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Guestbook Entries in 2008:
Message 391:

Hello and greetings from the Midlands! I have enjoyed reading and looking at your "expeditions" and have found them to be extremely informative and very helpful. Keep on trekking! All the best for 2009, I shall be completing a few of the walks myself from February.

From: Karen
Town/City: Midlands Country: England
Date: Sunday 28 December 2008
Message 390:

I did the Coast to Coast hike in August of 2008 (St. Bees-Robin's Hood Bay) and enjoy looking at your site as a way of refreshing my memories of the trip. Thanks for this beautiful resource.

From: John Hatcher
Town/City: Syracuse, New York Country: USA
Date: Saturday 20 December 2008
Message 389:

Hello Mike, I am an Italian guy, aged 49, and I am planning with my daughter aged 12 the trail from St Bee's to Robin Hood Bay, approximately next August, 2009. I have visited your site, really interesting and full of news about this (and lot of other adventures), and if possible I would like to have 3 more pieces of information from you: which kind of training is it necessary (or do you suggest) to prepare the walk, if in your opinion a young girl of 12 is too young to approach the trail, and if is it strictly necessary to be organised with tent equipment. Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply, and compliments again for your travel site!

I recommended that Giuseppe does the walk with his daughter as long as preparations are made in training and accommodation.

From: Giuseppe Baldacci
Town/City: Florence Country: Italy
Date: Thursday 11 December 2008
Message 388:

I found your site searching for Offa's Dyke, it's a great resource and I'll be using it for sure.

From: Neil Davies
Town/City: Country: Wales
Date: Friday 5 December 2008
Message 387:

We have enjoyed three of your walks so far and hope to do many more. Thank you, Graham and Fiona.

From: Graham Robinson
Town/City: Oldham Country: England
Date: Wednesday 3 December 2008
Message 386:

Hi Mike! Just stumbled upon your site looking to plan some more walks in the Lakes next Easter. After introducing my three young lads to fell walking in April 2007 - a 6.00am ascent of Scafell Pike via Brown Tongue and Mickledore on a cold but wonderfully clear day, we celebrated my eldest's 12th birthday on the summit at 9am with the top to ourselves!! We had planned to climb onto Sca Fell via Lords Rake first but with three novices, heeded the warning sign and continued up onto the Pike. We returned same time this year just after the snow and tackled Great Gable from Honister Slate Mine and the Mosedale Horse Shoe from Wastdale. Unfortunately this time both climbs were virtually view-less due to thick cloud with only a brief respite crossing Windy Gap. Plenty of lingering snow after the scramble off Black Sail Pass onto Pillar ridge provided plenty of entertainment if a little heavy going and regular checks on our position were needed with no obvious path to follow as we trod onwards over the top of Red Pike, taking the sensible decision to give Yewbarrow a miss due to worsening conditions, instead taking the long scree decent between Dore Head and Stirrup Crag picking up the path alongside Mosedale Beck back to Wastdale. Conditions permitting we will be tacking Helvellyn via Striding Edge (not the way you did it!) and will be following your Newlands Horseshoe route, hoping to sample the views you picture first hand! Compliments on a great site, allowing me to show the lads the views they missed last time out!

From: Pete Brooks
Town/City: Redditch, Worcestershire Country: England
Date: Friday 28 November 2008
Message 385:

Very useful website. Just done Little Whernside with a group of novice walkers. Your site helped me to prepare for the walk. We now have to knock off the rest of your Yorkshire Dales list in reverse order.

From: Malcolm
Town/City: North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 26 November 2008
Message 384:

I have just found your wonderful website, and I wonder if I could impose upon you for some advice. I'll be in Leeds in a couple of weeks with just one spare day, and I wanted to know your thoughts on which of these walks (an 'easy walk' would be best) would be most feasible given that I won't have a car: I'll be staying in the city near the train station, so if you could recommend a walk that would be accessible by an easy rail connection, that would be great!

I recommended the Horsforth and Rodley walk to Randy.

From: Randy Malamud
Town/City: Atlanta Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 25 November 2008
Message 383:

I have to add my name to your list of admirers, a great site, well done. I am a Brit living in Germany and have done very little walking in the UK but your site will rectify that on my visits back. If you ever get over here I can highly recommend the Pfaelzerwald region for great forest walking. Keep up the good work.

From: Terry Lawrence
Town/City: Pfaelzerwald Country: Germany
Date: Sunday 23 November 2008
Message 382:

What a fabulous website. I have just spent an hour or so browsing and picked up some great tips for Lakeland walks local to the cottage to which my husband and I are returning in June 2009 so thank you. My husband and I enjoyed our first visit to the Lake District earlier this year and had the most wonderful time. Unlike my husband, I am a novice fell-walker and with new boots that I did not manage to wear in as much as I would have liked to beforehand, I was expecting aching limbs and my fair share of blisters, but my boots did me proud and I survived two weeks of walking without a single one! We clocked up 11 Wainwrights during our holiday, starting off reasonably gently with the delightful Castle Crag and gradually raising our sights (and heights) to tackle Crinkle Crags and even Helvellyn via the infamous Striding Edge. The weather was kind to us and whilst I can't say I enjoyed Striding Edge, the sense of achievement on getting across and reaching the summit of Helvellyn was beaten only by the spectacular views. I am now well and truly hooked and can hardly wait until next year to return. 11 Wainwrights down, only 203 to go - although I think Haystacks will become a regular feature. What a wonderful place, I can see why AW chose it as his final resting place. Beautiful!

From: Sarah Powell
Town/City: Tadley, Hampshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 23 November 2008
Message 381:

What a wonderful site. Planning a walking trip in the UK for early next year - not sure what part, but having read your accounts / maps / route cards, I have now decided where to go. Many thanks, Kevin.

From: Kevin Connaire
Town/City: Dublin Country: Ireland
Date: Sunday 09 November 2008
Message 380:

This must be the best walking site on the web - and you must be the most energetic walker in the country! I haven't read all your walks yet but I must agree with you that Crummackdale and Moughton are among the best places in the Dales. In fact, Beggar's Stile and Thieves Moss are my favourite places; there's something quite magical about the area. One point about magic: when I clicked on the link on the Norber Erratics page for the Memory Map it opened my MusicMatch Jukebox program!! and no map! Any idea why? I am still to complete the Wainwrights so I have plenty to keep myself occupied and I shall never manage all that you have done. Amazing! Thanks for the work you put into your site. (Can I ask what builder you use? Or is it DIY with HTML?)

I told Jack the site has developed as a labour of love and developed in HTML DIY, just as he guessed.

From: Jack
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 05 November 2008
Message 379:

Did the Pen-y-ghent via Hull Pot walk but continued beyond Hull Pot for about 1.5 miles then turned right up onto Plover Hill. Very steep ascent but then a gentle walk along the top to Pen-y-ghent. At this time of year it makes the ascent quiet as beyond Hull Pot everyone seems to turn off. Mind you, the top was very marshy between Plover and Pen-y-ghent summit. Nice walk though and the weather was just great. Warning to would be walkers from 10th November - the walkers Tea shop in Horton closes from then until Christmas :-( Another nice walk inspired by a route from your site - thanks very much, Nige

From: Nigel Kenward
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 03 November 2008
Message 378:

I am using the Harrogate and Leeds routes and what would be very helpful is a guide as to whether the footpaths are suitable with a child in a buggy or if we need to put them in the sling. In addition any decent pubs in the area so a day can be made of it would also be appreciated. I know you can't recommend pubs but if listed then people could look on trip advisor for more advice.

I replied to Rachel with a list of suitable routes for her needs.

From:Rachel Cline
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 02 November 2008
Message 377:

Hi, I find your site very useful and I was amused to see in one of your walks to Great Gable you refered to a group of "designer gear yukkie walkers" - I know exactly what you mean! I am a regular hill and mountain walker (every weekend and during the week when I can) I always walk alone and mainly for the peace and quiet and scenery - your photos and description helps me to decide which walk to do next. I am walking Great Gable tomorrow by Green Gable and continuing to Great End and return by Glaramara. All the very best.

From: Mike McQuade
Town/City: Redcar, Cleveland Country: England
Date: Saturday 01 November 2008
Message 376:

Hi! Some great photos on your site! Next week I am running the coastal path from Plymouth to Lands End. I can't find any content on the web which gives directions, it's always the other way! Why did you choose to go from Plymouth to Lands End? And can you suggest any guidebooks? Or advice about going the other way?

I advised Sonny the reason we did the walk and the direction we took was due to time allowed and logistics.

From: Sonny Green
Town/City: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Wednesday 29 October 2008
Message 375:

Hey Mike, Fantastic Site! Great Job! I thought I might ask you for some advice. My wife and I headed over for the last 12 days of February. We were thinking of doing the Cotswold Way walk, but were not sure if there was a better suggestion. We were maybe concerned that the Cotswolds may be a bit on the touristy side of things. Is this a nice winter walk or can you suggest any alternatives? We are reasonably fit and able and are looking to combine some great scenery with great small villages. Thanks in advance for any direction you could provide. Keep up the great work!

For the time of year he wishes to visit England I recommended to Paul that he and his wife walk either the Cotswold Way or South Downs Way.

From: Paul Booth
Town/City: Ontario, New York Country: USA
Date: Saturday 25 October 2008
Message 374:

Hi, I would like to thank you for providing this site. It is well laid out, easy to read, informative, and the information that you supply is accurate. After a few years of not doing any walking at all my wife and I have started walking again using the routes that you have provided in the Yorkshire dales area to cut our teeth on and get back into walking before tackling the Lakes. I must say that I forgot how addictive this walking lark is so having a good site like this to get a little inspiration from is just the ticket to make our walks more interesting and challenging. I looked at the highest hills in the Yorkshire dales page that you have provided and did the Gragareth, Great Coum, Cragg Hill circular last weekend. (10 mile) and loved it. Solitude, new views of Whernside and the surrounding areas, lots of pot holes and caves. Just the ticket but take your wellingtons it is very boggy after all the rain this year; it is normally boggy anyway as shown on the maps. Thanks again for a great site.

From: Lee Bennett
Town/City: Bradford, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 22 October 2008
Message 373:

This is just a note from a grateful walker who found your site when looking to see if there was a good walk in or around Harrogate that I could do while my partner was doing a survey in the town. I started from Harlow Carr at 10am and managed to get to Knaresborough by the time he had finished at 2.30pm. I had a lovely day and the Nidd Gorge was beautiful in its Autumn colours. Thank you very much indeed and all the best.

From: Maggie Millar
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 18 October 2008
Message 372:

Hello from Finland thank you for great pages! I am dreaming about long walk (4-5 days) in England next Spring. I am wondering if the weather conditions are okay in late April? That would be the best moment to take a week away. Big problem is.. It seems there are so many nice places! Where to go? I'd like to see English countryside (once been around Essex, so nice!) .. Wales, Yorkshire, maybe Scotland.. would it be best to have to shorter trips in different parts of country? Or should I just choose one and come back later? Have nice autumn walks - here in Finland it's quite dark, rainy and windy nowdays.

I recommended the Dales Way to Liisa.

From: Liisa Heinamaki
Town/City: Country: Finland
Date: Friday 17 October 2008
Message 371:

In reply to message 368, my parents took me up Scafell Pike in 1971, when I was aged 5, I think any younger would be almost impossible, well done.

From: Richard Bennett
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Wednesday 15 October 2008
Message 370:

Hi, thanks for a fantastic site - completed your route of Pen-Y-Ghent a couple of weeks ago wih my five year old son and he's now planning Ingleborough this weekend and Ben Nevis next summer! Really inspiring site and it has given us some great ideas for walks over the next ten years or so.....

From: Phil Henderson
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 09 October 2008
Message 369:

Hello Mike! I was wondering if you might know anything about Arthur Gemmell, the map and guidebook creator. Many places in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas are covered by his affordable maps/ guides which are sold in most tourist information outlets and newsagents throughout the Dales. Yet when I have tried to do a search on the internet I have found precious little information regarding this chap. Is / was he like a kind of Alfred Wainwright of the Yorkshire Dales? I thought you might know a little about him with him been a sort of kindred spirit of yours! Your site has come along great since I last looked a couple of years ago, its a wonderful resource for finding interesting walks to fill our weekends/ holidays etc. Well done for keeping it so simple to use yet so full of details at the same time. Just from the comments people have left in your guestbook it appears your knowledge has brought great pleasure to many people. Well done!

From: Jonathan Parrish
Town/City: Horsforth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 08 October 2008
Message 368:

We climbed Scafell Pike from Wasdale on Tuesday 23rd September, weather was very good, a clear day, a very good climb but what made it very good is that our 5 year old daughter made it all the way up and down Englands biggest. Does anyone know if she is the youngest, as a lot of people we met that day where sure she was.

From: Sally
Town/City: Trimley St Mary, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Tuesday 07 October 2008
Message 367:

I walked this path in September 2007 and our trip was organised (accommodation booking, luggage transfer, info pack) by Macs Adventure. The service provided was excellent and I am happy to recommend the company to anyone. Their site is www.macsadventure.com. I am looking forward to walking the northern section of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path next June and I am using Contours to organise the trip which I see is mentioned on your site.

From: John Holmes
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 04 October 2008
Message 366:

Hi Mike, just done the Pike O'Blisco from the pass, not the farm. Great walk up if you want a stroll until you get near to the top. Thanks to top man Rob. We were thinking of doing the Crinkle Crags but the weather came in so we had to go down (so sad but will do the Crinkles this weekend) You get to the top of Blisco and the path that leads to the Crinkles is out of this world. Does not look long but its about 2 to 3 miles as you look at it and it is all uphill and looks hard work. I think you would need a good day to do this and Blisco all in the one day. We are going from the farm to do the Crinkles, this is the direct path up. Will let you how we get on.

From: Merv
Town/City: Gildersome, Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 04 October 2008
Message 365:

I am writing on behalf of the production company Classic Media at Shepperton Studios. We are currently filming a documentary about the Knight Templars. One site that we are very interested in is Penhill Chapel. The team has various film locations to do on the 16th of October in a very tight schedule. I am fully aware of the scale of the moors in Yorkshire and around Penhill and I was enquiring into whether or not you had any advice or even direction to get to Penhill chapel. Any assistance that you may be able to give us in this to help reach the chapel quickly would be hugely appreciated by the team. Thank you very much for your time it has been hugely appreciated and I hope to here back from you soon. Kind Regards.

"I replied to Oscar with directions on how to access the site from Swinithwaite"

From: Oscar Wakeman
Town/City: Shepperton Country: England
Date: Friday 03 October 2008
Message 364:

I have just finished the C2C on Saturday with Phil and Gorden, walked the last 60 odd miles with shin splints, not very enjoyable. The whole experience was fantastic though and I would recommend it to anybody. Hello to Peter and Dennis the legend.

From: Richard Bevan
Town/City: Rossendale, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 30 September 2008
Message 363:

The wife and I did Jack's Rake yesterday after seeing it on your website. Love the site by the way, enjoyed it very much just wondered if there is any more scrambles like that in the lakes.

"I replied to Tommy pointing him to the Scrambles in the Lake District books"

From: Tommy McGuire
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Monday 29 September 2008
Message 362:

A great site, I have really enjoyed the 2 walks I have found on here and I am looking forward to the next one, thanks very much.

From: Andy Wolton
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 29 September 2008
Message 361:

A very interesting site. Well done. Just got back from a few days around Sedbergh. Yes, Baugh Fell is a worthwhile walk - the miles look long on the map and feel longer underfoot! But the sense of isolation on top is reward. Incidentally, the Andy Goldsworthy sheepfold passed on the ascent of The Calf is in Red Gill Beck, not Swere Gill.

"From Phils message I have corrected the error about the Andy Goldsworthy sheepfold"

From: Phil Clayton
Town/City: Wolverhampton, West Midlands Country: England
Date: Friday 26 September 2008
Message 360:

As a Whitby born and bred young man I am afraid to say that I have taken the local countryside for granted. Your web site is a real honest look at local walks, so much so my wife and I will be exploring our wonderful countryside with a new found excitement. To all your visitors" get out there and explore, enjoy the area you live in and re visit places you love" I guess that is my philosophy.

From: Paul Burnett
Town/City: Whitby, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 25 September 2008
Message 359:

Hi, Over the weekend we did a walk loosely based on your Timble/Swinsty walk and thought I'd let you know that unfortunately the Timble Inn has closed so the thought of a nice half at the end of the walk is no longer a carrot to dangle in front of oneself! However it did not stop us and the kids enjoying some beautiful countryside. Many thanks.

From: Richard Evans
Town/City: Wike, Bradford Country: England
Date: Monday 22 September 2008
Message 358:

This is a very good site and beautifully presented - well done!

From: John Friskney
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 19 September 2008
Message 357:

Walked the Dales Way last week and found your journal useful before we went and also to read again after finishing to compare! We took a leisurely 7 days and I would agree it is an excellent walk for those doing a long-distance path for the first time - any suggestions for the next one? We were lucky with the weather and walked over Cam Fell on a clear day - only one day of rain plus the odd shower, but it was very muddy and wet underfoot as it had rained most of the week before and they'd had torrential rain the day before we started. I did wonder whether the river may have flooded and some parts be impassable as it was very high and fast at Ilkley, but nowhere did we have to detour from the route by more than about 20 metres.

From: Sue Haddock
Town/City: Woodbridge Country: England
Date: Friday 19 September 2008
Message 356:

Hi, Thank you for your Haworth walk. I completed it last week. It was in really nasty wet weather on the moors but I am sure I could almost see Heathcliff running across them. Thanks.

From: Colette
Town/City: Castleford, Wakefield, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 11 September 2008
Message 355:

Hi, I would just like to say what a brilliant site this is a free site with photos and videos. It is factual and informative and just like a Ronseal product.....does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to get around the site because the "Click on here bits" actually take you where they say. I am new to walking and have got the "bug". I have just recently started with a rambling club...so eager and interested even at 51. Thanks again.

From: John Harrigan
Town/City: Doncaster, South Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 09 September 2008
Message 354:

Hi - just a quick note to say how much I have appreciated the time and effort put in on the site. I am just getting back into walking and camping after a 10 year break, and now that Leeds is home, I will be doing more and more walking in the land they call 'God's country' !! There is a myriad of walks to do, but can you recommend ones that pass near campsites - 2 day circular walks with a campsite in the middle ? I am off in a couple of weeks so plenty of time to plan ! Thanks again for the informative website

'I replied to Matt with some ideas'

From: Matt
Town/City: Leeds, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 09 September 2008
Message 353:

I would just like to say thanks to Rob for a great weekend, top man. Great Gable, it was hard work, harder in my opinion than Scafell Pike. We came from Wasdale up the path looking at Great Gable from the left to the stretcher box then on to the top of Great Gable then on the way down we went down a lot of scree and made our way to the gully that runs down the side of Great Gable. It was hard and well worth the challenge. Do not do this as it became very slippery when it started to rain on the way down. Doing Haystacks at the weekend then Sharp Edge - will let you know how we get on. Thanks.

From: Merv
Town/City: Gildersome, Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 02 September 2008
Message 352:

Hello Mike, Just to say thanks again for the map - it was really useful. And also for the walks you posted on your site! We did nearly all of them. We especially enjoyed the challenge of Monte Grona, though I am not one for heights!

From: Sarah Little
Town/City: Linlithgow, West Lothian Country: Scotland
Date: Tuesday 26 August 2008
Message 351:

Hi, we did your walk to Monte Grona in Italy - it was great!

From: Daiga C
Town/City: Country: Latvia
Date: Tuesday 26 August 2008
Message 350:

Hi there! Thanks very much for this very useful website. It helped us a lot to plan for our trip to England next week, recommending nice hiking routes and even including the needed maps! One suggestion: why not include GPS-track-data of your hiking trips? Nearly all GPS-gadgets record the routes while moving, and such track data might come in useful for other people who want to retrace your steps. Greetings from Essen / Germany! Cheers, Frank

'I replied to Frank telling him I rarely walk with a GPS'

From: Frank Schulte-Kulkmann
Town/City: Essen Country: Germany
Date: Thursday 21 August 2008
Message 349:

Brilliant website. Quick and easy to use especially with the photos. Thanks for your help. Heading off to the Dales.

From: Julian Best
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 20 August 2008
Message 348:

Loved looking at your walks and pictures. Can't wait to go back myself to do some more walks.

From: Susan Gordon
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 August 2008
Message 347:

I have just arrived back from doing the dales way, I have got to admit you were right, it is a fantastic walk, it rained most of the time but that did not take away the beauty of the walk, some of my favourite bits were walking down off Cam Fell ,the views of the Howgills above Sedbergh and the walk towards the Crook of Lune. Like you said, it's a great walk, and one of the most memorable I have had.

From: David Culshaw
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 12 August 2008
Message 346:

Dear friends this May we did most of the Hadrian's wall trail. We found this a most civilised walk with the AD122 bus to get us to the start or back at the end of the day, and over 60 passes work! The trail is well way marked and there are all types of accomodation available. There are plenty of excellent Museums to fill a wet day, most are English Heritage. The countryside is stunning with some long vistas. Next May we are in Paleochora S.W. Crete.

From: David and Helen Champion
Town/City: Kent Country: England
Date: Sunday 10 August 2008
Message 345:

Hi, I love your website, although it does gets me feeling a little melancholy ... I am in Perth, Western Australia so can only look and imagine some of the walks, when I would like to be planning to go on one of the walks this weekend. Mind you, in each of the last four years, around November, I have spent three weeks in Whitby, so have walked around reasonable sections of the North Yorkshire Moors. This year I will be staying in Whitby for six weeks with my major goal to walk the Lyke Wake Walk on 4 November, which is something to be looking forward to. Anyway, on the long distance path page of your website you asked for suggested websites that relate to long distance walks. A website I enjoyed exploring is Lands End to John O'Groats. It is not as professionally presented as your website, but it certainly gives me the flavour of walking from Land's End to John O'Groats. As a matter of interest, in my neck of the woods, the main long distance walk is the Bibbulmun Track. See Bibbulmun Track. My favourite area of the track is in the Walpole area on the south coast where the coastline is impressive and some of the trees are massive and unique to that small area of Western Australia. See Bibbulman Track Photos for some photos. Take care. Regards.

From: David Randle
Town/City: Perth Country: Australia
Date: Friday 01 August 2008
Message 344:

Thanks for a great site - enough info to help walk plans and no wasted waffle. Ingleborough this weekend was a joy (despite no snow) but a warning to all - those green lanes in the valley on the way back are nettle-heaven. Shorts were a mistake !!

From: Nigel Edward
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 28 July 2008
Message 343:

Wow, this is brilliant. I am always planning walks up the Dales, but sometimes if the weather is really bad I end up not going; I never thought to go for a walk locally. The Eccup Reservoir walk is quite near where I live but I have never been round it. Thanks for the ideas.

From: Graham Websdale
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 19 July 2008
Message 342:

Just got back from the Italian Lakes. We tried the Il Rogolone and Rifugio Menaggio walks. We especially enjoyed Rifugio Menaggio and found some of your comments especially useful, eg. about being eaten by the insects and how at first sight the Rifugio seemed so exposed but the final walk to it was not nearly as bad as it seemed it might be! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

From: Sue Haddock
Town/City: Woodbridge Country: England
Date: Wednesday 16 July 2008
Message 341:

Hi, I just thought I would like to say what a fantastic site this is. And just like to say thanks to Rob for a good weekend. Just finished a weekend in the Lakes on Scafell Pike with Rob. As it was my first time to the lakes and my first walk. Hope you have got a lot of maps. GOT THE BUG. Thanks for all the pics on this site. It has given me a new lease of life.

From: Merv
Town/City: Gildersome, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 13 July 2008
Message 340:

Hi, I am considering doing the Dalesway and found your site when looking for information, very informative and user friendly. I tend to walk on my own but am always happy to talk about the days events over a pint with any one on an evening so if your in that area some time mid to late August look out for me we can share our adventures together. I have just completed the Lleyn Peninsula North Wales, 105 mls approx and certainly recommend you check it out.

From: Neil Carson
Town/City: Oakworth, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 11 July 2008
Message 339:

Hi, I have been looking for information on Roseberry Topping and other walks and your site has really helped. It is so hard to find good websites, so was very happy when I found yours.

From: Matt Atkinson
Town/City: Middlesbrough Country: England
Date: Friday 04 July 2008
Message 338:

The Leathley walk is fantastic, one of the best for mature north west Leeds folk. Thank you so much for detailing it and other walks in the vicinity in your Leeds and Harrogate pages.

From: John Leathley
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 03 July 2008
Message 337:

Mike.......what a superb site. There is a huge amount of time and effort gone into this and you are a credit to the walking fraternity.....well done. This site is a brilliant resource for walking ideas......... Myself and my girlfriend travel from our midlands home to the Peak District once a week to get out in the great outdoors.........and have visited almost all the places you have been, with variations and our own slant on walks suggested, and some others which aren't listed on here. We are going to "The Lakes" soon with another couple and are looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions........although I think "Sharp Edge" will have to be a strictly boys day out......the girls will be changing their knickers every 6 feet, and I will never hear the end of it for taking them up there! All the best and keep up the good work........

From: Oz McGowan
Town/City: Lichfield, Staffs Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 June 2008
Message 336:

Hi, I just thought I would like to say what a fantastic site this is. Just finished a weekend in the Lakes on Scafell Pike (the Brown Tongue route) awesome!!! Who needs Wainwright when all the information you could ever need is right here. Spot on. Cheers, Rob

From: Rob Kane
Town/City: Gildersome, Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 June 2008
Message 335:

Great site. You given me another goal for when I reach adulthood (I am 17) and that is to head out to backpack across England and take a few of these trails. The more internet information about long distance hiking I read the more interested I am.

From: Dominic Dabrowski
Town/City: Staten Island, NY Country: USA
Date: Friday 20 June 2008
Message 334:

Hello Walking Englishman, I loved your trail description of the Monte Grona hike near Lago di Como. I was thinking of taking my fiancee on it, but while she enjoys strenuous hiking, she absolutely hates scree slopes or gravel covered trails. She wants to set her feet on solid ground, partially so that she does not spend her whole time staring at the ground. So, if you can recall, I would really appreciate your thoughts on the trail surface in regards to my lovely fiancee's preferences. Much appreciated, Colin

"I advised Colin the walk to the Rifugio Menaggio was fine but Monte Grona a walk too far for his fiancee"

From: Colin Nielsen
Town/City: Country: Sweden
Date: Thursday 19 June 2008
Message 333:

We are going to Markington in July for the first time and we are looking forward to doing the Studley Park and Fountain's Abbey Walk. Thanks for the excellent advice described on your site. Cheers, Liz and Mike

From: Elizabeth Allison
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 18 June 2008
Message 332:

A quick note to thank you for a really excellent site - have walked your routes in Dales, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Lakes. Done nearly all the local ones to Leeds culminating in a jog round the excellent "home from home" Horsforth one - keep up the good work and walking. Kind Regards

From: Peter B
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 12 June 2008
Message 331:

Hi, Was inspired by your Simons Seat and Trollers gill walk so we did it in the nice weather yesterday. Was an excellent walk and the views were fantastic. From the top of the gill we headed accross to Burnsall, had a pint then walked back along the river to the start. Made it about 15 miles in total. Just one thing to note, when entering the Valley of Desolation there is a no dogs sign and unfortunately we had a dog with us. We risked it though. Apparently dogs are not allowed until you get to Skyreholme. Thanks for a great recommendation.

From: Karl Denton
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 10 June 2008
Message 330:

Hi, Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed looking at your website over the last few weeks. Now the kids can be left alone without poking each other in the eye with red hot knives, myself and my wife are getting back into walking. Last weekend we set off from Gillside campsite at 6:00am and went over Birkhouse Moor, Striding Edge, Helvellyn, Swirral Edge, Catsycam and back to the campsite. Fantastic walk. On the way up we did not see a single person. We had the summit all to ourselves and what a wonderful feeling to sit on Striding Edge, in glorious morning sunshine, feeling on top of the world, wothout another human being in sight. The first time we passed anyone was on the descent back down the mine road, almost 5 hours after we started out. For anyone wanting to avoid the crowds, I would suggest early starts - it is well worth it ! Next one is Crickle Crags (I can't say Crinckle......so keep saying Crickle .... driving my wife mad) and Bowfell...... early start again. Thanks for a great site.

From: John Deasey
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 05 June 2008
Message 329:

Hi, I am mailing you to ask if you would care to link from http://www.walkingenglishman.com/ldp/cumbriaway.htm to my newly developed website www.thecumbriaway.info. The site has been built to act as a resource centre and pull together all of the info on the web and tips etc from fellow walkers to aid and hopefully persuade newbies to the route (and long distance walking) to walk this fantastic route.

From: Dik Stoddard
Town/City: Penrith, Cumbria Country: England
Date: Sunday 01 June 2008
Message 328:

Hello. I live in Harrogate and am a keen weekend walker. Thanks for your inspirational site. - went to Little Almscliffe today - overlooking Menwith Hill and the big windmills - are they worth going for a look? I heard they are HUGE!

I replied "Not really John, no paths nearby to get there or back so you would have to walk on the roadside"

From: John Barnsley
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Sunday 01 June 2008
Message 327:

Mike, Missed this before going but funnily did do Place Fell. Never before been so blown about by the wind though, quite scary! In the end did not get to do the Newlands Horseshoe - partners felt it was a bit ambitious! Will file this and Helm Crag for next time. Thanks and regards, Steve

From: Steve Hill
Town/City: Walthamstow, London E17 Country: England
Date: Sunday 01 June 2008
Message 326:

Did Great Whernside from Kettlewell yesterday (31/05/08) - the car parking in Kettlewell was £3.20 in case you wish to update the "Buckden Pike and Great Whernside" information page! - Only started 'walking' in my fifties and discovered I have not got a head for heights, which I find SO annyoing, and seek desparately to remedy but dunno how! (I originate from a country that is relatively flat!) - Your website has given me so many very pleasing walks and the information you give is "just the ticket"; your comments bring the walk to life before my even attempting it. Many thanks for your website!

From: L Tupper
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Sunday 01 June 2008
Message 325:

Thanks Mike for all the wonderful walks promoted on your excellent website. I have done many of them over the past couple of years and your site has been instrumental in helping me rediscover my love of walking. I am even beginning to get my mates out every so often, and I am dragging a few up Ben Nevis and round the Yorkshire Three Peaks this July - looking forward to it!! However, my favourite walks are the ones where you get to be genuinely out in the wilderness with a minimum of people about, and this week I had a real cracker on Buckden Pike and Great Whernside. I did not follow your route, but readers may find this an attractive alternative (I am sure you've done this but if not, give it a go). Instead of walking directly from Kettlewell to Buckden Pike, amble the 5 miles up the Dales Way to Buckden, and then head up Buckden Beck. This is a more uncompromising ascent straight up the face of the hill, but for what you pay in effort you receive dividends in a beautiful series of waterfalls (some suprisingly big actually). This also requires some very light scrambling. Once you get to the top of the Pike, follow the route laid down in the page for the Buckden Pike/Great Whernside, walk up the latter and down the Gill into Kettlewell. Magic!

From: Matt Wibberley
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 30 May 2008
Message 324:

My brother and I were raised in Leeds and in our youth rambled many a mile in the Yorkshire Dales and over the North York Moors. My brother remembers a visit to a chapel near Beamsley Beacon where a Norman Knight is buried, but he does not remember the name of the chapel. It has been over 60 years since he was there. Would you happen to know, or have suggestions how we can find out the name of the chapel? I shall be vacationing in Yorkshire this fall and would love to pay a visit. Thank you in advance for any information you can give. Love your website!

From: Susan Kovacs
Town/City: Machipongo, Virginia Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 28 May 2008
Message 323:

Thank you for the info you have provided for these great walks, also great that you provided MM routes for me to upload. Keep on walking.

From: Glen Dunwell
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 28 May 2008
Message 322:

Hello there, I used one of your routes for the first time this weekend - up and down Crummack Dale via the Norber Erratics. The gale force winds did their best to blow me back to Austwick but the weather was dry and clear so the views were fabulous. Thanks for your efforts in putting the web-site together. Regards, Helen

From: Helen Southall
Town/City: Chester Country: England
Date: Tuesday 27 May 2008
Message 321:

This is a fantastic site, we live in Harrogate, and have recently completed "Norwood Edge" and Spofforth and Follifoot", both of which Claire and I really enjoyed, and which we wouldnt have known about without your site. Thanks for all the hard work, Andy and Claire Roberts.

From: Andy Roberts
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Monday 26 May 2008
Message 320:

Hi, I would like to say that you are an inspiration to people like me, by your standards I am a mere novice, the highest I have climbed is Pen-Y-Ghent 2 weeks ago, although Ingleborough hill is planned for next weekend. I am captivated by your pictures and tales of your walks, hopefully I will one day too reach Helvellyn and Scafell Pike summits. Long may your walks and pictures tell such refreshing and inspiring stories.

From: Damien Sharpe
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 22 May 2008
Message 319:

Just discovered I am directly descended from RICHARD JACKSON (1570-1610) of Eske, East Riding, Yorkshire, and his wife URSULA HILDYARD, married at Beverley in 1596. He is interred at BISHOP BURTON Parish. His paternal grandfather was also a Richard Jackson, born about 1505, also at Eske. I am seeking info on recorded names and dates for any Jacksons in this line that extend back before 1500. and rest assured, if all goes well, I'll be walking with you soon. The closest I have been to Yorkshire to date has been by British Rail from London to Edinburgh through York at 2AM.

From: Bob Wilson
Town/City: Beaufort, South Carolina Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 20 May 2008
Message 318:

Been walking in Yorkshire today up Pen-y-ghent. Found your site and the pictures and clear info is great. I'll be coming back here fore more walk suggestions in the future. It is certainly inspiring. Thanks.

From: Tracey Harwood
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 17 May 2008
Message 317:

We've been to the Norber Erratics a couple of times recently with different family members - superb in all weathers, but beautiful when the bluebells are out! Pub at Austwick is also great.

From: Ma Wilkins
Town/City: Clitheroe, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Saturday 17 May 2008
Message 316:

Enjoyed your site. I particularly like the 'I was knackered' commentary! Makes you sound like a man after my own heart. The pain is worth the exhiliration of the experience. Going to have go at the Newlands Horseshoe in a week or so. Would welcome some ideas for 'moderate' walks in the lakes with good views. BTW an excellent site for walks and photos is David Hall's Lake District Walks at www.walkthefells.net

From: Steve Hill
Town/City: Walthamstow, London E17 Country: England
Date: Saturday 17 May 2008
Message 315:

I would like to inform all walkers of a lovely walk I have just completed, from Melrose Abbey in the borders to Holy Island. The walking was great, moorland, farmland and a few hills with fantastic scenery. The walk was called St Cuthberts Way and we stayed in lovely b and b's with friendly clean service and lovely breakfasts, Old Abbey School House Melrose, Lilliards Ancrum, Templehall Inn Morebattle, Mill House Kirkyetholme, Tilldale House Wooler and Manor House Fenwick.

From: Margaret Holiday
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 15 May 2008
Message 314:

Hi Mike, I was in touch a few weeks ago "Getting back into walking" well we did it; set off from Manchester at 05.00 with my son and arrived at Boot in the Lake District after picking up a mate on Whanley Island on the way up. Weather was fantastic, something we would regret later; departed the car park next to the pub at 08.25, 1st leg to Burnmoor Tarn onto Hard Rigg and up onto Sca Fell following the path (if you can call it one) loose stone, hard underfoot, and if I am honest after 10 years out of the game I really struggled, eventually made the peak, the views made up for all the pain coming up; after a short break we looked onto Scafell Pike our objective for the day enviously at the ant like figures on the top; after checking the map and a slight detour to have look down Lord's Rake we made our first big mistake, not following the path but our instinct we managed to end up going over Broad Stand, with the use of a rope someone had left secured to the rocks we managed to get down, but it was hard and at times rather scary, more fool us for not paying attention. Be warned!! By this time the heat was getting to us, water was in short supply even with us setting off with 2.5 litres each, so reluctantly we decided to eer on the side of caution and make our way down, we took the most direct route to Great Moss, hanging a right before the River Esk through Silveryhield Crag, Brock Crag, Taw Ho, and back onto the road, after a much needed pit stop at the first pub we came too we eventually made it back to Boot; our excursion took us 9.5 hours, very sore!! but after another pint we decided we would be coming back to finish what we started; Lesson Learned:- Dont under estimate-Get fit!! Prepare and plan properly, follow your map not your instinct. "A Very Sore Walking Englishman"

From: Tony Wroe
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Tuesday 13 May 2008
Message 313:

Have also been making use of the site and walks over the last few months. Otley Chevin walk nearly killed me today! I have been tracking most of the walks using Nokia Sports Tracker Beta - google the web site and check out adrianwi. Thanks for your efforts!

From: Adrian Williamson
Town/City: Leeds, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 05 May 2008
Message 312:

Great website. We're off to Timble now for an easy dander. Many Thanks.

From: Caroline Dempsey
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 05 May 2008
Message 311:

Fab site - just deciding which route to go on today !! Just wanted to ask - do we really need detailed instructions for the walks or would we manage with the stuff on each walk page? ( If youre going to suggest I get a map to take .consider Ive got my mobile phone, lipstick and Kendal mint cake to carry too... oh but then there's the husband of course... he could manage the map !!) Just back from dragging him up to Easedale Tarn nr Grasmere - I think he's planning on a sofa day today.ha ha.. Im just polishing the boots... Thanks, Jan

From: Jan Collinson
Town/City: Sledmere, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 04 May 2008
Message 310:

Hi Your Roaches/ Hen Cloud 12m walk looks great. Any chance of a route card please? I find the site funny and also very informative. Thanks, Rachael

andquot;I mailed Rachael her requested Memory Map routeandquot;

From: Rachael Lee
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 03 May 2008
Message 309:

Is there any chance of mailing me the MMO files for the Snowdon walk featured on your web site. Sounds excellent and hoping to take the kids up. Regards, Craig Varley PS. Fantastic web site really enjoyed it - thanks very much !!

andquot;I mailed Craig his requested Memory Map routeandquot;

From: Craig Varley
Town/City: Country: Wales
Date: Sunday 27 April 2008
Message 308:

I have recently been making good use of your site around Yorkshire. Timble ,Swinsty, Fewston mix today. Have just taken delivery of a GPS and Memory Map System. By way of a trial run decided to download one of your 'R' routes. One I am familar with namely Haworth/Top Withins. Everything worked until I tried downloading the way points onto my GPS. At this I got something about license incompatability or some such. Should this in fact work? Thanking you in anticipation...AND more to the point Thank You for providing such a superb facility.

andquot;I gave Joan some guidance on how to overcome the problemandquot;

From: Joan Law
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 April 2008
Message 307:

I am working my way through the 29 hills(19 completed so far).Could you tell me why you exclude Great Dummacks and Bram Rigg Top both of which are over 2000 feet?

andquot;I added both hills to the listing on the Yorkshire Dales hills pageandquot;

From: Denis Varley
Town/City: Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 April 2008
Message 306:

As a fellow walking Englishman, (I have walked on my own, in the Scouting movement, with the Cov CHA rambling club, Cov local YHA group and with family and throughout England / Wales / Europe) I have visited your site several times now and have found it informative and entertaining and helps bring back memories of my own walking experiences in many of the same places ... Thank you ... Your site might well have inspired me to have a go at my own web site (if I can get my head aroud the technical IT stuff) ... Any advice how to start ? Best regards, Gary.

andquot;I gave Gary a few options on what to do in order to start to build a web siteandquot;

From: Gary Hadden
Town/City: Rugby, Warwickshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 April 2008
Message 305:

Hi Mike, can you tell me what Ingleborough is like for taking a crazy boxer dog to the summit, been up Pen-y-ghent a while back and I seemed to remember I had to pick the dog up a few times because it refused to scramble up!

andquot;I replied to Gary stating Ingleborough had less scrambling (from a southern or eastern approach)andquot;

From: Gary
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 25 April 2008
Message 304:

Hi, I am planning a Lake District mega walk in a few weeks time that will include Sharp Edge, Jacks Rake, Striding Edge and Scafell all in one weekend! (I like a challenge). Your site is great and the walks will be based on the routes published on here. Would you happen to have higher resolution pics of your route maps for these 4 walks that you could mail me? Thanks

andquot;I compiled route cards with larger maps for Markandquot;

From: Mark Barrett
Town/City: Derby Country: England
Date: Thursday 24 April 2008
Message 303:

Hi, I have been looking at a walk you have done called Haworth Moor and Top Withins Walk. Do you have any guidecards for this or can you please tell me where I can get instructions from. I usually do walks from AA 100 best walks in Northern England. I am hoping to do this walk this weekend so hope I haven't left it too late. Thanks, Angela

andquot;I immediately sent Angela a detailed map and a route card with waypoints andamp; instructionsandquot;

From: Angela Miller
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Wednesday 23 April 2008
Message 302:

Great site pleasing to the eye and well put together.

From: Keith
Town/City: Newcastle Country: England
Date: Monday 21 April 2008
Message 301:

Hi Mike, I am fairly new to all these walks, I walk with my dad in the Lake District, so far we have done Scafell, Scafell Pike, Fairfield Horseshoe, Jack's Rake and this weekend Bowfell and Crinkle Crags. When we chose our walks we always have a look on your site to take in any information and to get a general idea of the walks. Your website is of great aid to us. So thanks again. Keep it up. Marc

From: Marc Whittaker
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 21 April 2008
Message 300:

Hi I live in Lincoln and yesterday I completed the Top Withens walk from Haworth with my son. Poor day with strong winds but scenery very atmospheric. The climb from the Bronte falls upto Top Withens is a good stretch but we had no trouble with sheep. Heathcliiffe must have been something special for Kathy to have walked all that way! Good web site with many good ideas. Regards to all , Phil.

From: Phil Brooks
Town/City: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Sunday 20 April 2008
Message 299:

What a gem of a website. Like you I enjoyed Jake's Rake too though we also did a Ghyll Scramble up the stream as well. Weather was... interesting.

From: Jo Sutton
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 20 April 2008
Message 298:

My name is Barbara Howe. My son Alex, has just moved to Chesterfield to live and work. He is 19 and is familiar (ish) with the area as my family have lived there for several years, and we always go for a short walk at Curbar Edge when we are able. He is keen to join a walking/climing group. He has done plenty of long walk with Duke of Edinburgh bronze, silver and gold. Can you help him get in touch with any groups that walk in the area (phone numbers would be great). Because he has just moved to the area and does not have any friends, it would be a really good way for him to enjoy himself and meet people. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Barbara

andquot;I pointed Barbara to the Ramblers Association Walking Groups search pageandquot;

From: Barbara Howe
Town/City: Chesterfield, Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Friday 18 April 2008
Message 297:

Brilliant website with great information on walks. I always have a look on here to see what walks to do. Brilliant descriptions and easy to look at descriptions of the walks.

From: Marc Whittaker
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 17 April 2008
Message 296:

Hello from Ellicott City, Maryland in the states! I am looking for a great hike for six youths (17 and 18 year olds) and me (the chaperone (and father of one of the youths)) for a day in the Lake District in late May. Since this will be our one and only day in the Lake District, I think that the Newlands Horseshoe Walk will be perfect. My main concern, however, is navigation. I don't think that I could follow the path that you describe using only what I read (about the walk) on the website. I must be missing something. How can I make sure that we stay on track? Is it much simpler than I am imagining? Thanks for your good work on this site. I am already looking forward to the trek!

andquot;I replied to Jim's query with more detailed information of the routeandquot;

From: Jim Johnson
Town/City: Ellicott City, Maryland Country: United States
Date: Friday 11 April 2008
Message 295:

We had some guests from Australia stay at our guest house who had printed out some of the walks in and around Settle from your site. We were very impressed with what you have done when we visited your site ourselves. The walks you have selected are excellent and you present them on your web-site beautifully. Our guest house is well placed for many of the walks that you have featured. Recently we have had many people who have stayed who have come by train from as far away as London as did our Autralian guests. Five of your walks are accessable from our guest house by public transport; two directly from our front door and we are keen to encourage this sustainable tourism. We will put a link to you in our web site at www.settlelodge.co.uk. Anyone wanting to see what we have to offer in terms of accommodation can also visit our site.

Keep up the good work,
Amanda and Eduardo

From: Eduardo Martinez
Town/City: Settle Lodge, Settle, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 05 April 2008
Message 294:

Perhaps it is time you decided to try a a walk on the wild side...in Connemara, Ireland. The quaint village of Clonbur, ('An Fhairce' in Irish), located on the narrow peninsula separating Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, is the gateway to the breath-taking Connemara region. Attracted by the easy pace of life here walkers love exploring the unspoiled Connemara countryside, rambling along the quiet mountain boreens overlooking the lakes, soaking up the stunning Connemara scenery. Many walkers use the Failte Ireland Loop walks and the posted Forestry walks as their walking routes on the Maamturks mountains, Mount Gable, the Twelve Bens and even Croagh Patrick, although thorough planning and care are necessary to ensure a safe hike on all of Connemara's mountains. My family have been welcoming walkers to Connemara for over half a century and understand the true meaning of old time hospitality. We welcome old and new friends equally and offer keen group rates to tour and group organisers. We'll make sure your stay is enjoyable, hassle-free and above all, affordable.

From: Eddie Lynch
Town/City: Fairhill House Hotel, Clonbur, Connemara, Co. Galway Country: Ireland
Date: Friday 04 April 2008
Message 293:

Just come across the site via Google, Great resource and it's free so well done! I am planning on getting back into walking again after a 10 year lay off and want to have a go a Scafell Pike for the 1st time or the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge - one I have done a couple of times before, in May sometime, I will keep you posted and let you know if it "Makes or Breaks me" Cheers, Tony W

From: Tony Wroe
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Sunday 30 March 2008
Message 292:

Hello, My wife and I really enjoy your website. We have lived and worked in GB and have spent many years visiting Lago Di Como as you have. We found out about the old Roman Road from Menaggio up around past Dongo and also experienced the pleasures of hiking it in 30C heat. Your website and your videos brought many good memories back for us. Our compliments to your creation and organization on this site: Very pleasant! Best Regards, Rob and Claude Mary Case

From: Rob Case
Town/City: Country: Switzerland
Date: Sunday 30 March 2008
Message 291:

Hi chap! Decided only this week to do Kinder Scout, leaving Edale via Grinds Brook... and hunting on the net found your site. The exact walk we had been planning! Perfect. Had a right good nose round fella and think I have stumbled on an excellent resource for the years ahead - thanks very much

From: Kelvin Mann
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 27 March 2008
Message 290:

Well I have notched another few walks from your excellent site since my last entry. I can recommend the walk in the Dales above Settle to Catrigg Force to anybody looking for a surprise - I was looking out for a large stream and couldn't see anything like that - but then I heard a roar and guessed I couldn't be too far away. A true hidden gem. Also last weekend I completed the walk from Follifoot to Spofforth Castle with my partner which was a nice walk spoiled only by the dog muck that was abundant on the path leading away from Follifoot and the roadside on Haggs Lane - where motorists appear to use the hedgerows as their rubbish bins - they should be made to go and clear up after themselves. Apart from that it was lovely with the secluded pond at Lodge Wood and rounding under Manor bridge and arriving at Spofforth Castle being lovely highlights. Keep the walks coming and keep up the good work :-)

From: Richard Hebblewhite
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Saturday 22 March 2008
Message 289:

Hi Mike, Just wanted to report what Peter and I have been up to......been walking in the snow recently which was a nice change! Even though its nearly spring...lol! We have at long last invested in some new water proof trousers the type you wear all the time not over ones!!! So they went out with us of course........... to be tested on Nine Standards Rigg in the snow a week ago. As we seem to forget something??? on all our walks out, a compass is not the thing to forget! Especially in this area where the clag comes down and you haven't the faintest idea which direction you could be going! Pleased to report we got back safe and sound and were the only loonies out walking on such a day as the cars passed us walking up that fabulous road that takes you through breath taking scenery from Muker to Nateby. As always we call into a welcoming hostelry for a warm (dry out) and a well earned drinky poo. We called into the (not so long opened) Keld Lodge, which use to be a Keld Youth Hostal. We can highly recommend this delightful place after a lovely walk out and the owners are wonderful! Also one of the owner's had just helped to rescue 20 kids off the hill doing the D of Edinburgh overnight expedition in very dangerous weather conditions!!! It was unbelievable this was allowed to happen (I take kids out too) but luckily nobody was hurt!!!!!!! Oh by the way, pleased to report also, that our new trousers were a huge success.............. even though its taking us sometime to get use to them lovely!!!

It is people like you and all the other ones who have created books, programmes, taken picture's, I say a HUGE THANK-YOU for inspiring us all to get out there. Also there is a good chance that we will never get to explore everywhere. But it fills your heart up with hope to do and see as much of it as you can......................... happy walking to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: CaZ from Middlesbrough
Town/City: Middlesbrough Country: England
Date: Tuesday 18 March 2008
Message 288:

My wife discovered your great site and brought it to my attention. We have spent our last four annual holidays in Snowdonia because I like heights and climbs. Unfortunately Chris, my wife, is unable to participate so this year we are to holiday in The Lake District. I was worried there might be nothing of any great challenge for me (in comparison to Ben Nevis and Snowdon). Just viewing your photos and text about the walks and climbs has cheered my heart immensely. We will stay in Ambleside district and are coming in October. My question: are there walks in your repertoire from Ambleside and are there any pitfalls to avoid? (note: I replied to Mic with a couple of suggestions)

From: Mic McCreadie
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 02 March 2008
Message 287:

What a great site. We live locally and can't wait to take some friends visiting at the weekend for one of these walks - just don't know which one to choose!

From: Babs Swan
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 29 February 2008
Message 286:

This is a wonderful site. The images alone are inspiring.

From: Paul Bech
Town/City: Pennsylvania Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 27 February 2008
Message 285:

Dear Mike,

My name is Owain Roberts and I am the chairman of the Fellwalking and Mountaineering club at Sheffield Hallam University. I just thought I would send you an e-mail to thank you for the many ideas for walks you have given our club through your 'Walking Englishman' website. This year, so far we have followed your routes for The Sutton Bank and White Horse walk and The Staithes and Coast walk in the North Yorkshire Moors, Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia and most recently this weekend where we took in Pen-Y-Ghent and the Hull Pot on the Saturday (despite very indifferent weather!) and then Settle Caves and Waterfalls on the Sunday. All the routes were easy to follow thanks to the maps and written material which we had printed out from you site in advance.

If you would like to join us in future for one of our Sunday walks in the Peak District then please do let me know as you would be most welcome. We know a few good ones which are not yet listed on your site! We go out there most Sundays. In the meantime keep up the good work and may thanks once again. All the best, Owain Roberts and all at Sheffield Hallam University Fellwalking and Mountaineering Club

From: Owain Roberts
Town/City: Sheffield, South Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 25 February 2008
Message 284:

Hi, Great site with some refreshing new ideas. I notice that your routes are in Memory Map format. Do you have any route files for The Yorkshire Dales that you can send to me or are they available to download on the site. Keep up the good work

andquot;All my routes are available by request in Memory Map (.mmo) formatandquot;

From: Mark Dixon
Town/City: Bridlington, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 23 February 2008
Message 283:

Excellent webpages! Trying to work out where to go and explore around Yorkshire and it is so nice to have a pictorial trip along a route. Keep the walking shoes on and get some more routes on there!

From: Alexis Keech
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 22 February 2008
Message 282:

Hi Mike! We did your recommended walk the circular of Great Whernside and Buckden Pike, with the exception of doing it the other way round! Why you may ask? Well, Peter and myself were not sure we would have enough time/ light to do both in the alloted time we had left. So an escape route could be taken on our walk back if necessary!! BUT we did not really want to do that......... so carried on even though light might be against us!!! After all we had almost a full moon to guide us back!! What a sunset, unbelievable with the whole of the mountain range lit up with the most magical of colours, it went on after for a whole hour. Peter and I were extremely privileged to be spectators of such a awe inspiring and breath taking show, from our life giving Sun.........without it we are well and truly ******! It was as always a wonderful euphoric walk out in the spendours of this beautiful World we live in!!! A brilliant walk out again thanks to your website! Ok would like to see more of the World but money does'nt allow and I am not sure my fabulous nearly 11 yr old springer would allow me to go away that long lol!!! He's going to be in a shock when I go to Skye in April for a week, here's hoping God will look down well on me my son (his first big trip out) and party, as I visit the wonderful Cuillins. Hoping this time to get summet done!!!!! Happy walking to all!!! CaZ................. Middlesbrough lass

From: Caroline
Town/City: Middlesbrough, Teesside Country: England
Date: Wednesday 20 February 2008
Message 281:

Just looking for walks around Beverley and came across your site. Teriffic effort put into the site. Well done and please continue as I can't wait to go and try some. I go to Italy at least once a year so keen to give your Italy lakes a try where did you find these routes.

From: Peter Dixon
Town/City: Beverley, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 19 February 2008
Message 280:

The Beamsley Beacon walk was fantastic, luckily on a clear and crisp day. The route was easy to follow and I can recommend it for all. Enough to increase your heart rate but easy enough for most people. Next time I do this route, I will continue along to the craggs and not back track. Thanks

From: Peter Clough
Town/City: Headingley, Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 17 February 2008
Message 279:

Happened upon your website and was inspired to get out there. My friend and I walked The Roaches yesterday starting with Hen Cloud and had a great day. Earned out final stop at the tea shop. Thank you!

From: Amanda Barrie
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 February 2008
Message 278:

Hello Mike Just completed a long-planned trip up Jack's Rake with my 14 year old son and it did NOT disappoint! Your description and comments on the route were absolutely bang on! A great website in every aspect!

From: Ken W
Town/City: Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 February 2008
Message 277:

Good morning! I do hope this mail finds you well? I was hopeful that you might be able to provide me with a little bit of information... In seven weeks time, I am lucky enough to be getting married to a girl who, despite being lovely, is not a great walker. I say lucky, because it means that my brother and I can enjoy my 'stag' weekend (for want of a better word) spending some time together walking and hiking and reminiscing. We were hoping to go up to the Yorkshire Moors or somewhere relatively close by, as we will be leaving from Nottingham on the morning of the 14th March. I was really hoping to be able to walk between 10-15 miles a day for a couple of days in a circular manner, aiming to park the car up on the the Friday morning and arrive back at it on the Sunday lunchtime(ish), punctuating the walk with a couple of overnight stays at decent pubs along the way! Now, despite being both fit, we are certainly novices at planning such things and wondered whether you would be able to help in any way with advice or suggestions? Many, many thanks if you are able to. Best wishes, Dan

Walking Englishman writes: "I proposed a 2 day route for Dan which he was pleased with"

From: Dan Hatfield
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Tuesday 12 February 2008
Message 276:

I am a 'black sheep' of a now defunct bunch of brewing barons. I removed myself from Hampshire in August 1958 for an "educational" trip around the globe. Last summer I plucked up enough courage to join the group who almost 'killed' me in 2000, this time to go along with their fourth leg of completing "Les Hautes Pyrenees from Atlantic to the Med. Thus, les Pyrenees Orientales from Andorra to Banyuls-sur-mer. I used the same boots that in 2000 had removed all skin off both heels after about 5 days. They were much better the second time around as I had done plenty of serious adjusting and training in them for about 2 months prior. I have promised NOT to use said boots a third time. All this to state the OBVIOUS that proper fitting boots are the MOST IMPORTANT item of equipment in long distance walking. The same group is currently pressuring me to join them on the pilgrimage route to Santiago del Compostella in No. West Spain; starting somewhere in Le Massif Central in central France. With your considerable experience can you please recommend to me perhaps a web site devoted to the proper fitting of walking/hiking boots? Many congratulations on your excellent web site and as I have not yet read all the content which of the U.K. long distance walks are your personal favorite[s] and why. I am seriously thinking of the South Downs Way ; but with a slight twist in that I wish it to also be a SUPERIOR GASTRONOMIC experience; any suggestions as to how best to search out pubs with accommodation with either in house excellent cuisine or close to excellent restaurant[s]? My apologies for lack of brevity, most sincerely, Anthony Mann. p.s. Our premium brew initially marketed in 1902 is still being brewed today. Namely; Mann's Brown Ale.

From: Anthony Mann
Town/City: Country: Canada
Date: Monday 4 February 2008
Message 275:

Hi! Many thanks for your wonderful informative website. Brilliant idea to put all the fab mini mountains of the glorious dales together!!! Makes my fellas and my life so much easier to sort out a walk now! We've done about half of them probably more in the last year, but whose counting!!! Actually I am now, our goal is to complete them all and then do them all again eventually!!! Oh thanks for the advice about Great Shunner Fell, too late we were up there last sunday,very windy, thick mist, freezing my pinkies (fingers) off.........loving every minute of it!!!!!!!! You're right about the Howgills ohhhhhhhhh there magical mountains Just as Wainwright describes them, as a heard of elephants all sat down together!!!! Really lovely place and the views were out of this world!!! My fella PeterWoolley.artist@virgin.net hasn't painted them yet! He's a professional water colour artist and has a gallery in Hawes so go to view his fab pic's. If you ever bump into us on the hill I am the one always giggling full of the joys of life ...........until I go back to school, love the kids just hate the system! Happy walking!!! Regards Caroline

From: Caroline
Town/City: Middlesbrough, Teesside Country: England
Date: Monday 28 January 2008
Message 274:

Hello Mike, I have just taken a couple of friends on the Strid and Simons Seat walk following your route. You mentioned a substantial stone bridge across the river which seems to serve no useful purpose. It is actually an aqueduct and is hiding a huge and (probably) ugly iron pipe! There are what may be valve chambers under concrete slabs about 100yds each side of the bridge. As we walked by the side of the wood above the bridge we were accosted by a male pheasant, which followed us for a while before pecking at one of the ladies!! Very strange.

From: Jim Hamer
Town/City: Burnley, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Sunday 27 January 2008
Message 273:

Hi Michael, Great site. I have completed two of your walks listed on your website and have thoroughly enjoyed them. The most recent was the walk through the Harewood Estate, which was a lovely walk through the grounds. The first was the Elterwater Waterfalls Walk in the Lakes which I completed with my partner and we had so much fun walking through great countryside, and the waterfalls were a joy to behold. We did get a little lost near the end of the walk. Does the path take you across some stepping stones? And if it does then they are really worth a mention as we had some good laughs getting across! I think your site is great especially detailing the difficulty of the walk and its distance. I look forward to you adding some more walks around Harrogate as that is where I am from.

From: Richard
Town/City: Harrogate, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 27 January 2008
Message 272:

I came across your site while I was looking for walks which would appeal to my friends. It was a pleasure to read the enthusiastic and informative descriptions of the walks along with the photo's of yourself and your companions. Many thanks, Jim

From: Jim Hamer
Town/City: Burnley, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 January 2008
Message 271:

We live in Ft. Worth, Texas. I am interested in our family history which started in the UK. Are there many Roseberry's in Scotland and England? Do you know if there is a family site for Roseberry's in the UK and do you know the origin of Roseberry hill?

From: Jerry Rosebery
Town/City: Fort Worth, Texas Country: USA
Date: Saturday 26 January 2008
Message 270:

My brother and myself are planning to walk the 2500' Wainwrights in May. Your site is an excellent resource for viewing the route and settling on realistic timings for the various sections. Particularly liked your sections on Scafell and the Langdales. The route cards should be very useful.

From: Joe Keating
Town/City: Cricklewood, North London Country: England
Date: Thursday 24 January 2008
Message 269:

Have just come across your site and, knowing the Lake District reasonably well I must say that it is excellent. I particularly enjoyed the routes in and around Langdale. Great photographs - a real bonus. Thank you.

From: Tom Phillips
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Friday 18 January 2008
Message 268:

As an extended family we just stayed at the Mankinholes YHA near Todmorden and followed your walk up to the Bride Stones. Thanks very much - spot on.

From: Andy Swarbrick
Town/City: Mankinholes, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 14 January 2008
Message 267:

I have just discovered your excellent site which brought back memories of walks done - Cleveland Way over 20 years ago - real amateurs then with b/w photocopied maps! Then in 1999 - 2 of us completeing Coast to Coast - in my 49th year and then again as a sponsored event to raise money for Sri Lanka tsunami victims - 5 of us and me in my 56th year! - brilliant. This year the original C2C walkers are walking Offas Dyke - if you have any information that might be of help I would be most grateful - especially on the best cheapest tent and the availability of Bandamp;B. Enjoyed your account of the walk at Tryfan - my one roped mountain climb from college in 1970! Just did not realise how many years have gone by! Thanks for an excellent site - I will certainly make more use of it as early retirement is only 2 years away!!

From: Andrew Guy
Town/City: Penistone, South Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 12 January 2008
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