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This section of the Walking Englishman web site is dedicated to my passion of Long Distance Walking. I first caught the bug when I completed Alfred Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk across Northern England in 1994. Since then I have completed the spectacular Coast to Coast again (in the other direction), the Dales Way, The Wolds Way, the southern coast of Cornwall (part of the South West Coast Path) and my personally designed Dales Celebration Way which covers 130 miles of classic Yorkshire Dales walking. In future I aim to walk more of Britain's long distance footpaths. On the list on the left are National Trails like the Cumbria Way, the Ridgeway and Scotland's West Highland Way. In the Long Distance Footpath Directory you will find the most comprehensive list of British Long Distance Footpaths on the internet.

Long Distance Footpath Directory

There are many of us who love the challenge of doing a Long Distance Footpath. For example it is reported 50,000 walkers do some of the West Highland Way each year. The same kind of figure can be attributed to the Pennine Way. Add in all the walkers on the very popular Coast to Coast and then all the others and that totals a lot of Long Distance Walkers. However, to do a Long Distance Footpath takes a lot of planning. Walkers must first consider what they will need to take on the walk. What clothing is needed? What equipment? And then they must consider if they are going to carry it all throughout the walk or use baggage transfer services. Also, how far are they going to walk each day. The length of each stage is a major factor when you assess the terrain, the walkers abilities and the available accommodation. Also, how are the walkers going to get to the start of the walk and get home after the finish. Contingency factors must include possible illness or injury during the walk. All in all there is an awful lot of planning required before embarking on a Long Distance walk. When I have tried to plan one on the Internet I have often been frustrated in my search to find relevant information, in particular with accommodation which is friendly to walkers. Many are reluctant to accept a one night booking. This directory is aimed at providing a comprehensive list of all the useful resources required in planning a long distance walk in Great Britain. I will endeavour to provide the most complete listing of the best web based resources for all the major Long Distance Footpaths in Great Britain on these pages.

Every Long Distance Footpath covered in the directory will have what I consider to be the most useful web sites giving information on the route, planning on the route, accommodation on the route, accompanied walking guides, safety advice, emergency services, other walkers journals and any other considered resources I feel will be useful in planning the walk. The listings will be selective, keeping to the sites most useful. This will enable persons planning the walk to use their valuable time productively.

Yes. I welcome all your web site suggestions in the pursuit of making this directory the most useful British Long Distance Walking listing on the Internet. You may suggest a Long Distance Footpath not yet mentioned or any web site which provides valuable information on one of the listed walks. All accepted contributors will be acknowledged in the directory. The more we support each other in building a professional database the better it will be for the walking community and in particular for our fellow Long Distance Walkers who are planning one of the featured Long Distance Paths.

Do you know of a Long Distance Path not listed?

If you know of a Long Distance Footpath that is not listed in the directory then please add your Long Distance Path details here .

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