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Message 1,365:

I love your website. My sister and I are creating a website around the Lake District and climbing the Wainwrights too. We've only just begun in the last few months and seeing someone like yourself with the website you have gives us great inspiration. We love the Lake District and have climbed 185 of the Wainwrights. But seeing your routes that you have planned makes our planning so much easier. We'll be sure to use some of your walks to bag some more when we can get back to the Lakes. So thank you for taking the time you have to put into this website. It is informative and just great to read through. It has got plenty of bits that everyone should know before walking the routes, and the maps really help too.

From: Zoe Blackbourn
Location: Boston Country: England
Date: Wednesday 30 December 2020
Message 1,364:

Dear Mike, I couldn't let the year end without thanking you for your absolutely marvellous website. So thanks very much then! I first came across it in August when the wife and I were looking for a route up Scafell Pike and I came across the Lord's Rake route - good job we went the wrong way as there was no one else until we got to the top! By then the weather closed in so we just went down the usual route - good reason to go back then! The best route so far has to be the Settle, Stainforth, Catrigg Force, Victoria Cave, Attermire Scar 8.3 miler - it was so good, I took the wife around it 5 days after I did it and she loved it. Your walks inspire me to document them so I have made videos for the Settle one, Bolton-by-Bowland route and Pudsey to Ilkley via Bradford Dales Way link. You've also inspired me to buy a single man tent so I'll be putting that to use when the days get just a little bit longer. Anyway keep up the great work and I'll keep walking your routes. Best wishes.

From: Matt
Location: Pudsey, Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 29 December 2020
Message 1,363:

I have just bought Stuart Marshall’s Walking the Wainwrights and together with your fantastic webpages covering the 36 routes I am looking forward to working my way through them. I have probably done most of them over the years but it is marvellous to see them laid out logically. Many thanks.

From: Jim Turner
Location: Yeovil Country: England
Date: Monday 28 December 2020
Message 1,362:

Hi there, A massive thank you for taking the time to create the Wainwright walks in this format. I am planning on running the Wainwright's throughout 2021 (Covid permitting) and the fact the 36 routes are already done is a great starting point.

From: Dean Dickinson
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 27 December 2020
Message 1,361:

Just expressing grateful thanks for the site. We need walks in Covid between Leeds York and Manchester to link with family. Your website is so helpful, clear and offers brilliant suggestions. Many many thanks

From: Alison Drayton
Location: Manchester Country: England
Date: Thursday 24 December 2020
Message 1,360:

Thank you for the report of your walk on Black Hill in Herefordshire which was part of your Offa's Dyke Path walk. My partner assures me that at 640m it is the highest summit in England south of Pen y Ghent. It is also the subject of the novels of Bruce Chatwin and Owen Sheers. A beautiful walk....adjacent to Hay Bluff....but on the English side of the border. Thank you for your hard work with this site...we need stimulus and inspiration in this pandemic....and it was lovely to scroll through the territory so familiar to us north if here. And as an aside...I just wonder how Pen y Ghent acquired a welsh name!

From: Theresa Nash
Location: Eway Harold, Hereford Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 December 2020
Message 1,359:

Hi there, my family and I had a great walk this morning following one of the routes on your website. We walked from Jacksdale in Nottinghamshire to Codnor Castle - it was a really good route! Thanks very much!

From: Tom Abdy
Location: Nottingham Country: England
Date: Sunday 22 November 2020
Message 1,358:

Thanks so much for your efforts - your website is THE source of information and many useful gpx files. We used the Cape Wrath Trail one - it was amazing.

From: Caroline G
Location: London Country: England
Date: Monday 05 October 2020
Message 1,357:

I have just planned our family walk for the afternoon - your website is amazing. I use it all the time! Thank you so much!!

From: Ian
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 27 September 2020
Message 1,356:

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your narrative on the Ullock Pike and Skiddaw route on your website. The words 'jiggered' summed it up well and encouragement came from your comment by the time Ullock Pike was reached we've done half the ascent ! hurrah ! I didn't do your linear route ,but came off Skiddaw via Broad End. A good move because traffic was heavy at top, but I never saw another soul on return back to the Ravenstone Hotel. I'm retired in Lower Wenslydale and can't help think your not too far away...would like to join you for a gentle local amble if that's something you occasionally do with your 'fans'. All the best.

From: Ronnie Smith
Location: Lower Wensleydale Country: England
Date: Thursday 10 September 2020
Message 1,355:

Hi, I loved the read about your Viking Way walk. I did this myself in June 2019 in honor of my chcocolate labrador I lost in June 2018. Carried his collar in my backback. Clocked up 165 miles though, mis-turns, and accommodation being off route. Took 12 days. I have written a book on the Viking Way, it being about the physical outer journey and the emotional inner journey through devastating grief.

From: Malcolm Buckley
Location: Skegness Country: England
Date: Tuesday 08 September 2020
Message 1,354:

Hi there, I use your site for inspiration for walks and routes when I am leading them (it makes me look very knowledgeable). Thank you for posting them. I always trace the route onto an OS map to follow. Yesterday I had downloaded a walk GPX file as well, which was very helpful as it helped us to get back on track having temporarily lost the route. Cheers.

From: Chris Tomes
Location: Bingley Country: England
Date: Monday 31 August 2020
Message 1,353:

Hi, I Just wanted to say thanks for all the great walks and details on your site. I have done loads of them in the last couple of years and enjoyed them all.

From: Andrew Lewis
Location: Manchester Country: England
Date: Sunday 30 August 2020
Message 1,352:

Hi. I want to say thank you for your website. It has been a great inspiration and an excellent practical guide for my walks in the last few years since I've moved in this beautiful part of the world. Thanks for the walkingenglishman, it's the best walking website there is.

From: Dmitri Kovalenko
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 August 2020
Message 1,351:

I would like to say thank you for your website. We used your GPX file to take our kids round Chrome and Parkhouse hills whilst on a short break to the Peak District and it was ideal. Keep up the good work.

From: Jon Froude
Location: Bishop's Stortford Country: England
Date: Sunday 02 August 2020
Message 1,350:

Hi Walking Englishman, I just wanted to say thanks for your gpx files. I am an avid sport walker and your website with its associated information is great. I walked the Aylesbury Outer Ring last weekend alone and unsupported and your gpx route was invaluable (just one route error, but think that was due to a new fence being added). I have also used them in the Lake District with my family around Penrith. I use the OS Map App to download the routes and off we go. Well done. Very useful

From: Kaz Pritchard
Location: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 01 August 2020
Message 1,349:

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Peak District walk around Matlock Bath, High Tor and the Heights of Abraham. With a combination of your GPX file to navigate us and your pictures and description to guide us we had a great time - the first of many I am sure.... Thank you!!

From: Alison Singhal
Location: London Country: England
Date: Monday 06 July 2020
Message 1,348:

Hello, Walking Englishman! I hope you are well and just wanted to thank you for the amazing detailed advice you give to walkers everywhere. My partner and I have recently done a lot of walking, including some of your walks like the Knaresborough Round and Harrogate Ringway etc. I'd love to know of any more long distance walks around Leeds/Harrogate if you have them! Thanks again and best wishes, Claudia

From: Claudia L Wardle
Location: York Country: England
Date: Sunday 05 July 2020
Message 1,347:

I just want to say I love this website. I have been using it for years and its helped me massively along the way! I love the GPX files to help me if I am not sure where I am going and the photos are great for a quick reference check. Simply brilliant. You've seen some gorgeous sights and touched parts of this country nobody else ever will. I salute you.

From: Joel Moorhouse
Location: Halifax Country: England
Date: Wednesday 01 July 2020
Message 1,346:

I first came across your website by accident about 3 months ago whilst searching for a route in the nearby Warwickshire countryside. I didn't realise a resource like this existed and I am grateful for the time you must take compiling and maintaining it. I must also thank you for re-igniting a long dormant dream of mine. As a youngster (I'm in my 60's now) I dreamed of a walk from one end of Britain to the other - inspired by John Hillaby's great book 'Journey Through Britain' but I never did anything about it. Although I have done other long walks since then - the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast, Offa's Dyke and the South West Way (in stages) - life has intervened and somehow I never found the time to do that 'Epic Walk'. Seeing your 'Great British Walk' has inspired me again. For the last few weeks, whenever I have a spare moment I have been reading your daily logs of each stage. Some are through familiar territory and some places I have never been but all are fascinating. Now I am facing retirement and having more free time I have decided it's now or never so I am planning my own journey. Not exactly in your footsteps - well, not all the way anyway - but using many of the routes you described. I am nervous - can I do such a long walk? And excited at the prospect..and frustrated that Covid has made me postpone the trip. But meanwhile there is planning to be done and I still have some 'life chores' to square away before I can go...but the dream is there, within touching distance and it's thanks to you and your wonderful website.

From: Jeff
Location: Warwickshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 28 June 2020
Message 1,345:

We are a Polish couple that enjoy walking in the English countryside and in the National Parks. Upon discovering of your website a few years ago, we regularly use your walk trails and we have never been disappointed. Gentle, green English countryside is beautiful and we love every minute spent there. We would like to thank you for publishing your walks, which gave us a lot of great memories and fun.

From: Kasia
Location: Scunthorpe Country: England
Date: Sunday 21 June 2020
Message 1,344:

Hello, Thanks for the superb work you have done on this resource to share your expertise. I just finished the "Grassington, Conistone Pie, Conistone Dib, Grass Wood and Ghaistrill's Strid" and it was an amazing mix of different environments in just one walk. I will definitely try some others.

From: Pietro Riccio
Location: York Country: England
Date: Saturday 20 June 2020
Message 1,343:

I just wanted to say you have produced a fantastic website with some awe inspiring walks! I am just reading your account of your Great British walk which looks amazing. Cheers.

From: Tom Williams
Location: Country: England
Date: Friday 12 June 2020
Message 1,342:

Thanks, it is useful to have the route highlighted on google maps...we did 10 miles of the western terminus of the Oldham Way. I found it well signposted and an interesting mix of territory.

From: Jim Grady
Location: Oldham Country: England
Date: Sunday 17 May 2020
Message 1,341:

Dear Walking Englishman - I would just like to say a massive thank you for your website; as an Aussie living in Leeds the past 3.5 years it has been tremendously useful and has been utilised frequently by my partner and I. We have done a number of your walks and really appreciate access to such a great resource.. Thank you!

From: Nathaniel Zwartz
Location: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 03 May 2020
Message 1,340:

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your site is. I have grown up in a household where every weekend we would go on 'adventures', usually around Castleton and the Peak District, and we were encouraged to do as many long distance walks as we could. It is such a great thing to be able to look on your pictures and remember some of the interesting trips that I have taken with my family. Many thanks for the beautiful site and information.

From: Jennifer Marvin
Location: Reigate Country: England
Date: Saturday 25 April 2020
Message 1,339:

While staying at home due to the Coronavirus it is a great pleasure for my wife and me to follow you on your walks. We walked the West Highland Way and the Coast to Coast and both are looking forward to come back to Britain and try some of Your walks. Stay healthy.

From: Ruth and Peter
Location: Kaiserslautern Country: Germany
Date: Sunday 05 April 2020
Message 1,338:

Hi, I just wanted to say how great your website is. Me and my partner have just started walking and this site is a great help. The detail in which you have gone in to is brilliant. It has helped us to plan walks for our ability and time and also having the pictures lets us decide which looks the best to us. This is really an appreciation message keep up the good work and thank you.

From: Liam Cambridge
Location: Wakefield Country: England
Date: Sunday 12 January 2020

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