Nidderdale Way

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Statistics and Files
Start: Hampsthwaite
Distance: 53 miles (85 km)
Grid Ref: SE259587
Climbing: 1,995 metres
Walk time: 21-26 hours
Days: 3-5

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (1:25,000)

Summary: The Nidderdale Way long distance footpath is a circular walk which explores the valley and uplands of the mid and upper Nidderdale areas. It is a long established route which can be started and finished at any point on the route. For the purposes of the downloadable route files start the walk in the popular village of Hampshtwaite just north of Harrogate and head west towards upper Nidderdale by following the River Nidd upstream. This is a good way to start the walk and warm up for the upland stages ahead. From Hampsthwaite the route goes through or passes close to Birstwith, Swarcliffe, Darley, Dacre Banks and Summerbridge before leaving the river and climbing to High Shaw, Abraham Crags and High Crags where there is a good view to Nidderdale from Yorke's Folly. Bewerley follows next and then some mid-upland walking which includes old lead mine workings at Providence and Ashford Side before heading down to an unavoidable section of road walking alongside Gouthwaite Reservoir. Leaving the road at Ramsgill the walk heads deep into upper Nidderdale via Stean Gorge and Middlesmoor to Scar House Reservoir. This is the fiuthermost point upstream of the Nidd before heading downstream via the north and east side moors via The Edge to Lofthouse. The route continues south along the valley on paths and trails by the east side of Gouthwaite Reservoir to Pately Bridge. Then more low moor paths are followed to the south of Brimham Rocks where one would be wise to detour and see the spectacular rock formations before continuing the Nidderdale Way to Shaw Mills and then to Ripley. A short walk back to Hampsthwaite then completes the stunning Nidderdale Way.

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