Humphrey Kynaston Way

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Statistics and Files
Start: Church Stretton
Grid Ref: SO450942
Distance: 46 miles (74 km)
Climbing: 1,122 metres
Walk time: 18-23 hours
Days: 3-4

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (1:25,000)

Summary: Humphrey Kynaston, a notorious highwayman was born to nobility and nicknamed 'Wild' Humphrey. After being outlawed he moved to a cave and was affectionately known to local folk as the Robin Hood of Shropshire. The Humphrey Kynaston Way, created in 2014 is a long distance bridleway which is also open to walkers. It connects the Shropshire towns of Church Stretton and Grinsford, visiting a host of towns, villages, well known trails and scenic spots on the route. These include the Jack Mytton Way, Shropshire Way, Betchcott Hills, Picklescott, Church Pulverbatch, Wretnall, Oaks, Pontesford (Pontesbury), Hinton, Ford, Preston Montford, Montford Bridge, Montford, Ensdon, Shrawardine, Felton Butler, Nesscliffe, Valeswood, Little Ness, Adcote, Yeaton, Baschurch, Old Woods, Merrington, Webscott, Harmer Hill and Sansaw Heath.

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