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Message 1,391:

Grateful thanks for your splendid website full of fantastic routes. As part of my 70th birthday celebrations, (only 12 months late!), we tackled the Chrome Hill walk last Saturday with a group of 6 and we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The weather however couldn't have been different to your experience in Summer! (Our grading was 'Tricky in places requiring good balance and sturdy boots') It was fine for the ascent of Chrome Hill with a stiff breeze, visibility was limited to the nearest hills due to the mist. As you know wet limestone provides poor grip and there was a lot of wet ground, even the steep grass was waterlogged on the descent, much slipping involved. Light rain set in for the climb up Parkhouse Hill, the wind was strong and gusty at the top but we made it! The views were spectacular when the mist cleared, what an interesting landscape, quite unexpected. It's such a shame the Quiet Woman is still closed but hey ho, it's been a tough time for small village pubs. I hope you continue adding new walks in the future. We all enjoyed your commentaries that compliment each walk, it gives a great insight as to what to expect.

From: John Warhurst
Location: Derby Country: England
Date: Tuesday 14 December 2021
Message 1,390:

Hi Mike, I walked your Thorner Moor, Pompocali, Hetchell Crags and Scarcroft Hill route last week and though it was fairly dull and grey I enjoyed it. You could have mentioned the hardest part of the walk was near the end !!! I can tell you enjoy describing your walks on your website. They are very useful and interesting.

From: John Parker
Location: Selby Country: England
Date: Thursday 21 October 2021
Message 1,389:

I walked the Three Castles Path from Ascot to Ellisfield at the weekend and used your webpage as an aid to my map to assist my navigation. It was extremely useful resolving any dilemnas about which way to go. Thanks very much

From: Tim Horgan
Location: Ascot Country: England
Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021
Message 1,388:

I chanced upon your website today via a Google search for a walk from Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales. The website is amazing, full of great walks and so much other info. Thanks so much for creating it and sharing your passion with others.

From: John Sutton
Location: Leyburn Country: England
Date: Thursday 30 September 2021
Message 1,387:

Your website looks great. We have bought a static in the Appelby and Eden Valley area and we wondered about walks around the Orton and Kirkby Stephen area. Thanks.

From: Maria Tattersall
Location: Appleby Country: England
Date: Sunday 29 August 2021
Message 1,386:

I have just found your Wainwright’s in 36 walks and wanted to say that it is awesome and just what I have been looking for. Thanks

From: Kurt Taylor
Location: Chorley Country: England
Date: Saturday 28 August 2021
Message 1,385:

Dear writer, your website is incredible! I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for sharing such wonderful content, and helping people connect to a new place in the world. I am headed to Keswick in October for a few days for the first time, and cannot wait. Thanks for making the journey smoother. Greetings from South Africa.

From: Jaclyn Carl
Location: Cape Town Country: South Africa
Date: Tuesday 03 August 2021
Message 1,384:

Just to say how very grateful I am to have stumbled upon your website. I'm soon to be heading off on walking pilgrimage across Britain to give thanks to ancient yew trees (I went through cancer treatment in 2019, and the chemotherapy drug Taxol is derived from the yew). As a person who is very new to long distance walking, your website is such a huge and significant act of generosity, and a real blessing and relief to have chanced upon. Thank you so much, and all the very best.

From: Lindsay Alderton
Location: Machynlleth Country: England
Date: Sunday 04 July 2021
Message 1,383:

I was just reading your story of the Crackpot Mosaic Trail. We have done this walk many times over the years with our children. Around 13 years ago we met Terry the stick man, and he showed us into his workshop and introduced our children to his dogs. He was also hatching some chicks that day and our youngest got to hold an egg whilst the chick hatched in her hands. We've never forgotten Terry and his kindness. Just like you, it really made our day meeting him. So glad to hear he is keeping well. To this day, I always regretted not asking if I could buy one of his sticks, they really were amazing. We're returning next Easter to Yorkshire, so I think it's time for another visit to the Mosaic trail.

From: James Cunningham
Location: Winchester Country: England
Date: Sunday 04 July 2021
Message 1,382:

Hi, I wanted to say I love your site and I wish the rest of the internet was so simple. Thanks, Mindy

From: Mr Maninder Hothi
Location: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Thursday 01 July 2021
Message 1,381:

Hello Mike, just a note to thank you for this site, it is an amazing facility. I just hope it is as widely known as it deserves to be. Just one small request. I and three friends were 75% through the Monarch's Way when Covid-19 struck; we will be resuming soon. In this context, I have created this website related to the story behind this route. http://www.thefugitiveking.uk/ Any chance you could provide a link on your Monarch's Way page?

From: John Price
Location: Cheltenham Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 June 2021
Message 1,380:

Just a big thank you for the excellent website you have produced. I discovered the Lake District in my early 20s and have ventured up there 12-14 times a year for most of my life (and I'm closer to 60 now). That's a lot of walks. However, most of my walks have been short circular walks that I discovered early on in my walking - walks that my children would not complain about! It was only in my fifties that I began to venture on the more arduous walks, and I found that downloading gpx files benefited me greatly. Your website is superb and free to use, and your love of walking shows though. I have recently purchased Walking The Wainwrights by Stuart Marshall, and downloaded my first gpx from you site which I'm hoping to walk in a few weeks. Once again, a big thank you.

From: Keith
Location: The Wirral Country: England
Date: Wednesday 02 June 2021
Message 1,379:

Hello, my family and I just completed the Elterwater, Skelwith Force, Colwith Force, Cathedral Cave and Slater Bridge walk and really enjoyed it. Just wanted to thank you, so - thank you!

From: Liam Deere
Location: Doncaster Country: England
Date: Monday 31 May 2021
Message 1,378:

Well done, your informative walks are amazing, have you brought a book out or are you thinking of bringing a book out.

From: Andrea Priest
Location: Wakefield Country: England
Date: Tuesday 25 May 2021
Message 1,377:

Thank you for your inspiring descriptions of walks around Ingleborough and Moughton Scars. Following various parts of your walks I had a great day out exploring the limestone pavements, appreciating the Norber erratics and loving the scenery and geology.

From: Peter Hennessy
Location: Oxford Country: England
Date: Friday 21 May 2021
Message 1,376:

Your site is one of the easiest, informative and useful sites to find walks. Every walk I've done from here has been great. Thanks for all the great work.

From: Reece Lau
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 May 2021
Message 1,375:

I just wanted to thank you for your great Hadrian's Wall travelogue. Last Fall I discovered a company that does virtual fitness challenges where you can follow your progress online and get a gorgeous medal upon completion. I have found them very motivating for getting out and walking and doing my time on the elliptical, especially during this time of Covid. Hadrian's Wall was my third challenge and as Google Maps street view doesn't cover the path very well I was looking online for Hadrian's Wall info and came across your blog. It has been great to follow along your trip as I completed mine virtually. Great pictures and writing!

From: Donna Beck
Location: Lufkin, Texas Country: USA
Date: Friday 14 May 2021
Message 1,374:

Hi Mike - walked the 8 miler Thixendale Wharram Percy today as described by you. Very enjoyable, the rain and hail showers were visible all around me but thankfully I stayed dry. Excellent walk - thanks for including it on your website.

From: John
Location: Selby Country: England
Date: Thursday 29 April 2021
Message 1,373:

Hi, the list of Welsh mountains is great, the web is great, thank you for making it for all of us interested in the subject.

From: Boris Pavelic
Location: Cardiff Country: Wales
Date: Thursday 29 April 2021
Message 1,372:

I hope that you are well. I just wanted to write and say how helpful, inspiring and great the site is. You have opened my eyes to many great routes and places around the north of England with insightful and helpful info. You have taken the time to share your experiences and help others, including me, get out into the great outdoors. So bravo Sir! Thanks for the page and keep up the great work. You don't know how valuable you are. All the very best, Luke.

From: Luke Reece
Location: Keighley Country: England
Date: Tuesday 20 April 2021
Message 1,371:

I don’t often leave feedback / comments but after my dog and I today ran the Kirkstone/ Dove Dale circuit I just needed to say thank you. The route was amazing, I would never have had the time, patience or knowledge to be able to plan such a route...without your website. Needless to say, your site is now added to my web bookmarks for future planning. Thank you ever so much for your time and devotion to your webpage, it enables people like me to experience the lakes and other beautiful places in all their glory. Best wishes, Chris.

From: Chris Lowey
Location: Wigan Country: England
Date: Friday 16 April 2021
Message 1,370:

Hi from the Mountain Nomad, thank you so much for the in-depth research and effort you have put into your site. I am just about to embark on all the English Nuttalls and Wainwrights and find that your website is an excellent resource. I will be using your 36 walks in the Lake District to tick off all the Wainwrights to start off with. Thank you so much.

From: David Howells
Location: Brecon Country: Wales
Date: Tuesday 13 April 2021
Message 1,369:

I'd like to say thank you for such an informative and helpful website you have created! I am a dog walker based in Morley and I have just launched a brand new service called "Adventure Days". This service includes me and my partner taking 6 dogs out for, you guessed it, a whole day of adventure. Our first Adventure Day was last weekend and we used your website to find out first walk, choosing the Thorner walk through open fields. We found that this walk was absolutely perfect for what we needed; a quiet parking area for ease of getting the dogs in and out of the van, the dogs could be let off their leads immediately (and could remain off lead for the entirety of the walk) but best of all, a significant lack of other people so that we didn't have to keep putting the dogs on leads as they passed.

From: Rachael Charles
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Wednesday 17 March 2021
Message 1,368:

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for creating all the GPX files you have created. I am an avid runner, walker and cyclist but unfortunately my sense of direction does not match up to my enthusiasm. I have just got a Garmin Fenix 6s and have spent the evening learning how to upload GPX files to courses, most of which have come from your site. It must have taken you a while to do, so I just wanted you to know it is very much appreciated and your work has not gone unnoticed :) Many thanks, Holly

From: Holly Ochiltree
Location: Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 March 2021
Message 1,367:

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for such an amazing site. I have been on many of your walks and I think in the modern world where everyone is selling something that fact you keep the site free and very easily accessible is amazing. Wish you all the best, you're the best walking site in the UK.

From: Dave
Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 28 February 2021
Message 1,366:

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your walks with us all. I moved up to York in July and your website has really helped me explore corners of Yorkshire that I might not otherwise have thought to visit. Just back from walking the Ripley circular walk in the snow. Looking forward to more! Thanks again.

From: Karen
Location: York Country: England
Date: Saturday 02 January 2021

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