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Guestbook Entries in 2012:
Message 972:

Really enjoyed the detailed report of Neal's Everest base camp trek. I was on an April 2012 trek with Exodus (fabulous) so was great to relive the experience via your descriptions. I just posted some of my photos on Exodus site and came across those on your site. Thanks again, Susan

From: Susan Swindells
Town/City: Victoria, British Columbia Country: Canada
Date: Sunday 30 December 2012
Message 971:

Hi, I am relatively new to walking and I guess my two pals threw me in at the deep end as for my first ridge walk we completed Sharps Edge up to Blencathra. What an experience and very snowy. For the second thrown in the deep end walk we completed Swirral Edge up to the summit of Helvellyn and then down Striding Edge in a total white out. It was lucky we could read a map and thank god for crampons. Absolutely brilliant and as AW said “when we are away from the Lakes we are exiles”, or something like that.

From: Lee Howard
Town/City: Carlton Country: England
Date: Friday 28 December 2012
Message 970:

I am planning on doing the Coast to Coast as a round trip trek over 28 days. I would appreciate any comments, feedback, advice, from others who have undertaken this challenge.

'I linked Lois to the Walking Forum who will be able to offer lots of advice on his unique variation of the Coast to Coast walk'

From: Lois Freeberg-Hagen
Town/City: Stevens Point, Wisconsin Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 12 December 2012
Message 969:

I would like to suggest a fantastic cafe at which anyone would like to visit whilst on the Viking Way. The Caistor Arts and Heritage centre is fabulous for a quality coffee and beautiful cake, there's a time line of the Caistor area upstairs dating back to 8000BC. I volunteered at the Centre during the summer for my University Work Experience, its a fabulous place with friendly staff, I would definitely recommend the lemon slices! The centre is situated at 28 Plough Hill for anyone wishing to visit. Enjoy!

From: Rose Davies
Town/City: Grimsby Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 December 2012
Message 968:

Just logged onto the site to cheer myself up Mike, does not look like I'll be out and about until the new year. I mulled over your witty write-up of the Pendle Hill walk......I'll never forget meeting the Moustachioed sage for the first time, nor Dave's brave toil despite his aching hip. The priceless moment has to be Jez's total refusal to behave as he kept heckling me during my (1st) recital. Vintage Walking Englishman stuff! ;-)

From: Martyn Lee
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 10 December 2012
Message 967:

Thanks very much for your assistance with the preparation of my next challenge. A great website with plenty of information. Thank you.

From: Rich Barmby
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 04 December 2012
Message 966:

Dear Mike, I am challenging a local development plan and found your site very useful to calculate local walk distances. Many thanks and best regards, Harry

From: Harry
Town/City: Halesowen Country: England
Date: Friday 30 November 2012
Message 965:

Wow, What a great website. I did not know much on this subject before. Great prepared walks. This summer I'll try some of them. I am glad I found this website. I'll visit here more often.

From: Lucy
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Friday 30 November 2012
Message 964:

Hi Mike, I have been doing research on my Yorkshire family for a while. Recently I happened upon your Guisborough walk and video. My Great Grandfathers are from Guisborough and Hovingham and I discovered some of the sulphorous spas in those areas! Your site colors in these areas, I get to see the beautiful countryside they saw with their eyes. It makes me proud of my Yorkshire roots. What a visual treat you provide, thank you! I hope to visit and walk with you some day. All the best.

From: Gary Wilcocks
Town/City: Williamsville, NY Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 28 November 2012
Message 963:

Hi Mike, I have just been sent your guestbook and I will be adding to it a lot in the future. My brother and I are disabled so we have to do walks which are flat or with very little gradient or climbing. Having said that we do the odd walk in the Lake District with the odd push and pull from friends and relatives. Anyway my first walk is an old railway walk past the swimming baths in Keswick, about 4 miles very easy a very slight incline but we do it in our wheelchairs so it is easy. Details to follow soon and lots more to follow.

From: Stephen Eyre
Town/City: Keswick, Cumbria Country: England
Date: Friday 16 November 2012
Message 962:

Hi, I have just looked at your page about Jacks Rake and seen my old mate Derek, with Spud. I can remember doing this with them before Spud went grey, and Dee reciting Sir Henry at Rawlinson End along the way. I really miss him. A great man, I was lucky to have walked around the Lakes with him and Spud many times and spent many an Xmas in the 90's walking. I have other pics of Dee scrambling. Great photos, thanks.

From: Dave
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Wednesday 14 November 2012
Message 961:

Hi Mike, I hope you are well. I have read this morning on the BBC news website that an alternative footpath has been created on the Three Peaks Walk from Pen-y-ghent to Ribblehead, which, as you will know is across Horton Moor and Black Dubb Moss. Hurray! It has been put there to help the vegetation to recover from erosion and will benefit us ramblers no doubt. Thought it could go on the "News" bit of your website if you did not already know. Anyway, got to go. It's a nice Sunday morning weatherwise so we're going up to Malham for a wander. Trying my new boots out:) Alison. (We met in 2007 on Ingleborough doing the Three Peaks)

From: Alison Toker
Town/City: Keighley, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 11 November 2012
Message 960:

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for this page, especially the walks you have documented in Yorkshire. We walked the Eccup Reservoir walk today with our dog and 5 year old daughter. It's been on our doorstep for years, but it's one that we seemed to have missed over the years. Thank you for including it on your page, we loved the walk and it was easy walking especially for our daughter. I like your descriptions of the walks and the pictures.

From: Joanne Morley
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 02 November 2012
Message 959:

Hi Mike, This is a world class site you've put together - it's great! As I sit here in typical Seattle/ British Isles autumn weather, your site reminds me that next summer there are must see places in your "neighborhood," thanks to you showing the way. Best regards to you.

From: Dean E. Wingfield
Town/City: Seattle, WA Country: USA
Date: Friday 26 October 2012
Message 958:

Hi there Mike, I was born and raised in northern parts and intimately know many of your walks in the Lakes and Dales. Your site is a delight to browse, enabling me to remember in great detail memorable days on the fells many years ago. It's good to know today's generation hold these lovely high places with deep regard and respect. I am currently doing upland research (on lichens) and your itineraries are a great help in planning areas to visit. All the best, and keep up the good work.

From: C. John Hill
Town/City: Kenninghall, Norfolk Country: England
Date: Monday 22 October 2012
Message 957:

Hi Mike, Your information is real time info, you say it as it is. You have inspired me to conquer Sharp Edge and Jakes Rake. The photos are an added plus. I will keep watching your updates, thanks for ALL you do, it is very much appreciated. I may not have explored your web page totally but would be interested to know if you do any wild camping?

'I replied to Richard informing him I do a little wild camping and did so last during the Great Britain End to End walk last year'

From: Richard Burke
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 13 October 2012
Message 956:

Hi....great site and thanks for the memory map files which I have used loads. Cheers

From: Chris
Town/City: Lymm, Cheshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 October 2012
Message 955:

It's been a long time since we last posted so here is an update. My friend and I only ended up walking for three days along the Cleveland Way in the middle of June, but we had the most wonderful time, and miraculously, the weather was glorious!!! Thanks again for your advice and help. I am looking forward to returning to England next spring and walking more. With appreciation, Carolyn

From: Carolyn Affleck
Town/City: Victoria Country: Canada
Date: Sunday 07 October 2012
Message 954:

Dear Mike, I am back, having now completed the Wolds Way, which like the curates egg, was good in parts. I enjoyed the walk up the riverside and was lucky with the weather which was sunny if breezy and the bridge is spectacular viewed from directly underneath. I was fortunate that the tide was out and so was able to walk along the foreshore. Once I left the river and continued into the woodland walk I felt somewhat intimidated by all the signs telling dog walkers to keep their dogs on a lead due to pest control taking place! and there were quite a lot of them. Once I eventually left the woodland parts of this section of the walk the views opened up and I really enjoyed them. I do feel there is quite alot of woodland walking on this trail and I definately love the open vistas of the walks I have already done, but the sections that took me into the ups and downs of these unusual dales are amazing, I loved the seats that have been placed in various places along the way, where you can sit and enjoy the view, and their design which is curved to match the landscape. I sat and ate my lunch on a lovey sunny day in Lonsborough Village, which as you mentioned in your notes on the walk, was very quite and peaceful. The other village where I spent an hour looking around and loved was Thixendale, I had lovely chat with the village shopkeeper, who told me that she used to be the warden, when the village hall was a YHA during the summer months, sadly it closed in 1999 as it required modernisation and no one wanted to spend the money. It has since had a complete refurbishment with the aid of a grant from lottery, but sadly is not a hostel! I visited the church in Fridaythorpe, and spent some time in Wharram Percy looking at the information supplied. The walk from Winteringham was again through woodland and the climb out was an extreme!! but on reaching the top I was suprised to find the fence painted red, this was the introduction to an artist's impression of a site of historical interest, where a dew pond has been made and again a bench supplied to take in the wonderful view of the vale to York. The next section across the hill side all the way to the remote RAF radio station, at Saxton, gives wonderful views and I enjoyed this very much, the climb out of dale was another steep but thankfully short climb, the walk down into this dale was a bit spooky, very over grown. The last lap was a lovely walk, I could'nt believe that they had driven a combine harvester down the slopes of Folkton Dale, they are so steep, but they had and a baler because I walked across the stubble, brave men!! Once I had crossed the main road and could see the sea the end was in sight, well almost, the remainder of the walk passed without incident and I arrived in Filey and found my way to the cafe on the northcliffe where I met my husband and we enjoyed a cup of tea and some lovely homemade cake, I signed the book in cafe,marking my completion of the walk. We then walked to the official marker for the end of the Wolds way and the start of the Cleveland way and along to the end of the cliffe, down the path onto the brig and back along the beach, it was a lovely sunny end to the day and a great finish to my walk, we then had fish and chips for our tea. It is the one thing that the south of England cannot do well, that is cook fish and chips, they are not good!! My next walk is already chosen, the Cleveland Way, I shall start in Helmsley, hopefull in April 2013, so I will return with another update after that.

From: Rachael Harvey
Town/City: Newmarket, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Thursday 04 October 2012
Message 953:

Hello and thank you for your great website. You have set things out so well that there's nothing more to ask for. You inspired me to set out on a long walk. I managed a 12mile circuit of Rosedale after a recent heart bypass, I was surprised at my achievement. Our group did not want to lose height down to Maggies farm so we stayed on the track and had a pint at the White Lion on Blakey Ridge. I would be grateful for your views on using memory map and gpx files with handheld navigation devices ...what do you use?

'I told Dave I use a Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS device and Memory Map software, both of which have never let me down'

From: Dave Winder
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 03 October 2012
Message 952:

Hi, We enjoyed it so much that we have included the Hole of Horcum Walk on our site. Thank you for the information.

From: Graham O'Shea
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Wednesday 03 October 2012
Message 951:

Hi Mike, I did the Coniston Fells walk last sunday and what a great walk it is! I started from the YHA at Holly How, then into the village and up to Old Man of Coniston along to Swirl How and Weatherlam. The weather was cold but visibility was good and there are great views from the peaks across to the other mountains in the distance. The mine ruins are also interesting as there are quite a few buildings and materials laid about. Thanks for a great walk!

From: Mike Mcquade
Town/City: Redcar Country: England
Date: Sunday 30 September 2012
Message 950:

Hi Mike, this website is excellent a real gift for people who love the outdoors. We had planned to do your Mam Tor ridge today, but the weather was so miserable we decided not to do the drive and did our own walk along the Stiperstone Ridge in Shropshire, you can have the route if you wish....keep up the good work. Thanks for your Tryfan route as well, it was a real help to us when we did it last year.

From: John Deakin
Town/City: Willenhall Country: England
Date: Friday 28 September 2012
Message 949:

Mike, I think that your site is a wonderful achievement and look forward to re-visiting old haunts now that I have found it.

From: Jeffrey Handley
Town/City: Gretna Country: England
Date: Tuesday 25 September 2012
Message 948:

Hi Mike, Once again thanks for all the great info and maps. Completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, feet are still sore and my leg are still hurting having completed the walk in 11.30 hours. It was hard work. Keep up the great work.

From: Mick Sly
Town/City: South Ockendon, Essex Country: England
Date: Sunday 23 September 2012
Message 947:

Mike, I wanted to add my thanks for the inspiration you've given me over the last couple of years. My legs are aching a bit today following yesterday's hike up to Stoodly Pike monument from Hebden via Todmorden. I feel lucky living where I do as so many of your routes are nearby. I hope to be contributing a few of my own routes soon!

From: Neil Vincent
Town/City: Horsforth, Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 September 2012
Message 946:

Hi, I just came across website and wow its brilliant, just hit the memory map log and all was done. You should make a small charge for download of info to cover costs etc I am sure no one would have a problem for such a great service....

'I thanked Robert for his kind words but told him I will never charge for anything I provide thus maintaining an entirely free service'

From: Robert Swannell
Town/City: Kettering Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 September 2012
Message 945:

Just a quick stop by to say thanks for the gentle walks around Aysgarth Falls and Malham. Our youngest is 5 years old so these were just right for her. I remember many happy days spent around these areas in my childhood. I then spent many years living abroad and always longed for the Dales scenery. Back in blighty now and the era of digital mapping and internet sites like yours make the planning easy. Thanks for all your efforts.

From: Ian Paul
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Friday 14 September 2012
Message 944:

Hi guys! I was just wondering when the Coast to Coast walk (west to east) was created, would you be able to let me know?

'I sent Michael the Wikipedia link with all the details he required'

From: Michael
Town/City: Adelaide Country: Australia
Date: Friday 14 September 2012
Message 943:

Hi Mike. thanks for the walk idea's. fan blooming tastic! I am looking for a walk of Tarn Hows and cannot find it on your website, is it on here? Thanks

'I sent Will a walk plan centered on Tarn Howes and Black Crag which suited his needs perfectly'

From: Will Shaw
Town/City: Halesowen Country: England
Date: Thursday 13 September 2012
Message 942:

Hi Mike ... just wanted to thank you again for your great walks, which have really inspired me, ... I did Langdale Pikes at the weekend and Newlands Horsehoe as well. Best regards ... hope to bump into you one day!!

From: Ian Sloan
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 12 September 2012
Message 941:

A really useful website with good coverage of the information needed by walkers. It might be of wider interest to mention I have been producing a new leaflet and trail guide for the LDP Isaac's Tea Trail in the North Pennines mainly in Northumberland and part of Cumbria. The new guide will have a strong heritage content and will identify places that would otherwise be missed. This will be available - all things being equal by the end of the year. Believe me not a straighforward process. The trail was launched ten years ago and the wider message I would like to give is whether walking Isaac's Tea Trail or any other footpath and you find a difficulty or something not right. Then alert the Rights of Way Officer for the County Council. Keen walkers are the stewards of the footpath network and feed back helps keeps the paths in good order.

From: Roger Morris
Town/City: Washington, Tyne and Wear Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 September 2012
Message 940:

Hi Mike, I just want to start off by saying I think your website is fantastic and is always my first port of call. It has inspired me to get out and do more walking and even the girlfriend enjoys it. Although she would probably say different. Some of the ones I have enjoyed are Elterwater and Skelwith Bridge, Gowbarrow Fell and Cat Bells from Little Town. All great walks.

From: Matt Hawes
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 10 September 2012
Message 939:

Just found your website and it is brilliant. I am already planning several of these walks!!

From: Yvonne
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 September 2012
Message 938:

Hello, I used the information for the walk from Market Weighton to Goodmanham and Londesborough We strayed a little of the path a couple of times and I got my feet wet walking across a field near the lake. But it was a great walk and a great day. We had the weather for it too. We are planning to do it again later in the year. We want to see the area in the autumn. I love your site and thanks for the information. We love walking but we are not hikers and this site is just what we need to know where we are going. Thanks again!

From: Pat
Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Thursday 06 September 2012
Message 937:

Hi Mike, Thanks very much for the Howgills route. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to do it, think it'll be the 23rd September when I do weather permitting. I know good weathers pretty important in the Howgills. Doing Scafell Pike from Borrowdale this Saturday, then Simon's Seat again setting off from down in Skyreholme and walking up to the path that starts between Simons Seat cottages. From there I am going to come off Simon's Seat and down to Howgill then go through Trollers Gill, round the top and back down in a bit of a figure of 8. Then next Saturday it's the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Obviously I found you on Facebook and noticed you are from Harrogate as well. We are lucky living round here being just a stones throw from all these fantastic places. Well, thanks again and I'll be sure to let you know how we get on and as with the other excursions.

From: Dean Robinson
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Wednesday 05 September 2012
Message 936:

I have not used your walking guides yet. They are, however, very informative. I have just printed out the Snowdonia walks and intend walking them all over the coming weeks/months. I am also planning walks on Ynys mon. That's why completing your walks will take me a few weeks.

From: Louis Jones
Town/City: Newborough, Ynys Mon Country: Wales
Date: Saturday 01 September 2012
Message 935:

Mike, I’m an expat Brit who looks forward to retirement to the Dales, and plenty of both local and long-distance walks, in a couple of years. My Dad (81 and still running 10Ks) and I have enjoyed a number of your walks on holidays back in England. Thanks for all the suggestions. You mention your plan to walk from San Sebastian to Vienna. You might want to check out “Clear Waters Rising”, by Nicholas Crane, which describes such a walk (he carried on to Istanbul!).

'I told Simon I will certainly get hold of Nick Crane's book'

From: Simon Johnson
Town/City: Edmonton, Alberta Country: Canada
Date: Saturday 01 September 2012
Message 934:

Hiya. I just want to say my family and I have just spent the best day ever walking Mam Tor and the Great Ridge (taken from your website) Took 8 hours but our youngest is only 6 years old and he loved it. Thank you :-)

From: Emma Hayes
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 30 August 2012
Message 933:

First and foremost let me say that your website is fantastic and it is helping me reach my goals while at the same time installing a real love of walking. I too am training for Kilimanjaro where I head off to in October. Me and my mate Al did your wild boar fell walk on the 12th aug and spoke to 2 blokes one looked just like Deke. Anyhow we are wanting to do the Howgill fells walk but would like to pep it up a bit with maybe another incline and to stretch the walk to about 7 hard hours. Something tells me you are the man to ask.

'I designed an additional section to my Howgills walk to suit Dean's training needs'

From: Dean Robinson
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Thursday 30 August 2012
Message 932:

I have not really done any serious walking since leaving the army but now I have retired from work I have plenty of time to do the things I love. Walking is one of those things. Looking on the internet I discovered your website and must say what a great website it is. I will be joining your site as a single as my wife cannot walk far any more. Thanks for an excellent site.

From: David Avery
Town/City: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Wednesday 29 August 2012
Message 931:

Three friends and I are planning to walk the Dales Way the beginning of September. Do you think that hiking boots are a must, or would a good pair of hiking shoes do. It would be great if you included your packing list on the webbsite. Thanks for all your great walks and pictures. Your Canadian fans....

'I replied to Anne informing her the Dales Way is not the most strenuous Long Distance Trail and in good weather good hiking shoes may suffice. However with the weather recently I said if I were to go now I would wear boots'

From: Anne Harrison
Town/City: Toronto Country: Canada
Date: Monday 27 August 2012
Message 930:

Hi! My husband and I are completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks in September. We are not walkers, so are wanting some walks to practice over the next few weekends. We would like to do a walk this weekend, in the Peak District, and I have been having a look at your website (which is fab by the way) and thought the 'Hathersage Moor and Padley Gorge' walk may be a good one to start with. We are both fairly fit (aged 29 and 26 and regularly do sport). Please could you let me know whether this is a good one to do this weekend? And if so, how I would get the map. As I say, it's our first time walking so any advice about maps/map reading/not getting lost would be great!! Thanks in advance for your help, Katex

'I sent Kate a large scale map of the walk with the route shown on the map'

From: Kate Clarkson
Town/City: Doncaster Country: England
Date: Friday 24 August 2012
Message 929:

Hey, these guides are great. Thanks. I am training for Kilimanjaro at the moment and always looking for new training walks. Thinking of going up to Hellvylen soon and wondering if Swirral Edge would be too dangerous for dogs? I know Striding Edge would probably be risky so I am thinking of climbing up the Dollywagon route from Grisdale Tarn, and then heading down Swirral Edge. They are seasoned walkers and have had no difficulties before, but I have not taken them scrambling with me before because I like to have my hands free (and not have to hold a lead).

'I told Amy there is one small section of Swirral Edge which requires a little more effort. She chose to leave the dog at home'

From: Amy
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Thursday 23 August 2012
Message 928:

Greetings! My wife and I would love to spend 7-10 days on the moors towards the end of September ... but not walking every day. Would you kindly suggest a location that is both readily accessible by public transport (we will arrive from London by train and do not want to hire a car locally) and gives us ready access to the Moors. If, on the days we were not walking, there was a local town to visit, shop in, get public transport, that would be perfect. Thank you in anticipation.

'After exchanging emails with Jeff I recommended Settle in the Yorkshire Dales are the ideal base for his walking trip'

From: Jeff Phillips
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Monday 20 August 2012
Message 927:

Hi there, me and my family are looking to do a sponsored walk and the Harewood, Leeds Country Way, East Keswick and Ebor Way you have listed seems perfect. I was wondering for a little more information for this as we are new to this walk, we would quite easily get lost unless we have some direction to follow :-/ is there a map we could use to download or buy for this?

'I mailed Kate a map of the walk and instructions on where to start in Harewood'

From: Kate Perry
Town/City: Featherstone Country: England
Date: Monday 20 August 2012
Message 926:

Hello there! I wonder if you can help me. I have been looking through your website and it all seems very exciting and fun. I live in Hull and would like to start walking near to me (I do have a car so can travel a little... or my husband can that is! I was wondering if you could advise me on any walks for beginners in North Yorkshire, as I feel this would be a great place to start as its close to home. I would be very greatful for any advice and areas you could advise me on. Thank you in advance.

'I advised Amy to try the East Yorkshire Walks and those near to Hull as well as some North Yorkshire walks near the coast around the Whitby area'

From: Amy Landsbury
Town/City: Hull Country: England
Date: Thursday 16 August 2012
Message 925:

I want to say your website is absolutely fantastic. Its got many walks I have enjoyed before and also many walks I am going to do soon. Thank you so much.

From: James Penkethman
Town/City: Bristol Country: England
Date: Wednesday 15 August 2012
Message 924:

Hi, we are staying in Castleton for a few days and enjoying walking. We started with the Man Tor walk which was great if not busy at the week-end. No problem following the route. Moved on to the Kinder scout walk. Very difficult getting to the top of Grinds Brook. No path we could see. We climbed up the rocks. Once at the head of Cowden Clough we could not find a path over Kinder Scout. We took the ridge route around to Kinder Downfall and attempted it from the other direction. We also failed after 40 minutes. You need a compass to do this. Worth noting as their is no path even though one is shown on the OS map. Thanks for the site. We will try more of them.

From: Frank Grimley
Town/City: Westwood Heath Country: England
Date: Tuesday 14 August 2012
Message 923:

Thank you so much for the wonderful personal insights into your Lakeland journeys! So far I have accomplished Fairfield, Coniston and Helm Crag. Just waiting for the right time to do the big Langdale Pikes hike! Thanks again, Ben

From: Ben Kayser
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Wednesday 08 August 2012
Message 922:

I have just completed your superb Dales Celebration Way. There were a few minor changes required nothing surprising over time I would have thought. I struggled initially as it has been three years since I walked and this was in New Zealand. I missed out Gordale Scar on day one and horrifyingly took a train to Horton on day two to miss out half of the walk!! Thankfully I got my walking legs back and was able to combine days 5 and 6 and so walked from Grinton to Kettlewell, 23 miles in all. This gave me a day back and so having finished the walk I went back and finished Gordale and Malham. How glad am I that I did, it was fantastic. The reason for writing is just to say THANK YOU for setting this site up which I happened across unintentionally. It has reinvigorated my love for long walks and I can say having never visited the Dales before I have booked accommodation for the Coast to Coast. Thank you again, this walk was fantastic. So many highlights... Kettlewell to Grassington, Grinton Moor, the sultry Whernside where I followed the beeline wall to the summit, Rough Haw on day one and many many more besides. The map guides were perfect and with them all highlighted before I left I was able to navigate the 130 miles relatively easily (except for going wrong in Dent!! and adding an hour to the end of a long day, still the Sun Inn made up for this) Thank you again.

From: Valience Rigsby
Town/City: Brighton Country: England
Date: Wednesday 08 August 2012
Message 921:

Thanks for some great walks! We have walked the Codbeck/ Osmotherley walk that you suggested a few times and love it so we thought we'd try Black Hambleton today - fantastic! Excellent walk up through the peaceful forest to the moor top. We saw many butterflies on the moorland section. Stopped and had lunch with a most stupendous view right at the top then over to Nab Farm. We saw many birds of prey on the drop down to Nab farm - absolutely beautiful, the weather was great too. Tired but very happy - thank you!

From: Claire Hampson
Town/City: Northallerton, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 07 August 2012
Message 920:

What a fantastic site Mike, I used your guides every month when I lived in the UK, I wish they had something half as good here in New Zealand.

From: Liza Doking
Town/City: Auckland Country: New Zealand
Date: Tuesday 07 August 2012
Message 919:

Thanks to your lovely website, we had decent maps to follow for our walk on The Yorkshire Wolds Way yesterday and we managed to walk 10 miles and not get lost once. Thank you.

From: Paulette Ellen Appleby
Town/City: East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 06 August 2012
Message 918:

Hi Mike, My four mates and I are semi skilled in walking having spent 4 long weekends over 2 years wild camping on Dartmoor travelling the whole lenghth and depth of it, climbing every tor and reaching the deep depth of it at Lydford Gorge. We slept under the stars, under bashas (a sheet tied to the rocks or tree if we found one) and not using a tent at all, even with the wind, rain or mist. It was great and stopping by chance for a drink in Sorton in a pub called the Highwayman built around the 1600's. It is a haunted pub well worth checking out with a white witch called Sally behind the bar. She and her husband Brian made us very welcome in our wet clothes and provided us with a real ale and lovely hot pie to set us up to get back to the job in hand and make our mark on the bleak yet strangly beautiful land. Best of wishes to you, its a great service you provide.

From: John Talbot
Town/City: Ashford, Middlesex Country: England
Date: Monday 06 August 2012
Message 917:

This website is great. As a keen walker I love reading the stories. They are a good inspiration. I attempted Helvellyn after reading your story but the weather was dreadful so I had to abort it. I will conquer it one day. I also want to climb Blencathra and experience Sharp Edge sometime. I am taking part in the national 3 peaks challenge next month so I am looking forward to that.

From: Damian Clavin
Town/City: East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 02 August 2012
Message 916:

Good and useful site. It would be good to include some information and reviews of walking kit footwear, clothing etc.

'I told Graham I would give his idea consideration and as such I have posted his query to other readers on their thoughts on adding such a section'

From: Graham Simpson
Town/City: East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 01 August 2012
Message 915:

Thanks for the great tip on parking at Little Town. The route was so much quieter than the main route up Cat Bells.

From: Neil Infield
Town/City: Balcombe, West Sussex Country: England
Date: Thursday 27 July 2012
Message 914:

Hi Mike, I too have just gotten back from a week in the Lake District with my wife and 16 year old son. A week much enhanced by your walking guide. We did a couple on your list and parts of others. Started with Gowbarrow and Aira Falls - a good introduction for soft Suffolk legs ! Your guides are cracking, the detail spot on and the durations matched our own times (on the shorter side rather than longer). Not only are they a a credit to your enthusiasm and internet and presentation skills, they are also a very nice tribute from you to your friends. What I also discovered after leaving you my remarks was that you have done a much wider range of guides than just for the Lakes. A hellova piece of work ! Well done !! We also visited Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum as well as walked a short length of Hadrian's Wall. We stayed in the North Eastern Lakes. Better to get to know one area well and see from various vantage points places we have already become familiar with. Also, why run hither and thither when there is Skiddaw, Blencathra and Helvellyn and the Dodds all on one topo map ?! Might I recommend Pooley Bridge to Glenridding via High Street as one that needs your attention ? It was our second walk and of a good distance and we picked up Hallin Fell on the way too. Nice steamer ride back to the start point too. We'll be back to the Lakes next year I reckon. But first I am taking my son to do a full weeks worth of via ferratas in French and Swiss Alps :-) Kind regards, Dave

From: Dave Ryan
Town/City: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Monday 23 July 2012
Message 913:

Did the Moughton Scar Limestone Pavement Walk yesterday. Wow what a spectacular walk. Cheers for making it available.

From: Nick Gillett
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 23 July 2012
Message 912:

Just spent an excellent week in the Lake District and, amongst other walks, we did your Newlands Horseshoe walk which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were, however, glad that you've got some lovely photos of the view as by the time we were walking up Dale Head we were in rather thick cloud with bad visability which persisted until we descended from Robinson! Good navigational challenge if nothing else, but we did miss the view! Looking forward to a return trip and trying some more of your routes!

From: Jenny Towers
Town/City: Reading Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 July 2012
Message 911:

Hi, My friends and I are only beginners when it comes to walking but we have done a few now in practice for doing the Three Peaks in a few months (in 3 days not 24 hours - No No No) I am hoping to do the Dovestone Rocks walk from this site, but after much googling and following the links on this site for maps etc I can't find a map anywhere - or just some basic directions with pictures etc. Can anyone help - I can't get the map apps to work or the memory map link - I am not technological at all which does not help - although I am now a master of the compass. Great site its been helpful in our training.

'I sent Rachel an A4 map and advised her how to download the .gpx files to GPS'

From: Rachel Mercer
Town/City: Chorley, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 July 2012
Message 910:

Mike, I just wanted to thank you for creating this fantastic resource. We're off to the Lakes in 2 days for the first time. This resource has given me everything we need to enjoy ourselves. The right level of detail, great descriptions and even the OS map! It's a shame others with your experience and generosity haven't done other areas here and abroad. You're a top bloke!

From: Dave Ryan
Town/City: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Thursday 12 July 2012
Message 909:

I have just started to take up walking and done Pennygent and Ingleton Falls with some friends and loved it. Your website is brilliant and I now want to go on some of your walks. When I try and to download load maps it tells me I cannot read .mmo files. Can you tell me which program I need to get the maps. Keep up the great work.

'I informed Mick he will need to use Memory Map for the .mmo files'

From: Mick Dyson
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Message 908:

Just wanted to say thanks for the site. I have been using it for years to go for walks with my Dad in the Lakes and various other places. Just looking at doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in September, and watched a few of your video's on there.

From: Tom Nicholls
Town/City: Oxford Country: England
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Message 907:

Hi Mike I have very much enjoyed reading about your walks on the site and have just become one of your Twitter followers too. I am thinking of walking up Ingleborough in a week or so. Which paper map would you recommend as a back up in addition to my digital mapping? The Harvey Superwalker for the 3 Dales Peaks seems a little out of date?

'I recommended the OS Explorer Yorkshire Dales South and West map to Ian'

From: Ian Dunn
Town/City: Reading Country: England
Date: Tuesday 03 July 2012
Message 906:

I am an American student living in London for a year and an avid reader of your website. I recently completed the Dales Way, my first real walking experience in England and I am eager to try some more. My girlfriend is visiting from the US in a few days and I wanted to pose the following scenario/question to you: we have about 3 days of walking time. What amazed me about the Dales Way was the incredible variety of natural beauty and the charm of the small villages along the way. Barring a return to the Dales Way, can you recommend a similar walking experience for around 3 days, where we can enjoy the combination of nature and history that made the last experience so wonderful? I'd appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks so much!

'I recommended three days of the Cotswold Way to Max'

From: Max Pollock
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Monday 02 July 2012
Message 905:

Hi Mike, I recently done a charity walk for Cancer Research UK with my friend. We done the sandstone walk within two days. To say we both enjoyed it is an understatement. Myself and my friend where blown away and actually surprised at how much we enjoyed it and the personal pain, but sense of achievement we both felt. We have both decided to make this a regular event and will try different walks. We enjoy the outdoors and a challenge, as on our first day, we walked 12.4 miles none stop. Probably a silly thing to do, but we were in the zone as it were. What advice can you give us beginners, but now baptised walkers. Such as training, equipment, when to stop, etc and how do we go about getting things started? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

'I advised Dave on my ways of keeping in shape and the gear I use'

From: Dave Fleming
Town/City: Bootle, Merseyside Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 June 2012
Message 904:

Dear Mike, Have just finished my walk of the Cumbria Way. Really enjoyed most of the way, thought the path at the lower end of Derwent Water was dark and not very pleasent ,lots of trees overgrown and virtually no view at all, it didnt help that it was pouring with rain!! that day, but there were plenty of other people walking despite the weather. From Ulverston was very pleasent and an easy and gentle beginning. The walk along Coniston lakeside and upto Tarn Hows was also very enjoyable, as was the way up to Dugeon Ghyll from Skelwith Bridge. The walk over from Dugeon Ghyll to Rosthwaite was splendid, I ate my lunch sat beside the small tarn at the top of the descent down into Langstrath, the sky was blue and the only noise was the birds singing it was bliss!! I found that the bus services in Lakeland are now very good and serve walkers well. I picked up a bus timetable from the National Trust campsite at Dugeon Ghyll when I arrived at the end of my days walk, and was able to catch a bus back to Skelwith Bridge, where we were staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan site, I then caught the bus back the following day to continue over to Rosthwaite, and here I arrived in time to catch the bus into Keswick, as I have a bus pass it cost me nothing at all to use these buses. Unfortunately I had to postpone my walk over to Calbeck from Keswick due to a small injury picked up on the descent into Langstrath I tweeked my knee , which blew up and I decided climbing and descending while it was swollen wouldn't help it recover, so I moved over to Calbeck and continued from there, I shall return and finish the section from Keswick later. The path from Calbeck to Sebergham was awful underfoot due to the heavy rain that had fallen the day before, but some of the forest has been felled so the views were very good at times. The walk was very pleasent through fields along the river and bridleways passing some interesting buildings (Rose Castle & Lime House School) Dalston is a delightful village, but from here to Carlisle, I found walking on tarmac of the cycleway, hard going, although the countryside was lovely. Once in Carlisle, I was again able to catch a bus back to the campsite at Dalston Hall. While in Carlisle we decided to have a trip on the Settle to Carlisle railway, the day was beautiful and the views amazing, I also picked up some information that the friends of the railway put out for walks from the stations along the line, they walk summer and winter!! My next walk will be the Wolds Way, hopefully in September this year, so I will keep in touch.

From: Rachael Harvey
Town/City: Newmarket, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Thursday 28 June 2012
Message 903:

Hi Mike and thanks for the very informative site. Re Black Hill, you may want to revisit it; it's now green! I recently completed a long walk (Land's End to Berwick-upon-Tweed) and during the Pennine Way section, I crossed Black Hill for the first time in 25 years and was amazed to discover the top was now completely covered by hill grasses with hardly any naked peat in sight. A few days later I met and chatted with a guy who was a voluntary worker for the national park authority. He told me about the work involved in seeding the summit area of the hill three years ago, a hard and very cold job that had to be done on wet winter days (apparently the only time the seed will set properly). A job well done in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

From: James Corner
Town/City: Worksop Country: England
Date: Sunday 17 June 2012
Message 902:

Mike, I have only just discovered this fantastic walk diary of the 1,000 Mile Walk. I am in the process of planning my Lands end, Lizard, Cape Wrath, John O'Groats walk and so much of your route resonates with what I want to do, especially avoiding most of the Pennine Way and using Dales way, Cumbria way and hadrians wall instead. Just wondered if you had a GPX file for the route you could share? Cheers, Stuart

'I am in communication with Stuart and sending him the GPX files he wants'

From: Stuart
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 17 June 2012
Message 901:

Hi Mike A lovely informative site. My news to you is that Chepstow and I see no mention of our wonderful town or the Wye Valley on your website so am enlightening you is that it is now an official Walkers are Welcome town and grated the status in Mid April of this year. Ofcourse we are thrilled 9 of volunteers got together who all hare passionate about walking to achieve this award for Chepstow. Why is it fast becoming a 'walkers haven. Firstly The start (end) of the Wales Coast Path eings in Chepstow and Offa's Dyke starts (end just on the outskirts of the town. combind together allows you to walk the whole way around Wales. We also boast the start of two further long distance Walks, The Wye Valley Walk and Gloucestershire Way .Walkers are Welcome to con a phrase does exactly what it says on the tin. We are providing lockers for walks to leave their gear whilst walking around the town, Monmouthshire County Council are providing grants to accommodation providers to provide extra facilities for walkers for example drying rooms and we have many more plans up our sleeves. So no excuses everyone will receive a warm welcome and we are a true border county as the frontier so to speak between Wales and England in in the centre of the Old Wye Bridge in the town. Our website www.walksinchepstow.co.uk is still being developed but take a look anyway. We would also like to know if we can add our logo to your site, we are a not for profit organisation that just wants to spread the word. Got to go know as going for a walk along the Wye Valley, lovely.................Helen

From: Helen Kenneally
Town/City: Chepstow Country: England
Date: Sunday 17 June 2012
Message 900:

Top website best I have been on for details that we care about when we are planning walks and no charges! Thanks a lot, I always recommend the website to friends. Oh and jugdement of difficulty has been spot on every time.

From: James Pierce
Town/City: Stockport, Greater Manchester Country: England
Date: Saturday 16 June 2012
Message 899:

Thank you for a brilliant website:)

From: Helen Robertson
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 June 2012
Message 898:

Hello, regarding your 1,000 mile walk it's a brilliant achievement. On the Corrie Hallie to Kinlochewe stage you have beautiful photgraphs – I am looking forward to doing this walk in June. Thank you.

From: Catherine Graham
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 June 2012
Message 897:

Great site Mike, glad I stumbled across it! Message for Dorothy; we walked the Goathland route last weekend (10th June). if you stick to the top path, away from the river and next to the railway you will be OK, there has been a slight landslip next to the bridge which makes getting to the water a little difficult, we tried it and ended up climbing back up to the top as it was far safer. when we arrived at the Beckhole end there was a sign saying the section was closed! No sign at the Foss end though. I am glad there was not as we could have missed out on a really interesting part of the trail. Go steady and you'll enjoy a fantastic walk.

From: Steve Cook
Town/City: Brandesburton Country: England
Date: Thursday 14 June 2012
Message 896:

Hi Mike, Great website! I thought your readers might be interested in a wide range of information we have available on our North York Moors website to help them plan their trip if coming to North Yorkshire. There is lots of information and the photo gallery is also worth a look. http://www.northyorkmoors-stay.co.uk/

From: John
Town/City: Northallerton Country: England
Date: Wednesday 13 June 2012
Message 895:

Hi Mike, I only recently started getting into proper walking, not always easy trying to get other people motivated. I have managed to find some walking groups now so will look at the information you sent. About twelve of us walked in Dovestone's on the edge of the Peak District at the weekend, that was amazing especially as we walked along side the waterfall - so many more I want to try. Thanks for your invaluable help.

From: Sandra
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Monday 11 June 2012
Message 894:

Hi Mike, We are going on holiday to Goathland in a couple of weeks so have been looking at the circular walk on your site. Am a little worried about the scary path near Thomason Foss its possible we may not be able to walk this so am hopeing there is a way along the bottom near the river as we hate to have to turn back. I enjoy your site very much especially the videos of places we can no longer walk. Will let you know we get on. Happy Walking.

From: Dorothy Atkinson
Town/City: Preston Country: England
Date: Monday 11 June 2012
Message 893:

Thank you for range of walks. While on holiday in the Lake District we have just done the Elterwater Waterfalls walk. Excellent walk for a rainy day not too hard and you still get good views.

From: Robert Moorhouse
Town/City: High Wycombe Country: England
Date: Friday 08 June 2012
Message 892:

Dear Mike, As an avid walker myself, I have visit your website on several occasions in the past. Having said that, I would like to introduce you to Edward Payson Weston, whose biography A Man in a Hurry has just been published. Weston would promote walking by exhibiting his powers of endurance on the tracks and roads of Britain and America between 1861 and 1922. Indeed, he was reputed to have notched up an incredible 85,000 miles during his 60-year career as a professional pedestrian, as well as lecturing about the benefits of the exercise. In 1879, Weston would fail by just 27 miles in his ambition to walk 2,000 miles in 1,000 hours around the shires of England, but he did succeed in walking 5,000 miles in 100 days in 1883 and 1884 (50 miles a day), again, around England. He also gave lectures after each day's work! You can learn quite a lot about this incredibly famous man and iconic sporting superstar by visiting www.edwardpaysonweston.com and clicking on the links around the book.

From: Paul Marshall
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 07 June 2012
Message 891:

Hi Mike, Thanks for such a fabulous website. I have done some of the walks on your site, but I am keen to try out lots of the others, there's so much choice. I like the way you personalize the walks, it makes the route seem so much more interesting.

From: Brenda Gichengo
Town/City: Bury Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 June 2012
Message 890:

I was looking for gpx files for the Pendle Hill walk for my Garmin and found your great web site. Keep up the wonderful work. Looking forward to using some of your routes. I'll have my map and? compass too :-)

From: Marcus
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Wednesday 06 June 2012
Message 889:

Hi Mike, I live in York and I have already done the whole of Horcum on a wet and muddy day, had a brilliant time. It's a wonderful website you have, makes walking plans so much easier. Thanks for your help.

From: Sandra
Town/City: York Country: England
Date: Tuesday 05 June 2012
Message 888:

A couple of workmates and I have just completed the Ribble Way a splendid shorter LDP from estuary, west of Preston to source on Cam Fell in the Yorkshire Dales. 72 miles of excellent and different walking scenery.

From: Robert Sneath
Town/City: Barnoldswick Country: England
Date: Tuesday 05 June 2012
Message 887:

An excellent site, and a good reminder of home to a Lake District lover in exile! Just one correction to offer: On your page about Helm Crag (lakes28) you have a photo of the Howitzer on the top, labelled as the Lion & the Lamb. They're actually two different ends of the rock outcrop on the top of the fell: The Howitzer is the higher of the two, at the north end, most strikingly visible from Dunmail Raise as you come over from Thirlmere, and the Lion & the Lamb is at the south end of the same rock outcrop, visible from the southern entrance to Grasmere from Ambleside. So I can understand your confusion, trying to understand why it was called the Lion & the Lamb, because they were behind you! Best wishes, Rob

'Thanks to Rob I corrected the photograph text'

From: Rob Whythe
Town/City: Pierrefonds, Montreal Country: Canada
Date: Thursday 31 May 2012
Message 886:

Don't know if you've ever included France in your 'walks' well........ we are Barbara and Ken Blackwell (Local Government staff now retired) and we live at 8 Cliiff Mews Paignton Devon TQ4 6DJ UK tel 01803 521743. To supplement our retirement income we have bought a gem of a cottage in FRANCE (The Dordogne). We do wish to 'holiday-let ' the cottage and we are happy to offer all a very large reduction off our rentals to all ramblers ! The rentals vary depending on the time of year between £290 per week to £395 per week (not per person but for the rental of the cottage - sleeps 2 to 4 - no 'extras') OFF which rentals we are prepared to offer a VERY substantial reduction. It is a very comfortable cottage well equiped in a French style with two bedrooms and a roof terrace in the sun, It is in the town of DURAS a short stroll to shops, pavement cafes etc so you don't have to drive everywhere. .... there is an enormous Chateau open to the public which hosts wine fetes regularly. The surrounding countryside is glorious with lots of world-renowned vineyards, rolling hills, villages with traditional restaurants, lazy rivers, scruffy farmyards and history. Hope all this is OK and sorry to approach in such an unorthodox way but we do wish to be a bit selective rather than advertise in a general way. We can email you a good selection of photos and a 'summary' page so you get an idea- just ask As we have just started advertising there is lots of availability for this summer, and if you know of 'retireds' who may be interested 'out of season' we are perfectly willing to offer a staggeringly attractive rental !.... (comfy furniture, glass of wine, wood burning stove.... aaah bliss) from ken and barbara Please do RSVP

From: Ken Blackwell
Town/City: Paignton, Devon Country: England
Date: Wednesday 30 May 2012
Message 885:

Many thanks for your website. Some of the walks are already known to us but we have found a few gems that we had not thought of doing. Very nice.

From: Nick Gillett
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 30 May 2012
Message 884:

Hi, Great site - I must have been born walking - I get 'cabin fever' if I do not manage to get out for a walk somewhere in the Cotswolds at least twice a week. Anyway your picture of the 'two' roads in Chipping Campden - the road on the left was known as the 'Sheep Dip' when I attended school in the 50s. Chipping Campden was then still a 'working town' rather than the picture postcard destination and retirement village it has now become. My nephew (9 years old) cannot understand why everyone we meet on our walks actually speaks to us - he says it does not happen when he walks to school in Evesham - and it is true! Walkers are always willing to greet you and help out with useful little hints - where to go - what to eat and where.

From: John Perkins
Town/City: Evesham Country: England
Date: Monday 28 May 2012
Message 883:

Hello From Cleveland, Ohio! Keep up the good work on this excellent website and keep walking, it's very healthy. I am sitting at the Library in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio cheering myself up looking at your website. I have been doing a lot of walking since the bank repossessed my vehicle! Keep up the good work. Thank's.

From: Thomas K. Tinney
Town/City: Cleveland, Ohio Country: USA
Date: Monday 21 May 2012
Message 882:

During the summer holiday we planned to stay in Gunnerside. Searching for nice walks led us to your splendid website. We are sure to make some of 'your' walks. I have already download a few gpx files, great thanks for your walks and I am sure your website will be very helpful to us.

From: Kees Duistermaat
Town/City: Katwijk Country: Netherlands
Date: Sunday 20 May 2012
Message 881:

I am Chelsey, an eleven year old girl am holding an charity dog walk on the 2nd of June at 11am at the Sika Trail Wareham. The walk will end with a raffle and a free treats for dogs but you don't need to bring a dog you can just come for a stroll! To sign up it's £3.50 or a sensible donation. The walk is in aid of Margaret Green Animal Rescue Lincoln Farm Dorset. To sign up email me at shazzle2000@live.com with your name, address, phone number and your dogs name if you are bringing a dog!

From: Chelsey Golledge
Town/City: Wareham Country: England
Date: Wednesday 16 May 2012
Message 880:

Hi, just wanted to say how much me and the missis have enjoyed your site, we've only just started doing the walking thing, we started off easy with Dove Dale, then on to Mam Tor, we are now planning our own route from Mam Tor to LadyBower Dam in preparation for Kinder Scout when the weathers better :). I have been looking at your walk from coast to coast, west to east and I am hoping to have a go maybe next year, again, thanks for making your site suitable for both experienced and like myself, novice walkers.....;)

From: Paul
Town/City: Sutton in Ashfield Country: England
Date: Wednesday 16 May 2012
Message 879:

Hi Mike, love your site, it's been a great help and inspiration to me when planning my own walks. I have walked and written up the Cleveland Way and Glyndwrs Way and would be very pleased if you would list my site: http://www.damnfineviews.co.uk or more specifically my Cleveland Way and Glyndwr's Way reports. My site is pretty new and is a work in progress as most are. I have just walked the Pennine Way so will be adding that in the near future - if you like what I have done so far I'll let you know when the PW journal is ready as well. Thanks & regards.

'Kevin's excellent photographic reports are added to the resapective LDP walks pages'

From: Kevin Blount
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuessday 15 May 2012
Message 878:

Hello Mike and congratulations on this fantastic site. I came across it when looking up some information on Black Combe in the SW Lakes, which was praised as giving amazing views in a book I am reading called Map of a Nation, a biography of the Ordnance Survey. If anyone is a map fanatic as most walkers are then I suggest you get a copy, a terrific read and extremely interesting historically (and no, I don't have shares in the publishers!). I am based in the south midlands and usually walk in mid-Wales or the Cotswolds, but as I am planning a trip north this year, your site will be invaluable. Thanks again.

From: Laurie Barnett
Town/City: Worcester Country: England
Date: Monday 14 May 2012
Message 877:

Regarding the Mam Tor Ridge walk - I have walked up that ravine beside the castle. Once at the top, we went across the fields on the right, then turned left at the track (where, presumably, you turned right) and went as far as the old quarry. We then turned around and walked back down the same way. We've also walked up Mam Tor and across the Great Ridge – great views on a clear day (apart from that cement factory blot on the landscape). Back Tor was my favourite part. Your walk was a heck of a lot to do all in one go. How long did it take?

'I told Norman it took us just four hours to do the walk but to allow five'

From: Norman
Town/City: Midlands Country: England
Date: Monday 14 May 2012
Message 876:

A brilliant website - thanks! I am off to the Yorkshire Dales tomorrow and I have found your waterfalls guide especially great.

From: Alex
Town/City: Staffordshire Country: England
Date: Friday 11 May 2012
Message 875:

Thank you for this great website, I am going walking in the Lakes for the first time, later this week, and I can't wait to try out some of your routes.

From: Michael Wager
Town/City: Peak Park Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 May 2012
Message 874:

Really enjoyed Wetton Hill & Thor's Cave with our 10 month old on my back. Cheers! Ed, Ellie & Max

From: Ed
Town/City: Mossley Country: England
Date: Monday 07 May 2012
Message 873:

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource free. VERY much appreciated. All warm wishes from two walkers.

From: Penny and Martin Wainwright
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 07 May 2012
Message 872:

Hi, I just found your website whilst looking for a walk to some waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales. WHAT A JOY it has been. Thank you so much. We are retired Yorkshire folks now living in Tanzania but at the moment we are on our yearly visit "back home". You can be sure that when we get back to our "new home" we will be visiting your website again to show our new friends.

From: Anne Thompson
Town/City: Arusha Country: Tanzania
Date:Thursday 03 May 2012
Message 871:

Hi Mike, I just wanted to say what a great web-site! Keep up the good work.

From: John Bates
Town/City: Kingston Upon Hull Country: England
Date:Sunday 29 April 2012
Message 870:

Hi, Great information on walks. I have spent hours on your web site. My wife and I are planning a walking holiday in England/ Wales in September 2012 for a couple of weeks. Thinking of the south for best weather and Pembrokeshire or South West Coast for one week and Offa's Dyke or Glyndwrs Way for the other. We would expect to do 50 to 75 miles per week and stay in B&B's. Thanks for any recommendation.

'I endorsed Mike's choices, all good routes and suggested the Ridgeway as an alternative which could be completed in a week'

From: Mike Willis
Town/City: Alpine, Utah Country: USA
Date:Sunday 29 April 2012
Message 869:

Hi, We do most of our walking in The Lakes, Swaledale and Derbyshire but are fancying a long weekend in The Cotswolds and have been waiting for your walks to appear. Could you direct us to the best part of the Cotswolds to get the best from a camping weekend with two or three days walking. We usually do between 10 to 15 miles for a day walk and we would be quite happy to take in villages and lanes rather than the usual mountains. Any help greatly appreciated. By the way this is by far the best walking site on the net. Thanks, Shaun & Kate.

'I recommended the north Cotswolds area around Chipping Campden and Stow in the Wold as there are many pretty Cotswold Stone houses and cottages in the area. I also recommended the Stanton and Stanway walk'

From: Shaun & Kate Parkin
Town/City: Springthorpe, Lincs Country: England
Date:Sunday 29 April 2012
Message 868:

Hello there, are there any folk on here based in the Sheffield area thay might have tackled the Kinder Killer, Kinder Dozen,, Dam Long Walk, Lyke Wake Walk or planning on walking them? I could perhaps join, Thanks.

'I put David in touch with the Walking Forum'

From: David Andrews
Town/City: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 April 2012
Message 867:

Dear Mike, I just discovered your site, what a wonderful idea to share your experience. I have not had the time to explore it yet, but I will certainly do so. I have been walking in England for 15 years, and 10 years ago I started to take my children outdoors. Last year the youngest has turned 6 and we are now walking up the hills and in all weather. We spend our summers in Cumbria and Yorkshire. My eldest is turning 10 this summer and is very keen to go to the summit (Scafell Pike!). I am also a keen believer in taking children outdoors (see www.childrenandnature.org), and have registered my kids for the National Trust campaign of 50 things to do before you are 11 and three quarters. We have achieved already most of these things, but for one very big one: get behind a waterfall (n° 29). we have seen a few waterfalls in LD and YD, but not one of these seem accessible from behind? I have found a great website Caving UK and they have a list of waterfalls where you can go behind. We will certainly try one of these. and now my question; Do you know a waterfall that is safely accessible from behind in the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales? I would love to go this summer with my kids and some friends. Thanks.

I replied to Anne "What an admirable thing you are doing with your children. Well done. As for waterfalls which are accessible from behind I know of one in Teesdale near to Low Force. It is Summerhill Force and you can get behind it by going into Gibson's Cave. See http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/162"

From: Anne Suy
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 April 2012
Message 866:

Hi, I am looking for a 10-12 miles a day walk and I have 8 days to do it in, Last July We did the Dalesway ( 4 days and 4 Hours - never again !! ) awesome experience but too many miles per day. Do you have any suggestions, we are moderate walkers averaging 3-4 miles per hour and we usually do our walks for charity. Ideally in or around the north west and yorkshire. Also I can stongly recommend the Mary Townley Loop ( 47 miles ) to anyone who fancies a good walk with beautiful views and an overnight stay. Many thanks,

I replied "Hi Paula, Have you ever considered the Wolds Way, it would fit your requirements and timescale. The Cumbria Way is another one or maybe the Dales High Way. If you went a little further north the Hadrian's Wall could be considered. For a low level walk the Ebor Way is another to consider. One of these five would be ok for you to do in short stages and at your leisure"

From: Paula Douglas
Town/City: Littleborough Country: England
Date: Tuesday 24 April 2012
Message 865:

I have just walked Middleham, Coverdale and Forbidden Corner and really enjoyed it. Lot's of interesting things to see. Pleased you'll soon be covering Cornwall as I walk there every Summer.

From: Maxine Crallan
Town/City: Sedgefield, Durham Country: England
Date: Saturday 21 April 2012
Message 864:

Stumbled across this awsome website just in time for my visit to the Lakes/Dales in 2 weeks, now downloading walks and routes for our 2 week walking holliday, Leaving Cornwall for the mountains, such a cool site just wanted to say thanks :)

From: Richard Hill
Town/City: Cornwall Country: England
Date: Saturday 21 April 2012
Message 863:

Hi, firstly let me say that the website is great. Well done. Me and a few friends did Janet's foss - gordale - tarn n back to the cove. Brilliant. Enjoyed climbing up gordales scar. Also did glenridding to helvelyn but I lost my bottle on striding edge even though it was easy to cross the heights put me off and the knees went wobbly. Alas I turned back. Looking at doing pavey ark next week - but will be clambering up the side and not jacks rake. My question is scafel pike. Is the route up mickledore scary ? It sounds great it's just steep drops that I don't like ......

'I advised Dave he would be fine so long as he kept to the Corridor Route to Scafell Pike'

From: Dave Hindle
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Friday 20 April 2012
Message 862:

Mike love your site and your daily posts on Facebook ..It really has inspired me to get back in to the walking. Just done Crinkle Crags and Bowfell from Dungeon Gyll, brilliant, forgot how much I used to enjoy these hikes. Thighs have been aching all week but with the gym work I have got through the pain and now I am looking forward to getting out again this Saturday (weather forcast not good)...Also off to Peru in 3 weeks to do the Inca Trail and four day trek through the Amazon, all in aid of ALZHEIMERS....You can see my reasons by visiting my web page..www.justgiving.com/barrygrannell.......thanks once again Mike for inspiring me back with your brilliant website and stories.

From: Barry Grannell
Town/City: Winsford, Cheshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 19 April 2012
Message 861:

Hello Mike, I follow your site regularly and particularly your Lake District walks. I have been visiting the Lakes since a child and have completed quite a number of the Wainwrights. At the age of 58 I am working to complete the remaining one's as soon as I can! My one aim is and always has been to walk the Wainwright Memorial walk and although I have it all mapped and planned I have never had the opportunity to be able to take sufficient time off work to walk this. As I have taken early retirement I have a chance to do this during May weather and home commitments allowing. What I now need to plan is accomodation en route without having to back track too much. Have you or any of your followers who have done the walk any suggestions? Many thanks, John.

'I put John in touch with the Walkers Forum in the hope someone in the forum could help him out in planning the walk'

From: John Sherwood
Town/City: Westow, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 19 April 2012
Message 860:

Wonderful site. I wonder if you could advise me: I am planning to take some Spanish friends for three days walking in Yorkshire this summer to show them the beauty of my birthplace. There is so much to see and so little time. Which area of the Dales would you recommend to give them a true taste of the variety of landscapes in three days? Any advice gratefully received.

'I gave Cathy a few options to consider includng Settle and Hawes'

From: Cathy
Town/City: Madrid Country: Spain
Date: Thursday 19 April 2012
Message 859:

Hi Mike, Love your site, it has been the inspiration for many a good day's walking. Reading your walk from Saltaire to Harden Moor and back, you were wondering about the tents in Cottingley Woods. Part of the wood is given over to the Bradford District Scout Camp, known as Blackhills, and I guess you had skirted the edge of the camp. I had many happy weekends there as a lad, a real introduction to the Great Outdoors! Keep 'em coming, best wishes - Ian

From: Ian Purdham
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Wednesday 18 April 2012
Message 858:

I recently did the Yorkshire Three Peaks having read through most of the stuff on your site in preparation and watched the videos. Brilliant. Although I'd never been anywhere near there before, I felt I knew some of the places we walked through thanks to you. I will now take a great interest in any of your walks a little close to home - the Brecons maybe. Keep up the good work.

From: Richard Lee
Town/City: Bridgend Country: South Wales
Date: Wednesday 18 April 2012
Message 857:

On reply to a question I asked Jan about her favourite Peak District walk: "Oh my, do I have a favorite walk in the Peak District? I love so many of them. We were new parents when we lived in Sheffield. So while we were living there, the best walks for our little boy in the back pack were valley walks, sheltered from the wind. We walked from Hope to Calver, along the River Derwent, through Hathersage and Grindleford, so many times. For sentimental reasons, that is probably my favorite walk. However, later on, as the children grew and could handle more adventure, we loved a walk out of Castleton, through Cave Dale (I think) to Mam Tor and then on the footpath that follows the ridge between Castleton and Edale. Sometimes we would drop down into Edale to finish the walk; other times, we would return to Castleton. I also love walking out of Strines (just west of Sheffield a few miles) through bracken and heather until you come to Derwent Edge with all of its fascinating piles of stones and the view of the reservoirs far down below. We walk down to Ladybower to finish the walk. Glorious! You must remember, that as Americans, the entire experience of countryside walking is exhilarating - to have access to the countryside, to see ruined castles, charming villages, to have cream teas - it was and is, heaven to us. I will continue to find information and inspiration through your website. Thank you very much for it. Have a wonderful time in the Peak District and say hello to it for me"

From: Jan Jones
Town/City: Bow, Washington Country: USA
Date: Tuesday 17 April 2012
Message 856:

Hi Mike, Just to let you know I got up Helvellyn at the weekend, my first ever real challenge. The edge was a bit scary in places but I really enjoyed it. Great Gable next I believe. I have never seen such views, brilliant. Cheers, John

From: John Crossley
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Monday 16 April 2012
Message 855:

Having just returned from my second Lake District adventure (Helvellyn) I stumbled across your site. Thought I'd say fantastic site. Keep up the good work. I just wish I did not have to travel so far to get to the Lakes, a 6 hour drive home after 20K is not ideal! We need a few better walks down south. I suppose we'll have to wait for the next ice age!

From: Jon Froude
Town/City: Bishop's Stortford Country: England
Date: Monday 16 April 2012
Message 854:

I love walking in England and I love this website. My husband and I (both Americans) lived in England in the early 1980's when he was a student at the University of Sheffield. It was there that we were introduced to the footpaths and to the idea of countryside walks. Now, thirty years later, I bring Americans to the Yorkshire Dales for week long walking tours. Just a few weeks a year - enough to keep me in touch with Yorkshire. This website is such an asset. I learn so much from it. Thank you.

From: Jan Jones
Town/City: Bow, Washington Country: USA
Date: Wednesday 11 April 2012
Message 853:

Hi, I wonder if anyone can be so helpful to me? I am looking to trace a Hull double deck trolleybus at Scafell. I understand it rests today on a farm and I would appreciate if anyone knows the actual whereabouts of the bus? I am looking to give the bus a new home at the Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum near Doncaster. Please let me know if you know where the bus is? Thank you. Email: jasonbowers1974@googlemail.com

From: Jason Bowers
Town/City: Doncaster Country: England
Date: Sunday 08 April 2012
Message 852:

Hi, I have just read your report for Crinkle Crags and the walk sounds great. I am planning to attempt the crags and Bowfell myself this week. First time to the Lake District and by the sounds of people's views it looks like I will enjoy myself and be returning in the late summer. Thanks for your report and pics, I will let you know how I get on.

From: Brian Deacon
Town/City: Leicester Country: England
Date: Friday 06 April 2012
Message 851:

Hi Mike, My 3rd great grandmother Mary Jane Sanderson was born in the late 1700's at Roseberry Topping near Newton. She emigrated to Canada about 1820 with husband Christopher "Job" Flintoff. She was very lonesome for Roseberry Topping and died soon after but don't know if she had returned home before it happened or if her body was sent back home?? I was happy to see your site as I have never seen photos before.

From: Ivy Mohrhardt
Town/City: Brockville, Ontario Country: Canada
Date: Friday 06 April 2012
Message 850:

Hi Mike, I like your new Cotswolds section. I lived close to the area for 17 years and so know many of the walks well. I will send my walking friends who live there your link. New ideas are always welcome. I have lots of photos of the area.

From: Alvina
Town/City: Kendal Country: England
Date: Wednesday 04 April 2012
Message 849:

At the age of 51 and with a dodgy leg I have taken up walking. I have done only Pendle Hill half a dozen times and the surrounding areas but I am going to do Helvellyn in May. Pendle takes it out of me so how will I fare getting up to Striding Edge? Great website by the way.

'I advised John to take it very easy on the climb and across Striding Edge'

From: John Crossley
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Wednesday 28 March 2012
Message 848:

I really enjoy the many walks and other aspects of your site. The site is most informative and stimulating. I have enjoyed several long walks in Britain and your information makes me anxious to do more. Thank you kindly.

From: Jonathan Maxwell
Town/City: North Carolina Country: United States
Date: Wednesday 28 March 2012
Message 847:

Fantastic site which has been a great help to myself and my walking/ hiking buddies over the last six months since we decided to get into this brilliant pastime. We're doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks at the end of April to raise some money for Leeds special care baby unit and have been buliding up our distance and climbs over the last few weeks, but any tips for the challenge itself would be very welcome.

'I advised Jim to build up for the 25 miles of the Yorkshire Three Peaks by doing some walks increasing by a few each time'

From: Jim Leigh
Town/City: Harrogate, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Thursday 22 March 2012
Message 846:

I just love waterfalls, so it was a real treat to stumble across your website. I have added it to my favorites, maybe I will have a trip out there, when the weather gets warmer..XXX

From: Lin
Town/City: Irlam, Manchester Country: England
Date: Thursday 22 March 2012
Message 845:

Thank you very much for all the very useful and interesting information you include on your web site. I really enjoy even just browsing through as your site provides inspiration for other ideas and adventures. I was wondering if you knew of a map of the Dalesway that runs from Windermere to Ilkley. Ilkley Harriers are running a relay from that direction and as I am on leg 1 it will be dark when I set off. I am not very good at reading my map or taking in written instructions from a reverse perspective! Thank you very much for any suggestions.

'I suggested to Sharon that she could borrow a GPS with the route plotted onto the unit. I also gave her a link to details of a Dales Way Route Map'

From: Sharon Meadows
Town/City: Ilkley, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 03 March 2012
Message 844:

Hi, Many thanks for your great site. We have taken great pleasure in reading a lot of your walking adventures. We did half of the Coast to Coast last year (St Bees to Keld )and are planning the other half this May. We read your guide both before we went and after, taking great delight in recognising places we also visited so this year we are hoping for the same (perhaps with better weather than we had last year).

From: Richard Caunt
Town/City: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Thursday 23 February 2012
Message 843:

Hi there, I did the Coledale Horseshoe and Grasmoor yesterday and it was just the most stunning day! I always lug loads of camera gear up the slopes, and got some great pictures. Just wanted to say that coming down Grisedale Pike is not funny in the snow and ice!! Thanks so much for this, and every other walk. I love this site and try to emulate your walks faithfully although as a 58 year old with a ton of camera gear I sometimes have fun where fun shouldn't be had and 6 to 7 miles is enough for me!! :) All the best and it would be great if you had links to other peoples photobox pictures to add to the experience!

From: Ian Sloan
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 20 February 2012
Message 842:

Hi, We completed a walk in Hardcastle Crags yesterday, and very enjoyable it was too. Thanks to your recommendation on your site. Just thought I would let you know the National Trust Car park at New Mills is now £3.50 for up to 3 hours or £5 for the full day. I believe it is free for National Trust members. (This is the car park by the start of your route, should you want to update your website (which is brilliant btw!) http://www.walkingenglishman.com/westyorkshire03.htm. Many thanks,

'Thanks to James information I updated the car park prices on the webpage'

From: James Pittendreigh
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 20 February 2012
Message 841:

Did the Malham walk earlier this year and just done the Hambleton Hills walk today. Thanks for publishing these walks, really enjoying them!

From: Bob Walker
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 19 February 2012
Message 840:

Hi Mike, Great site you've created. I have just read your diary of the C2C walk. As I read it I felt like I was there with you, it bought back so many very happy memories. I did it 4 years ago with my then, 14 year old daughter. We're planning on doing it again at the beginning of March but going East to West this time as you did and backpacking again, but we've only nine days instead of the 11 we had last time. Think there will be lots of early morning starts! We've also done Hadrians Wall and Offa's Dyke but my favourite has to be the C2C. Thanks for sharing your information and experiences and happy walking.

From: Helen Rigby
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 19 February 2012
Message 839:

Just completed your Goathland walk in North York Moors - a stunning walk and a wonderfully descriptive and poetic route plan - loved it! Even my wife enjoyed the "scary bits" and the "muddy bits". Thank you!

From: Mark Hopkins
Town/City: North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 18 February 2012
Message 838:

Brilliant site, thanks very much Mike. I really like the content of your walks, a full description of the day and photos, it's really nice, well done.

From: Rob Stanley
Town/City: Maidstone, Kent Country: England
Date: Saturday 18 February 2012
Message 837:

Hello Mike, I have just come across your wonderful website, & could not believe tht you have listed the major water falls in the Yorks Dales as I have been looking for such a list for some time. Also the Penhill Templar site walk, which was another one on my list 'To Do'.

From: Neil Smith
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 14 February 2012
Message 836:

Hi Mike, My name is Carolina I am from Spain but I live and work in UK for 8 months. I am a Long Distance Walking person, in fact I love walking. I have done the Saint James path in Spain Twice and I recommend it to everybody as it is a really good experience not only from the point of view of the landscapes. I have done a lot of trekking in Peru too and I also recommend this beautiful country to all the people who really enjoy walking. So I want to start doing some walking in UK but I don't know from where I can start. Thank you very much for your website if was like an oasis in the middle of a desert for me but, Can you recommend to me some path for start?. I live in Odiham, Hampshire and I haven't got a car so I have this limitation, I only can use public transport to arrive to the start point. Thank you very much in advance.

'I wrote back to Carolina and pointed her in the direction of Hampshire's excellent walking guide on their own website and to the Long Distance walks section at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/longdistance.htm'

From: Carolina Sabater
Town/City: Odiham, Hampshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 14 February 2012
Message 835:

Dear Mike, Could you possibly advise on what software I need to download in order to download the maps on your site? Myself and some friends are going to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks in June and your site will give plenty of good training walks in advance of then, including a trip to the Lakes in a couple of weeks! Many thanks.

'I advised Louise on the Memory Map version and on the more global GPX software versions available'

From: Louise Stubbs
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 09 February 2012
Message 834:

Hi Mike, I am doing the Larez (Inca) trail in Peru. How does it compare to the actual classic Inca Trail ? What type of walking/ hiking boots are best suitable and is there any way to prepare for the altitude?

'I put Barry in touch with some friends who are preparing for a walking holiday in Peru themselves this year and I also pointed him in the direction of an online walking forum who may be able to address his questions'

From: Barry Grannell
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Sunday 05 February 2012
Message 833:

Hello Mike, I wanted to mail you to say thanks for the walk details on an improvised Yorkshire Two Peaks (Pen-y-ghent and Ingleborough). Sadly we did not complete it but what we did complete was very enjoyable. In fact one of the loveliest walks I have done. Your map was very useful indeed. One of our number was a bit undone the steep ascent of Pen-y-ghent at the start as he had not done much of that sort of stuff before. After that he was fine and did well but we had lost a lot of time. We got to the bottom of Ingleborough (the 4 cottages) and it was 3.00pm so we decided to just walk back on that side of the valley. It was the right decision as it was 4.40pm by the time we got back. I am definitely going to do it at some point and the 3 Peaks looks appealing though Whernside seemed a long way away. The next day we did the Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Malham Cove walk which suited everyone. Then I put on my running stuff and ran back to Settle using the road that goes near Malham Tarn. It is going to be some time before I do a run as stunning as that again. Thanks again

From: Glyn Ashman
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 01 February 2012
Message 832:

Hello, Do you know of any walks that cover a distance of 100 kilometres across public paths? In the Essex area or near too? A walk that I wouldnt have to tag on to an organised event for and would not have to pay registration fees to charities. My friends and I just want to challenge ourselves to 100K in 24 hours with minimal costs. We are in the military so do not mind a challenge, do you know any or could you point me in the right direction?

'I pointed Sheree in the direction of websites on the Essex Way and Hertfordshire Way, either which would suit her requirements'

From: Sheree Ali
Town/City: Essex Country: England
Date: Wednesday 01 February 2012
Message 831:

Mike, morning... thanks for the mail. I have now downloaded the file, loaded it onto my GARMIN, tested it and am ready and looking forward to the Friday adventure. Thanks again for you prompt reply and the great site website...

From: Darren Clare
Town/City: Bolton Country: England
Date: Wednesday 01 February 2012
Message 830:

Hi, I am trying to download the GPS file for your walk 'Great Gable via Sourmilk Gill' but it says the file does not exist? I have downloaded a few walks as GPS files from your site with no problem, I am heading out there for an early start on Friday, don't suppose there's any chance you could help is there?

'I told Darren the file download problem is now fixed and attached a text file with instructions on how to open them'

From: Darren Clare
Town/City: Bolton Country: England
Date: Tuesday 31 January 2012
Message 829:

Hi, can you help with some maps please? The walks I would like maps for are A Wharram Percy Walk, A Welton Walk, A Sledmere and Cottam Walk, A Brantingham and Elloughton Walk and Beverley and the Beverley Westwood. Thanks.

'I mailed Lucy large image maps of the walks she would like to do

From: Lucy Horseman
Town/City: East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 31 January 2012
Message 828:

Hello Mike, We already have reciprocal links, but I am updating my site with "photo-links", so I am asking other website authors to provide a photo, ideally 200x150, for this purpose. It could be their logo, one of themselves or maybe a favourite photo etc. I'll then put the link through the photo. I notice you recently went up Bowscale Fell - I was lucky to do the same just last Saturday. What a great day to be up on the fells! I have also noticed that Ali Watson of Clitheroe has been in touch. I used to know Ali quite well - 25 years ago! But we lost touch and at that time neither of us would have been seen dead or alive in walking boots, so I am looking forward to meeting up again, maybe on Pendle Hill - it's a popular spot for both of us. Thanks in anticipation, or if you don't find the time to send a pic, I'll use my initiative! Keep up the good work.

From: Richard Ratcliffe
Town/City: Lancashire Country: England
Date: Monday 30 January 2012
Message 827:

Hi. This site is brilliant. My husband and I are really interested in attempting the Kettlewell, Buckden Pike, Great Whernside and then back to Kettlewell walk. I believe its about 12 to 13 miles. We both did the Three Peaks quite a few years ago and are just getting back into the walking. I was trying to access the files for the route but unforetunately this has come up with an error. Could you point me in the right direction as to where I may acquire it from. Many Thanks for a wonderful website.

'As I had told previous enquirers I told Lisa I am working on the .gpx files problem. In the meantime I emailed her the Buckden and Great Whernside walk files'

From: Lisa Smith
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 30 January 2012
Message 826:

Hi Mike, Firstly thanks for putting all the free walks, I plan on doing a lot of them this year. I live in Leeds and was planning on doing the Eccup Resevoir walk using the GPX file, however it states file not found. Is it possible to correct this as I find this really useful?

'I told Barry I am working on the .gpx files problem. In the meantime I am emailing him the files he needs'

From: Barry Maskell
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 28 January 2012
Message 825:

Hello Mike, I took your Yorkshire 2000's list, converted the OS grid references into GPS and plotted them on this Google Map. I also took your comments and put them in the description. My self and a few friends plan on bagging them all this year. :) Hope you dont mind me using your information!

'I told Oliver to use the information freely and to enjoy bagging the Yorkshire 2000's in 2012'

From: Oliver Lees
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Friday 27 January 2012
Message 824:

We were looking for Yorkshire Walks around Leeds and discovered your site. Thee walks are excellent and ideal for two families with kids. Many thanks for all the hard work we all appreciate your superb effort.

From: Roger
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 27 January 2012
Message 823:

Hi Mike, Thanks for the effort you make with the website! Ive been bitten by the bug for sure, scrambling and basic climbing being the main thrill. The Snowdon Horseshoe was a blast. We are just debating whether to camp at Great Langdale (been there before on the motorbike), wild camp at Stickle Tarn or just drive home after doing your Pavey Ark walk. Incidentally someone who camped at Stickle Tarn said they drunk and topped up fluids from the tarn, im not sure it's a great idea unless you boiled it, What do you think?

'I replied to Jon by saying there are sometimes a few sheep grazing near Stickle Tarn so if I were to use water from the tarn I would boil it first'

From: Jon Baldwin
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 January 2012
Message 822:

Hi, Only just found this site. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for your time, effort and dedication. I will make good use of your site. Thanks again.

From: Jeff Clark
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Thursday 26 January 2012
Message 821:

Hi Mike, You don't know me from Adam, but I have been following your site since I started my fell-walking hobby (obsession!!). I am fairly new to it, with only 3 years under my belt, but since I well and truly caught the bug one icy day up the Pike O'Stickle, yours is the site I have been using longest for gaining information and inspiration when planning a walk. Although I like to research and plan my own route most of the time (generally using path and feature info pieced together from other walkers sites), there are quite a few walks that I have "lifted" directly from yours, hope you don't mind.

In my first two years of walking, I used to take photos and email them out to any interested parties, i.e. others who had been walking with me, or missed the walk, or just friends and family. Not ideal. I also soon started to realise that as time goes on, everyone, especially me, started to forget incidents and circumstances that made any particular walk special - mostly amusing things, but also difficulties and dangers, or even a really good well deserved pint at the end etc. etc. So I decided to create my own site the hold photos and preserve these memories and I have been working on it for the last year.

Part way through development, it struck me that it's obviously not just myself who's interested in posting their walks to a website, due to the number of walking sites out there. I thought with a bit of effort I could make the site multiuser, then others out there (particularly those without the knowledge of how to create their own site, or even those without the time or inclination) would be able to post their own walks for family and friends to view.

I think it's just about ready for others to use now. I'd really appreciate it if you could have a glance over the site - http://www.logmywalks.com, and if you feel it's worthy, post a link to it on your own site.

Also if you do approve, and know anyone out there who may benefit from using it (it is free, and I intend to keep it that way), please feel free to point them in its direction.

Many thanks and All the best for now.

From: Ali Watson
Town/City: Lancashire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 January 2012
Message 820:

Hi, I wanted to know if there are and planned walk for : Malham Cove, Malham Tarn and Gordale Scar Walk. The walk looks very appealing to me. Currently I am a one man army would prefer doing the walk in a group if possible. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Regards.

'I put Yassa in touch with a Walking Forum to see if I could match them up to do the walk'

From: Yassa
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 January 2012
Message 819:

Brilliant site however seems to be a problem today can't get any gpx files, comes with with an error? Anyone else having the same problem?

'I told Eric the problem is remote server side and a fix will bring a resolution soon. In the meantime I told him I would mail him any files her needed which also applies to any enquirer of any facility on the site which may be temporarily inaccessible'

From: Eric Bailey
Town/City: Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 January 2012
Message 818:

Hello, We are hoping to go camping at Inverewe, Northern Scotland this coming May/ June and wondered if you have done any walking in the hills of Wester Ross? Thank you. PS fantastic web site, love it!!

'I told Andy I walked through Wester Ross on my 1,000 Mile Walk last year and pointed him in the direction of the stages I did in north-west Scotland'

From: Andrew Capstick
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 24 January 2012
Message 817:

A very good site on my favorite walking areas. Very nice, thank you.

From: Frank & Sue Dawson
Town/City: Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire Country: England
Date: Monday 23 January 2012
Message 816:

Anyone walking on Dartmoor should seriously consider staying at The Forest Inn. We've been there several years running. It may appear a bit shabby but it welcomes walkers and their dogs and their boots. Not only that, a few good walks start there – the classic Top Hat, three serene and not so serene ambles into Princeton where can be found the Fox Tor cafe and bunkhouse. They don't mind when you bring the weather in and the food's good. Best of all, Dartmoor is a place where you can still walk for half a day and see no-one closer than a mile. Try doing that over a weekend in the Peaks. And to prove it, we're back there this September.

From: Lynda Plant
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 23 January 2012
Message 815:

I am looking to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks in May 2012. Can you advise the best guidebook please? Many thanks

'I put Les's question to my Walking Forum friends and sent him their responses'

From: Les Law
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Monday 23 January 2012
Message 814:

Found your site while looking for walks around my home in Harrogate. I have now done a whole lot of walking and hiking in Harrogate and the dales. Your site has been an inspiration for many of my walks so I just wanted to thank you. Maybe one day we will unknowingly cross paths and nod our heads as we go on our way and enjoy gods own county.

From: Oliver Lees
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Saturday 21 January 2012
Message 813:

Hi, just to let you know that my husband Peter and I came across your web site by accident and we are extremely impressed. We mainly walk in the Black Mountains and the Breacon Beacons. Your website is amazing and has given us lots of ideas - would it be possible to have a section with circular walks? We have got lots and would be happy to share.

'I said of course so expect some more free walks in Wales on the website soon, all thanks to Karola'

From: Karola Bruckner
Town/City: Hereford Country: England
Date: Tuesday 17 January 2012
Message 812:

Hello again, I cannot believe it is 2010 since I last contacted you. Well I completed the Dalesway at Easter 2011 with a day off on the 29th April to celebrate the royal wedding at a very nice pub in Appletreewick. What an enterprising landlord, he had a big screen and was serving coffee, then lunch and the place was packed with holiday makers all enjoying the big day. The walk was lovely and the time of year perfect, the wooded sections were full of wild flowers. One of the most spectacular walks was from Grassington over the top and down into Kettlewell where I treated myself to a cream tea!!! before carrying on to Starbotton. The following day I walked up to Beckermonds. I was brought up in West Yorkshire and spent many happy days in the Dales as a child but I have never before gone beyond Hubberhome; what a lovely dale and great walking. I met lots of really interesting people along the way. Again I averaged 10 miles a day, and the weather was wonderful. One other memorable evening of this walk was a visit to a very busy Sun Inn in Dent, where we enjoyed a good pub meal and lots of chat with fellow campers from the site in the centre of the village. Our motorhome was again the back up with my husband as driver, he was not very impressed with the width of the road in Dentdale, but he managed. I cannot stress enough what a great walk the Dales Way is and I encourage anyone to try it. The only mistake I made was to begin on Easter bank holiday Monday and Bolton Abbey was heaving!!! Never seen so many cars and people, but I made it through. The next walk is the Cumbria way, which I am combining with a visit to some friends in the Lake District who are celebrating their silver wedding in early June. Thank you again for your great website with information and feedback, I think I shall try and do the Wolds Way as well, later in the year. In fact I think I should just move back North!!

From: Rachael Harvey
Town/City: Newmarket, Suffolk Country: England
Date: Saturday 14 January 2012
Message 811:

Hello, I am looking to make a short walk into Redcar (Yorkshire) this summer. It's a pilgrimage to my late husband's birthplace, and I would like to retrace at least some of the steps he took years ago when he walked along the coast from (I believe it was) Harwich to Redcar. I only have about three days, and I was wondering if a walk along in North Moors along the coast would be possible, with two overnight stops at B&B's I would hope. If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

'I am helping Carolyn plan a walk along the Yorkshire coastline to suit her plans'

From: Carolyn Affleck Youngs
Town/City: Victoria Country: Canada
Date: Tuesday 10 January 2012
Message 810:

Hi Mike, So sorry I did not get back to you on our return but had family crisis and completely forgot. We walked round Brimham Rocks a few times as we were so close, and the woods and hills past Menwith. Also went to the Chevin, but did not have time to go to Blubberhouse Moors or Bolton Abbey that I had been hoping to go to. the week just went so quickly...................they will have to wait till the next trip!! I love the landscape of that part pf the country, I do enjoy living down here at the New Forest, but miss the rolling hills and the quite dramatic scenery. Anyway sorry to ramble on, but thanks again for your help and suggestions. Best Wishes.

From: Pauline Goodband
Town/City: New Forest Country: England
Date: Sunday 08 January 2012
Message 809:

Dear Mike, Happy New Year to you! I would just like to thank you for your excellent website, it is really helping me on my way. I am very new to peak bagging, the only real one of any note I have 'bagged' being Shutlingsloe in the Peak District. Next up we are going to try the Roaches and Hen Cloud in nearby Leek or maybe Shining Tor. I was just after some advice if possible as I am very new to this game. Would you recommend getting a few smaller peaks in first before attacking anything bigger? And when the time does come to go bigger which peak do you think would be the best to have a go at? I have heard Skiddaw is not too demanding, would that be right? The aim eventually will then be to summit Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike and my dream of walking up Mount Fuji would be the absolute pinnacle! Once again thanks for your excellent website!

From: Matthew Harding
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Tuesday 03 January 2012
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