Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk

A personal record of my walk in 1999 with written journal and photographs. Tracklogs for GPS units and for use with Google Earth are available for download for each stage.

Journal, Photographs and Download Files

Stage 1: St Bees Head to Ennerdale Bridge
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Statistics and Files
Start: St Bees Head Finish: Ennerdale Bridge Distance: 13.0 miles (20.9 km)
Time: 6 hours Climbing: 785 metres Rating: Hard
GPX Route File Google Earth File About St Bees
Start: St Bees Head Finish: Ennerdale Bridge
Distance: 13.0 miles (20.9 km) Time: 6 hours
Climbing: 785 metres Rating: Hard
GPX Route File Google Earth File
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (1:25,000)

Stage Report

Note: The daily records are from my diary written during the course of the walk with additional notes in italics.

Setting off on the Coast to Coast walkSetting off on the Coast to Coast walk
St Bees HeadSt Bees Head

Sat by Ennerdale Water, Deke says "I am in heaven". The sun is beating down and we have just completed day one. Fantastic weather. A group of young mallards are crowding us for bread at the edge of the lake but alas we do not have any. Deke adds "Fields of green and red sandstone cliffs contrasting nicely along the coastline of St Bees, guillemots whirring out over the sea. An over abundance of wild flowers, banks of sea pink foxgloves, purple vetch and sweet smelling honeysuckle in the hedges...sweet and sun and sea everywhere. Fairly easy day although Dent hill was a bit of a struggle, and Mike needlessly firing retros even on the easy bits...bliss!!"

View back to the coast from Dent HillView back to the coast from Dent Hill
All smiles on Dent HillAll smiles on Dent Hill

Enough said about that Deke thank you. We went off route a little in Udale Plantation, no great difference in distance though. The first leg is done now and I am looking forward to Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag during tomorrows fantastic stage. Today's highlights. The bird - in the valley of Udale (Nannycatch Beck) The Sight - first view of Lakeland from Dent Fell. The history - the stone circle (when was it erected? The food - Pork in Brandy Sauce- lovely.

The walk beside Nannycatch Beck is lovelyThe walk beside Nannycatch Beck is lovely
Blakeley Stone CircleBlakeley Stone Circle

Apologies in advance to any persons of a delicate nature but the records of this walk are from the emotions of two guys who were in their element out and about on their own during some great days out walking together. The stories of the deeds were written in the exhilaration and fatigue after each day of walking. As can be seen from the photographs we began our Coast to Coast journey in the best of weather for which we were extremely pleased. A word about Deke - He has done many of the classic walks and educated me on lots of interesting facts during the two weeks. Deke and I also met groups of strangers during the walk and also met up with friends during our crossing of Northern England. There are full details of our experiences on this walk as they happened.

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