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Guestbook Entries in 2007:
Message 266:

Thanks for the walking time calculator, very handy!

From: Duncan Newbury
Town/City: London Country: England
Date: Tuesday 11 December 2007
Message 265:

Hi, A group of us walked the North Downs Way this year as 11 day walks. If you are interested I attach a link to my blog of our walks, which I have finally finished. There are some really nice photos taken by one of my walking companions. If you have time, do dip into it. Website is: http://ndwdaras.blogspot.com/ Best wishes.

From: Sara Davies
Town/City: Country: England
Date: Saturday 08 December 2007
Message 264:

Hi, Annabel here calling from New Zealand. Really enjoying your website, I am just getting keen on walking, but the Robin Hood Coast to Coast does look pretty long and hard. Anyway, I will research your site some more, and devour the pictures. Great job done. Cheers Annabel.

From: Annabel Wright
Town/City: Country: New Zealand
Date: Friday 09 November 2007
Message 263:

As a child living in Nottinghamshire I looked forward to my holiday's with my Grandparents who lived at Gilstead near Bradford. We would walk to Shipley Glen. I would enjoy the rides on the little fun fair. We could also see the beautiful peacock butterflies. We would then walk into Shipley. Your web page has given me lovely memories of my childhood. Thank you.

From: Jenny Smith
Town/City: Brisbane Country: Australia
Date: Tuesday 06 November 2007
Message 262:

Absolutely brilliant website, simple, accurate and very engaging. I have not walked for a few years but your website inspired to me to pull out my old explorer maps a couple of weeks ago and do some of the Pennine Way from Horton then over the S and C line and back via Moughton bringing back very happy memories of holidays in the 1980's. Even got free camping round the back of the Golden Lion in Horton. Also managed a quick jaunt up Goredale Scar and the dry valley on the Sunday before going home. The Dales are God's country for me, timeless and spiritual.

From: Jonathan Davidson
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Thursday 18 October 2007
Message 261:

Excellent site, clear ,concise and easy to use. The blue on the beige background makes it so easy to distinguish the headings from the text. Links good, again helped by the contrast of colour. Full of useful information.

From: June Banks
Town/City: Skipton, Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 16 October 2007
Message 260:

Looks like I have found the perfect site to persuade my work colleagues to get out of the office and get some fresh air. We decided on one drunken night to tackle the Three Peaks of Yorkshire. We have relented for the wimps to just tackle Pen Y Ghent at the end of August. Though three of us are going to tackle Snowdon next week. How about visiting Lancashire A Pendle B Trough of Bowland C Longridge Fell D Three Towers Circular etc.

From: Michael Sutton
Town/City: Blackburn Country: England
Date: Saturday 13 October 2007
Message 259:

I discovered your website two days ago and it prompted me to venture out to Ilkley and walk the Ilkley Moor Walk you described. Thank you so much for your helpful information and guidance. Although a bit of a novice I made it round in good time and it was so useful to know which landmarks to look out for... though the very heavy fog made identification a little harder than I imagine it would normally be. I look forward to trying other walks in the area. Thank you.

From: Susannah Chapman
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Friday 12 October 2007
Message 258:

Fabulous website. My husband and I intend on doing the coast to coast in your spring of 2008. We love walking in Australia.

From: Sharon Smith
Town/City: Melbourne Country: Australia
Date: Thursday 11 October 2007
Message 257:

Just to say thanks for your guides on the Italian lakes area. My wife and I are just back from Lake Como and we appreciated the information you had included on your website. We combined these with the official walking guides from Menaggio's tourist office. It was reassuring to recognise ourselves standing where you had taken photos - we then realised we were not lost after all. The big oak tree walk and Refugio de Menaggio will live long in the memory. Keep up the good work.

From: Simon Kelly
Town/City: Bangor Country: Northern Ireland
Date: Monday 01 October 2007
Message 256:

Did Hebden Bridge Stoodley Pike Walk yesterday. A very enjoyable walk with nice weather but abit windy at Stoodley Pike. I thought the views and countryside were great. Hope to do more walks myself in and around Calderdale area in the near future. Hardcastle Crags Walk may well be the next one.

From: Graham Nelmes
Town/City: Leeds, West Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Sunday 16 September 2007
Message 255:

Was in Wainstalls near Halifax for one day only, Sunday 2nd September, when I noticed Stoodley Pike some miles away on the hillside. I asked my host what it was and why it was built. He did not know so I resolved to find out for myself. Keying in Stoodley Pike took me to your website where I found the information and more. Many thanks for that. Maybe, just maybe one day I may manage to visit this wonderful monument. Again, many thanks. Les Forrester.

From: Les Forrester
Town/City: Larbert Country: Scotland
Date: Tuesday 04 September 2007
Message 254:

ILKLEY MOOR WALK - I just did the walk you describe today - I am a little out of condition so it took me just over five hours. It was a fine day with a pleasant breeze. From the Doublet Stones onwards I saw perhaps no more than five other walkers for hours - not until I returned to the main drag above Ilkley. Well worth the trip. There are some perhaps more convenient car parks virtually on the the route which may be worth looking at rather than doing the climb up the Gyll twice.

From: Frank Sweeney
Town/City: Shipley Country: England
Date: Sunday 26 August 2007
Message 253:

John Standley and I abandoned our wives for a week in June and walked the Dales Way. Despite the rain we had a great time, ate and drank well and laughed a lot. John composed this limerick in honour of our journey.

A couple of hopeful old males
Went on a trek through the Dales
It was eighty odd miles
Of sheepshit and stiles
But they walked it on beef pork and ales

They saw thousands of sheep but few goats
And eventually Windermere's boats
They were serial killers
Of the products of millers
But waited a week for their oats.

From: Peter Speller
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Wednesday 22 August 2007
Message 252:

Thanks for a really useful guide to the southern part of the Cornish Coastal Path. Excellent for someone like me with no prior knowledge of the area.

From: Amanda Hewitt
Town/City: Surrey Country: England
Date: Wednesday 22 August 2007
Message 251:

First time visitor to your page. Looked at Helvellyn walk and was surprised to see it labelled as difficult. I climbed up from Glenridding up Swirral over the top and down Striding and back down to Glenridding when I was 4 and walked in wooden clogs. Mum and Dad couldn't afford new walking boots for us each Easter - I admit I did need to be bribed all the way with jellytots. Done the walk many times since and in many weathers. Very homesick looking at all your piccies.

From: Stephanie Latham
Town/City: Melbourne Country: Australia
Date: Wednesday 22 August 2007
Message 250:

Hello Walking Englishman and Lady. Congratulations on a most entertaining site with wonderful photos. I found you whilst researching my forthcoming 49th annual holiday in the Lakes. YES 49th ANNUAL. This year we will be four generations from me down to 6 year old great-grandchildren sharing one of the days probably Todd Crag on good old Loughrigg. I have been on almost all your walks and so enjoyed having my memories stirred. Somehow I never got over to the Coniston tops. Nowadays it's valley walks and smaller climbs so will do the Hawkshead one with hopefully a boat trip back to Ambleside. We have enjoyed Glaramara both from Stanger Gill and from Stockley Bridge Have you explored it? Happy Walking. I am recommending your site to our not-so-old family members. Sally.

From: Sally Harnett
Town/City: Ashwell, Rutland Country: England
Date: Tuesday 21 August 2007
Message 249:

Dear Walking Englishman, It was great to see videos of climb to mount Grona published on youtube! I would be curious to know where the climbers found accomodation. I am an Italian climber and mount Grona represents for me a myth. Also the ascension from Val Sanagra is fantastic. These places are so "undervalued" touristically and I am glad more people are finding out about them. Cheers.

From: Andrea
Town/City: Como Country: Italy
Date: Wednesday 08 August 2007
Message 248:

Don't get out much with where I live now but I will bear this site in mind when I have got the time.I have got a cottage holiday in the dales planned next I will be sure to do one or two of the routes you have described. Until then I will enjoy some of the pictures and daydream.

From: Ross Shimmon
Town/City: Sleaford, Lincolnshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 07 August 2007
Message 247:

Mike, it was very nice to have met you and your wife in Italy. After our drink in the genuine Irish Pub in Bergamo my trip to Berlin was excellent. Luckily I did not see any dogs in the restaurants. I took a great bicycle tour around the city. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures from Bergamo.

From: Audrey
Town/City: Baltimore Country: USA
Date: Monday 06 August 2007
Message 246:

Nice site and beautiful pictures of Blencathra which has to be 'the' mountain in the Lakes for all sorts of reasons.

From: Phil Webb
Town/City: Clitheroe Country: England
Date: Saturday 28 July 2007
Message 245:

Good work on an informative web site. Thanks.

From: Archana Gautam
Town/City: Fremont Country: India
Date: Friday 20 July 2007
Message 244:

Thor's Cave, Derbyshire. Did this walk on Saturday after reading about it on your site. Had a lovely walk and just what I was looking for and one I would never have heard of elsewhere. Many thanks for your interesting descriptions which added to the pleasure I got from the walk. Regards, David.

From: David Huxley
Town/City: Stockport Country: England
Date: Monday 09 July 2007
Message 243:

Great web site. Gives you the information you need. The photos on your site give me a great insight into the type of ground to be covered. I have just completed the walk around Malham and Gordale Scar was exciting once up to the top. Pleasant walk to the Tarn then heading back down to Malham Cove. This took a bit of time to negotiate as it was very wet and very easy to slip. Overall a very enjoyable walk with a great sense of achievement. Looking forward to having a good go at a few more listed. Ingleborough next.

From: Guy Olsen
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 08 July 2007
Message 242:

Just seen your site for the first time and I look forward to savouring it on those non-walking days. Congratulations on the excellent description and photos of your climb up Jack's Rake on Pavey Ark in the Lake+District. It is the best I have seen.

From: Roger Stonier
Town/City: Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent Country: England
Date: Friday 29 June 2007
Message 241:

Hi. I found this page at random by looking for easy walks on the internet because we want to travel to the Lakes with 4 children. I am very impressed and would like to thank you in advance for giving such detailed descriptions and ideas. I am really looking forward doing the Elterwater Waterfalls walk.

From: Elke Husemann
Town/City: Mohnesee Country: Germany
Date: Saturday 23 June 2007
Message 240:

Mike, you helped me a lot last year when I was planning a short hiking trip to the Lake District and the Peak District and I was remiss not to write back to thank you for your great support. I hope it is not too late now. I look forward to being able to return the courtesy in the event that you plan to come to hike in Italy at any point in time.

From: Furio Sabatini
Town/City: Milan Country: Italy
Date: Thursday 07 June 2007
Message 239:

Hey there. I have been walking for a fair few years now and searched sites and I always end up back to your site for the easy navigation and wealth of knowledge that you have put up here. I have also found new walks to go on with my dog that are localm to me, rather than having to go miles and miles away. Thanks to you the Walking Englishman. I also go various places in the UK and will definitely refer back to the site for local walks to where I am going. Cheers mate.

From: Richie Fox
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Tuesday 05 June 2007
Message 238:

I have just stumbled upon your website and I have to say it is really impressive. A fantastic resource mixed with enthusiasm and broad knowledge. I will certainly be referring to it for information and ideas for years to come. If I happen to come across any impressive walks that you have not already covered doubtful I will certainly send details of them to you for posting. Many thanks. Marc.

From: Marc Sturgeon
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Tuesday 29 May 2007
Message 237:

Reading the account of your walk on Snowdon having just returned from a weekend there I was amused to find you also encountered some fools who had disembarked the train with a view to walking the rest of the way up Snowdon in the most inappropriate attire. In particular I really admired a young ladies little gold handbag and pink velour tracksuit. Very much essential mountain walking gear. I almost gave up when I got to the point where Pyg track and Miners track meet and I made the mistake of looking up to where I had to go Thanks to my fellow walkers encouragement I continued to the top. It was magnificent. Today I ache but it was well worth it for the sense of satisfaction. I still haven't stopped smiling.

From: Teresa Chapman
Town/City: Barton le Clay Country: England
Date: Monday 21 May 2007
Message 236:

We have been absolutely delighted to find these sites about Dales tarns and waterfalls. As pretty intrepid swimmers we swim wherever it looks clean and deep enough to do so. We would love to learn of any Dales tarns -- especially in secluded places -- that are good for swimming. Those we have sought out so far have been disappointingly muddy, shallow and weedy unlike many in the Lake District. With thanks for any tips on unmuddy, deeper and unweedy Dales tarns! Please reply to : mjshodge@hotmail.com. Thank you.

From: Jon Hodge
Town/City: Harrogate, North Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Friday 18 May 2007
Message 235:

Hi. Great site. As the guestbook entry below (Richard Histon) the majority of my walking is done in the East Yorkshire region. I have done the Wolds Way and referred to this site often when looking for advice and guidance...or just a little inspiration. I have to agree with the other walker about the Dual Carriageway. I walked the Wolds Way southwards and was totally caught unprepared for the mad dash. I was not going to back track to the bridge. The signs for the diversion were everywhere once across. I was going to do the Beverley 20 but will have to start in Welton because of said carriageway but not sure of the route from Walkington to Beverley. No distinct footpaths and I detest road walking. Thanks for the site.

From: Mike Dearing
Town/City: Hull, East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Tuesday 15 May 2007
Message 234:

Interesting site. I have just completed the Cumbria Way and still find walking along watercourses a bit of a chore but well worth it for the solitude of Langstrath. West Highland Way in three weeks then the C2C on a bike in July. Walked Offa's Dyke Path, C2C, Hadrians Wall and its the Pennine Way next year so if anyone can give me blister cure I would more than appreciate it. Nick.Adams8@btinternet.com. All tips appreciated. Keep up the good work.

From: Nick Adams
Town/City: Buxworth, High Peak Country: England
Date: Monday 14 May 2007
Message 233:

Hi, many thanks an awesome site, a lot of hard work has gone into it. I have now done quite a lot of the East Yorkshire ones as I live in the area, and I am halfway round the Wolds Way. By the way the Melton Junction has now been totally ripped out (i.e. the traffic lights) and it is now a full dual carriageway from Hull town centre right through to the start of the M62. There is a footbridge across now, but the Wolds way route was disrupted because of it, maybe it's back to normal now. Thought you'd like to know the Market Weighton walk has a date error, Edwin died circa 632/633. Again, lovely site which I will keep looking at as I go round (using memory map/gps, makes life easier does not it?)

Note: I have updated the relevant pages.

From: Richard Histon
Town/City: East Yorkshire Country: England
Date: Saturday 12 May 2007
Message 232:

We did the Fewston and Swinsty walks and also climbed Ingleborough. The scenery was beautiful. Great site and full of information. Thank you.

From: Bev
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Saturday 12 May 2007
Message 231:

I enjoyed your Lindley Wood and Norwood Edge walk yesterday. Best walk I have done for a while. Great views of Swinsty and the surrounding countryside. I saw plenty of varieties of birds plus a deer in Lindley Wood. I had to walk to and from Otley though which was a bit too much in the hot weather. Hope to do more of your walks this year.

From: Graham Nelmes
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 15 April 2007
Message 230:

Hi and thanks for putting your walks up on the net. My girlfriend and I have followed a few now and really enjoy them. Just spotted Deke juggling on Sharpe Edge, good to see! I am a keen juggler and walker and have juggled five balls (at least) on the top of Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike. Next week we are going up Great Gable hopefully with a bit of sightseeing to Napes Needle. Matt and Eve from Leeds xx

From: Matt Tiffany
Town/City: Leeds Country: England
Date: Sunday 01 April 2007
Message 229:

What a cracking good site. I used to spend my time around Kinder, Bleaklow and Black Hill etc but the last few years have found me driving to Horton in Ribblesdale, Ingleton and Dent to walk in Gods country. It belongs in Lancashire as we all know but someone made an error in the Doomsday OS 25000 and the rest is history. Your site has given me tons of ideas so please keep them coming.

From: Dave Wynn
Town/City: Manchester Country: England
Date: Friday 23 March 2007
Message 228:

Superb site with lots of information about the walks. Please keep up the good work cos it's a great source of info and just to say the photos are excellent. Cheers.

From: Mark Francis
Town/City: Salford Country: England
Date: Thursday 22 March 2007
Message 227:

What a great site. I am new to walking and this is site is so good for picking your level of difficulty. I hope to use this site a lot and will post back with a report.

From: Danny
Town/City: Bradford Country: England
Date: Thursday 15 March 2007
Message 226:

Great site. I especially like the photos. They gave me a whole new insight into Sharp Edge which is on my to do list for 2008, i.e. it's not the scary don't do it if you're not an extreme climber thing that some guide books would have you believe. Cheers and keep up the good work.

From: Ian Harrison
Town/City: Runcorn Country: England
Date: Tuesday 13 March 2007
Message 225:

An absolute gem. This site should be as well used as Wainwright's books, both having an essential part to play in the discovery of the Lake District for all interested parties. I particularly like the walks round Elterwater where I took my five and eight year olds to introduce them to walking in the Lakes. Having no maps I did not know if we had time to get right round so cautiously returned after getting what I now know was about a third of the way. We will be able to tackle the walk again in the near future completing it this time and Crinkle Crags which I did about ten years ago but did not have a clear idea of the best route. We went round the opposite way to you. This site is firmly in my favourites folder and will be visited regularly. I produce a website for the Campaign for Real Ale in Southport and will definitely find a way to include a link to your site from www.southportcamra.org.uk

From: Phil Morris
Town/City: Ainsdale, Southport Country: England
Date: Tuesday 06 March 2007
Message 224:

Fantastic site. Must try more Yorkshire walks. Cheers.

From: Tommy
Town/City: Thornaby, Teesside Country: England
Date: Tuesday 06 February 2007
Message 223:

I love the lakes and this website has inspired me to take up some of the challenges I have been putting off. It's a great site. Many thanks.

From: Nathan Davies
Town/City: Newcastle Country: England
Date: Friday 02 February 2007
Message 222:

Thank you very much for passing on your experiences in such a helpful manner. You have and will continue to be very influential in our choice of routes for many times to come. May we ask, have you ever bivvied in a cave overnight in the lake district and if so, where might that be?. Thank you for your time and effort, may your caves be dry and your rocks be non-slime covered. Cheers :P

Also well done to all that use this site and complete these walks, yomps, treks, climbs, scrambles and journeys... we hope that you, like us will continue to enjoy our beautiful country!.

I replied - no caves, not yet, but you never know!!

From: Matty and Jamie
Town/City: Rochdale, Greater Manchester Country: England
Date: Monday 22 January 2007
Message 221:

Beautiful site. I really recognise parts of some walks I made in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. I especially like the photos and the maps. It is not allowed to do that in Holland. In the summer I will visit Shropshire. Please add some walks from there if you can, not as hilly but with the Long Mynd, Wenlock Edge and the Stiperstones. Although I am Dutch I have a sister living in a very quiet and beautiful area in Germany. I visit her as often and came to love this place. It is near the river Rhine. Just have a look. Unfortunately only in Dutch and German at www.hunsrueck.nl. Greetings from Holland. Ferry Ballhaus.

From: Ferdinand Ballhaus
Town/City: The Hague Country: Netherlands
Date: Tuesday 16 January 2007
Message 220:

Hi and firstly thanks for your great website. We have used it to identify several really interesting walks in the Dales and areas around Harrogate and I have just been looking again for a Sunday winter's walk. West Burton and Aysgarth may be just the one. A suggestion. Like many walkers we are always accompanied by our dog on our rambles. So a note of how dog-friendly the walk is would be helpful, e.g. A sheep country so dogs on short leads or how many stiles. Non dog-friendly stiles are our bug-bear. Small dogs can get through most but bigger dogs can struggle especially with ladder stiles. We've had some adventures with those. Fortunately there does seem to be a trend when renewing stiles to add a dog version by the side as well. And lastly a query. I was fascinated to read of your walks in Crete. We had a wonderful holiday there too and used the Landscape Sunflower book for Western Crete. Alas when we were there it was too hot to do much walking. We were warned off by locals as the temperatures were reaching 40 degrees. We intend to return one day and catch up on some of the walks we missed. We stayed near Chania which involved long drives to get to some of the walks. So I wondered where you stayed for your holiday and whether you found a more convenient base. Thanks again for your website and please keep it going. Regards.

From: Sharon Pinder
Town/City: Harrogate Country: England
Date: Sunday 14 January 2007
Message 219:

Just found your site. I am doing Scafell Pike for my 50th this year. I hope your info is very useful. I will update in July.

From: Alan Bond
Town/City: Liverpool Country: England
Date: Thursday 11 January 2007
Message 218:

I am bowled over by your website. So well organised, clear and informative. Fabulous pictures. I am setting up a small walking business in the Ardeche, France and was trawling around for ideas. You have given me plenty of inspiration and next time I am in the UK I shall be following one of your walks. Thanks.

From: Kate Webb Stuckleberger
Town/City: Paris Country: France
Date: Tuesday 09 January 2007
Message 217:

Fantastic website to visit UK by walking. Many thanks. I have already done a couple of walks you have suggested and I plan to do more this year. Photos are great to have an idea of what I am going to see. It helps a lot.

From: A French Walker
Town/City: Bedford Country: France
Date: Saturday 06 January 2007
Message 216:

I just happened upon your site and I think it's terrific. My husband and I have also walked the Coast to Coast both ways plus several of the other long distance walks in the UK. Some of our other favorites are the Southwest Coast Path (we've done about two thirds from Minehead to Falmouth) Offa's Dyke and most recently the Cumbria Way. Last spring in a detour off the Cumbria Way we celebrated my husband's 70th birthday by walking Striding Edge which we hadn't done either of the times we walked the C2C. Also we liked the West Highland Way and the northern half of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We did not do the rest. Hope to do the Dales Way next or maybe a repeat of one of our other favorites. We love your trail descriptions. Keep it up. But you do go faster than we do!

From: Sarah Shoemaker
Town/City: Northport, Michigan Country: USA
Date: Thursday 04 January 2007
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