town/City: Country: USA
Date: Monday 16 May 2011
Message 771:

Hi, Just downloaded your list of LD paths. Thank you for this. The Newcastle Way is not included. I have seen signs for it on a couple of walks, one that passed through Kidsgrove Staffordshire, and one in Apedale Country park Newcastle Staffs. Thanks.

'I have now added the Newcastle Way to the LDP list'

From: Felicity Whitelock
Town/City: Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire Country: England
Date: Monday 16 May 2011
Message 770:

I would just like to give you a big THANK YOU!!! We fly into London next Monday, and I wanted to take the boys on several walks in Scotland and Wales....but where to start looking for the perfect one???? Your website is truly amazing. We have been sitting here all day, sorting through the different walks and the boys are SO EXCITED NOW!!!

From: Kim Cannon
Town/City: Country: USA
Date: Sunday 15 May 2011
Message 769:

Hi Mike, Thanks for such a great site. We love walking in England, and are planning our first time in the Lake District. A friend recommended your site.

From: Ian Ginn
Town/City: Cardiff Country: Wales
Date: Thursday 13 May 2011
Message 768:

At the end of April we did your Middleham and Coverdale walk. It was a fantastic sunny day in late April and the place was awash with dandelions flowers, primroses, bluebells, buttercups, cowslips, cellandines, star warts, speedwell, wild garlic, violets and loads we did not know. We extended the walk slightly to spend a happy and gentle 20 minutes sitting on a bench in East Witton and then crossed the Cover by the East Witton ford on the way to Middleham castle. Glorious countryside. Glorious day. This is what England is about!

From: Tim Lambon
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 13 May 2011
Message 767:

Hi Mike! I am a Sri Lankan who is new to the UK and have been waiting for Spring to do a hike in the Lake District. Looking around for ideas, I stumbled upon your brilliant website and am now even more inspired to do a walk in the Lakes. But all those trails just seem so damn good that I am now simply overwhelmed with choices! It would be awesome if you could recommend one or two trails that would be the BEST in terms of sheer beauty for a first timer in the UK countryside. I plan to hike with two of my buddies (all of us in our mid 30s, but not regular hikers) leaving our families in a nearby lodge. I am thinking of a medium level walk because 1) our lack of experience and 2) my plan to take some fairly heavy camera gear for some photography (5-6kg). Considering all this, what would be your advice on the best trail/s--remember classic Lake District beauty (and if possible diversity of habitat) more important than hardcore climbing. Thanks, and looking forward to some more great trails/accounts!

'I recommended 3 lovely Lake district walks from my easy/ moderate range to Sawan'

From: Sawan Waidyanatha
Town/City: Oslo Country: Sri Lanka
Date: Monday 09 May 2011
Message 766:

Hello Mike, and thank you for your very inspiring site! We are two rather experienced Norwegian walkers planning a week (or so) walking holiday in Britain this summer. Probably we'll look for a long distance trail which will provide new accomodation every night. And that leads to my question? Where do we find the possible places to stay overnight when on such a route? Will they all be in villages? Or are there special places out there catering for walkers only (like in the mountains in Norway and other countries). I'd be very grateful for an answer, and may be an advise on a good guidebook.

'I have recommended some trails and guidebooks to Hilde'

From: Hilde Lundgaard
Town/City: Oslo Country: Norway
Date: Tuesday 03 May 2011
Message 765:

Hi Mike, I found your site a while ago and must say I am impressed. A couple of weeks ago my son (8 years old) and I did the Mam Tor ridge from Hope walk with a small extension from and to the station. On route we met another group who were also following your route. We had a brilliant day and hope to use more of your routes in the future. My next chalenge is the Peatlands Way challenge walk on 21st May, 50 miles crossing Thorne and Hatfield moors. I hope to have it done in about 16 hours.

From: Peter Poppy
Town/City: Doncaster, South Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 April 2011
Message 764:

Hello, I was in Dovedale today, I climbed up the very steep side of Bunster Hill I believe it's called, the side facing the river opposite Thorpe Cloud, it was a good but tricky climb. I was just wondering if you could let me know where the caves are, the ones featured in your profile.

'I told James the cave was Thor's Cave in the Peak District, OS map reference SK098550'

From: James Hindson
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 29 April 2011
Message 763:

I recently found your site and really like the walks/info you have posted, especially the GPS info downloads. I was looking at doing one this weekend, the Standedge Trail and Oldham Way, but the gpx and mmo files are linked to the wrong walk, thought I would just let you know for any other visitors. Thanks Graham.

'I corrected the error and informed Graham the download files are now the correct ones'

From: Graham Burdon
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 28 April 2011
Message 762:

We did a tweaked version of your Kentmere walk on Saturday, some really nice scenery but time plus our fitness let us down so we did not climb up to Harter fell. I had a really good day out but my legs haven't forgiven me yet!

From: James White
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 25 April 2011
Message 761:

After spending the night in Sheffield (dropped our Matt back at University) I went for a walk in the Peak District. We did the Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale walk which I picked up off your website. I must say, this was a wonderful and mostly peaceful walk, considering it was Bank Holiday Monday. I will certainly use your walks again and will recommend them to friends. Thanks a lot.

From: Steven Hines
Town/City: Barwell, Leicestershire Country: England
Date: Monday 25 April 2011
Message 760:

Hi Mike, I hope this finds you well and that you're managing to get some great walking in during the Easter break. Once again I feel obliged to write to congratulate you on a really excellent website. I finished a demanding piece of work in the theatre last Saturday and after tying up a few loose ends on Monday my wife and I decided that we needed to take advantage of the great weather forecast by going up to the Lake District to unwind. We did not really have time to do any research so I simply picked out 3 of your horseshoe walks, slung the gear in the back of the car and set off for Braithwaite where we camped for a couple of nights.

We started with the Coledale Horseshoe on Tuesday which was simply magnificent despite the haze although, as we decided to do the walk anti-clockwise, the trek up Grisedale Pike was quite demanding on rusty legs. The following day we did the Derwent Horseshoe which I really enjoyed as the visibility was a little better. The National Park guys have done a great job on the path going up Dale Head so it's reasonably easy to get into a steady rhythm. After returning to the car in Little Town we had a nasty shock when I checked the road map for our journey to Wasdale Head - we'd left home at such a rush that I hadn't realised that it's a 2 hour drive! As it was too late to reclaim our deposit from the Wasdale Head Inn we couldn't really change our plans but at least it's a great drive over the passes. The Inn is "under new management" again and was quite poor apart from a good breakfast.

Like you, we simply couldn't find the High Level Route from Looking Stead to Robinson Cairn - I think we were too far to the south on the summit of Looking Stead. Later, we thought about copying your scramble down to the path but my wife was not keen so we continued on the ridge. It was still a stunning walk but Pillar Rock will have to wait for another day. I recall that it took me 3 attempts to find the similar Climbers' Traverse going up Bowfell! We really enjoyed the scramble up to Stirrup Crag but the walk back on the road after the scramble down from Yewbarrow was a bit tiresome - in retrospect we should have parked where you did and walked back to Wasdale Head early in the morning.

Over dinner on Thursday night with some rock climbing friends in Kendal we were persuaded to stay another day and go up Jake's Rake with them- we're delighted that we did despite the Bank Holiday crowds on Good Friday. The scramble was awesome although I was not too keen walking along the open ledges! All in all we had a magnificent 4 days in wonderful weather. I appreciate that these are famous horseshoe walks but nevertheless it's great to be able to just pluck all the details you need from one excellent website.

I see that you added the Kentmere Seven last March. We were up there a few days earlier and tried an anti-clockwise route but the visibility was so poor that we came down the path from the shelter below Harter Fell to Kentmere reservoir rather than carry on in the fog. Although the path down the valley was quite pleasant we're looking forward to a second attempt. By the way, if you've not stopped at the Haweswater Hotel since it's been refurbished it's well worth a stay. We picked up a discount out of season when we did the Coast to Coast last Easter and enjoyed it so much that we've been back and paid full price for a relaxing mid-winter break.

Once again, thanks for a great website and best of luck with your Cape Wrath to Lizard trek. Best regards, John

From: John Lister
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 23 April 2011
Message 759:

I found your site last year while looking for stuff about the Cornish Coastal Path. It is a very good site, thanks.

From: Bill Kendall
Town/City: Barrow in Furness Country: England
Date: Monday 18 April 2011
Message 758:

I am going for a walk on Friday (got to love Bank Holidays!) Either the Peak District or up to the Lake District; not made my mind up yet, so much choice :-) I have been browsing your website for a while now, but only just spotted the Facebook link... you have taken some really nice photos. Thank you.

From: James White
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 18 April 2011
Message 757:

Just stumbled across your site and think it is excellent. Looking to do many of those walks now. Please keep up the good work, its much appreciated. Could I ask what would be the best/cheapest device to load the GPS files onto please for the walks. I was looking at the Garmin E-Trex H, but unsure if its the right one, thanks.

'I advised Gary that his Garmin eTrex H will be perfectly fine to use the GPS files'

From: Gary Watson
Town/City: Skipton Country: England
Date: Monday 18 April 2011
Message 756:

Hi there, I am heading out to The Yorkshire moors for a break and was looking for some walking routes to some interesting sights - your Goathland Moors and Waterfalls route looks great, though I might find the detour around the scary 60 meters :-) Cheers!

From: Louise Fellows
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 April 2011
Message 755:

Hi Walking Englishman, I have used your site for at least a year now and have to say it is brilliant.

From: Tracy Ruddick
Town/City: North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 15 April 2011
Message 754:

Hi Mike, This is a brilliant site...thanks so much for taking the time and effort to share your passion and expertise. I am not much of a walker (yet) but I tried some of your easy ones in the Lake District this January. Tomorrow I am doing the easy stroll around Eccup reservoir. It turns out I don't even have to travel far to enjoy a nice walk. Looking forward to it very much in this lovely weather and will try to get a picture of a Red Kite too! Thanks again.

From: Donna Sykes
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 08 April 2011
Message 753:

I am only 13 years old but I love hiking and I share the same passion for hiking as you. I am a particular fan of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, after experiencing it for the first time last year when I stayed in Ingleton and voyaged along Ribblehead and up Whernside. It was stunning. I am a big fan of this great website because it is extremely helpful on what walks I should do next. Living near the Peak District is useful for my walking skills. Thanks for the great Peak walk options.

From: Rowan Peake
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Tuesday 05 April 2011
Message 752:

Mike, I returned to your site as I am reading up everyone's experiences. I am setting off on the C-to-C in five weeks, with the aim of completing it for £12.50 (the price of my bargain internet train fare to St Bee's). My bus pass will get me home. I'll be wild camping all the way, and spending no more on food than if I was at home.

From: Hericus
Town/City: Scarborough Country: England
Date: Tuesday 05 April 2011
Message 751:

What a fantastic website ! ! Me and seven of my mates have just got back from walking in the Peak District. We did the walk along the Roaches, Lud's Church and then to the Hanging Stone which we found on this website. A big thank you to The Walking Englishman!

From: Daniel Biggs
Town/City: Bedworth, Warwickshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 30 March 2011
Message 750:

Hi Mike, just found your website and just wanted to say it is FANTASTIC! I have been investigating National Parks in the UK and the official websites (generally) tend to have little information on the walks in the parks. Given that my husband and I only have 6 weeks to enjoy the UK (we are from Australia). I was keen to investigate the parks thoroughly before we had off and have found your website an absolute godsend thank you SO much! :)

From: Cherimoya Violi
Town/City: Country: Australia
Date: Wednesday 30 March 2011
Message 749:

What a great site! I am looking forward to being up in the Lake District from the 7th April. Keswick to Ravenglass. Hopefully taking in some peaks I have never visited before. Lords Rake looks fun!!

From: Ian Beswick
Town/City: Bedford Country: England
Date: Tuesday 29 March 2011
Message 748:

What a cracking site for walkers.

From: Martin Shutts
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 23 March 2011
Message 747:

Wow...your website is fabulous thank you. We are all so fortunate that you share so much for us all to benefit from. I have a question? I am bringing my 15 year old son for a taster weekend up in Yorkshire. I am a Yorkshire lass but have been down south for over 25 years now. I used to walk the Dales or the North York Moors most weekends culminating in the Pennine Way in 1981 when aged 17. So I want to impress my son, and make him completely love Yorkshire as I do. The walk needs to be spectacular, exciting, beautiful. I only really have a day to inspire. What walk would you recommend? Thanks so much in advance.

'I suggested a few of my Yorkshire Dales walks to Amanda including the Settle Caves and Waterfalls Walk or Crummackdale or Malham and Gordale. For a walk in the North York Moors I suggested Byland Abbey and Sutton Bank'

From: Amanda Poorta
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Monday 21 March 2011
Message 746:

Fantastic website which is very helpful. As a newbie to Lakeland walking I shall be trying a couple of the easy walks that you have described this week and hopefully doing some more in the future. I am looking forward to it and many thanks to you.

From: Ian Smith
Town/City: Oakham, Rutland Country: England
Date: Sunday 20 March 2011
Message 745:

Love this site! I will be printing out some walks when I go to England next.

From: Wendy Rogers
Town/City: Fredericton, New Brunswick Country: Canada
Date: Sunday 20 March 2011
Message 744:

Great job! One of the best websites I have ever used, gives you exactly what you need; great walks, gpx files and wonderful descriptions. Many thanks!

From: Chris Stock
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 18 March 2011
Message 743:

Loving this site. It makes planning our walks very easy. The only problem is we are spoiled for choice. We are going to climb Helvellyn on 18th March (I have done it twice before) After reading about your walking holidays we decided to book 4 nights in May to walk in the Lakes....Scafell, Blencathra via Sharpe Edge and Skiddaw. The information you provide is priceless.

From: Tyrone Fox
Town/City: Doncaster Country: England
Date: Friday 11 March 2011
Message 742:

Hi Mike, I just want to let you know that my wife and I both think your website is fantastic. We have done many walks from it, the last being Lindley Wood and Norwood Edge last Saturday afternoon. Keep up the good work and we will spread the word about your site.

From: Kevin Holmes
Town/City: Horsforth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 11 March 2011
Message 741:

Hi Mike. I have been using your site for walk ideas for more than a year now and find it fab, I walk solo with my dog and find most guides books don't show or give enough detail to allow me to determine if a walk is suitable or not (trying to hold onto the lead of a boisterous dog can provide some exciting moments!). Your site has inspired me to start to journal my own walks this year, and I have even set up a website called The Walking Dog for these, although yet to add any walking content. Thanks for your help, your inspiriation and of course your walks!

From: Adrian Pagliaro
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 March 2011
Message 740:

Hello, and thank you for providing such a fantastic resource! I discovered your website whilst researching walks for the Lake District, and printed a couple off. I have just returned from doing the Gowbarrow Fell walk along with the relaxing saunter around Loughrigg Tarn you recommend. There was one other walking party at the top of Gowbarrow Fell and amazingly as we arrived one pulled from her pocket a printout with a photograph I recognised. "The Walking Englishman?" I asked.. "Yes he is", she replied, pointing to her fellow walker dressed in some very warm-looking hiking gear, and a natty hiking scarf. "No no, the website" I replied, "Did you print that from the Walking Englishman?" Queue much laughter as they realise we went to the same website for the information!!! We took a slight detour from your Gowbarrow route, and after High Force, crossed over the water into a field on the left that took us into the village - it was a nice little addition. Thanks once again.

From: Matt Willis
Town/City: Newbury, Berkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 28 February 2011
Message 739:

Hi Mike, I frequently check out your site for inspiration, tips and information regarding walks I have on my 'wish-list' and those I am preparing to attempt. I am planning the Coast to Coast this Spring so will let you know how it goes. As for areas you may find of interest, I live in Calderdale and find there are many good walks around Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall Moor, Stoodley Pike, etc. Great work..keep it up!

'Matt wrote again mentioning he found my West Yorkshire walks which cover the Calderdale area but I told him I need to do more walks in the future to complement the splendid area'

From: Matthew Gregory
Town/City: Calderdale, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 February 2011
Message 738:

We were off for a few days and so thought we'd get a bit of walking in. I decided to look on your website as I have found it very reliable and informative in the past. We decided to do the Runswick Bay walk one day and the Goathland Waterfall walk the next. Both were brilliant walks. The Runswick Bay walk was beautiful and we caught it on a lovely clear day. The Goathland walk was just as beautiful and even though it rained we still enjoyed it and the rain meant that Mallyan Spout was in full flow! Thanks again for the excellent website.

From: Chris Bennett
Town/City: Stockton on Tees Country: England
Date: Friday 25 February 2011
Message 737:

Hi Mike I am originally from Everingham and I now live at Barmby Moor. I have been going to do the Wolds Way for years and finally started it yesterday as I am really a Mountain Biker! I did from Hessle to Brantingham yesterday and really loved it, in spite of replaced knees and being hardly able to walk into Brantingham! Thanks to my good friend Liz I made it. Great website, thank you.

From: Val French
Town/City: Barmby Moor, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 22 February 2011
Message 736:

Excellent site. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to keep it up and running.

From: Tim Fairless
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 20 February 2011
Message 735:

Hello Mike, I stumbled (excuse the pun) across your website today while I was checking out routes up Scafell. I was in the Lake District last year - the first time in many years. During last years visit I walked up Hellvellyn from Thirlmere over to Glenridding...it's the first time in 40 years since I was up there. 1968 is the last time I was on Scafell Pike and this year I am planning to go up again. I had a major heart attack in 2003 and since then I have not been off the hills - cardiovascular is the name of the game. I have just finished reading a book called 'A Long Walk South' - a fellow Irishman, Sean Rothery walked from the Hook of Holland to Nice along the GR5 in 1993. It included the Vosges, Jura and Alps and that was after he had retired from work at the age of 67. I have done stretches in the Jura - 6 day walks. Good luck with your long walk south.

From: Jack Brereton
Town/City: County Donegal Country: Ireland
Date: Friday 18 February 2011
Message 734:

I really like this website you have put together it's absolutely fantastic. I have recently purchased an iPhone app to allow me to walk some of your routes but I am having particular difficulty with one of them. The Langdale Pikes .gpx file does not seem to be working. Is there a fault with this file?

'I replied to Martin advising him the file is perfectly fine and with the following advice which applies to anyone opening GPX route files from the Walking Englishman - With GPX files save to your PC and open with Memory Map or similar. Most web browsers interpret GPX files as a webpage'

From: Martin Philcock
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 18 February 2011
Message 733:

This is a really great site, I have just completed the Malham Tarn walk, and managed to climb over Gordale Scar (I bottled it last time). you have a great collection of walks, I will be using your site again.

From: Neil Meeson
Town/City: Leeds, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 17 February 2011
Message 732:

Hello,I live in Doncaster,South Yorkshire, and some friends and myself were hoping to organise a long distance walk in aid of Help for Heroes. Although there are some very appealing walks on this site, we were hoping to find a route that will take us from Doncaster to Edinburgh in Scotland. I would be very grateful if you could give me any information that will help us achieve our goal, as you will be aware it`s for a very worthwhile charity. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Thank you in advance

'I replied to Jin with the following suggestion: 1. From Doncaster follow the Trans Pennine Trial west to meet the Pennine Way near Crowden 2. From Crowden follow the Pennine Way all the way to Kirk Yetholm 3. From Kirk Yetholm follow St Cuthbert's Way to Melrose 4. From Melrose follow the Southern Upland Way to Lauder 5. From Lauder continue on the Southern Upland Way to the east coast at Cockburnspath 6. From Cockburnspath follow the John Muir Way along the coast to Dunbar 7. From Dunbar follow the John Muir Way westwards inland and then north back to the coast at North Berwick 8. From North Berwick continue on the John Muir Way along the coast to Musselburgh 9. From Musselburgh follow the coast westwards to Portobello road, Edinburgh 10. March up Portobello Road to Edinburgh Castle, Arthurs Seat '

From: Jim Spencer
Town/City: Doncaster, South Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 16 February 2011
Message 731:

Your Dales Celebration Way walk. A wonderful walk this is. Thank you very much for sharing. Walking is probably the most perfectly calibrated act for the soul, mind, body, and heart... as in a fine location all are fed what they need.

From: Veliky Ustyug
Town/City: Country: Russia
Date: Wednesday 16 February 2011
Message 730:

I notice that you have memory map files on your walks. I was wondering whether these could be used with a Memory Map 2800 unit I was cosidering purchasing. Thank you for your web site and your anticipated help.

'I advised Keith that I use the Memory Map 2800 myself and thus his unit will be perfectly compatible with my maps and my GPS download files'

From: Keith Hurdley
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 15 February 2011
Message 729:

Hi, Thank you for your walks with information and map... We have just used your route up Striding Edge and down Swirrel Edge back to Glenriding - really good route (via the pub on he way back to the car park) and very useful so thank you very much. I had not done a ridge walk before and was nervous but it was fine - actually really enjoyed the scrambling bits..... Wanted to do the Langdales route the next day but the weather was not good so decided to come back home and pack for skiing next week but will definitely use that route another time.

From: Marcia
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 13 February 2011
Message 728:

I have just returned from completing the Dodd Fell/Wether Hill Walk from Hawes with my brother and Meg, his dog. Almost nobody about but then it was murky, windy and tipping it down all the way. Great fun and walk though. We too missed the vital turnouff and were heading to Burterstt when we realised, so despite the weather (and because we did not fancy renavigating becuase of the weather we retraced outr steps and got back on track. Couldn't cross the ford in Gayle though and car was almost afloat in Hubberholme on the way back. An awful lot of water has come down today. Quite a bit of it still in my boots and cagoule!

From: Ian Park
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 13 February 2011
Message 727:

Dear Walking Englishman, Congratulations for this incredible and useful website! I discovered it last year and already did a couple of walks with my friends! We actually did the Rievaulx Abbey walk yesterday - amazing place! Thank you very much for sharing all this information with us! Keep on walking and discovering beautiful plac...es! All the best from a group of Bulgarian walking enthusiasts :)

From: Maria Angelova
Town/City: Country: Bulgaria
Date: Saturday 12 February 2011
Message 726:

I have just found your site and will use it when we visit in May. We are staying near Bodmin Moor and then moving to Oxfordshire. We may take a daytrip to the Peak District and look for a shorter hike than 12 miles. :-) Your site looks great.

From: Maggie
Town/City: Marblehead, MA Country: USA
Date: Saturday 12 February 2011
Message 725:

What a great site, simple to use with all the information you need easily at hand. I am most certainly looking forward to walking the Wolds Way. Thank you.

From: Jack Fishburn
Town/City: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 10 February 2011
Message 724:

Thank you for a simple to use site that gives directions for some lovely walks that do not require me to be an athletic outdoors type. I enjoyed your Harewood Estate walk yesterday in the sunshine. It was lovely. I have bookmarked your page and will be using it a lot now. Again - Thank you.

From: Lynne
Town/City: Haworth, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 February 2011
Message 723:

Hi Mike, I am planning a Coast to Coast this year, from east to west and believe it or not, it will be my 7th crossing. I did the east to west in 1992 and for years, I have always said, I would do a east to west again and hey, it's happening. I have looked at your east to west page and it's been interesting reading it. I am camping the route and have my blog to reflect on it. It seems funny to say, that I did the coast to coast 3 years in row, that being 1990,1991 and 1992. 2007 was a half crossing to Kirkby Stephen, (bad knee). But I finished the walk later in the year from Richmond to Robin Hood's Bay. Then again, I did the full walk in 2009, 2010. So 2011, is a 3 times in a row. People say to me, why not do other long distance walks such as the Pennine Way. I answer, I have done it in 1971. But the Coast to Coast is a real diamond of a walk and one I will never tire of.

From: Martin S
Town/City: Stockton on Tees Country: England
Date: Monday 07 February 2011
Message 722:

What a fantastic job you have done. I have searched the web for years for walking sites and without doubt yours is the best. It shows your enthusiasm, and your generousity in sharing your walks and years of experience. Well done, your site is what a walking site should be about, like minded people passing and discussing information for all to benifit as you would if you met fellow walkers out on the hills. Thank you.

From: Shaw Rambler
Town/City: Shaw, Oldham, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Thursday 03 February 2011
Message 721:

Dear Mike, First of all thanks for your website that is so fantastic. A colleague of mine suggested it to me and I am so happy with it as it is always very clear, complete, easy to use and enthusiastic. I use it whenever I can leave this flat London and go hillwalking. I was born in the Dolomites and it's very hard for me to live far from hills and mountains. I am writing you not only to thank you but also for a question: Sometimes when I go walking to the Dolomites I'd like to share the "ups and downs" (as you call them!) with my friends so that they can have an idea of the walk, so I was wondering how you collect this data. Can you suggest me any good GPS or software for that? And also, is it possible to get this information "without" actually walking the path? That would be brilliant! All the best for your activity and thanks for the help you can give me. Oh, and your videos are brilliant too!

'I pointed Tiziano to Memory Map and to a Walking Forum which should be able to offer the best advice'

From: Dr Tiziano Agostinelli
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Thursday 27 January 2011
Message 720:

Thanks for developing this excellent site. I am planning the Coast to Coast for the Easter holidays, and your information is very helpful. This will be my first English long walk: last summer I did the Kungsleden trail in Sweden and would recommend it to anyone. Took me twenty walking days plus four days in transit to and from Stockholm. If you're ever down south, there's a great walk down the Hanger's Way from Alton to Petersfield, in Hampshire. The view from the top of Shoulder of Mutton Hill near the end is sublime. Best wishes.

From: Alistair Giddings
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 23 January 2011
Message 719:

Hi, I found your site very useful and you obviously have plenty of experience. I wonder if you'd be able to suggest a route to Scafell Pike? Years ago I climbed up with an experienced group and we wild camped by a tarn before descending the next day. I am afraid I can't remember the place names. This spring my partner and I would like to climb up again and camp by a tarn overnight - ideally we'd like a route where we'd be walking up most of the day and then camp near the summit before coming back down preferably via a different route (we'd be parking a car at the start) Any advice would be much appreciated.

'I recommended a walk from Rosthwaite via Greenup Edge and High Raise to Angle Tarn and Sprinkling Tarn for day one and then to Scafell Pike via the Corridor Route, then to Scafell, Lingmell and Styhead Tarn before returning to Rosthwaite via Seathwaite and the Allerdale Ramble'

From: Andy Spencer
Town/City: Willerby, Humberside Country: England
Date: Wednesday 19 January 2011
Message 718:

Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing this excellent site for fellow walkers. I am working on a new website (not active yet) for our church where we have an active walking group (Willerby Methodist Church). So I have put in a link to your site to give us fresh ideas and inspiration when we're feeling dry!

From: Andy Spencer
Town/City: Willerby, Humberside Country: England
Date: Wednesday 19 January 2011
Message 717:

Hi, I caught the last 10 minutes of a re-run of AW's Helm Crag walk with Julia Bradbury the other night and it has inspired me to learn more of the man his work and especially his walks. My wife is the events and marketing manager of the Caudwell children's charity and we are always looking for fresh ideas and venues for fundraising and this seems perfect as walking is something we do daily with our two chocolate labradors here in Longsdon on the edge of the Staffordshire moorlands! I have trawled the internet this morning looking for information and that was when I stumbled across your site and read the article on the walk you did for walk which included Calf Crag, Gibson Knott and Helm Crag. Your description and pictures of the day have just made me more determined and therefore I am contacting you for any help or advice. I would be taking a group of say 10-12 in total I am 52 and the group ages would be 45-60 all reasonably fit, do you think this walk would be ok for the entire group? How long would this combined walk take at a relaxed pace? maps or guides? do you know of accommodation in the area that could accommodate a group of this size? can you think of any thing else we should be aware of? I look forward to your comments or advice. Kind Regards.

'I replied to Phil with advice on the walk he plans to do'

From: Phil Ormond
Town/City: Longsdon, Staffordshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 18 January 2011
Message 716:

Hi, I am unfit and just walking locally (and slowly) to towns/parks around me in London to help shift weight, get fitter and see what I drive past / have never seen despite living in the area 15+ years! I use your calculator to give me an idea of how long it should take (I use the RAC route planner web page to 'guesstimate' mileage to put in the calculator and always add about 1/2 hour to give me a sort of target to aim for, I hope as time passes, to lower that to 1/4 hour). I don't think I'll ever be walking the Pennine Way or anything like that but a walking friend has suggested Norfolk (flat, with pub stops she tells me!?) so I MAY venture forth as fitness increases and the weather improves - who knows, I might even like it! I just thought I'd drop a line to let you know your website is being used by all sorts - not just 'serious' walkers. Thank you.

From: Debbie W
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 17 January 2011
Message 715:

Hi Mike, I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to write a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed the website over the years. Maybe about four or five years ago, I discovered that, very like when I was a kid, I loved playing in the beautiful countryside we have around us. Living as I do in Tyneside, I was thrilled to see how close the Lakes were and how easy it was to get to Yorkshire and also up into Scotland. I have done many of the routes you have detailed and described on the site. As a complete beginner to venturing out into the 'wilds' it was great to have your step by step guides to hand and we never went far wrong following any of them. I have been to some great places and obviously now have a thirst to see much more and go 'off the beaten track' as it were. I started climbing about a year ago too, and that gives just a whole other dimension to some of the routes you have written about. So in closing, thanks for all of your hard work to produce, in my opinion, the best walking site around, and keep up the good work. Very best wishes.

From: Mark Dunn
Town/City: Tyneside Country: England
Date: Saturday 15 January 2011
Message 714:

I found this website a while ago and think you do a fantastic job. I do loads of the walks and look forward to your updates. Keep up the good work.

From: Eddie Mulley
Town/City: Menston, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 January 2011
Message 713:

I am glad to see that I am not the only Leeds resident who is delighted with the number of walks and mountains within an hour's drive - but you are the only person who has actually made a website dedicated to this excellent hobby. Thanks!

Some friends and I did your Jack's Rake walk in recent weeks and thought it was quite the most spectacular walk (combined with amazing weather) we'd done in quite some time. My little jack russell cross breed (half pug believe it or not) thoroughly enjoyed it too - and whilst not exactly "safety first" so long as you can tether them to something that is not your hands and they can be passed up the harder sections it was well worth it to bring a furry friend along for the trip. I'd not like to take a dog I couldn't lift with ease though. Thanks for the great ideas, Simon's Seat next weekend.

From: Dan Maney
Town/City: Hawksworth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 January 2011
Message 712:

What an excellent website this is! Following the death of my Father 3 months ago I am organising a sponsored walk from Lincoln to London for a couple of charities close to me and this site is proving invaluable for training ideas! There's only so many times you can train on the same route day after day, week after week, month after month...!!!

From: James Broderick
Town/City: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Monday 03 January 2011
Message 711:

We've just enjoyed the Spofforth Country walk, our first from this resource and will definitely use this site again. The GPX files are very useful as back up. The walk was great plus our worthwhile diversion of an extra 160m around Spofforth Castle!

From: Chris and Maggie Bale
Town/City: Harrogate, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 01 January 2011
Message 710:

Thanks for providing such a fantastic resource, its the first place I look when planning walks for our annual trip to the Lakes. It has given me great confidence when tackling Striding Edge etc. to know exactly what is coming up and how difficult it is going to be. Our next visit is in May, we rent a house in the Duddon Valley, and I have already got an idea of what I want to tackle. A combination of exploring our local fells and travelling further north to Blencathra, Crinkle Crags and Bowfell, and I am looking forward to using your site again. Thanks once more.

From: Matt Wicks
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 01 January 2011
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