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Guestbook Entries in 2013:
Message 1,083:

Hello, I would just like to thank you for your wonderfully informative, interesting and enjoyable walking resources on your website and your posts here on Facebook. Almost 4 years ago, without any 'proper' walking experience I decided to do the Coast to Coast walk and was encouraged by your account with its beautiful photographs, I completed it in 12 days. I have since enjoyed many walks, bagged a few Wainwrights and met some fantastic like-minded people on my travels, some of them becoming great friends. Thank you once again. May I wish you well for 2014 and all the wonderful walks it brings.

From: Jo Bainbridge
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 29 December 2013
Message 1,082:

Hi Mike, Regarding the Bullock Smithy Hike can you tell me what time of the year this takes place and do you have to book it with someone, I would like to have a go at it sometime but being new to walking / hiking feel I need to get some serious miles in first before attempting it. To date the hardest routes I have done are Snowdonia up via the Pig and down via Miners and Scafell last weekend 23rd November. It was a bit of a climb up and I took the easier route back just to give you an idea of my novice status. Thanks for the website; it as given me some great walks to look forward to. I may even take the wife.

'I put Glenn in contact with my friend Adam who organises a team to complete the Bullock Smithy walk every year'

From: Glenn France
Town/City: Warrington Country: England
Date: Sunday 24 November 2013
Message 1,081:

Thanks and well done for the superb site, it has given me some great ideas for walks. I did the Mam Tor walk on Sunday in excellent if rather cold weather, and can highly recommend it to others. The views from the Mam Tor ridge, where you can look down into the Hope Valley on one side and the Vale of Edale on the other were some of the best I have ever experienced. The downloadable .gpx files are very useful also when used with the old map and compass! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

From: Darren Shaw
Town/City: Littleborough Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 November 2013
Message 1,080:

Hi Mike, We wanted to get out and about today so we did your Eccup reservoir route. This was to date our 5 year old daughters longest walk. It was very muddy in places and we got back to the car wishing I had let her put her wellies on instead of her walking boots! Looking promising that we will get back up to decent distances.

From: Sarah Daly
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 10 November 2013
Message 1,079:

My husband and I (he 69, me 66) have booked a deal to say at one of the Pendle Inn cottages in Barley for two nights in November. We really want to climb Pendle. However, I have a fear of heights - well not so much heights as edges with drops - I turn into a gibbering idiot. Also my husband had a fall last year and badly broke his arm so is a bit fragile on slippery paths! We do have the right equipment - hiking boots/walking sticks/poles. I am told Pendle does not have any sheer drops but have had differing advice from people I know about which way we should tackle it. We need to start and return to Barley as we do not have our own transport. Would you advise going up the steep slope and back by Ogden Reservoirs or is the other way better? Is the steep slope stepped all the way up (or down) or would it be possible to slip and fall, especially coming down. Hope you can help? Thank you.

'My recommendation to Marian was to follow the Pendle Way path all the way in a clockwise direction, much as she initimated in her message. I included a route map and gpx file in the reply'

From: Marian Vaughan
Town/City: Preston Country: England
Date: Tuesday 29 October 2013
Message 1,078:

Just a quick message to thank you for the great suggestion for the walk from Hartsop taking in The Knott, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag and Caudale Moor. My wife and I did this today and it was a fantastic day unlike when you did it unfortunately. It was the last day of our holiday and we'd had to be patient through the rain and doing the low level walks earlier in the week. Great description and photos.

From: Steve Parks
Town/City: Market Harborough Country: England
Date: Thursday 24 October 2013
Message 1,077:

I am dropping a line to say how happy my son (Ryan Bowkett ,5) is after seeing our photo and write- up on your website after our meeting on the ridge leading to Pen Y Fan. He completed 17 miles in the two days of walking and camping whilst in the brecon Beacons which for his age was some going (v.Proud). It was good to meet you guys and we will be sure to use your site in the future for more adventures. Regards, James and Ryan Bowkett.

From: James Bowkett
Town/City: Bath Country: England
Date: Wednesday 23 October 2013
Message 1,076:

Hi Mike, Just to say a 'big thanks' for causing me to visit Malham for the first time recently. I noticed that you'd raved about it and not knowing the Dales very well thought I'd give it a try. Well, it did not disappoint, what an awesome place - even in the rain! I have added the walk to my modest site. I was not as intrepid as you are and did not go up the waterfall, my excuse being that it was in full spate. Well done you for having climbed it though, it does not look easy You've inspired me to visit the Dales more often, and I plan to go this weekend to visit Pen-y-Ghent and follow your footsteps again Keep up the great work, I really enjoy your site and the chatty descriptions of your adventures.

From: Andrew Locking
Town/City: West Ella, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 October 2013
Message 1,075:

I used Di and Hans Carlen's guide to do the Borrowdale-Rosthwaite-Castle Crag walk this week. Thank you very much for your excellent instructions. did not get to Castle Crag but will start from Rosthwaite next time, walking back to Keswick along the western side of Derwentwater.

From: Jill Swain
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 October 2013
Message 1,074:

Hi Mike, Interested in your comments on the Great Glen Way. I found it a tedious flat trudge along canal towpaths and forestry roads with most views hidden by high conifers.....being eaten by Nessie would have been a blessed relief.

From: John Hirst
Town/City: Bath Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 October 2013
Message 1,073:

After joining a walking group when I retired 2years ago I would like to thank you for making our walks a lot easier by the superb info and maps you supply. A great help to us beginners. Great work. Long may you continue. Al and Sue

From: Al and Sue Galloway
Town/City: Bradford, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 06 October 2013
Message 1,072:

Hello Mike, I just to say how much we enjoyed your talk and seeing the slides at the Richmond Walking Festival in Yorkshire last night. Happy walking, Pat

From: Pat Fawcett
Town/City: Whitley Bay Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 September 2013
Message 1,071:

Simply the best!... thanks for bothering!.. about to lead 3 generations of my family in your philanthropotic footsteps.... Damn good show!

From: Paco
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 September 2013
Message 1,070:

I just wanted to say that as an occasional walker I took the plunge and cautiously dipped my toes into the world of long distance trail walking this summer. Having just completed the 108 mile Cleveland Way over a rather sedate 10 days I would like to say that it's easier than I thought and a whole lot of fun, with great places to explore and people to meet on every day. I blogged my experiences in case anyone is interested and would be happy to offer any advice to any newbies thinking of undertaking their first long distance walk. Obviously I am hardly an expert but can speak from the point of view of having just made the transition from day walker. Great website by the way!

From: Tim Whitemore
Town/City: Derby Country: England
Date: Wednesday 18 September 2013
Message 1,069:

Wow, what a great site. Already have a walk planned for Saturday, Ladybower and Derwent Edge, can't wait. Plan to do all the 1000 club over the next year or so if I can persuade my walking partners to follow.

From: Phil
Town/City: Alfreton, Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 September 2013
Message 1,068:

Hi Mike, Have loved reading your site as we have explored Lake District. We stayed near Keswick and while there created our own 10 mile loop, moderate walk, starting from High Ladore Farm, to Watendlath Valley, across to Rosthwaite (fantastic views) then past the YHA towards Seetoller and doubled back on the route via Castle Crag to Grange and High Ladore Farm again. Total ascent just over 600 metres, but broken into about 4 blocks of 150 - 200 metres. Took us about 5 - 6 hours. We could not find it mentioned anywhere and thought others might like to try it as we enjoyed it. Thanks again for suggested walks.

From: Dianna Carlen
Town/City: Sydney Country: Australia
Date: Monday 16 September 2013
Message 1,067:

Thanks for such a great website - very easy and enjoyable to use. I am now looking forward to some extensive walking in the Lake District.

From: Tony Wilson
Town/City: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 12 September 2013
Message 1,066:

Thank your for posting and your friend very much for taking the time to compose such an interesting and thought provoking account of your trek to Everest Base Camp! The account was very compelling, and you also introduced me to my newest favorite food: Daal soup with rice! I found a little Indian restaurant near my house that had HUGE portions of both basmati rice and my "spicy ordered" daal... Six bucks (4 something quid??) Finished the read with the delicious simple food. Thanks mate!

From: Ryan N
Town/City: San Diego, California Country: USA
Date: Thursday 12 September 2013
Message 1,065:

A most excellent site with tons of useful information! I always check here first before going on any hike to see what to expect. Many thanks!

From: Orlando Vargus
Town/City: RAF Feltwell Country: England
Date: Wednesday 11 September 2013
Message 1,064:

I have just turned 60 and decided I want to do something different in my life, to take up backpacking/ hiking. I have always loved the Peak District and visited many times when I was younger. So this year I set my goal and started to invest in buying good kit including tent, sleeping bag, rucksack, stove, etc. Ready for next year 2014 and I came across your website and found that it contained what I was looking for with maps to walking in the peaks. Thanks for this and I look forward to trying them out next year. Touch wood I will be back signing in with my experience in 2014. Thanks again, Roy.

From: Roy West
Town/City: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 31 August 2013
Message 1,063:

Hathersage Moor and Padley Gorge - Great walk, the heather was purple, the views were a bit misty, but still a great walk. Thanks.

From: Jim Bacon
Town/City: Ashby-de-la-Zouch Country: England
Date: Sunday 25 August 2013
Message 1,062:

Wow. excellent website. Spent hours trawling through it and found quite a few relatively local walks we did not know about and have been inspired to do them. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.

From: John Denison
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Friday 23 August 2013
Message 1,061:

Just to say thanks so much for the walks round Menaggio, on Lake Como, which is about a one-hour drive from where we live. We finally did the Sass Curbee yesterday, and it was fabulous! We'll try the other walks too. Thanks for the short videos at the beginning. They really set the scene. You provide lots of useful information for the visitor, including the subject of buses. The tickets are a pain in the neck, since so few places carry them. The other aspect you mention is the timetables. Indeed, as you probably worked out, buses are used mainly by school-children, and the timetables are based on the school-day, and the school year. That Italians kids have a three-month summer vacation, from early-June to early-September bodes badly for visitors wanting to reach places by public transport. And who wouldn't prefer to let an experienced bus-driver take you up a mountain?

From: Roberta Kedzierski
Town/City: Induno Olona, nr Varese Country: Italy
Date: Sunday 18 August 2013
Message 1,060:

Wow what a good website! I found it by accident but shall be a frequent visitor from now on. Keep up the good work!

From: Caryl Hopps
Town/City: Featherstone, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 16 August 2013
Message 1,059:

Hi Mike, Firstly, may I congratulate you for your effort in compiling and completing such a wonderful array of walks, hikes and scrambles (you must have calves like the incredible hulk!). I have only recently discovered your site but have, along with the missus, managed to complete both the 'Helvellyn from Wythburn' and 'Skiddaw Range' (with Latrigg, a pint in the Dog and Gun and the walk back to the starting point thrown in for good measure!) walks. I am chasing G.W's 214 and have every intention of doing every single last one of them the hard way (Well! if a jobs worth doing....). Your site is brilliantly concise, beautifully compiled, is a wonderful resource, and an absolute credit to you. Keep up the good work fella. Thanks ever so much and may your socks stay dry!

From: Peter Jones
Town/City: Blackpool Country: England
Date: Tuesday 13 August 2013
Message 1,058:

Hi Mike, thanks to you for your website. I took three friends Ken, Robbie and Ben to the Lakes last week. We did Mr Deasey's recommended Scafell/Scafell Pike walk. It was absolutely banging. It took us almost eight hours but on a beautiful day it was well worth it. It was a case of blood sweat and tears all the way. My blood after boulder rolling on Lingmell, sweat from all of us as over 10 litres of fluid was consumed collectively and tears of laughter from Ken as he watched Ben scramble up Lord's Rake to cries of "this is a climb not a walk!" A thoroughly enjoyable day and many thanks to John Deasey. I will have to send you one of my Peak Walks which hopefully you will try. Thanks again for a great website as it truly inspires.

From: John Whitworth
Town/City: Bolsover, Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Monday 12 August 2013
Message 1,057:

I really wish your Walking Englishman website was around before I left the UK to live in the US, but then I do notice that you haven't included any walks from the S.E of England Surrey/Kent/ Sussex. What I find most interesting is your personal comments gathered from the walks you've taken, since we all see the same vistas, but from different perceptions and that's what is interesting. By the way, I read your trek, along the rim of the Sumerian Gorge in Crete, I did the same, but went down to the bottom following the river until it emptied into the sea at a black sand beach. It was really a spectacular twelve mile walking trip as the gorge narrows to only a few metres and soars to about one thousand metres at that point - there is a couple of abandoned villages on the way (not too difficult to understand why they were deserted. I would love to do this adventure again - wife permitting. Thank you for producing this website.

'I told Brian that one day I would spend sometime in the south east of England to cover some walks in the area'

From: Brian Steward
Town/City: Richmond, Virginia Country: USA
Date: Monday 12 August 2013
Message 1,056:

Love your site which I often use when I am not out there walking and I point my kids towards it.

From: Rupee Green
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 11 August 2013
Message 1,055:

Hi Mike This website is a stunning site and absolutely addictive. The quality and variety is superb and far better than in most published books. I am currently putting together my own blog 'A Three Peaks Up and Under'. I hope you find it interesting. Your site has been inspirational in giving me the urge to continue! I look forward to following your walks.

From: Stephen Oldfield
Town/City: Rawtenstall, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Sunday 11 August 2013
Message 1,054:

I would never call myself a seasoned walker but living within an hour of the Peak District we tend to walk regularly around that area over the weekends. Your website is always my first port of call for walks. We've tried following route guide books, but have frequently ended up in some farmers field that was not on my map!!! In a couple of weeks I hope to fulfil my ambition to walk to the top of Snowdon. I am going on a guided walking break to Bedgellert (my treat for my birthday). You are given the choice of 3 walks on each of 2 days and yes (weather permitting) the top of Snowdon (and the Nantile Ridge) are both on the itinerary. I have checked your website, and am considering my options with walking the Nantile Ridge but I'll let you know if I overcome shaky leg syndrome and manage it. Thanks for a brilliant website.

From: Sandra Wilbrey
Town/City: Wolverhampton Country: England
Date: Monday 05 August 2013
Message 1,053:

Just found your Website from a link from Exodus. Planning on Everest Base Camp next - your friends account of the trip will be read and re-read. Invaluable - thank you.

From: Ann Jones
Town/City: Rhyl Country: Wales
Date: Thursday 01 August 2013
Message 1,052:

Thank you Mike for putting all these walks online, we moved to Yorkshire recently and your website has enabled us to discover the Dales and many local walks. It is our source of walks for the weekend and has proved invaluable and the source of many happy hours walking. Our fitness levels have also improved as we have tackled longer walks. Keep up the good work.

From: Jon and Elaine Green
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Thursday 01 August 2013
Message 1,051:

Thank you so much for the Little Whernside pictures and story. 60yrs ago we had a special excursion with school where a bus full was supposed to be at each side and we were to walk over and swop buses but a huge thunderstorm came over and we walked the bogs etc with boots full of water and frogs everywhere only to find when we eventually got over Little Whernside the other group had turned back and taken their bus home and in those days with no mobile phones etc it was hours before our bus eventually found us all cold wet and muddy. A memory never to be forgotten. Just thought I would share my story with you. I used to live near Fountains Abbey but now I live in Australia so I am so glad I found your page and can enjoy again the walks I used to love.

From: Cilla Holmes
Town/City: Country: Australia
Date: Wednesday 31 July 2013
Message 1,050:

Just writing to thank you for taking the time to write up these free walks. Not too long or too short or too boring, just perfect. Thanks again for helping me plan my Lakes trips whilst stuck in an office! Cheers.

From: Andrew Kent
Town/City: Oxford Country: England
Date: Thursday 25 July 2013
Message 1,049:

Hi Mike, Did some of your Lake District walks last year. Loved them so much, we'll be doing some York Moors ones soon. But looking into which ones to do, I spotted an error on dales4.htm (Gunnerside Gill and Swinner Gill Walk), where the starting grid ref has quoted grid square SE, when in fact it should be SD. Just my small contribution! Do keep up the brilliant work.

'I thanked Nick for pointing out the error which I have now corrected. As a note to all my readers, please point out any errors you find on the site and I will correct them'

From: Nick Porter
Town/City: Dunstable Country: England
Date: Monday 22 July 2013
Message 1,048:

Hi Mike, Just done the Mam Tor ridge walk from Hope today. The wife and I are new to walking, well we have both been walking since the age of 11 months but you know what I mean. Saw the walk on your sight and found it really informative, had a really enjoyable day. Definitely helped out us novices, thanks very much. Looking forward to picking another walk of your sight. Today, 16-7-13 , just happened to be a day with not a cloud in sky and hardly a breath of wind, even on the ridge. Loads of people out enjoying day, was surprised to see so many young groups of people. Thanks again Mike

From: Gordon Reid
Town/City: Scunthorpe Country: England
Date: Tuesday 16 July 2013
Message 1,047:

Hi, This website is great. I have just walked the High Force walk and doing it with my walking club, Many thanks.

From: Kenny Munns
Town/City: Newcastle Country: England
Date: Monday 15 July 2013
Message 1,046:

Dear Mike, I found your website tonight, I love it. We hope to travel to England in a year or two. The picture's are beautiful, I bet you have a lot of fun out there. I love nature too, there's nothing else like it. We recently read most of the people moved away from Beverley and surrounding area. That's a true shame. I love the large church at the end of the Beverley 20 walk. We hope to go there as soon as we're able. We're related to Richard and Ursula Hildyard Jackson, descended through their son, Sir Anthony Jackson I. We were told she may be from your area at Beverley. Their distant Grandparents. Hopefully, when we get there, we'll see you, that would be wonderful. You've put, so much care, and Love in your site, it tells a lot about you. Thanks for everything. Sincerely Virginia Bennett.

From: Virginia Bennett
Town/City: Rogers, Texas Country: USA
Date: Friday 12 July 2013
Message 1,045:

Various members of the Mountain Club from Stafford compiled a 2000's list in the 1980's using OS maps at that time, totalling 188. I completed the last one in July 1990. Due to modern digital mapping our list may vary regarding heights. However, the challenge is still the same.

From: Mike Glover
Town/City: Shrewsbury Country: England
Date: Wednesday 10 July 2013
Message 1,044:

Looking for a walk in Swaledale for next weekend. Our first port of call when going away for weekends in the caravan to see what walks might be available to us. An absolutely brilliant resource for any kind of walker, Thank you.

'I sent Kendale and Angela a list of Swaledale walks with my presonal recommendations'

From: Kendale and Angela Eason
Town/City: Middlesbrough Country: England
Date: Wednesday 10 July 2013
Message 1,043:

Nice one! enjoyed coming across your website whilst planning our next slog in the N.W. Highlands...Glengarry to Cluanie footpath...thanks for the info and great photos...will have a good look at your Site later this week...many thanks.. Please checkout iWalks on Facebook and post your comments. Cheers.

From: Doug Payne
Town/City: Jarrow Country: England
Date: Monday 08 July 2013
Message 1,042:

Hi Mike and thanks for this great resource! I live in Saddleworth, just on the border of the Peak District and it is always fascinating to read about new walks. I am going to be walking part of the Pennine Way to Edale next week so maybe I will submit one. I am hoping to start my own blog soon about hiking in Britain's wild places and your site has been a great inspiration.

From: Daniel Mowinski
Town/City: Saddleworth Country: England
Date: Friday 05 July 2013
Message 1,041:

I am a keen walker - with a growing sense of adventure. I have found this website very useful time and again and it's inspired many a walk. It's even inspired me to compile my own blog! Which you can see here www.stuarthodgson.blogspot.co.uk Thanks a lot for sharing all this information Walking Englishman!

From: Stuart Hodgson
Town/City: Hartlepool Country: England
Date: Tuesday 02 July 2013
Message 1,040:

A most excellent and informative website. One of the best! Thanks for all the info.

From: Orlando Vargus
Town/City: RAF Feltwell, Norfolk Country: England
Date: Sunday 30 June 2013
Message 1,039:

Hi Mike, The Bradford Ramblers are a meetup group based in West Yorkshire. We do on average two walks a week, usually a longer walk for the more experienced walkers and a shorter walk for those who are new to walking or may have some sort of health issues. New members are always welcome as we are a really friendly group, we hope to see you soon. I hope the introduction to us is ok and many thanks to you for the walks you provide. I have based one of our walks from your page and have mentioned you in the description to give credit where it is due and will do this in the future should I base any more walks from your lovely web page. Keep up the walking and may the sun shine for you. Regards, Gareth.

From: Gareth Petty
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Saturday 29 June 2013
Message 1,038:

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your excellent "Byland Abbey and Sutton Bank Walk" route. My and my partner were staying in Helmsley and were after a good walk that would also be a bit of a workout. We googled, found you, I loaded your .gpx file onto my phone and off we went. We had a great time, the walking was top quality with loads of variety thrown in.

From: Mike
Town/City: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Saturday 22 June 2013
Message 1,037:

This web site is excellent. Thanks for setting it up.

From: Charles Read
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 June 2013
Message 1,036:

Hi, I have used this site many times to, its great. I have a website like this one but it only has information on Mountaineering in the UK. Check it out if you want. www.mountaineeringintheuk.com Thanks

From: Joseph Slater
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Saturday 15 June 2013
Message 1,035:

I would like to thank you for some wonderfully mapped out walks.. A friend told me about your website a few years ago and since them me and the hubby always download walks from your site and upload them to view ranger, the freedom you feel escaping the daily grind when out walking is second to none, every walk is an adventure! Once again.. Thanks! :)

From: Emma Jones
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 13 June 2013
Message 1,034:

Mr Walking Englishman, it is a pleasure and a privilege to read your trekking reports. May you continue to write your reports for many years longer. I enjoy the detail and the photos you put up very much. Many thanks.

From: Vinod Sharma
Town/City: Boxhill Country: England
Date: Wednesday 12 June 2013
Message 1,033:

Just completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks for a second time. Fabulous day and met some great people along the way. It was 23 years ago that I did it the first time so alot older this time and it was very hard especially Ingleborough at the end but such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when completed. I would recommend anyone to have a go if they want a challenge. Wondering what challenge to do next.

From: Wendy Walter
Town/City: Huddersfield Country: England
Date: Wedneday 12 June 2013
Message 1,032:

Hi Mike, Great website! I loved the write up about Tour du Mont Blanc by Neal. Can you let me know what company he used for his trip? Thanks.

'I put Alex in touch with Neal who has since provided the details of the company he used'

From: Alex Dove
Town/City: Cheshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 June 2013
Message 1,031:

Hi Walking Englishman - We have made some resources for people wanting to raise money for charity doing the Yorkshire Three peaks. Please link the following from your Yorkshire Three Peaks page.

Three Peaks Guide and Route Downloads Thanks very much.

'I have added a link to the downloads which are a great resource'

From: Andy at Lupine Adventure
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 June 2013
Message 1,030:

Stumbled across your website (and then the associated Facebook page via its link) when I googled walks in the Peak District. I have to say wow, fantastic and thank you! As a Memory Map user, being able to download the routes is a big bonus. I am in the process of applying to start my mountain leader training, and with living in East Anglia and working shifts, using some of the routes you have already done will save me a whole heap of time and wasted trips. Thank you once again.

From: Katie Fletcher
Town/City: Great Yarmouth Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 June 2013
Message 1,029:

Hi, Happy memories, we did the coast to coast two years after you.

From: Jan and Andy Jarvis
Town/City: Beverley, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 June 2013
Message 1,028:

Hi, I did my first walk in the Lake District last weekend and was completely taken with the area. Of course I have often heard about the scenery but you have to see it for yourself to really appreciate what the fuss is about. We walked the Corridor Route to Scafell Pike from Seathwaite and we are already planning a weeks stay in Keswick next year. Can't wait. Cheers for the route.

From: Billy Sheehan
Town/City: Dungarvan, Waterford Country: Republic of Ireland
Date: Saturday 08 June 2013
Message 1,027:

Fantastic site, well done. Would love to see more shorter distance walks (upto 5 miles) in the local area, we love getting out and about and would love to do the 12 milers but just not possible with a 5 year old. She can manage Swinsty currently. So whilst this would be a stroll for you it would be a great resource for families.

From: Sarah Daly
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 June 2013
Message 1,026:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great site! Recommended to loads of new budding hikers. It has given me and my family a whole new interest. Keep up the great work.

From: James C Cromey
Town/City: New Waltham Country: England
Date: Monday 03 June 2013
Message 1,025:

Hi Mike, I stubled across your website while I was planning some walks in the Lake District with my family this summer. It is a great help! Also the gpx waypoints are very useful which I can download directly into memory maps. Thank you! Great job! Paul

From: Paul Kassenberg
Town/City: Nieuw-Roden Country: Netherlands
Date: Monday 03 June 2013
Message 1,024:

Mike, like so many others, many thanks for this excellent site. We are walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way at present thought taking an extra day but, like you, am amazed at the beautiful and unexpected landscape. The Chalk downs are absolutely enchanting. Your guide is very useful. I walked the Hadrian's Wall Path about 5 years ago although in the opposite direction to you since, generally, the prevailing wind is west to east so if it's raining it is not always in your face! Spent this lovely Sunday morning reading your description of it and it brought back many memories. You were desperate to see some wall, so I was really surprised when you reached Heddon-on-the-Wall that you did not divert 20 yards off the route to see the first real stretch of wall. It would have been an uplifting end to the day particularly after the steep climb up from the Tyne. I have never understood why the trail does not take you to it but passes nearby. I was so inspired by this walk that I became a volunteer for the Trail for a section to the east of The Erington Arms. Not a particularly interesting part but someone has to do it. (It includes Matfen Piers where you watched the owl. I haven't seen one there but will look out for one.) But you do walk in the North ditch for quite a section. Next years project may be the Coast to Coast walk so will be back on your site for guidance. Once again, many thanks.

From: David Weissand
Town/City: Ponteland, Northumberland Country: England
Date: Sunday 02 June 2013
Message 1,023:

What a fantastic site this is !!! keep it up :-)

From: Peter Duffield
Town/City: Leek, Staffordshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 01 June 2013
Message 1,022:

Thank you for making all off your routes available. It is so helpful having the gpx files available. Made planning my walks 100 times easier. Keep up the excellent work.

From: Carl
Town/City: Birkenhead Country: England
Date: Thursday 30 May 2013
Message 1,021:

Mike, I can't believe its so long since 'The 1000 Mile (+) Walk' - You walked it! We followed you on the map - that AA map if you can remember!!!! The daily reports were wonderful to read, and despite awful weather at the start you soldiered on with utter determination to reach your goal of The Lizard in 80 days! (Taking time to walk a few 'Wainwrights' into the bargain.) I know that one of the greatest highlights as you walked you way down the country was the people you met along the way with whom you passed the time of day - taking time to exchange greetings of good will. These interesting facts are in your documentary of the walk, qlongside some beautiful photographs. We really do have a beautiful country when we take time to look. Some months before I had chanced upon your website and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your walks and dropped you a line of thanks. I also passed on the address to my friends and they now follow you. Along the walk I was lucky to meet up with you and Steve, who by this time had joined you, and John who walked with you from Caldbeck to Keswick. We enjoyed tea and scones together in a lovely little cafe in Keswick on a beautiful sunny evening. With kindest regards to you from Gwen Masey

From: Gwen Masey
Town/City: Ennerdale, Cumbria Country: England
Date: Saturday 25 May 2013
Message 1,020:

Thank you so much for this informative site. I am looking forward to skipping one of my hikes in Finnish Lapland and coming to Britain instead. I am especially interested in Cornwall. All in all this site is a fabulous place for anyone seeking any information on walking in Britain, and I am definitely coming back again and again, to read everything about everything :).

From: Minna Lumirae
Town/City: Country: Finland
Date: Thursday 23 May 2013
Message 1,019:

I did Blencathra last week and pretty much followed the route described on this website. I did however bottle out of Sharp Edge! We just went round the other side of Scales Tarn. An awesome walk nonetheless and I do hope to return one day to do Sharp Edge; it was just a bit too windy for my liking!

From: Chris Bennett
Town/City: Stockton on Tees Country: England
Date: Monday 20 May 2013
Message 1,018:

A very useful site for those who, like Mike, love walking. It was only by chance that I discovered 'The Walking Englishman' but find myself coming back to it again and again. It's fortunate for me and my family that Mike lives around these 'ere parts, since it means he's taken the trouble to search out and document much that is right about our blessed county and the beauty that lies within it and beyond.

From: Jon Douglas
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 17 May 2013
Message 1,017:

This is a very good site. I have had some good info from here. Thanks.

From: Frank Dawson
Town/City: Scunthorpe Country: England
Date: Friday 03 May 2013
Message 1,016:

We have just got a Campervan and are looking to explore England over the next few years. Lake District is top of the list and with your lovely walks in mind we will soon be up there trying them out. We have 2 dogs and they love new walks, the views are what I am looking forward to and the Lakes. Many thanks it all looks very clear and easy to follow.

From: Sue Neill
Town/City: Guildford Country: England
Date: Monday 29 April 2013
Message 1,015:

Great website - by far the most reliable source of routes and their assessment I have come across!

From: Tim Rusby
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Friday 19 April 2013
Message 1,014:

Thanks for the read of your Coast to Coast walks. We are aiming to do the Coast to Coast ourselves in September but taking the 15 day option as we are all soaps.

From: Anthony
Town/City: Stamford, Lincolnshire Country: England
Date: Friday 19 April 2013
Message 1,013:

Unfortunately I am past the age to follow in your footsteps and California's a bit far to commute, but I so enjoy visiting your site. My maternal grandparents Willliam and Mary [Wray] Walker emigrated from the area around Ripon in 1831. I can now appreciate what a beautiful land they left. I have been able to trace ancestors through baptisms, burials etc in "Ripon Collegiate" back to 1600s so I feel a kindredship to Yorkshire...Jerri

From: Jerri Rudloff
Town/City: Fair Oaks, California Country: USA
Date: Thursday 18 April 2013
Message 1,012:

Hi Mike, I just felt I had to thank you for all your inspiration. I regularly meet up with my mum who lives in York to walk with our dogs. I search the internet looking for suitable walks for us to do and inevitably end up back at your site and doing one of yours. When talking to mum about this it turns out that she does exactly the same thing!! Many thanks and long may we all enjoy our beautiful countryside.

From: Maria Mackenzie
Town/City: Crook, County Durham Country: England
Date: Tuesday 16 April 2013
Message 1,011:

I have made 4 visits to High Cup Nick now; 2 with the dubious encumbrance of a road bike, in my teens, when the route was not marked and nobody was about. I am now nearly 68. Always approached from the east, ie via Cow Green which gives the opportunity to visit Cauldron Snout en route, a waterfall (or cascade) which is impressive when in flood. I suspect that the visual advantage of approaching from the east is that HCN is quite suddenly presented in all its glory in the last 50m or so as you approach its rim. The disadvantage is that you will most probably have to ford the Maize Beck which can vary between a trickle and a raging flood ! But I have to say that the vista thus presented from the lip of HCN is awesome and I am not aware of its like anywhere else in the UK. I am hoping to make another visit this year .. but on foot, not bike. I suspect it is mostly rideable, just. But MTBs did not exist in the 1960s !

From: Chris Cowell
Town/City: Hampshire Country: England
Date: Monday 15 April 2013
Message 1,010:

Hi Mike I have been a follower of your site over the last three years. I have utilised this site when planning walks with my family and friends. However I would like to thank John Deasey for the Haystacks and Great Gable walk. My son and I did it on Monday 8th April. It was superb with a few hairy moments on Kirk Fell due to the snow and on Windy Gap where it did blow my son over. It took us just under eight hours but it was an absolutely banging walk which I will do again; hopefully with friends. Please pass my thanks onto John Deasey and thanks to you for an inspirational website.

'I put John in touch with John Deasey so he could thank him personally for the inspirational walk he provided for the website'

From: John Whitworth
Town/City: Bolsover, Derbyshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 13 April 2013
Message 1,009:

Mike - I love your site - a veritable modern day Wainwright! I found the site when looking for information and advice about Jack's Rake. My (12 year old) daughter has been wanting very much to climb that route for years having seen it from the other side of the tarn at an early age. While we both have proper boots, etc and are familiar with the Lakes, I cannot truthfully describe us as experienced as our visits are too infrequent. I would love to take her up but am mindful of the risks and accidents I have read about. It is hard to judge whether it would just be challenging for us - or reckless. Would you, or do you know of anyone who would be willing to accompany us i.e. a guided walk? We are spending the best part of a week based in Ambleside at the end of May.

'I have put Barbara in touch with some walkers and with groups in the hope she can find a responsible guide to help her and her daughter complete the Jack's Rake challenge'

From: Barbara Downie
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Saturday 13 April 2013
Message 1,008:

Wow, Mike! What a find! I have been reading for an hour now. So inspirational and thorough. I will be in Kirkby Stephen for 3 days early May and want to walk through some valleys with hills high above and around me. Not great knees but lots of stamina for walking flats and gentle inclines. I am coming by train so any walks through the Dales you can suggest for me hopping on and off at the market towns would be GREAT! Thanks so much - I really need your help here. Love walking alone - imagining the Bronte sisters' writing!

'I have provided Linda Marie with some walking ideas from and centered around railway stations'

From: Linda Marie Coakley
Town/City: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Country: Canada
Date: Friday 12 April 2013
Message 1,007:

Just walked the Saltaire, Bingley, Harden Moor route, fabulous walk and I really enjoyed it. However there was one fly in the ointment, at the end of the Cottingley Wood Estate road you cannot get out! There is a new electric gate with metal fencing completely blocking the route to Manor Drive and Ghyll Wood Drive, rather than back pedal I scrambled up through the wood towards Beckfield Road, clambered over a wall and found a rocky footpath down to the otherside of the gate, I have since found that the road through Cottingley wood Estate is not a right of way, there is a way round, but not as scenic. Still, a good walk all in all. Many thanks.

'I have changed detail in the summary of the walk to point out an alternative route from the information Frances has provided'

From: Frances Smith
Town/City: Bradford, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 11 April 2013
Message 1,006:

Thank you for your inspiring descriptions. I have just returned to walking. With grown up children and living on the edge of the Lakes I am enjoying the free time to walk in this wonderful countryside. I particularly like your style of writing which is encouraging and very accessible. Long may you continue.

From: Alan Cook
Town/City: Penrith, Cumbria Country: England
Date: Thursday 11 April 2013
Message 1,005:

After having 2 spinal fusions,( and needing a third...!) I have become discouraged from anything but flat, tarmac walks . Your wonderful, informative site has inspired me to broaden my horizons! How fabulous that you have spent the time and effort into putting together this amazing site for all to use. I shall keep you updated and hope my progress will encourage others with physical limitations :-)

From: Shelley Quinney
Town/City: Lincolnshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 April 2013
Message 1,004:

We have lived in York for three years now and use your website every free weekend we have to go walking in the Dales, North York Moors and around Harrogate. We haven't been on any walk that we haven't enjoyed so just wanted to say thank you very much!

From: Jan and Will Maclennan
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Friday 05 April 2013
Message 1,003:

As an avid walker and mountaineer I have found this website an invaluable resource for material when researching routes in Dark Peak area of Derbyshire for my long distance day walks in both the summer and winter time. Great Website.

From: Andrew Maltby
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Wednesday 03 April 2013
Message 1,002:

Hi Mike, we walked the Leathley, Stainburn, Braythorn and Lindley Walk today. The mud was over ankle deep in places but an enjoyable walk, detoured off the route just before West End Farm as couldn't see the stile. So turned left at the top of the road then first right towards Lindley along a quiet lane with great views over the valley. Picked the route back up at Lindley.

From: David Ashworth
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 01 April 2013
Message 1,001:

Great to access the digital files for download into Memory Map and Garmin GPX. I love maps but I am also trying to keep up with the technology.

From: Barry Edwards
Town/City: Beverley Country: England
Date: Thursday 28 March 2013
Message 1,000:

Hello, I love the beautiful images of the Lake District on your website. I write to you to thank you for the help in choosing the first fell walk for my son whom I named Keswick. I am taking him to Keswick for his Easter holidays and I hope to infect him with the beauty just as I was as a small child. So Keswick Cowe is finally at the age of 7 going on his first walk up Latrigg. I hope to take him every year to walk the beautiful fells. Or maybe this is my excuse to do them all again and again. If the country had a heart it would be nestled in the Lake District.

From: Sheree Cowe
Town/City: Hove Country: England
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2013
Message 999:

Hello Mike, I have been having a more thorough look at your great site. The photos of High Cup Nick are fabulous. That was the 5th walk I did in 2003 which was down as moderate but our leaders tended to over exaggerate!!! I was 60 when I got into walking so it was well worth the effort. I often visit a friend in Richmond, Yorkshire and usually do the Drummer Boy walk which is a gentle one for anyone to do if they're in that area. In 2011 I did the 15 mile Boundary Walk and got the Certificate to prove it!! That walk is held every 7 years so I needed to do it while I was still able. It was a fun day and the weather was glorious until the very end when the heavens opened. Keep smiling, Pat

From: Pat Fawcett
Town/City: Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear Country: England
Date: Wednesday 20 March 2013
Message 998:

Dear Sir, I used to be rather fit but after a heart attack in November things changed. After rehab training things are working out fine and I am longing to do some long nature walks. As I love the people and the nature in the UK I am planning to go to Leeds in May. I will bring my wife to show her the beauty of your country. But I need some help, what would be the most beautiful walk around Leeds? Thanks in advance! Yours faithfully, Hans Bengtsson

'Not an easy task as all the walks have individual merit but I recommended the Harewood House and East Keswick walk which Hans replied to saying the choice was perfect'

From: Hans Bengtsson
Town/City: Country: Sweden
Date: Thursday 14 March 2013
Message 997:

Dear Mr Brockhurst - Many thanks for all your hard work which I think is a very rewarding one. I am 67 years old and I have enjoyed the Peak District since I was 14 when I first visited the area with sunday school. My brother and I try visit as often as we can so from the bottom of our hearts we thank you once again. Keep safe.

From: Patrick Lionel Whalen
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Tuesday 12 March 2013
Message 996:

Hello Mike - It is a few years since I wrote in the Guestbook but you might remember I was the looney tunes who climbed Hellvelyn after taking the wrong path. I twisted my knee on a walk about 4 years ago and had to rest and never got back into walking with my group which was really sad. However in 2011 I went on holiday to South Africa and there was no way I was going all that way and not attempting Table Mountain. I was sensible and hired a guide and we walked up through Cecilia Forest. It was quite a strenuous walk but I made it. According to the guide she said I had walkers legs ? I never knew walkers had "special" legs. Last June I went to China and managed to walk on the Great Wall which again was brilliant. I was 70 in September so am trying to pack as much in as I can. I am thinking of going to South Africa again next year and get fit enough to climb the Front Table. Hope all goes well with you, Pat

From: Pat Fawcett
Town/City: Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear Country: England
Date: Monday 11 March 2013
Message 995:

I have really enjoyed your website. The reason I looked at is was to help me plan a sponsored walk for Safehands for Mothers of the Dales Way in Autumn of this year. We will be fundraising to help us in our work of reducing infant and maternal mortality in developing countries. What I would really appreciate is to talk to someone who knows a lot about the route to aid in my planning. A few years ago I took a group of 22 on part of the Camino to Santiago de Compastela - detailed planning was essential to the success of that walk so any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. With regards, Lady Jane Naylor, Trustee SafeHands for Mothers

'I am assisting Jane plan the walk along the Dales Way'

From: Lady Jane Naylor
Town/City: London and Worcester Country: England
Date: Friday 08 March 2013
Message 994:

I wrote about a year and a half ago expressing my admiration for your website. Since then, I injured my foot severely in an accident and have been unable to walk any distance at all. I have just had surgery on my foot which promises a return to walking and I booked a cottage in the Dales for two weeks in September, 2013. Your website inspires me to get this recovery done right so that I will see Simon's Seat and Pen-y-ghent in person! Thank you so much for this marvelous gift.

From: Jan Jones
Town/City: Bow, Washington Country: USA
Date: Thursday 07 March 2013
Message 993:

Hi Mike, after many months of lurking it's about time I made contact to say a BIG THANKS for all the time and effort you put into your site. I have been inspired to follow several of your routes. What a great resource it is, and how you find the time to do the walks and maintain the site (plus Facebook Twitter and You Tube) I'll never know. Do you ever sleep? I have just started my own site andrewswalks.co.uk and added a link to yours - hope that's ok. It's not meant to rival yours and never could, but it's nice to look back and reflect on days out in the countryside. If you get time, have a look at the 3 golden days 27th-29th feb. Hope to see you out on the fells one day, all the best, Andrew

From: Andrew Locking
Town/City: Westella, Hull Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 March 2013
Message 992:

Hello - I love this website, I went on the Mastiles Lane/Cote Gill walk on Saturday, it was fantastic. Have you ever thought about developing a Smartphone App version of this site? Something that allows you to superimpose the route maps over online mapping (I use UK Maps fanstastic app) with GPS dot would be very useful. Many thanks, Ben

'I told Ben the Smartphone App is a project I am considering should I get more interest as I already have a media producer standing by on the idea'

From: Ben Lewis
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 04 March 2013
Message 991:

Hi Mike, Just a brief message to say thanks for a wonderful informative website which is pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate. I walked the Pennine way in 1974 and 1975 and have been a keen walker ever since, especially as my wife Margaret has been bitten by the photography bug. Today we have visited Semerwater and West Burton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales for instance. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

From: Alan Hesketh
Town/City: Rossendale, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 March 2013
Message 990:

A truly fantastic site, thank you VERY much Mike. I walked the Knaresborough Round last weekend and took in some lovely sites on a frosty morning and throughout the day. Having lived in Otley for a number of years I regularly walked Fewston, Swinsty and Thruscross reservoirs and can highly recommend them individually or as one lovely long 15 mile walk around all 3 and up the Washburn river. I usually walk alone, being 26 I have few friends who enjoy a 20mile walk(!), so if you know of any long distance walking groups I would love to know about them. Regards and thanks again Mike.

'I connected Mike to a couple of Walkers Forums with members who like long distance walking challenges in the hope he finds some ideas on walks and groups he can join for those longer walking outings'

From: Mike Wood
Town/City: Otley, Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 02 March 2013
Message 989:

Hi Mike, Great site and thank your effort and for sharing all this valuable information. It has been very useful in planning my upcoming trip to the Lakes

From: Belgian Walker
Town/City: Limburg Country: Belgium
Date: Saturday 02 March 2013
Message 988:

What an excellent, comprehensive and intelligent site. Thank you.

From: Verity and Reggie Hickman
Town/City: Berrick Salome, Oxon Country: England
Date: Sunday 24 February 2013
Message 987:

Hello Mike, Love the site, thanks for your obvious dedication and commitment. Could you please advise me on how to paste a gpx file into my movescount software. I am trying to use the Pendle Hill walk, when I click on the link for the gpx file I get taken to the full text. I have copied the text and tried to paste it into notepad and save as gpx, but then my software will not recognise the file, could you please tell me what I am doing wrong. Warm regards, John

'I told John he needs to right click on the file and save it to his computer before uploading it to his device'

From: John Gibson
Town/City: Barnoldswick, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 19 February 2013
Message 986:

Hi Mike, great website with loads of usefull information and great pictures to boot. Keep up the good work as I will check back here regularly for new updates and routes.

From: Richard Marshall
Town/City: Brookenby/ Lincolnshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 February 2013
Message 985:

I am thrilled to have found this site! It is getting me started on my first walking vacation in England. I have lots of alpine hiking experience and have hiked in Austria,Germany and the USA (my country of residence) but have never hiked in England. What would be the best area to start out with for a 14 day stay, arriving at Heathrow Airport? Thanks, Hikers!

'I made a couple of suggestions on areas to Renate and also told her about the Coast to Coast walk'

From: Renate Davis
Town/City: Baton Rouge Country: USA
Date: Saturday 16 February 2013
Message 984:

Many thanks for a really useful guide - we're going walking in the Peak District soon and your website has really helped to plan our walking, and the pictures and commentary are great. Thanks for all the considerable efforts!

From: Richard Cannacott
Town/City: Maidstone, Kent Country: England
Date: Friday 15 February 2013
Message 983:

Hi, fantastic website, full of great info and pictures. Best regards and keep up the great site.

From: John Miller
Town/City: Darwin, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Sunday 10 February 2013
Message 982:

This is a really good comprehensive site. It has helped me narrow down some hiking trails and provided me with good information. I will be visiting the Grantham area from Kingston, Canada next week and checking out the Norfolk Coast Path and Hadrian's Wall Path.

From: Justin Badwoulf
Town/City: Kingston Country: Canada
Date: Sunday 10 February 2013
Message 981:

The wife and I discovered walking a year ago and use your website to plan all our walks. Just in case you wondered if all your hard work was worth it I can assure you it most definitely is. Everything about your site is superbly done. I got a Memory Map 2800 GPS recently and all I need now is some dry ground and I will be back outdoors again. I was particularly impressed to see so many local walks around Harrogate and North Leeds. What a great chap you are!

From: Tony King
Town/City: Shadwell, North Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 07 February 2013
Message 980:

An excellent site, having looked it over, now can't wait to sample some of the walks in the better weather. Thanks for the effort.

From: Tony Kitchen
Town/City: Blackburn Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 February 2013
Message 979:

Found your site while researching a walk for the students at school, what a gem! thank you so much for the research and information a great site which is going to provide me with an invaluable resource for work and pleasure.

From: Tim Gowthorpe
Town/City: Hutton Cranswick, Driffield, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 February 2013
Message 978:

Good site and inspiring walks.

From: Ken Scott-Clegg
Town/City: Burntwood Country: England
Date: Saturday 02 February 2013
Message 977:

I have just bumped into this website and it is really what I was looking for. Though I love Italy, I have always had a deep love for the whole UK as well, and I often come "up there" for my holidays. I hope I will soon follow one of your suggested walks. I do really thank you for your good advices, photos, etc. Greetings from Italy!

From: Francesca Laurigi
Town/City: Siena Country: Italy
Date: Tuesday 22 January 2013
Message 976:

Love the photo on the homepage, looks like it is from the top of Cat Bells which is the first peak we climbed. My wife Sharon, and I have been visiting the Lakes for about 3 years now. We try to come up about 4 - 5 times a year and we absolutely adore it. Our favourite place to stay is the Mary Mount Hotel. This year I am hoping to try Helvellyn.

From: Steve Leach
Town/City: Newport Country: Wales
Date: Tuesday 22 January 2013
Message 975:

Did the walk from Wythburn to Helvellyn range and then over Fairfield in beautiful conditions on Wednesday. Inversion on the summits! Thanks for the suggestion, we had a great day.

From: Nigel Fox
Town/City: Northallerton Country: England
Date: Friday 11 January 2013
Message 974:

Hi Mike, Thanks very much for your reply and advice on how to upload your GPX files to my device. Your advice worked, so I can now download to my GPS. Thanks again for your help and for putting such a great walking site on the internet and sharing your experiences. Kind regards, Adrian and Rita

From: Adrian and Rita Reynolds
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 09 January 2013
Message 973:

Hi, We've walked a couple of your routes now and are planning for some of the longer ones this year (including the 3 Peaks Walk, Yorks) Your descriptions are far better than others we've done from different sites, so thank you! Keep up the good work.

From: Matt Ward
Town/City: Leicester Country: England
Date: Friday 04 January 2013
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