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Message 1,337:

Just done your Mam Tor and Great Ridge route - including Lose Hill. Thank you, a super route - made better by a spectacularly clear and bright day. A great way to blow away the Christmas cobwebs. Top tip - if driving and if you can get to Hope nice and early there is safe on-road parking by Hope primary school, right next to a footpath which links directly into the route as published. Happy New Year.

From: Martin Rose
Location: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Tuesday 31 December 2019
Message 1,336:

Thoroughly enjoyed your Tideswell, Monksdale, Millersdale, Tideswell dale walk today - many thinks for this site and resource

From: Steve Miles
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Sunday 29 December 2019
Message 1,335:

We have been on many hiking holidays in Europe and feel we want to enjoy the beauty of England this year. Having seen a walking programme on TV and then seeing your great website we really fancy a weeks holiday hiking in the Yorkshire Dales; including the Malham area. Thank you for the inspiration.

From: Kevin Theobald
Location: Sudbury Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 December 2019
Message 1,334:

Hi, I visited the Lake District for the first time in 2018 and was lucky enough to have found your website. It is brilliant. I like everything about it. I am looking at it once again as I plan to return to this most beautiful part of England next year. Thank you for putting in the work.

From: Cregan Anderson
Location: Charmhaven Country: Australia
Date: Wednesday 18 December 2019
Message 1,333:

Thank you so much for your simple and easy tool to calculate the length of time for walking. I am always worried about missing my train...so now I know the time I needed that 0.7 miles with no breaks and no incline or descent plus my own 3 minutes 'stress free' allocation will get me to the station in time.

From: Josephine Rowe
Location: London Country: England
Date: Wednesday 11 December 2019
Message 1,332:

I have been off proper hills due to a bad knee for several years. Just had a replacement and am currently at PTC St Andrews Harrogate for rehab. Many thanks for the work you put in on your website. Your walks have provided me with much vicarious pleasure whilst I have been off the hills and this latest visit to your site has reminded me what I have been missing. I retire in the spring and complete with new knee will be back on the hills again. Thanks for the nudge.

From: Andrew Proctor
Location: Preston Country: England
Date: Monday 09 December 2019
Message 1,331:

Thank you so much for the information and gpx files for the Coast To Coast Walk. I found it to be very informative and I really like the style that it is presented in. I intend to do the Walk solo and mostly by wild camping in May 2020. I have been in training walking the Peak District since July this year and although I can complete a 20 mile day, I know it is going to be much harder over a two week period!

From: Paul Flannigan
Location: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Sunday 08 December 2019
Message 1,330:

I came across your website several years ago and since then it has fuelled mine and my partners passion for the outdoors and exploring the UK. I just wanted to thank you for making such an informative and comprehensive guide to walks and areas for no cost to access. We have now visited most regions in the UK for just the walks alone, and even recently returned from a hiking trip to Patagonia, all of which was helped along the way by this website. So thanks again!

From: Dominic Lee
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Saturday 30 November 2019
Message 1,329:

I would like to take this time to thank Mike once again for putting together this blog. My colleagues and I have become addicted to the Walking Englishman, which thankfully is a legal substance. This weekend we undertook the 12 kilometer walk in Dursley, Cotswolds. This was phenomenally well signposted but Mike's commentary was excellent nonetheless and helped entertain us during less than ideal weather conditions. I recommend this website to anyone thinking of undertaking a challenging walk.

From: Cedric Conboy
Location: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Sunday 24 November 2019
Message 1,328:

Some colleagues and I organised a trip to the Lake District to do some walking with our Wellbeing Committee. I was recommended this website and was immediately drawn to your Lake District Walk covering Holme Fell, Cathedral Cave, the Great Hole and Black Crag. In honesty, we could not believe this walk. Without your blog we would not have been privy to such astounding and majestic beauty. Everything on this walk was greatly moving. Your directions were flawless and we were all most amused by your commentary with your friend John. I cannot thank you enough for putting together this blog. You have created a directory for walk lover across the world and we are deeply indebted to you. Thank you, sincerely.

From: Cedric Conboy
Location: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 November 2019
Message 1,327:

Hello, I just wanted to say that you have provided a great website. I have just started doing mountain climbing have completed the three main mountains of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon I am now trying to work out what is a good one to get on to that is relatively close to London. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

From: Shamas Ibrahim
Location: London Country: England
Date: Saturday 02 November 2019
Message 1,326:

Thanks for all the work you have put into your site.

From: Ken Mycock
Location: Birmingham Country: England
Date: Friday 01 November 2019
Message 1,325:

Thank you very much for this resource, we used many of your Derbyshire Peaks walks to train for our charity Lyke Wake attempt, the 40+ miles was completed by all without issue, however we enjoyed your walks a lot more!!

From: PDS Walkers
Location: Derby Country: England
Date: Thursday 31 October 2019
Message 1,324:

This is what the internet was meant for! Lovely site; helpful, informative, interesting and yet light and enjoyable to read. Perfect for planning New Years walks after a heart attack. Thanks for all your hard work.

From: Ian Andrews
Location: Dorchester, Dorset Country: England
Date: Friday 25 October 2019
Message 1,323:

Thank you. I blooming love these walks and your site is amazing :-) Just what I needed after my heart attack to get me walking myself to fitness :-) . This looks a lovely walk and yet another to add to my to do list :-)... Again thanks for all your hard work it is much appreciated.

From: Ian Bagot
Location: Heckmondwike Country: England
Date: Thursday 17 October 2019
Message 1,322:

I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy your website and how very useful we find it. I know how much work it takes to create and maintain a website, so thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into it. We are planning a trip to England next year and will be walking in either the Yorkshire Dales or the Lakes District. I just successfully downloaded the GPX file from your site and imported it to the OS Maps app. That is just brilliant! Thanks again and happy walking.

From: Joe Arsenault
Location: Parkton, MD Country: USA
Date: Friday 11 October 2019
Message 1,321:

We just wanted to say thanks for the website and to let you know it is being put to good use. Our walking group will be doing some of your walks in our visit to the north York Moors next month.

From: Roger Dyndal
Location: Norwich Country: England
Date: Thursday 10 October 2019
Message 1,320:

Just dropping a note that is long overdue to say that your website is hugely appreciated by myself and my circle of countryside adventurers. I can understand the effort that goes into creating and maintaining this wonderful resource, and would like to add that this is usually the first place we go to for ideas for our almost-weekly wanders. Keep up the good work and please know you are hugely appreciated!

From: Nazir Kazi
Location: Manchester Country: England
Date: Friday 27 September 2019
Message 1,319:

After 62 years of walking the Lake District mountains I am now confined to the lovely valleys. I never tire of looking at your site to read your walks. My favourite is Glaramara, walked many times. Thanks so much for evoking so many memories, and so good that there are photos!

From: Sally Harnett
Location: Ashwell, Rutland Country: England
Date: Wednesday 25 September 2019
Message 1,318:

Dear Walking Englishman, we use your routes every time we go to the Lake District. Thank you for the time you spend creating such a brilliant website with the route downloads and brilliantly detailed write ups. It is a joy just reading about your experience of the walks.

From: Joel Howarth
Location: Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 September 2019
Message 1,317:

Just done the Roaches, what a great walk, thanks very much for the website.

From: Ian Budenberg
Location: Wakefield Country: England
Date: Saturday 21 September 2019
Message 1,316:

My two sisters and I are leaving for a long awaited UK walking vacation on 9/23. We walk all the time together and are excited about walking all over the place in your beautiful country. Just wanted to thank you for all the help your website has given us. It is a valuable source for tuning in on just what we want to do. Maybe we'll run into you on one of our walks. Thanks again, Jeanne, Leslie and Janet.

From: Jeanne Maguire
Location: Centereach, NY Country: USA
Date: Saturday 14 September 2019
Message 1,315:

Hi, many thanks for your website full of inspiring walks. We have just had a week in Yorkshire Dales, used many of your walks and really enjoyed all of them! It is great of you to share these.

From: Martin Kirby
Location: Epsom Country: England
Date: Saturday 31 August 2019
Message 1,314:

Thank you very much for your excellent site, it is an amazing resource (especially as we also live in Yorkshire). It is my first port of call when looking for a new walk. To provide such an amazing site as a free resource is a great contribution to society. Many Thanks, and please keep it going.

From: Geoff Bachelor
Location: Baildon Country: England
Date: Monday 26 August 2019
Message 1,313:

Thank you for introducing us to the less popular ascent of Cat Bells in the Lake District. We chose this walk of yours to do today as it is the August Bank Holiday weekend. It was perfect. We have used many of your walks previously and enjoyed each and every one. Thank you for providing this fantastic free resource.

From: The Whittaker Family
Location: Skipton Country: England
Date: Saturday 24 August 2019
Message 1,312:

A fantastic resource for people, particularly novices looking for walks to complete. The fact it is free and there are no intrusive pop ups are the cherries on top of an excellent cake.

From: Alec
Location: London Country: England
Date: Wednesday 21 August 2019
Message 1,311:

Please PLEASE don't ever stop doing this. Your site is the most important aid for our hikes and weekend excursions. Thank you very much!

From: Kostas and Kleopatra Eftaxias
Location: Manchester Country: England
Date: Wednesday 21 August 2019
Message 1,310:

Thank you so much for your site. I love walking and started sharing this with my boys many years ago. I have done several of your walks, as well as so many of my own. Today we undertook River Burn, Leighton Reservoir, Druid's Temple and Sole Beck. Absolutley loved every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your journey.

From: Claire Bromley
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Monday 12 August 2019
Message 1,309:

Just wanted to say what a brilliant website you have. I have already used a number of your routes and am planning many more. I bought a Garmin GPS about a year ago and the availability of .gpx files associated with your routes is a big plus. Keep up the good work.

From: Martin Reed
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 10 August 2019
Message 1,308:

Your website is a fantastic resource. Thanks so much for all the effort and dedication you put into it! I don't know if you take suggestions, but if you do then it would be super if you did the Gower peninsula in South Wales (which, as you probably already know, is part of the Welsh National Coastal Path). Absolutely cracking coastal walk, particularly the south side.

From: Michael Roberts
Location: London Country: England
Date: Thursday 01 August 2019
Message 1,307:

Lake District Walk : Rosthwaite, High Doat, Castle Crag and River Derwent. The whole family really enjoyed this walk (like many others proposed). Stunning views and the climb to Castle Crag on slates was very special. Thanks for the good work.

From: Nicolas Odut
Location: Nantes Country: France
Date: Thursday 25 July 2019
Message 1,306:

Just finished the Goathland Walk. Did it clockwise. Stunning and beautiful. Pretty muddy in places. Thank you very much!

From: Andreas Indetzki
Location: Kamp-Lintfort Country: Germany
Date: Thursday 25 July 2019
Message 1,305:

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent GPX file of the Chalkland Way that you provided. I could load it on to my Garmin and it was perfect. Thank you for giving your time for free, so that others don't get lost!

From: J Jose
Location: Swanland Country: England
Date: Thursday 18 July 2019
Message 1,304:

Hi, thank you for your efforts in creating this site, it's given me the confidence to resume my passion following recovery from illness. Last week my daughter and I completed the Flamborough Head, Dane's Dyke walk. The views were breathtaking and the birds! Glad we had our binoculars. This is a great resource, thanks.

From: Jacquie Rescorle
Location: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Saturday 13 July 2019
Message 1,303:

Thanks for all your work on this great website. I've done most of the Peak District walks this summer. Just a heads up on the Rivelin Valley walk. I did the walk in the opposite direction as I wanted to go uphill and took a wrong turn left (south) at Rivelin Dams and found myself climbing the gorge that Wyming Brook flows through. It's a stunning walk with lots of waterfalls and footbridges and if you ever do this walk again I recommend that you take the same detour. It really does improve the route. Best Regards, Mick

From: Mick
Location: Sheffield Country: England
Date: Tuesday 09 July 2019
Message 1,302:

Went on my first ramble in Whitby on last weekend, I have a taste for it now and just found your site. It has given me a lot of inspiration. Good travels.

From: David Roth
Location: Saltaire Country: England
Date: Monday 08 July 2019
Message 1,301:

Hi, I am a new walker in life... also fairly new to West Yorkshire... and I must say I am absolutely loving your website. So much inspiration of where to start and what to aim for. Thank you for your efforts!

From: Huma Kahn
Location: West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 07 July 2019
Message 1,300:

Hi Mike, We are two 20 something guys who really enjoy your walks. We wondered if you had ever thought about creating a book with them in? As we would buy it. Thanks for your time. Phil

From: Phil Knight and Calum
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 06 July 2019
Message 1,299:

Love your website, we use it all the time so thank you for all the effort you have put into creating and maintaining it!

From: Katy
Location: London Country: England
Date: Saturday 06 July 2019
Message 1,298:

Dear Mike... I love reading your blogs about your travels, and they inspired a group of us from work to get out and do some walking! Two years ago we did Looe to Polperro and I thought at times it was a little strenuous. On July 7th we are tackling your Newlands Horseshoe walk. I must admit I’m a little apprehensive about this as 18 months ago I had a cruciate ligament operation on my left knee. I really don’t want to let the side down, but more importantly myself down. Keep up the fabulous tales of your walks and thank you.

From: Andrew Joyce
Location: Nuneaton Country: England
Date: Wednesday 26 June 2019
Message 1,297:

Great job brother. Excited to trek some of your gpx. Thank you for putting this together. Continue!

From: Mario Mouraz
Location: Lisbon Country: Portugal
Date: Friday 14 June 2019
Message 1,296:

hi Mike, I just wanted to send a message of real appreciation, my partner and I have done a number of your walk routes over the years, along with our dogs, and we’ve just finished your Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Fan y Big route and it was sensational, the British weather even played its part. Thanks for all that you do, I really enjoy following your travels on social media and Mrs Walking Englishman saving you from time to time. Keep up the great work and enjoy your travels.

From: Sam Whitmore
Location: East Anglia Country: England
Date: Sunday 09 June 2019
Message 1,295:

Just wanted to thank you for all the great information you have provided over the years. Always my go to site for any walks near places we are staying and having this available has helped my other half have more confidence ( given my navigation was quite poor until Mobile GPS was more available ). Maintaining this site and continuing to develop it must take a lot of effort so wanted to let you know its appreciated.

From: Andrew Chrich
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 June 2019
Message 1,294:

Eeh Mike, How you've grown over the years. From a few popular walks to all these. And they're helping so many folk. Well done lad. I'm now onto using the gpx files that you post. Keep well.

From: Erica Manne
Location: Scunthorpe Country: England
Date: Tuesday 04 June 2019
Message 1,293:

Hallo Walking Englishman, As you have probably noticed, I live in Germany and my e.mail is nl, meaning I am Dutch. I have visited and walked in the UK for some 35 years, mainly in the Lake Distrcit (AW enthusiast) and time allowing many other beautiful sites. As I am visiting the South Pennines and Peak District, end of June, a new territory for me, I googled walks around Hebden Bridge, and, bingo, there you were. I just want to thank you very much. Your website is great. All what I wanted to know was there. So, it gives me great pleasure to browse and read. As you know the preparations are next to the actual holiday very enjoyable. Hartelijke groeten van een Nederlandse fan. (warm greatings from a Dutchfan).

From: Riekie Tonk
Location: Kevelaer/ Winnekendonk Country: Germany
Date: Monday 27 May 2019
Message 1,292:

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for the Shelf Moor and Bleaklow walk you posted. Myself and 4 friends plus 2 dogs followed your route on Sunday 19th May 2019 and loved it. Luckily the Peat bogs were not too bad and we did not get too wet. Loved the views and seeing the aircraft wreckage was strange but very peaceful. Please keep posting, we are going to follow more of your routes in the Peak District. Happy walking, Chris

From: Chris Haynes
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Monday 20 May 2019
Message 1,291:

Hi Mike, thank you for a great resource which has inspired me and the wife over the last two years. Kind regards, Paul

From: Paul Hollinrake
Location: Rossendale Country: England
Date: Friday 17 May 2019
Message 1,290:

I just wanted to say what a truly fabulous resource you have created. It is full of all the stuff I want to know about the hills and fells that I cannot find anywhere else and I am sure I am not alone in being ever so grateful to you. Keep blogging!

From: Gemma Drac
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Thursday 09 May 2019
Message 1,289:

What a fantastic website! I found this site after researching alternatives in case my planned 110 cycle ride from Kettlewell is abandoned due to the forecasted bad weather. Thanks for a great resource. I'm sure I will return to try more of these walks in the future.

From: Andy Baggott
Location: Lincoln Country: England
Date: Thursday 25 April 2019
Message 1,288:

Mike, having just returned from the Peak District I just wanted to express my thanks for the recommendation of the Mam Tor Ridge walk you suggested to me back in January. Obviously we were supported by fabulous weather but we managed to tag Lose Hill onto the walk as well giving us an epic day out. It goes without saying that my friends and I will be returning to the Peak District for further exploration and your site will be my starting point for information. All the best.

From: Andrew McDonald
Location: Newbury Country: England
Date: Tuesday 23 April 2019
Message 1,287:

This website is great! Really enjoying the routes and descriptions on it.

From: Chris Long
Location: Selby Country: England
Date: Thursday 11 April 2019
Message 1,286:

We completed the Devil’s Bridge walk from your web site on Thursday. It was absolutely superb and we found all the spots that you highlighted. We are just getting into walking so thank you for keeping us the right track. Hopefully we will use your web site more and more as we get into walking.

From: Imran Ahmed
Location: Blackburn, Lancashire Country: England
Date: Monday 25 March 2019
Message 1,285:

Hi, I just wanted to say a quick thank you. We live in north Staffordshire and have up until now taken the Peak District a little for granted. However recently we decided to start to walk as preparation for a trip to the Andes later in the year. This weekend we undertook the Six Dales Circuit, although we split it into 2 days with a night camping at Monyash. This was ideal as it gave us chance to carry our gear and give it a road test. Without your website, the inspiration it provides and the excellent route description for this walk I don’t think we would have dared tackle it! So thank you for helping us get out there, and for the route plan that helped keep us from getting lost and maintaining marital harmony!

From: Will Hulme
Location: North Staffordshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 25 February 2019
Message 1,284:

Thank you. I really enjoyed our walk yesterday - I was looking for some inspiration for something a little different and your walk from East Witton fitted the bill. Walking through the farm near the start, and then through the abbey grounds just after half way were treats. I uploaded the route into my MemoryMap application and followed everything on the 1:25,000 OS (which I had not done before either). Everything worked a treat. I really appreciate the time you have spent putting this resource together and I will be dipping into it often. Thanks again. John, Robert and Jasper (our German Shorthaired Pointer).

From: John Lee
Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Monday 18 February 2019
Message 1,283:

Dear Mike, I stumbled across your website on Friday when I was planning a trip to the Yorkshire Dales with my two children aged 7 and 10. They are pretty good walkers but not familiar with hills as we live in Essex! I wanted to do an easy training walk on Saturday and then a mountain on Sunday. Conistone Dib and Pie proved perfect for the Saturday warm-up, and gave me the confidence to take the children on your Pen-y-Ghent route on Sunday. I'm quite an experienced mountain walker myself but obviously I had to plan carefully to make sure the children were safe on the snowy hills. I just want to thank you for sharing your routes. The children had an amazing weekend and your website really helped me get the most out of our trip. Thank you so much. Best regard, Phil.

From: Phil Barabble
Location: Belchamp St Paul, Essex Country: England
Date: Monday 04 February 2019
Message 1,282:

Hi, I am really enjoying your county tops sections of your website. Since discovery in September, I have bagged six tops, and had lots of adventures along the way. I have developed a pattern of missing the actual highest points on first attempt most times! For example the changes in quarrying works meant I had to forshorten my route in Leicestershire, and go back to bag the top another day. As for Kinder Scout, well, I will say I have done it, but I am not so sure, even after the second attempt. Waiting for better weather and the company of my daughter and her mobile technology to help me out on third try. I am now going to write a journal of my efforts so I keep track of what I have done when. Thanks so much for the website!

From: Mary O’Reilly
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Monday 28 January 2019
Message 1,281:

Hi Mike, just been taking a look at your site and it’s a fantastic resource with great descriptions, quality details, lovely photos, very inspiring for some walks I’m looking to do during the year particularly the waterfalls walk in Brecon Beacons this spring. I keep a blog detailing my walking experiences on coastal walks in Pembrokeshire as that is my main focus. If you’d like to take a look and offer any feedback to a novice that would be appreciated.. www.shortwalkslongpaths.com. All the best, Rich

From: Rich Ryan
Location: Newport Country: Wales
Date: Sunday 27 January 2019
Message 1,280:

Thank you for providing gpx files with your walks. I have just sent the link to your site to my parents who are amazed at the content! They are very keen walkers. I am actually going to use your routes for trail and fell running, but have always searched circular walks as there are far more available. Thanks again.

From: Dan Speakman
Location: Weston Super Mare Country: England
Date: Saturday 26 January 2019
Message 1,279:

Hi. I planned a trip to the Lake District a couple of years ago and I used this website as the main source of information. The trip was a success. We really enjoyed all the hikes. This year I am planning a trip to Wales... And of course walkingenglishman will be my choice! This website is a real treasure. Many thanks for keeping it all up!

From: Begoña
Location: Bilbao Country: Spain
Date: Friday 18 January 2019
Message 1,278:

I have come across your website several times whilst researching different trails I have been interested in. Your site is really great to read and I have just found your walk North to South Britain. The way you have linked up all the trails is genius. Cannot believe I have never thought of these all together like that. It is really great to read!! Thank you so much for having the energy to make notes etc after a days hike and then turning it into something useful for others to read and use!

From: Helen Jamieson
Location: Manchester Country: England
Date: Friday 11 January 2019

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