Glevum Way

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Statistics and Files
Start: Castle Meads
Distance: 24 miles (39 km)
Grid Ref: SO826185
Climbing: 269 metres
Walk time: 8-12 hours
Days: 1-2

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (1:25,000)

Summary: The Glevum Way is a long distance circular route which surrounds Gloucester. The title of the walk takes its name from the Glevum Roman Fort. After leaving the start at Castle Meads the walk, in an anti-clockwise visits Hempsted and then follows the course of the River Severn and Gloucester and Sharpness Canal to Sellars Bridge. The walk then passes through Hardwicke before following lanes and crossing fields to Whaddon. Skirting south and east of Robins Wood Hill and Gloucester Golf Course the walk continues to Upton St Leonards andf then through the suburbs of East Gloucester before climbing through countryside to Churchdown Hill before skirting around the north side of Gloucester to follow the courses of the Gloucester Way and Severn Way back to Castle Meads.

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